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Green smoothies - how to make them & recipe round up

the other week i mentioned to you all about my new addiction to green smoothies. i've been having a green smoothie almost everyday for about 6 weeks now.  i usually have it for either breakfast or lunch but lunchtime is my favorite time for having one.  it's the perfect afternoon pick me up and helps keep me energized and falling prey to the 2-3pm slump. you know the one when you are grumpy and will do anything for a 2nd strong cup of coffee? i hate the slump. so bye bye slump - hello green smoothie!

Green smoothies - how to make them & recipe round up

i've also been eating gluten free (wheat free), dairy free, and as little sugar as possible.  i feel fabulous and noticed a huge change in my health issues in as little as one week (you can read more about my health issues here). i've also been working out 3 times a week (lost 6 pounds already - yay!) and will be working my way back to 5 times with the help of my chiropractor and my new found energy. i loved that you all asked me to keep you updated so it's fun to be able to post this here! 

i've been having so much fun experimenting with new foods, recipes and of course different combos for my green smoothies.  and since i started chatting about it you guys have been so enthusiastic and supportive it's been awesome! i also got a ton of emails and requests from people on recipes, how to even start to make green smoothies and tips.  i thought it would be fun to put together a wee post on the subject and see if i can get y'all as addicted as i am.

Green smoothies - how to make them & recipe round up

now i'm not an expert or a cook but i know what i like and what i like is easy and as fast and accessible as possible on a budget.  so i'm just going to share my tips and thoughts on green smoothies and then link over to some other peeps who know more than i do.  what i have learned is that green smoothies are wonderful for all sorts of health issues and are great for your body. especially if you're like me and would never consume as much fruit and vegetables in one day that i can get in one smoothie. so where to start?


- get a good blender & make sure it blends ice real good. this is important for all your frozen fruits or ice. i have an oster from costco that literally cost like $40 but it works. i think if i keep going with the smoothies though i might invest in a better blender later on down the road. the vitamix may be mine one day :)
- invest in buying a few staple ingredients.  i really like chia seeds & ground flax.  i rotate which one i add to my smoothies each day. i usually use 1tbsp when i use them.  the chia is fabulous though. you can find it in your local grocery store or health food store. i don't soak mine but you can. i checked with my naturopathic doctor and she said you don't need to and the benefit is the same.
- make friends with kale. i heart kale. kale makes me feel wonderful. try the green smoothies with kale and make sure to add something frozen so the ice crusher feature gets the kale blended up real good. i don't use the spine of the leaf and rip/cut up the leaves before putting them in the blender. here's a post showing you how to blend up the kale. i just chuck mine in with everything but i don't mind having teeny bits in it.
- don't overdo the kale though.  try to rotate the greens. use spinach or something else you'd enjoy.  too much kale can affect your thyroid function.
- stock up on your favorite fresh in season fruits or buy frozen and keep them handy.
- i like to put in my frozen items first, then liquid, then adding my kale or greens and then the fruit. start slow and add more milk if the blender isn't moving things, or add ice if you need to thicken it up.

Green smoothies - how to make them & recipe round up
Green smoothies - how to make them & recipe round up

i personally have liked everything that i have thrown in for green smoothies and i just mostly wing it now.  i use whatever i've got on hand.  here are some of my fave ingredients to use:

- 1 leaf kale
- 1 banana
- almond milk
- pineapple
- 1 whole orange (skin removed)
- frozen blueberries
- handful of rasberries
- 1/2 avocado
- frozen fruit medleys

i always, always use either kale or spinach, 1 banana, and frozen or fresh blueberries then add on from there. make sure if you aren't using any frozen fruit you add in a couple ice cubes so it's nice and cold!

(p.s. i know i left the stickers on all my i took my shots and got so into it i didn't even realize till after when i was editing and my hubby pointed out that i should have removed them. oops! oh well..keeping it real folks...keeping it real.)

Green smoothies - how to make them & recipe round up


i also started a new handy pinterest board!  you can now follow my journey through my "healthy eating in the mommyhood" pinterest board.  i've been pinning my fave recipes that i have tried or plan on making. i get lots of helpful tips and recipes from my bestie jane richmond whose cooking is to die for (and she has the same food avoidance's) and the lovely aja (swelldove). between the two of those i'm set.  they keep me hungry. i've linked their instagram profiles so you can follow along & see their yummy foods too! i definitely recommend asking around if any of your friends eat this way.  odds are they have some great tips and recipes to share and will also be a good support for you when you transition to adding them to your diet.

here are some of my fave sites of the moment for recipes:

- how to make a smoothie from pretty prudent (this was how i got started - great resource post!)
- 20 amazing smoothie recipes from pretty prudent on
- and
- nomnompaleo.comand i also like their ipad app
- glutenfreegoddess


Green smoothies - how to make them & recipe round up
Green smoothies - how to make them & recipe round up


so go get that blender warmed up, get those chia seeds ready (see them above? these things are amazing!) and get smoothie making!  you're gonna love it! feel free to share your favorite smoothie recipes and favorite foodie sites in the comments below. i'll add them to the post above in a "readers favorites section". i'm always on the hunt for great gluten/dairy/sugar free cooking websites & books so share away!!!

thanks again for all your wonderful and loving comments on my post the other week. it means so much to me that you all shared your stories too and offered up support. i heart you guys <3 


it's all good book review
it's all good: delicious, easy recipes that will make you look good & feel great by gwyneth paltrow & julia turshen
so you may have guessed by the image of gwyneth paltrow above that this post is not about sewing. it's not about knitting either. but it is about me and also about something very important to me.  getting healthy - finally.  since this was the year i made a pact to do some selfish sewing, selfish knitting & take some time to shift my priorities for work/home etc i figured i should also take some time to actually find the elusive time to take better care of myself and finally make it a priority.  something that i haven't done since my first daughter was born.  you all know the story...when you become a mother everything changes. there is a shifting in your soul, in the core of your being and suddenly everything "you" becomes the last thing on your list.

it's all good book review

i spent last year trying to find the balance that would allow me time to nurture my creative self.  i discovered that to be a happier person i need a certain amount of time each day to mentally be creative and allow myself that and be ok with indulging in that need.  but what i seem to have forgotten was that in order to be able to have the energy, desire and sense of self to do this, work more hours than i care to admit, be a damn good mother and wife and then have some left over to physically care for myself has seem to gotten me lost.  i think part of my puzzle has been the caring for my "physical self" alongside my "mental self".  they go hand in hand. duh  i was so focused on my creative self and exploring it and writing about it that i have not had one drop left to focus on my physical self.

the physical self that has horrid back issues that make it hard for me to exercise, the self that suffers from very bad endometriosis, has had many surgeries, that is anemic, and that deals daily with many other ailments that i won't bore you with but that are very much a part of my life that i don't share on here because...well it's mostly a happy place and who the heck wants to hear me moan and groan everyday right? not  i'd rather chat with you all about fun stuff :)  it makes my day.

