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Christmas Tree Skirt Roundup - Holiday Crafting Support Group

my poor christmas tree has been ahem....naked shall we say for the last 5 christmases.  i've been shamefully using an old white receiving blanket draped around the bottom of the tree.  it's a sad boring excuse of a tree skirt and i admit i hate putting it there every year.  so this year i've decided to "try" to get one made.  no pressure...just adding it to my would love to have done this holiday season list.

after reading a comment on last week's holiday crafting support group post requesting a christmas tree skirt roundup i thought " that's exactly what i need to roundup".  so here you go!  i got out my lasso and rounded up what i think are some spiffy and purdy christmas tree skirts.  you've got quilted, pieced, felt, no sewing, knitted and crocheted tree skirts.  have fun & most of all i hope you get inspired!  also, if you  know of an awesome tutorial of your own or one you love please leave a link to it in the comments below and i'll add it to the "your faves" section of this post! alrighty...go pour yourself a nice big glass of (spiked) egg nog and let's get crafty!


1. vintage embroidered tree skirt 2. sewing 101 tree skirt on design sponge

1. rockin' retro christmas tree skirt 2. spiderweb christmas tree skirt 3. christmas tree skirt in july
no sew ruffled christmas tree skirt
1. striped tree skirt 2. ruffled tree skirt 3. ruffled tree skirt 4. scalloped felt tree skirt
simply quilted patchwork tree skirt from sew 4 home
1. cloud9 christmas tree skirt 2. festive christmas tree skirt 3. buddy the elf tree skirt 4. fur trimmed tree skirt 5. diy ruched tree skirt
diy felt flower tree skirt
1. quilted tree skirt 2. christmas tree skirt
christmas tree skirt tutorial from simple simon & co
1. poinsetta tree skirt tutorial 2. heirloom wool tree skirt

granny tree skirt
1. silent night tree skirt 2. snowball tree skirt
retro ripples skirt
hemlock ring blanket


- stars all around the tree skirt pattern from simplicity
- hexagon tree skirt tutorial by jaceycraft
- esch house quilts north pole tree skirt tutorial
- bird in hand quilts christmas tree skirt
- fruitcake under my tree tutorial 
- christmas tree skirt from pauls block party
- silent night tree skirt
- round ripple tree skirt
- star tree skirt
- granny tree skirt
- diy no sew rufffle christmas tree skirt tutorial
- christmas tree skirt

link up, join in, comment below, add pics to our flickr group and take part in our conversations on ravelry too! we want to see what you're making, planning on making and what you've got planned for the holiday season.  if you've posted about holiday crafting add your link in the comments below as well.  it's way more fun if you all join in (if enough people comment i may just start a wee linky party for us to use). i loved seeing all of your holiday gift lists last week! i added about another gazillion projects to my faves :)

what's your favorite christmas tree skirt?  knit, crocheted, sewn or crafted?  do you have a fave pattern?  have you made your own christmas tree skirt before?  fill us in!  show off your handiwork!  let us know how your gift making & decorating has been going :)

A little slice of a dream come true - Mollie Makes


if you're crafty and love eye candy like me you may have heard of one of the newest and coolest lifestlye & craft mags out there - mollie makes!  i've been drooling and coveting this mag since it first premiered in may of 2011.  i've been reading their blog and daydreaming over getting my hands on every issue.  so when i opened my inbox last month and found an email from them i just about peed my pants!  can you believe it! i'm still shocked!
remember this pic?  this was a photo i shot of my pal rebecca's (nook) jardain coaster tutorial that she did for versus in the summer.  they asked if they could use my photo in mollie makes as a full page!!! what!!!!!!!!!!! holy cow batman!!!! i swear i'm still in shock.  i can't wait to hold a hardcopy of it in my hands.  i already told the hubs i'm framing it and hanging it on the wall as proof that dreams can come true.  my oh my.  sometimes even a little slice of a dream come true can be enough to keep ya truckin' i tell ya.  one of my new year's resolutions this year was to get in a magazine.  that was fast.  lol...if only the lose 35 pounds one was equally as quick...muahaha.

here's what the inset says:

"When Rebecca of fame was invited by Shannon Cook to share her crochet love on the Versus blog (, she revealed how to make these super spiralled Jardain coasters with pretty petals.  All you need is a little bit of yarn and a little bit of time and whole set will be yours!  Found out more about Shannon and her inspirations at"  

