pillowcase to drawstring bag

i quickly sewed up these pillowcase drawstring bags the other day to try to contain some of mackenzie's huge pile of doll clothes. my mom saved all of my sister's and mines handmade doll clothes that my she and my nana painstakingly sewed and knitted over the years. they bring back such fond memories for me and i cherish the fact that now my little one gets to play with them, but what excites me even more is that i get to play with them again!

the bags were super easy to make. i took my dollar store find pillowcases and folded it in half cutting along the line. all you have to do then is simply sew up the seams and make a casing for your drawstring on the top (i have yarn in mine because i didn't have anything to use for the string, but i will be replacing it when i get to the store). voila! a pillowcase to a drawstring bag.

as much as we love these doll clothes we have tons of them and they simply were not working being stored in a plastic bin so i thought i would try out these little bags and see how they go. i originally intended to hang these from this nifty ikea hook wall mount thingie i have, but then realized that due to the sheer amount of doll clothes that were laid all out and folded on the floor, there was no way that these bags were going to hang at all. so right now the bags are in the plastic bin until i brainstorm another place for them, or another way to get the doll clothes off the floor (my daughter's room does not have a lot of space for more storage). we live in a 2 bedroom apartment so there is no play room and we try to keep her toy area to a minimum in the living room, even though it seems to grow more and more everyday like a large consumer monster. sometimes i wonder where it all comes from. surely we didn't buy all that?

do any of you have tips or solutions for doll clothes storage? i had thought of a cute vintage suitcase, etc, but i really need to keep it off the floor for now. i would love some tips! make sure to stay tuned in the next week or so, we have a new "remake, repurpose, refashion" coming up, a new tutorial for the "newbie sewing series" and a new "moms in the mommyhood" - lots of good things to look forward to!

p.s. - sorry the pics are not the greatest, my house was covered in doll clothes and all the cute ones had mackenzie in them, but she was only in a diaper and i didn't feel comfy posting those at her age on the net.