it's all good book review

but back to the reason of this post. i've finally reached a point of just not being happy with myself.  not my personality but my physical self.  i am tired of not having answers for issues and health concerns.  so between myself, my naturopathic physcician, and my family doctor i'm on a mission to take back control. something i find very important when dealing with my endometriosis especially. it can take control of your life and i find that any way i can find to take hold of the steering wheel of my own body it helps me to deal better with the side effects.

one of them is being on a stricter diet.  while i have always abided by an anti-inflammatory diet and watching what i eat it's just not working for me anymore.  i don't feel good.  so in my journey towards finding out some causes of my issues i've decided to dig deeper.  along with not eating wheat, i'm also eating dairy free and trying to avoid sugar.  i'm trying to rid my body of processed foods and eating whole. i'm not on paleo or any "diet plan", but am rather trying to eat for my body. these are all foods that cause my body issues and that i am sensitive to.  so for the last month i've rid these of my body and i feel so many changes already.  my mind feels clearer for one and my body is starting to feel better. some of the things that have been bothering me have started to go away.  the wheat/gluten is a big deal for me so it seems still so i'm in the process of getting tested for celiac disease as well.

this was phase one of my plan.  i'm back on a treatment plan that my naturopathic doc and i have done before that helps and are trying new things that are working.  but like anyone else who works closely with a naturopathic doctor and who suffers from a chronic illness, you know it's not easy work.  it takes time and commitment but the pay off is huge.  just look at my daughters.  other doctors told me that there was no other treatment left for me but pain meds. i tried everything let me tell you. they also told me i most likely would never have children. it was the darkest time of my life. one where i contemplated a hysterectomy to rid myself of the torment but realized there was one thing left i had not tried yet - a naturopath.  soon after meeting mine my life changed. i looked like a new person and felt like one. i met my now husband and got pregnant right away.  my endocrinologist could not believe the change in my body and i couldn't believe it myself.  it was crazy how much 6 months of hard work with her changed my whole life - body and spirit. truth be told i almost lost both of my girls. each time i got pregnant the doctors gave me the "you are most likely having a miscarriage speech & said there was nothing to be done and each time my naturopath balanced my wacky hormones, put me on bed rest and saved both of my girls. i don't care what anyone else says she gave me my babies and for that i owe her so very much.  she gave me hope and strength.

so i know gwyneth causes a love/hate reaction in most.  i happen to like her. i admit it. i think she's charming and you have to admit - she looks fabulous.  but besides from that her newest book "it's all good" spoke to me.  luckily my girls gave it to me for mother's day (thank you honey!) and within the first few chapters i resonated with what she wrote about.  it couldn't have come at a better time for me and where i am in my life. even though i'm eating better it doesn't miraculously make me enjoy yes, i don't enjoy cooking that much. it's no shocker. i am  learning to realize it's importance but that doesn't mean i'll ever choose it over sewing or if i've got a spare hour i sure as hell ain't using it in the kitchen but hey, that's just my opinion.

but this book makes me WANT to cook better when i do cook. the food is accessible. realistic. achievable. beautiful and most importantly healthy and family friendly.  i cannot say how much i am a sucker for beautiful books.  don't get me wrong - cook books are on the most part lovely but this book - this book sang to my aesthetic.  it's clean. there's white space - no clutter. the images take you away and i can't stop looking at it for inspiration and just for fun.  it's stunning and a wonderful addition to my cookbook library. only prob is i love it to much to stick in the dark pantry where my other cookbooks live. right now it lives on my coffee table where i can remind myself that it's not as hard as i think it is to make the change. the hardest few weeks are over and my body is beginning to adjust and find it's happy place. it's now time for the fun - the experimenting with new foods and recipes. new things to try not just for myself but also for my family.

it's all good book review
it's all good book review
it's all good book review

over the last 4 weeks i have also become a die hard green smoothie addict. i swear these smoothies and juices are like coffee to my body. and you all know how much i love my coffee. now instead of coffee with my lunch and the inevitable 3pm mood crash i have a green smoothie for lunch and feel great!  i've always had a hard time eating enough fruit and vegetables and now it's easy. one meal and done - yum!  the kids even LOVE them. my youngest asks for a green smoothie for lunch almost everyday now too.  it's great!

next up on my journey is exercise.  i enjoy exercise and don't do enough of it.  hardly any actually. with my hubbies hours, my insane work, the kids, extracurricular activities and life my workouts get lost at the end. i know there others out there who can more than relate. so to make it easier for myself i've decided to break up all my new changes into phases.  creative self, physical self (diet) and then physical self (exercise).  it's now time to add in the exercise.  this is the hardest one. with my back issues i'm limited but i need to start somewhere right?  new shoes was my start.  got myself fitted for some brand spankin' new runners and this week i'm starting fresh. no pressure.  no punishment - baby steps. i know myself well enough to know it has to be because i WANT to do it not because i HAVE to do it and i have to ENJOY what i'm doing to do. no goal weights, no workout plans just me getting back to being healthy. one. baby. step. at. a. time.
it's all good book review
it's all good: delicious, easy recipes that will make you look good & feel great by gwyneth paltrow & julia turshen
so gwyneth - thank you. thank you for being inspirational, for being brave and taking control of your health and for making it easier for me to take control of mine.  my body thanks you.  and thank you to all of you for being part of my journey. for being here alongside me with friendship and open arms during the last 5 years of my life.  i hope the journey only gets better from here. i love you guys <3

so...who's with me? anyone else on a health mission? any green smoothie recipes you love and recommend? other cookbooks?  stories to share? i'd love to hear so i don't feel like the only gal who bared my soul on the good ol' a little baring of the soul is good for everyone...right?

*disclosure: i am an amazon associate but this book was not given to me for review.


everything is always better with cookies.  you know the age old saying when life gives you lemons make lemonade?  well i've been trying to make a few pitchers of lemonade the last few days and i figured it would be easier to deal with life's lemons if i had some chocolate chip cookies to eat with it.  now, if you know me and have been a reader of this blog you will know i don't bake much. i don't enjoy cooking most of the time but one thing i do like doing is making cookies. not all kinds of cookies though, chocolate chip cookies.  delicious comfort food. the melt in your mouth, soft, chewy goodness kind.  just what i needed.

i know some other pals of mine are having a rough week so this post goes out to you because i really wish i could pass these cookies right through the screen and cheer ya right up.  gluten free, guilt free, calorie free, what ever kind you gotta 'em.  but just in case my arm doesn't reach ya, here's the recipe if you'd like to make some yourself.  now i didn't come up with this recipe.  it's written on a wraggly, smeared, worn piece of paper that i've had hanging out of my lonely recipe organizer (that doesn't organize) forever.  i do not in any way claim this recipe as my own :)



- 2 eggs
- 2 cups all purpose flour
- 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
- 1 cup softened butter
- 1/2 cup white granulated sugar
- 1 cup brown sugar
- 2 tsp vanilla extract
- 1 tsp salt
- 1 tsp baking soda

heat oven to 375degrees.  beat butter, brown sugar and white sugar in a bowl. add in eggs and vanilla extract and mix again.

in another bowl mix your dry ingredients together (flour, baking soda, salt).

gradually add your dry mixture into your butter mixture and beat again.