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! and my fave the bottom left corner it says - photographer: shannon cook!  oh awesome!  i'm in no way trying to toot my own horn here people, i'm just so excited!  you guys are such a huge and influential part of my life how could i not share something so fun with you all!  it's been killing me not to be able to tell you all until now :)  this little blog of mine is such a dream for me.  it's a dream to be able to write every day, to get to sew, knit and design and share it with you all, to chat and form such special friendships - it's all amazing and so worth all the very looooong hours that it takes to keep this blog of mine going.  so something like this little slice of a dream come true of mine is so rewarding!  so thank you all for reading and for sharing in this wonderful journey right alongside with me.  i <3 you guys..xoxox!

now head on over to mollie makes and show them some luv ladies!!!  if you're in the us/canada you can find hard copies of where the mags are sold here:
The US: Barnes & Noble, JoAnns
Canada: Chapter, Coles
and you guys can subscribe to mollie makes through this link:
and download the iPad version here:
also don't miss out on the latest news from mollie makes either - sign up for their newsletter at the top of the page, here.

a huge thank you to mollie makes!  you guys rock!!!  thanks for making one of my dreams come true :)  you can find all things mollie makes here:

have you had any of your new year's resolutions become reality yet?  what's on your dream list?  it's friday m'dears and i'm super excited for the weekend!!!

holiday crafting ideas & roundups!

i don't know about you guys but i'm in full on christmas crafting mode!  i thought i would give you all a hand and remind of you the fun roundups we had last season to help keep us inspired and a tad less stressed for the holidays.

wreath roundup
garland roundup
christmas stocking roundup
remember my my paper wreath?   i still have up what was my fave christmas craft from last year. i turned it from a wreath (paper leaves taped onto a cardboard base made from a pizza into a mirror.  easy peasy and one of my fave things in our home.

paper mirror wreath
paper wreath
and just for's some fabulous tutorials from me and other fabulous guest bloggers that would make some wonderful xmas pressies for loved ones :)

1. the mallory cowl pattern 2. the carefree cowl pattern
1. infinity & beyond scarf tutorial
1. sunburst pillow  2. everest: the ultimate knitting needle organizer
1. legwarmers
1. jardain coasters  2. nesting cups
1. lace belt  2. dad's tie to gadget case  3. the buff cuff  4. organic dishcloths
to find more fun roundups to get inspiration from check out all of my link luv roundups and theme months here that include a ton of awesome guest posts for adults, babies/kids and your home. alos don't forget to head over to the headquarters of  comfy sews vs cozy knits on "versus". check out both the tutorials and the roundups there too!  lots of goodies galore to be sewn, knit or crocheted!

happy crafting!!!!  i'm hoping to put together another xmas roundup for you all this month...what would you like to see the most?  what is the one thing you make for xmas decor every year?

the carefree cowl knit along!

it's here! our newest knit along - the carefree cowl knit along!  it's time to throw caution to the wind and whip up a carefree cowl!  add a pop of color to your wardrobe, practice a new technique, splurge on that to die for yarn....and just let your imagination go wild!

cowls are the perfect accessory to whip up for beginner to advanced knitters!  so have some fun with it! they are stylish all year long, cozy and cool and totally in style!  they are timeless.  for inspiration (and selfish fun) i thought i would round up some of my all time fave cowls.  if only i had time to  make them we go!

a bit of chunky...

gap-tastic cowl
1. smooth edge  2. big herringbone cowl
keep it simple...

dolores park cowl
1. marian  2. rae
honey cowl

lace and cables...
cowboy & cowgirl
stockholm scarf
1. breckenridge cowl 2. cream and sugar cowl

coline neckwarmer

a pop of color...

a thousand splendid suns
1. september circle  2. daybreak

shades of grey & neutral...

imogen cowl
1. thermis  2. a grey loop  3. state street cowl 4. lace circle scarf
learn a new technique...

1. inspira cowl  2. destroyed cowl  3. stella cowl
or a bit of crochet...

