ANNA magazine

i received the most wonderful bday present today...ohhh, la, la! yes, i am getting older - eek, saturday is my bday and i got an early surprise delivered to my door. i got gifted a subscription to the wonderful magazine ANNA.

where to begin describing this gorgeous mag to you...i don't even know where to start. it came all wrapped up with a great apron around the 4 issues i got today with a lovely handwritten gift card. i tried to take photos, but it didn't do it justice and i couldn't bear to post them. just trust me when i say this magazine feels and reads scrumptiously. it's eye candy and laid out divinely, plus the recipes are nice but not so nice you can't attempt them.

taken from the editor:

Inspired by a beautiful French picture book, a few Paris shopping bags and an Hermes scarf, we bring you our very special 10th issue, Beautiful.

Woven together with extraordinary recipes and a style only the French could impress. From heart-shaped lunches to chicken pot pie, from cooking lessons and one skillet suppers to a holiday after-party in my very own kitchen, with friends sharing stories and laughter, as only true friends can do.

I believe a magazine, like a photograph, should take you somewhere. I hope this issue will take you to wherever you allow it, whether it's the streets of Paris or into your kitchen, to cook up some fancy dishes to share with those you adore.

each issue of ANNA has a theme such as brilliance, wonderful, unforgettable and that is the title of the issue. along with that, each ANNA also has the following sections:

"what i have learned"
"make everyday special"
"everyday easy"
"sometimes beautiful things happen"

i am proud to say the magazine is canadian and can be found at your local chapters. if you want more info on this great mag check out their website at

a great big thank you to grandma judy and grandpa ken - love you guys and now it's time to go put some of these yummy recipes to use.

what's your favorite cooking magazine at the moment?