add your chocolate chips and whatever other yummies you might like.  i like to use my tbsp as a scoop for making the perfect sized cookies. bake the cookies for 10-12 minutes on a greased baking sheet until slightly browned. let cool and gobble those bad boys up! mmmmmmmmmmmmm! yum!

you know what else makes things better sometimes? flowers. especially the kind your hubby and little girl pick out and bring home for you.  so sweet and just what this momma needed.  i've been keeping them near "my spot" (or as my hubs likes to say "my sheldon" - if you watch big bang theory you'll know what we mean) on the couch where i work to brighten up the room and cheer me up.  i can't wait for spring when i can start planting on our little deck with fresh flowers, herbs and veggies. 

between the flowers and the cookies i hope the week gets better as it goes. i'm crossing my fingers for it.  and don't worry, i'm ok, just dealing with some health issues that have proven frustrating and have knocked me down for a bit. visits to the doctor, an er visit, and other things have just gotten me into a tizzy but i'm a fighter and damn if i'm gonna let those cookies go to waste :)

i hope the sun is shining wherever you are today and remember.........everything is always better with cookies :)

do you have a fave chocolate chip cookie recipe? i'm always on the hunt for a new one and i'd love if you share your go to cookie recipe :)  gluten free ones especially! what do you turn to when you're having a bad week? you always brighten my day when you leave a comment - come chat! 

Holiday Baking || Nana's Nuts & Bolts Recipe

We have family tradition in our household. Every year at Christmas time the women in my family get busy making nuts & bolts. Mmmmmm, yum! Delicious. It’s funny how this snack mix reminds me of Christmas. The smell, the memories, the fighting with my dad and siblings over who got what kind of cereal (we all have our faves) and then picking them out of the finished dish because you can never get enough of the tasty goodness–they all bring back my childhood.

A Christmas or so ago I posted in my facebook status that I was making these and got a lot of requests for the recipe. I figured, heck, why not share the recipe as a special Christmas treat for you all. A little taste of my “mommyhood” at Christmas time. So grab the kiddos – they love to help stir, tell the hubs no snacking while you’re baking and get making! Add or take away a cereal or be adventurous and try some spices. Nuts & bolts are true to their name, mix it up, match em’ up, play around and build something truly delicious! It smells as good as it tastes!


- 1 box of Shreddies (675g) (similar to Wheat Chex)
- 1 box of Cheerios (300g)
- 1 box of Crispix (350g)
- 1 bag of Pretzel Sticks (450g)
- Peanuts (600g/1.5lbs)
- 1 botle of Worstershire Sauce (284ml)
- 2 Cups of Mazola or Canola Oil
- 1 tbsp Seasoning Salt
-1 tbsp Garlic Salt
- 4 large plastic freezer bags to store nuts & bolts in freezer (yum!)
-Aluminum pans for mixing and baking (I use two roasting pans that equal the width of my oven.
*The ingredients above filled the two roasting pan size that I used.


1. Mix all the cereals and peanuts into your pans. Use your hands to stir them together.
2. Add the pretzel sticks breaking them into small pieces as you add them to the mixture. (You don’t have to do this, but it can make stirring easier.)
3. Combine your garlic salt and seasoning salt into one shaker. Equally shake the salts onto your pans. Use your hands to stir.
4. Pour your oil in equal amounts over the pans. Mix with a spoon.
5. Pour the Worstershire Sauce in equal amounts over your pans as well. Mix with a spoon.
6. Bake for 2 hours at 200 degrees F. (Bake only 2 pans at a time if you are making a large batch or using more pans.)
7. Stir ingredients every 15 minutes while baking. Yes, I know it’s a lot, but it’s very, very important to stir well and often.
8. Leave the pans to cool down before storing in plastic freezer bags or plastic containers in the freezer until needed.

That’s it! All that’s left is to eat and share with family & friends! Yum! Thanks Nana!

I’ve also included the recipe as a handy pdf download for easy printing. Who the heck wants to hand write this puppy out? Click HERE or on the pic below to get your own copy! Yummmy!!! 

So grab your pans….

gather your cereals…

and your pretzels and peanuts…

and get cooking!  Happy baking!
Now go sew/knit/crochet while you enjoy the yummy smells in between the stirring :) Merry everything ladies – from my home to yours!  

What's your favorite go to holiday recipe?  Link up and share so we can all make some yummy holiday treats! 

p.s. you can also find this post as a guest post on made - sweets and treats christmas countdown.

christmas knitting 911 - in the home stretch

 hi all....i'm taking care of a wee one who's not feeling so hot this morning so one of my besties and partner in crime rebecca from the blog - nook is here to guest post with some christmas knitting 911 goodness!

now here's becca...

only 10 days left! how are you feeling about it? i'm surprisingly not stressed! because you  know, you've all been working hard (me too) :) and just the fact that we're all giving handmade in some form or other will be so appreciated. well truth is, i'm trying not to be stressed :)

i've been so impressed and inspired by everyone's drive to the finish line in crafting. though i've been a little slower getting my butt in gear... last night was my first late night session. i stayed up until 1am. !!! and i know there will be a few more late nights. not because i'm stressing, but well it's just where we can slot time, right?  so here's the first thing i wanted to chat about....

christmas gift list from woodland christmas
our lists.... how many times have they been tweaked? are you having to change them now, knowing we're into single digits until the big day? does it bother you to have to change your list? one thing the tweaking of lists is not supposed to do is to add stress. really really, the important thing is that you are still enjoying the process of a handmade christmas... right? (or just some handmade gifts).
of course my list is tweaking... always is :) but now that we've made plans to travel to see family in the new year, i've got a few more weeks... because even later christmas gifts are just fine! who says it has to be on dec. 25th? right? we'd love to hear what's left on your lists! are you stuck on any projects? need ideas for that one person you just don't know what to make for, or having to change to a faster pattern? some great last minute, quick gifts are:


source: 1. "kid lid"by edgebrook covenant church 2. "forecast: la nina" by sarah gresbach

source: 1. "carefree cowl" by shannon cook 2. "shannon" by jane richmond

source: 1. "bulky knitted hat" by kristin omdahl. 2. "mug hugs" by nook :)
but in all honesty, we're probably pretty resigned to what we've made, and how much needs to be done... and that leads to other planning....

do you still have baking to do? are you entertaining guests for the holidays? do you have your christmas dinner all planned out? personally, i love to entertain. it's so fun! but it really does add to the work load for sure... especially when i really need my hands to be knitting away :) i've found a few great snacks/treats that will help to keep your guests happily munching away while the turkey is a cookin'.

1. nuts & bolts!

who doesn't love to snack on these?? and our very own shannon of "luvinthemommyhood" has the. best. recipe for it! it's very easy peasy, and your house smells ah-mazing while it's cooking away. seriously. go make it. you can find the recipe here.  and this yummy recipe was also just recently featured on "sweets and treats christmas countdown".  i promise you it's uber yummy! and you'll probably find lots of other goodies on that site too!

2. peppermint bark!

three layer peppermint bark from orangette
i made this last year, and it's so refreshing! if you're a peppermint and chocolate fan... make this! it's very easy, and it looks soo pretty! munching on this with hot chocolate is sooooo good!!! you can find the recipe for it here.

