christmas knitting 911 - in the home stretch

 hi all....i'm taking care of a wee one who's not feeling so hot this morning so one of my besties and partner in crime rebecca from the blog - nook is here to guest post with some christmas knitting 911 goodness!

now here's becca...

only 10 days left! how are you feeling about it? i'm surprisingly not stressed! because you  know, you've all been working hard (me too) :) and just the fact that we're all giving handmade in some form or other will be so appreciated. well truth is, i'm trying not to be stressed :)

i've been so impressed and inspired by everyone's drive to the finish line in crafting. though i've been a little slower getting my butt in gear... last night was my first late night session. i stayed up until 1am. !!! and i know there will be a few more late nights. not because i'm stressing, but well it's just where we can slot time, right?  so here's the first thing i wanted to chat about....

christmas gift list from woodland christmas
our lists.... how many times have they been tweaked? are you having to change them now, knowing we're into single digits until the big day? does it bother you to have to change your list? one thing the tweaking of lists is not supposed to do is to add stress. really really, the important thing is that you are still enjoying the process of a handmade christmas... right? (or just some handmade gifts).
of course my list is tweaking... always is :) but now that we've made plans to travel to see family in the new year, i've got a few more weeks... because even later christmas gifts are just fine! who says it has to be on dec. 25th? right? we'd love to hear what's left on your lists! are you stuck on any projects? need ideas for that one person you just don't know what to make for, or having to change to a faster pattern? some great last minute, quick gifts are:


source: 1. "kid lid"by edgebrook covenant church 2. "forecast: la nina" by sarah gresbach

source: 1. "carefree cowl" by shannon cook 2. "shannon" by jane richmond

source: 1. "bulky knitted hat" by kristin omdahl. 2. "mug hugs" by nook :)
but in all honesty, we're probably pretty resigned to what we've made, and how much needs to be done... and that leads to other planning....

do you still have baking to do? are you entertaining guests for the holidays? do you have your christmas dinner all planned out? personally, i love to entertain. it's so fun! but it really does add to the work load for sure... especially when i really need my hands to be knitting away :) i've found a few great snacks/treats that will help to keep your guests happily munching away while the turkey is a cookin'.

1. nuts & bolts!

who doesn't love to snack on these?? and our very own shannon of "luvinthemommyhood" has the. best. recipe for it! it's very easy peasy, and your house smells ah-mazing while it's cooking away. seriously. go make it. you can find the recipe here.  and this yummy recipe was also just recently featured on "sweets and treats christmas countdown".  i promise you it's uber yummy! and you'll probably find lots of other goodies on that site too!

2. peppermint bark!

three layer peppermint bark from orangette
i made this last year, and it's so refreshing! if you're a peppermint and chocolate fan... make this! it's very easy, and it looks soo pretty! munching on this with hot chocolate is sooooo good!!! you can find the recipe for it here.

3. turtles!

turtles from misocrafty
ok. so i haven't made these...yet. but i've been meaning to! don't these look just ah-mazing!? and they are very easy to make... you can choose to glaze the top with the extra chocolate, or not.. i bet either way they'd look and taste sooo good! you can find the recipe for them here.

and there you have it! some easy last minute patterns to go to, as well as recipes to keep those hungry in-laws happy!  we're so excited that christmas 911 has had such a great response..we've so enjoyed seeing your FO's and chatting about patterns, yarns, lack of sleep... lol!  christmas is getting here pretty quick, that's for sure.. and we're so happy we have you lovely ladies to chat with!

what are your fave. recipes? last minute patterns, anything during this busy and crazy time? do you have many more items on your list? i've got the biggest pot of coffee on... and later today there *might* be a little bailey's involved... wanna share? xo

thank so much for coming on becca! you can find more of rebecca on her blog nook, facebook page & etsy shop - luv ya girl!!!!  and all you knitters taking part in christmas knitting 911 make sure you get your pictures uploaded into our ravelry group here or our flickr group just may be up on the blog next week..wink wink!