moments in the mommyhood - cookies and doilies

mmmmmmmm, cookies.  well, these aren't the cookie lids for coffee mugs as seen on friday's weekend wishes - i didn't get the courage to try those.  but if any of you would like to try that recipe out martina from the blog trattoria da martina wrote to me and mentioned that anyone looking for the recipe in english to email her (her email addy is on the sidebar) and she would help out. also one of our readers used google translate to swap over to english as well. if any of you make that delicious looking cookie lid please let me know - i'd love to hear how it turned out.

instead of the lids i made a simply delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe from one of my fave readers/friends laura of the blog "on the laundry line". it's dangerous and i've made this recipe twice now and both times the cookies lasted no longer than 2 days!!! craziness! they are truly addicting.  i don't even like to bake so you know these are good when i've made 2 batches in 2 weeks. i had to keep chanting to myself " a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips" and other such nonesense so that i didn't just sit down and devour that entire chewy, moisty, delicious batch.  good thing we had company for the weekend to help me eat them or i think i truly would have died at sunday's total body conditioning class.  i also only had mini chips on hand on the weekend so i thought it was the perfect excuse to just add more of them..haha. if any of you would like the recipe let me know and i'll see if laura is willing to share her cookie goodness on here or on her blog for you all.

*edited* - here's the cookie recipe folks! the lovely, hilarious and super sweet pal of mine laura took it upon herself to make some more cookies (oh the burden..hahaha) and posted a lovely post today just for you guys on how to make some of these addictive cookies for you to eat right along side us!  we dont' wanna be the only ones gorging on chocolate....hey...don't judge...nothing beats a fresh out of the oven cookie and a mug of coffee when you are having one of those "mom days"....right?  go here to check out the recipe for the "worthit chocolate chip cookies".

i also got my doily stitched onto my $3 ikea pillow. don't you just love it?  i'm so in love with how it turned out.  it was so easy and quick to do and added just that right touch of granny chic to my boring little pillow. now all i need to do is find another one for the matching pillow or i may just have to come up with something else.  this was so easy and it's killing me to not make all the other doily projects i have in my project folder.  i'm still sending the vibes out to those darn thrift shops....doilies...doilies...come to me....

have any of you added doilies to your home decor? sewn with them? appliqued them? diy'd them?  i wanna see!!!!  also what's your fave chocolate chip cookie recipe?  did you have a good weekend? let's catch up :)

p.s. i'm looking for the instructions to that doily light from friday as well. i can't seem to find the actual tutorial.  it's in the works though folks...i'll find it....hopefully.