3. turtles!

turtles from misocrafty
ok. so i haven't made these...yet. but i've been meaning to! don't these look just ah-mazing!? and they are very easy to make... you can choose to glaze the top with the extra chocolate, or not.. i bet either way they'd look and taste sooo good! you can find the recipe for them here.

and there you have it! some easy last minute patterns to go to, as well as recipes to keep those hungry in-laws happy!  we're so excited that christmas 911 has had such a great response..we've so enjoyed seeing your FO's and chatting about patterns, yarns, lack of sleep... lol!  christmas is getting here pretty quick, that's for sure.. and we're so happy we have you lovely ladies to chat with!

what are your fave. recipes? last minute patterns, anything during this busy and crazy time? do you have many more items on your list? i've got the biggest pot of coffee on... and later today there *might* be a little bailey's involved... wanna share? xo

thank so much for coming on becca! you can find more of rebecca on her blog nook, facebook page & etsy shop - luv ya girl!!!!  and all you knitters taking part in christmas knitting 911 make sure you get your pictures uploaded into our ravelry group here or our flickr group just may be up on the blog next week..wink wink!

sweets & treats christmas countdown!

you ready to eat some yummy goodness?  hop on over to "made" today to check out a bevvie of delicious goodies galore!  i'm popping on today to share my "nana's nuts & bolts recipe" with you all as part of dana's "sweets and treats christmas countdown" - an advent of recipes sure to get those taste buds singing!

there will be 25 days of treats and eats to countdown the big guys arrival :)   i'm super excited to be included - thanks dana!  this is such a fun idea!

so pop on over and get baking those nuts & bolts ladies!  there's even a handy pdf download of the recipe for you all!  happy making!
o you have a must make goodie for the holidays? what one sure fire recipe would you share?

avocado smoothies...i could no longer resist thee

we interrupt this regularly scheduled sewing/knitting post with some yumminess that i just couldn't resist sharing.  i've been seeing tempting avocado smoothies popping up here and there lately and i could no longer resist trying one.  i heart a delish avocado and any new way to eat one is good in my book.

i don't know about you guys but i love the simplicity of avocados.  the clean taste, the smoothness and who can resist the color!  love those greens!  wouldn't these tones make a great quilt?  ok...i digress.  i see sewing in everything...even food!

in our house we love a fresh smoothie.  they're quick, easy and can use a whole whack of ingredients in the fridge.  plus it's a great way to disguise veggies/fruits your kidlets may not be into eating.  so since i've been mad craving this avocado smoothie since spotting it on the addictive blog "cakies" a while ago and then spotting it on my pal katy's blog "no big dill" i finally decided i just can't resist.  bonus was that our recent yarn guest buffy (of passionate design) also just made one and since i know she has great food taste, it was just that extra push i needed to try it out! so i'm jumping on the bandwagon and trying out that darn avocado smoothie!

the ingredients couldn't be simpler.  (*please note: if you want to know the measurements and full ingredients click here for the recipe i used on cakies.)

add some water and some milk (in my case soy milk).....some ice.....some sugar or honey ...and, of course....

some avocado!  add it all into your blender...

mix that bad boy up....

pour all that yummy green goodness into your glass...


take a sip...good?  yep.  thought you'd like it.  now...feed it to the munchkins...

two thumbs up....well until the 4 year old found out what was in it.  it's a little hard to hide an avocado from her when she's watching me make the smoothie...oops...silly time i'll be a bit more discreet.  but i do have to say they both loved it and i will be making more of these in the future.  i think i'll be playing around and adding a few more ingredients for some fun mixtures.  i know that when katy and buffy made their's they added the bubbles (not sure of the actual name) from bubble tea (those gooey, chewy bits that float around) but i'm not a big fan of those so omitted them from our taste test.

all in all i say give this a try.  as long as you like avocados i'm sure you're gonna dig it.  so go on...i dare ya :P  stay tuned this week for when i debut our "new baby"!  sorry to take so long but with issues with blogger uploading pics today and me celebrating my bday i've been a bad, lazy blogger...haha.  you guys forgive me right?

have you tried avocado smoothies before?  what have you been craving that's a bit off the beaten path?  who else is with me on the green color palette???  do you have a fave avocado smoothie recipe you want to share?  let's chat smoothies ladies!

moments in the mommyhood - cookies and doilies

mmmmmmmm, cookies.  well, these aren't the cookie lids for coffee mugs as seen on friday's weekend wishes - i didn't get the courage to try those.  but if any of you would like to try that recipe out martina from the blog trattoria da martina wrote to me and mentioned that anyone looking for the recipe in english to email her (her email addy is on the sidebar) and she would help out. also one of our readers used google translate to swap over to english as well. if any of you make that delicious looking cookie lid please let me know - i'd love to hear how it turned out.

instead of the lids i made a simply delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe from one of my fave readers/friends laura of the blog "on the laundry line". it's dangerous and i've made this recipe twice now and both times the cookies lasted no longer than 2 days!!! craziness! they are truly addicting.  i don't even like to bake so you know these are good when i've made 2 batches in 2 weeks. i had to keep chanting to myself " a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips" and other such nonesense so that i didn't just sit down and devour that entire chewy, moisty, delicious batch.  good thing we had company for the weekend to help me eat them or i think i truly would have died at sunday's total body conditioning class.  i also only had mini chips on hand on the weekend so i thought it was the perfect excuse to just add more of them..haha. if any of you would like the recipe let me know and i'll see if laura is willing to share her cookie goodness on here or on her blog for you all.

*edited* - here's the cookie recipe folks! the lovely, hilarious and super sweet pal of mine laura took it upon herself to make some more cookies (oh the burden..hahaha) and posted a lovely post today just for you guys on how to make some of these addictive cookies for you to eat right along side us!  we dont' wanna be the only ones gorging on chocolate....hey...don't judge...nothing beats a fresh out of the oven cookie and a mug of coffee when you are having one of those "mom days"....right?  go here to check out the recipe for the "worthit chocolate chip cookies".

i also got my doily stitched onto my $3 ikea pillow. don't you just love it?  i'm so in love with how it turned out.  it was so easy and quick to do and added just that right touch of granny chic to my boring little pillow. now all i need to do is find another one for the matching pillow or i may just have to come up with something else.  this was so easy and it's killing me to not make all the other doily projects i have in my project folder.  i'm still sending the vibes out to those darn thrift shops....doilies...doilies...come to me....

have any of you added doilies to your home decor? sewn with them? appliqued them? diy'd them?  i wanna see!!!!  also what's your fave chocolate chip cookie recipe?  did you have a good weekend? let's catch up :)

p.s. i'm looking for the instructions to that doily light from friday as well. i can't seem to find the actual tutorial.  it's in the works though folks...i'll find it....hopefully.

toasted tuna for two - a guest post on the southern institute for domestic arts & crafts

the lovely jenny from the blog "the southern institute for domestic arts & crafts" invited me to pop on over to join in for her "meals kids love" series going on this month.  pop on over there and see my post for a recipe for one of our fave lunches - toasted tuna for two.  you'll also find out a secret i've been keeping, and here me go on a rant about my frusterations about feeding & cooking for a picky eater.

there will be yummy pics, some smiles, some funny faces and of course.....toasted tuna.

so come say hi to me over on the southern institute for domestic arts and crafts and let's chat about keeping those darn picky eaters fed.  it's driving me bonkers lately :P

Nana's Nuts and Bolts Recipe

We have family tradition in our household. Every year at Christmas time the women in my family get busy making nuts & bolts. Mmmmmm, yum! Delicious. It's funny how this snack mix reminds me of xmas. the smell, the memories and the taste all bring back my childhood. Fighting with my dad and siblings over who got what kind of cereal (we all have our faves) and picking them all out of the dish because you can never get enough of the tasty goodness!

Last xmas I posted in my facebook status that I was making these and got a lot of requests for the recipe. I figured, heck, why not share the recipe as a special Christmas treat for you all. A little taste of my "mommyhood" at xmas time. So grab the kiddos - they love to help stir, tell the hubs no snacking while you're baking and get making! Add or take away a cereal or be adventurous and try some spices. Nuts & bolts are true to their name, mix it up, match em' up, play around and build something truly delicious! It smells as good as it tastes!

Nana's Nuts & Bolts Recpe

- 1 box of Shreddies (675g)            - 1 botle of Worstershire Sauce (284ml)      - 1 tbsp Seasoning Salt
- 1 box of Cheerios (300g)             - 2 Cups of Mazola or Canola Oil
- 1 box of Crispix (350g)                -1 tbsp Garlic Salt
- 1 bag of Pretzel Sticks (450g)      - Peanuts (600g/1.5lbs)

- 4 large plastic freezer bags to store nuts & bolts in freezer (yum!)
-Aluminum pans for mixing and baking (I use two roasting pans that equal the width of my oven.
*The ingredients above filled the two roasting pan size that I used.

1. Mix all the cereals and peanuts into your pans.  Use your hands to stir the ingredients together.
2. Add the pretzel sticks breaking them into small pieces as you add them to the mixture. (You don’t have
to do this, but it can make stirring easier.)
3. Combine your garlic salt and seasoning salt into one shaker.  Equally shake the salts onto your pans.
Use your hands to stir.
4. Pour your oil in equal amounts over the pans.  Mix with a spoon.
5. Pour the Worstershire Sauce in equal amounts over your pans as well.  Mix with a spoon.
6. Bake for 2 hours at 200 degrees F.  (Bake only 2 pans at a time if you are making a large batch or
using more pans.)
7. Stir ingredients every 15 minutes while baking. Yes, I know it’s a lot, but it’s very, very important to stir
well and often.
8. Leave the pans to cool down before storing in plastic freezer bags or plastic containers in the freezer
until needed.
That’s it!  All that’s left is to eat and share with family & friends! Yum! Thanks Nana!
 I've also included the recipe as a handy pdf download for easy printing. Who the heck wants to hand write this puppy out?  Click HERE or on the pic below to get your own copy! Yummmy!!!

So grab your pans....

gather your cereals...

and your pretzels and peanuts...

and get cooking! Happy baking!  Now go sew/knit/crochet while you enjoy the yummy smells in between the stirring :) A giant thank you to the oh, so lovely Dana for having me on her super fab blog and to join in all this holiday yumminess!  Merry everything ladies - from my home to yours!

What's your favorite snack to make during the holidays? Do you have a family snack recipe that's a holiday tradition? Share the yumminess!

link luv roundup

- i think i would like disney from ruffles and stuff to just make me a new wardrobe - i want this skirt!
- don't these cupcakes in a jar look sooooo delicious?

1) i've always wanted to give a shot at making my own lip balm and this diy might just be the push i needed to try. (via got craft)
2) easter may be over but that doesn't mean the cute little rabbits have to dissapear does it? i heart this tute from chez beeper bebe.
3) what a cute idea for a bunting? get the pattern here.
4) finally a knitted tank you could wear a bra under! you can get the pattern on knitty now.

1) don't these look super cozy? i don't think i would be caught dead in them out in public but they would definitely make adorable lounging shorts. click here for the pattern.
2) pretty ditty shows us how to go from cardi blah to cardi hurrah!
3) moda bake shop has the adorable tutorial up for these pretty spring dresses.

oh gosh, i'm swooning, i could only dream of having such a gorgeous selection of wooden buttons, love this pic. (via oh, hello friend)

1) this message in a bottle diy is soooo lovely!
2) whip up your own patterned hair band with this tute.
3) learn the secret to perfect patch pockets here.
4) ok, i will seriously be making a giant and i mean giant sized pitcher of this magic juice as soon as it's easy for me to consume a few hours worth of alcohol....yummy!

1) i've been loving this fun canadian blog "the stylish tot". go check it out!
2) adventures in dressmaking shows us how to take that men's dress shirt and make a very fab skirt - too cute!
3) i fell in love with this wallpapered dressing table. maybe it's because i've been wanting to wallpaper the top of a diy project sitting in my home for over a year now and just haven't gotten around to it. here's the diy.

what do you guys think of this? love it or hate it? (via handmade charlotte)

- jessica's getting me in the mood for summer! too bad my sooon to be breastfeeding girls won't be wearing this top anytime soon...haha, but i love it nonetheless. here's the how to. my girls ain't going out anywhere unless they are strapped down and secured...haha.
- alexis from made by lex has a sweet tute for a fun play dress for your little girl.

- learn how to add some homemade lace applique to a basic tank top for some girly fun this spring!!!
- i think this ruffled peasant top is so adorable! head over to the sewing dork for the tutorial.

1) kathreen from whip up has a new book out! so excited to see this! in honor of her book release she is doing a mini quilt month on her site. go join in!
2) the book "carefree clothes for girls" looks really interesting. after reading the review on the purl bee i just may be brave enough to give it a try, ok, maybe after a few more months of working on my sewing skills, but i can dream right?
3) make yourself a new quilted table runner to freshen up your table for spring with this tute from the quilting diaries.
4) mique from thirty handmade days is starting a new series called "practically practical", it's fun, go take a looksie.

things i'm luving this week:

- yippeee...insert my happy dance, it's quilting month on sew mama sew! i seriously need all the tips and how to's i can get my hands on!
- check out the new sewing website "we all sew". lots of goodies on here.
- go look at a "new dress a day". there are seriously the most amazing and creative refashions on here. my jaw just dropped. the ugliest things into the prettiest of outfits.
- join in on a 24 hour virtual make-a-long over on leethal. sounds like a lot of fun!
- learn how to master the art of sewing an internal zipper pocket for a bag.
-amazing mae has a fun recycled magazine envelopes diy up.
- learn how to make your own shower curtain with this tute or a pretty shirred pillow with this one.
- get a look into one of my fave bloggers (sfgirlbybay) san fransisco home on etsy's "there's no place like here" series. click here for the video.
-turn a placemat into a little boy's toolbelt with the creative maven.

what are you luving this week? do you have a tutorial you would like to see up here next week? send me an email!

p.s. if any of you featured in the roundup would like a "featured on luvinthemommyhood" button for your blog just send a quick email my way to and i'll send you one right over - thanks for your support :)

link luv roundup

this photo reminds of when i used to have the time to daydream.....
1) love these little shoes and the blog as well.
2) turn a cropped cardigan into a baby cardi over on a beautiful mess.
3) struggling with a small kid's room? why not turn a closet into a sleeping area? check out this family's home tour over on design sponge. what a great idea!
4) i've been doing a lot of organizing lately and this tutorial on the mother huddle is on my to make list.

- i'm crossing my fingers that anna maria horner posts the free tute for this baby zigzag quilt sooner than later, i'm in love with it!!!
- dana from made has an adorable easter craft up over on v&co. this week.
1) sew4home has a quick little tute up for making a soft, cushy playmate for the little ones in your life.
2) i've been on the lookout for a new duvet and have recently gotten interested in making one of my own. i came across this tutorial and couldn't resist linking.
3) can we say yummy? check out this chocolate bird's nest tutorial!
4) simply modern mom has the how to for this sweet traveling placemat tutorial.

- ohhh, bunny finger puppets how cute are you?
- vanessa shows us how to use up old dryer sheets and turn them into this adorable applique.

turn a tshirt into a quick fix grocery bag over on between the lines.

this is seriously the cutest kid's bday cake i have ever seen!!! (via craftzine)
ok, i could fill a whole post with my ranting over this pic, but decided to try and contain myself. i seriously got depressed seeing gisele in this pic and interview for vogue with her new baby who is like what - 6 weeks old or something? seriously, how are normal mom's supposed to live up to this? and we wonder why we get depressed?

1) if you have any hemp kicking around the house why not whip up these fun coasters?
2) pretty little hearts....isn't this quilt sweet?
3) learn how to make a staple free matchbook over at daisy janie. (via craftzine)
4) salvage an old bulletin board into this lovely patchwork one.

- get the how to for this rose belt diy and even learn how to make a matching one for your little girl.
- i doubt i'll be making any maternity clothes from now until may, but for all you gorgeous preggos out there here's a great skirt refashion!

1) this mama makes stuff turned a western shirt into this yoked girl's skirt - so friggin cute!!!
2) keep your outfits organized with this day of the week hanger tags tutorial from the creative maven.
3) great pattern for this tea towel apron over on 3 sweet p's.
4) i'm not sure i could carry off these stripes but i still love this sweater pattern from pickles.

1) the object project has a post up for a free download of one of the quilts from the e-book "sew expecting".
2) what little girl wouldn't love one of these plush ballet bunnies? get the how to here.
3) head over to bliss in a teacup to drool over these gorgeous wooden buntings! such a great take on the bunting!
4) adventures in dressmaking has a wealth of refashions on her site. check out this tshirt refab.

1) the newest free issue of viva la moda is up for our drooling purposes.
2) learn how to turn 2 pillowcases into this handy bag from the sewing dork.
3) check out this trestle bench makeover on censational girl.
4) i've been enjoying this book "alchemy arts - recycling is chic" by kate mackay and ki jennings.

things i'm luving this week:

- learn how to make a pair of custom yoga pants over on threadbanger.
- i can't wait to try some of these recipes for making your own kitchen soap. (via craft gossip)
- great diy for making fabric printer sheets out of ingredients in your own home.
- i've been on the lookout for a new booster seat and spotted this roundup on ohdeedoh.
- join in on the sock fun design contest over on "exercise before knitting".
- sew an easy t-shirt shrug with the cottage home.
- ok, i'm counting down the days till the new sex and the city movie is out, here's the link to the trailer...fabulous!!!
- i flipped over this dress refashion that melissa made along with the skirt for her daughter to match! i cannot believe these came from such an ugly dress.

what are you luving this week? do you have a tutorial you would like to see up here next week? send me an email!

p.s. if any of you featured in the roundup would like a "featured on luvinthemommyhood" button for your blog just send a quick email my way to and i'll send you one right over - thanks for your support :)

link luv roundup

image by rita lino

how are you feeling today? got the giggles? mackenzie and i had our fair share of laugh attacks yesterday. don't you think if we all had a good giggle fit a day the world would be a much happier place?

i am in luv with this embroidery project from the lovely alicia from posie gets cozy over on sew mama sew. this is definitely on my to do list for the winter!

aren't these fab? these would look so darling in a little girls room or playroom. you can find the how to on how to make your own from egg cartons on esprit cabane. {via ohdeedoh}

i love that this mom took her daughter's drawings of the outfits she would love to wear and turned them into her fall wardrobe! you can see the process here on the blog "in my shoes". {via craftzine}

i am coveting these from west elm...oh, little birdies, come live on my mantle.

here's a great list of 20 adorable amigurumi critters compiled over on "meet me at mikes".

i went to old navy recently to try these on, didn't like them but i ended up going home with this in black instead! c'mon evening chill, bring it on - i'm ready.....well, almost.

yummmmm, i'll take a double serving of these potates tonight for dinner! the cooking blog "fresh 365" is a great resource for some yummy recipes.

another cute take on the men's shirt to dress fad from the blog "lili ash". {via craft gossip}

we attended our close friends chris & jill's lovely wedding a few weeks ago and i couldn't resist mentioning the wonderful work their photographer does! check out kennedy photografik to see some lovely, lovley photos and if you're anywhere on vancouver island or the mainland, don't hesitate to get in touch with jennifer for your photography needs - she's wonderful and super sweet!

i swooned when i saw this post on betz white's blog on how to take a random hum drum tote bag and recover it using the original bag as a liner!!! what a fab idea!!

the new knitting patterns over on pickles make me actually a bit excited for the fall and chilly weather.

make sure to get your entry in over on sfgirlbybay for your chance to win some new amy butler bedding that i have been dreaming about!!!

what a great idea for using up some old tshirts - why not turn them into a quilt?

a new cute little book out called "creature crochet" by kristen rask.

is it already that time of year? i couldn't resist posting about this pattern for a quilted tree skirt. i don't have one and i plan on getting one of these bad boys done in time for xmas.

this is for sure the next thing i am going to find time to sew for mackenzie. i drooled when i saw dana's version of this top! you can find the tute from candace for this adorable tutorial on one of my fave blogs - sparkle power!

things i'm luving this week:

- love this tutorial for dressing up a plain jane shirt with some posies!
- a great roundup of "crafting for good" links over on 30 days.
- i'm all over weardrobe and what i wore lately - so fun to see what everyone is donning these days!
- a great diy for natural air freshener.
- the blog chez larsson now has a new shop as well as my fave quilter rachel over on ps. i quilt.
- some tips on how to make a comfortable nursing area over on ohdeedoh.
- samster's mommy shows you how to make your own "don't wake the baby sign".

what are you luving this week? any fun projects on the go?

link luv roundup

isn't this fabulous! i never would have thought of doing this and i have a knife rack exactly like this that i stare at daily! what a great way to add some color to the kitchen! make one for yourself with the how to over on the farm chicks.

i'm swooning over all the lovely goodies on ninainvorm's shop!

lovely, lovely, lovely photo. i've been feeling like this lately - have you?

i just picked up some of this fabric from ikea and swooned when i saw this project made from it over on revoluzza! there are goodies galore on this blog! {via whipup}

i adored these flip dolls when i was a kid! i was so happy to see we wilsons do an easy tute to make one for my daughter to play with!

i wish i could spend a few hours in this shop! so gorgeous!

ohhh, another knitting book to add to my wish list! i love the title of this book "pints and purls - portable projects for the social knitter" and the projects are hilarious! a must read for any social knitter!

get your kids ready for school/preschool with this tute for sewing your own school bags over on make it do.

ummm, if i could ever get the courage up to actually learn how to surf instead of just dreaming of one day doing it, i would want one of these!

oh joy! has released the loveliest home office collection through chronicle books! oh how i wished my budget allowed for me to go nuts over on the chronicle books website. i find it hard to control the drool factor when perusing their latest goodies.

learn how to make your own pottery barn looking decorative balls with the fabulously talented vanessa over on v&co!

this is for you dana! hope the move goes well ya cowgirl you!!! yee-haw!! make sure to make up your own batch of cowgirl cookies from bakerella in honor of dana from the blog made!

i was so excited to stumble upon the new online gallery "lovely clusters". rachel already has a blog under the same name and this is an extension of it that is a wonderful and gorgeous collection of beautiful handmade goods by designers and artists linking to their shops. the icing on the cake is that you can shop by color cluster! yes, dreamy shoppers rejoice! pick your fave colour and then get clicking. she's teamed up with vicki from "simply hue" and together they have made what is sure to be one of my fave places to shop!

i'm going to be knitting these as soon as the warm weather is gone.

you all know i am a fan of the blog heart of light and i was ecstatic when catching up on my reader that she has launched an etsy store under the same name! go pick up a cute headband!

diy canvas frame inspiration board over on creature comforts

eye candy for you quilters out there! check out this beauty from jaybirdquilts over on moda bake shop! great job hun!

one of my fave knitting blogs pickles has launched a new store! plus i'm all over this shawl for the early fall!

thank you oliver and s, for another great free pattern!

kate's at it again! check out her latest diy - headboard turned coat rack!

i don't have anything to say about this link except it's friggin wonderful!!!!! go check it out! who's your girl crush?

things i'm luving this week:

- the new vintage clothing store 13 bees on etsy
- all the clothes in the new fall line from mishalulu {via cakies} and olive juice kids.
- super excited by the rumour that american apparel is opening up here in victoria!!!
- the office administrator in me secretly drooled when i spotted this post over on bakery today. fear not those looking for spreadsheets, this is a must favorite for any home or business.
- have you redecorated your bedroom and think it kicks ass? make sure to enter this contest over on coco + kelly to win some super prizes!
- i'm hearting the creativity over on the blog "color me katie"! {via a little sussy}
- make sure to download your copy of parasol's newest zine "parasol craft"!
- creative kismet has a great how to on making your own recycled bag art journals!
- keep those baby legs warm with this super easy baby legs tutorial from calico! i love this!
- are you a font lover like me? check out this roundup of free fonts galore!
- check out indie fixx's annual back to school guide for 2009.
- take a peek at this shirt refashion done two ways on "homemade by jill"! i'm all over the pillowcase! great idea!

what are you link luving this week? any new faves?

link luv roundup

i'm starting to get the feeling that scary feeling that summer is almost over.......

i love the simpleness of this print. (via oh, hello friend)

hurry over to the etsy blog "the storque" for your free copy of the smocked sundress from one of my fave books "weekend sewing" by heather ross.

i can't wait to get my hands on something wooden to give this a shot!

refashion a dish towel into this handy kids art apron.

isn't this smocking gorgeous? so fun & retro!!!

these would be perfect for any baby shower or new mom.

i luv anything betz white does but these little felted balls just brightened up my day! so cheerful! while you're over there make sure to check out her new fabric line - i seriously drool over my entire keyboard every time i see it.

i am planning on crocheting up some of these lovelies to brighten up my place with some hawaiian color.

i really need to work on my quilting skills, one day i will, i will, i will attempt to accomplish these....emphasis on the "attempt"......a newbie sewer can dream right? get the how to for each of these blocks here, here and here.

this refashion over on "thimbly things" is to die for! seriously, i can't get over the before & after! love it!

i'm drooling (yep, i've been drooling a lot these days) over the prints in this lovely, fresh summer quilt. (via sew, mamma, sew!)

i want these pillows from sfgirlbybay's favorite things post over on decor8!

i would like to try having a go at this cute dress, what fabric would you guys make it in?

make it and love it has a super sized refashion on how to turn two shirts into an adorable leggings/skirt combo! fabulous!

yummy! peach cupcakes with brown sugar frosting! oh smitten kitchen how i adore you!

i think this belt is pretty much fabulous! get the how to here. (via one pretty thing)

things i'm luving this week:

- so friggin' excited this album is coming out!!!!!
- wonderful, wonderful, wool skirt refashion perfect for the fall over on the sewing dork.
- check out another great diy from "censational girl" on how to make your own cement candle holders!
- turn a hippie skirt into a hippie shirt over on "stop staring and start sewing".
- find a new and inexpensive way to hang painted plates by "the shabby chic cottage".
- i am definitely giving this a whirl! another great xmas gift to add to the list - gorgeous handmade embroidered sachets! find the tute here! (via craft gossip)
- make sure to pop by the new flickr group "crocheted interiors" for some fun inspiration.
- have you signed up for the newest round of "craft hope" yet? it's sock monkey making time and it's all for a good cause!
- have any of you been using the site "freecycle" yet? how do you like it? good or bad experiences?
- in the mood for some craft swaps? head over to "made by petchy" for a bag swap or to "my mamma made it" for a little giving and receiving.
- get making your own ruffly, tank top refashion with this great tute and then make this comfy skirt for your little one in 20 minutes!
- i'm entering this giveaway.

what are you drooling over this week?

link luv roundup

i can't stop staring at this...i swear i can feel the flowers.

don't miss out on the next round of the photo e-course "unravelling" by the wonderfully talented susannah conway.

isn't this baby blanket fabulous? i luv it! designer lisa rupp made one for her little one (she designed the print) and is now selling the fabric so you can whip up your very own! the colors are so fresh and yummy! {via twig & thistle}

the sweet & lovely kristen has a new social bookmarking site for crafters that you must check out called "craftig"! this site looks like lots of fun and is a must subscribe for anyone on the lookout for craft projects galore.

chez larsson has to have one of the most organized and neatest homes i have ever seen. she is sure to give martha a run for her money when it comes to nifty tricks to spruce up your dirty closets. here's a great trick she did to revamp some drawer organizers.

lisa congdon's fave things posted on decor8 belong in my home :)

haven't you always wanted to try this................or is it just me & the photographer???

oh so delicious free tutorials for some bright baby room essentials over on sew4home!

isn't this just the sweetest pic?

ashley from lil blue boo (one of my current fave blogs) has a whack load of new tutes to share but this little wagon cover caught my eye and i thought it was a great idea to soften up a bumpy ride. click here for the how to.

i stumbled for what felt like hours to figure out the binding on my quilt for mackenzie, but i will stumble no more. the sometimes crafter has come to us newbie sewers rescue and posted this handy three part post to show us the in's and outs of binding! thanks christina!

i luv this refashion over on samster mommy on how she took a pair of her old cargo pants and revamped them into drawstring pants for her little girl! great idea! {via craft gossip}

i drooled over these gorgeous book covers! lovely illustrations!

things i'm luving this week:

- mique from 30 handmade days is right at the top of my list for my fave blogging ladies! she is such a sweetheart! if you want to know a bit more about me, head on over to her rockin blog to read an interview she did about lil'ol me! so fun! thanks so much mique! maybe i can interview you next time???
- artist samantha hahn is having an original art sale in her etsy shop!
- great list of baby barettes how to's on dollar store crafts.
- this breakfast panini looks delicious!
- speaking of food, i have been having a hard time deciding what to make first over on the pioneer woman ree drummond's new cooking site "tasty kitchen". how fun is this site? is there anything this funny & talented woman can't do???
- learn how to fold hospital corners for the perfect bed and to make an instant air freshener for small spaces over on AT.
- casasugar shows how to steal ideas from the august issue of anthropologie catalogue for your home.
- i seriously would kill to work in an office like this!

what are you luving this week?

link luv roundup

i am loving the new guest column "color me pretty" on decor 8 from "a creative mint" blogger leslie shewring! her photos are fantastic and i want to just pop into each of them, grab all the items and cover my apartment with them. so lovely!

hannah over on "while they sleep" has a new pattern out in her etsy shop for a pod swaddler! interested? swing by her blog and enter her giveaway to win one of your very own or pick up a copy of the pattern to sew one for yourself! either way this is a great project :)

i'm thinking of growing out my hair just so i can wear this pretty hairstyle.

can't get enough of the idea of using cake molds for wall display - the colours are so fresh!

this was definitely me last week - it was so friggin hot where we live!!!

a new e-book out from the object project called "sew expecting" is sure to be filled with some yummy projects for all you moms to be out there!

p.s. - i heart rachel from "p.s. i quilt" for making this easy, and gorgeous quilting tute over on moda bake shop! so summery and sweet!

ummmm, i want this trailer. bad. doesn't it make you just want to hop on inside and have a cup of tea? go check out the full pic here. i luv her little curtains and the fabric lined cabinet! {via a beautiful mess}

learn how to make the perfect add on fabric flower over on v&co.

i am a self confessed hat addict and i seriously get my hat wearing party on during most of the seasons of the year, but truly, my favorite time is the fall. i get to knitting and whip up way too many hats that i even have time to wear. i can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this book - "hat heads"'s time to feed my addiction, the wool monsters are hungry! {via craft}

things i'm luving this week:

- a great little roundup of boys tutorials over on thirty handmade days!
- an easy peasy hooded towel tutorial from obsessively stitching.
- love this diy art table with a faux bois wood finish. perfect for any play room.
- we are on a bit of a carb free thing in our house this week and i can't wait to try this cantaloupe salsa and roasted carrot and avocado salad from smitten kitchen.

what are you luving this week?

link luv roundup

you all know about my obsession with buttons and i flipped out when i spotted these button sticker how to over on zakka life! i am so doing this!!! the mailman is so gonna hate me :)

rachel from "p.s. i quilt" has done the niftiest, handiest and prettiest bag dispenser tutorial over on moda bake shop. go tell her sweet things, rachel rocks and is one of my fave blogging ladies and twilight fan cohort.

ummm, mediterranean pepper salad and smitten kitchen - need i say more?

i'm in luv with this blog and with this quilt...i keep staring at it, the color palette is stunning and so inviting and refreshing - luv it!

i have such a soft spot for softies and i couldn't resist the cuteness of ric rac's pattern for jofus and lally.


i am so wishing i was lying here right now...doesn't this look so calm and relaxing and QUIET (aka no kids zone)?

i have lavender galore this year on my deck and was so happy to see calli do this great little how to on make it do - a great new site to check out! it's definitely on my radar!

things i'm luving this week:

- adorable little tutorial to learn how to make a hooded doll blanket from sparkle power.

- can't wait to get my hands on the new wilco album.

- whip up a child's travel pillow with maya made.

-bean bag toss game made from jean pockets.

- another great panty tutorial (check out our previous roundup if you're interested in making a pair)!

- the lovely mique from 30 days has a great tutorial up on making fun custom car books for the kids when travelling.

- "according to kelly" has a super fun "favorite things swap" going on this summer! this sounds great!

link luv roundup

1) my absolute favorite new crochet pattern - how adorable and refreshing is this hat!!!!!
2) spud and chloe's got a great new free cupcake pincushion pattern up along with their new line of luxe yarns in mod colors - so fresh!

luv this flickr roundup of afghans over on "desire to inspire".

i'd like to have breakfast in this kitchen.

i'm making these margarita cupcakes for the next bbq i go to - yum yum!!! cupcakes and booze, sounds like my kind of combination.

learn how to make these fabulous recycled magazine coasters on "how about orange".

i've been in quite the pillow making groove lately and swooned when i spotted this tutorial from "mermag" over on "kelly + olive"

nifty little clock transformation from censational girl.

don't you just love this dress? flutter, flutter......

things i'm luving this week:

- antler magazine and modern seamster both have new issues out.

- anything from madison belle

- super handy sewing tips part over on make it and love it.

- indie fixx's new summertime galleria up!

ANNA magazine

i received the most wonderful bday present today...ohhh, la, la! yes, i am getting older - eek, saturday is my bday and i got an early surprise delivered to my door. i got gifted a subscription to the wonderful magazine ANNA.

where to begin describing this gorgeous mag to you...i don't even know where to start. it came all wrapped up with a great apron around the 4 issues i got today with a lovely handwritten gift card. i tried to take photos, but it didn't do it justice and i couldn't bear to post them. just trust me when i say this magazine feels and reads scrumptiously. it's eye candy and laid out divinely, plus the recipes are nice but not so nice you can't attempt them.

taken from the editor:

Inspired by a beautiful French picture book, a few Paris shopping bags and an Hermes scarf, we bring you our very special 10th issue, Beautiful.

Woven together with extraordinary recipes and a style only the French could impress. From heart-shaped lunches to chicken pot pie, from cooking lessons and one skillet suppers to a holiday after-party in my very own kitchen, with friends sharing stories and laughter, as only true friends can do.

I believe a magazine, like a photograph, should take you somewhere. I hope this issue will take you to wherever you allow it, whether it's the streets of Paris or into your kitchen, to cook up some fancy dishes to share with those you adore.

each issue of ANNA has a theme such as brilliance, wonderful, unforgettable and that is the title of the issue. along with that, each ANNA also has the following sections:

"what i have learned"
"make everyday special"
"everyday easy"
"sometimes beautiful things happen"

i am proud to say the magazine is canadian and can be found at your local chapters. if you want more info on this great mag check out their website at

a great big thank you to grandma judy and grandpa ken - love you guys and now it's time to go put some of these yummy recipes to use.

what's your favorite cooking magazine at the moment?