1. open work crocheted cowl  2. twisted granny wrap
1. calm cowl  2. simple cowl
wanna join in?  here's the deets:

click the link below to enter the knit along:

start date: october 12, 2011 (but you can join in anytime before the deadline)
finish date: november 9th, 2011

all posts can be found here and the thread for the knit along can be found in the luvinthemommyhood ravelry group here! 

when you are done your cowl please post your finished pics in either our ravelry group thread or our flickr group so we can drool over your fab work!

i also have a partner in crime this time buddy rebecca from the blog "nook" will be guest posting and helping me out here and there throughout the knit along.  she'll be assisting with helping answer questions in the forum and on the blog.  so feel free to ask her anything that has to do with all things knitting!  she's a knitting maven that one!  make sure to pop on over to check out her roundup of cowls today too!  a big advance thank you to her for helping me out with the kal - i appreciate it my dear! you rock!

i cannot wait to see what cowls you all are gonna make! it's going to be so inspiring and so fun to be a part of!  i'm super excited for this kal! next week i'll be sharing my cowl choice and i'll also be posting buttons asap for you all to sport on your blogs as well!

what's your fave cowl pattern?  will you be crocheting or knitting?  join in you guys! i promise it's fun and we are all a friendly bunch that love to help each other out so don't be shy if you are a newbie knitter..this is a perfect first project! pick up those sticks :)

Jardain Crochet Coaster Tutorial with Guest Rebecca of Nook

you all know i have a love affair with knitting & sewing but i also adore crochet.  it's the one craft that often get's pushed aside for me though.  it's not that i love it less, or don't enjoy it as much, i just for some reason always have my knitting & sewing battling it out.  so in honor of throwing some crochet love your way i asked one of my good friends rebecca of the blog and shop "nook" to come give us a fun, easy and very fun tutorial over on my other blog "versus" on how to make one of my favorite crocheted things - coasters!
rebecca is one of those people you meet who eats, sleeps and breathes knitting but she also crochets.  i mean seriously people, check out this blanket!!  LOVE!

she knits faster than anyone i know (her hands are like a speedy blur at our knit nights) and i know a lot of knitters. she also seems to have some strange knack for knitting in superhero style...she can be baking bread or making dinner - knitting, talking to me on the phone - knitting, i bet she even knits on the needless to say if there's a chance my bud can pick up her sticks she will.  she's got an adorable etsy shop filled with some of her handmade goodies, a pretty blog and if you live in my city (victoria, bc) she also teaches some pretty rad classes at the cloth castle.  check out her fall listings..where else can you take lessons for jane richmond's super stylish patterns?  plus you get to hang with rebecca and take it from me....she's super fun to be around.  i heart her.  she feeds me and makes me coffee....a lot.

so get those hooks & yarn out and get ready to whip up some jardain coasters!  happy

click here for the full tutorial over on versus!  come show some love for crochet ladies!!


moments in the mommyhood - oh barbie, you're so crafty!

we had a barbie marathon in our house yesterday.  the house was out, the car, the clothes galore and as we were playing with our dolls i had so many flashbacks to when i played barbies.  each time i pulled out another outfit i remembered how much i had treasured each one.  why?  because most of my barbies rockin' outfits were handmade by my mom and my nana.  lovingly stitched, knitted and crocheted to up the style factor for my barbies.

I would so totally wear this!
it was so much fun to go through all the goodies my mom recently brought that she had saved for the girls.  i know barbie gets a bad rap most of the time but honestly, i only have the fondest memories of playing with mine.  hours and hours spent styling their hair and their outfits.  mackenzie has been bit by the same bug.  we had so much fun picking out the outfits for our little barbie photoshoot to share with you today.  she was also in charge of the hairstyles and arrangement of outfits. so take a peek and see what barbie's wearing this week!

So adorable!!
I want this outfit for myself!!
Gotta have jeans & a classic scarf!
Not sure if this one was handmade but it was one of my faves as a little girl!
Which barbie collection is complete without a bridal ensemble!
I love the detail work on the veil, dress and even the bouquet!
How trendy is this!
Every girl needs some lingerie!
and some fancy robes!
Clothes to relax in...
clothes to stay cozy in...

and clothes to stay glamorous in!
This one cracks me up!
Accessories to play with!
Can't forget barbies bathing suits!
Even barbie can rock a track suit!
The retro green dress was one of my fave to dress barbie in and I just about died when I found this sun hat & matching ensemble!  What a cool way to make a hat!
so there you have it!  our picks for this season for our barbies!  fun right?!  i love it!  i totally lmao while doing this and if i had had my way i would have done a full on posed barbie shoot but i think the hubs and you guys would have thought i had gone off the deep end....but seriously, it was sooo hard to resist...barbie was such a great easy to pose and take pics  so thank you to my mom, nana and the other talented women my mom may have bought these off of at a bazaar, i appreciate and cherish every single item!  so fab!

do you have handmade outfits for your barbies that you adore?  do you have fun dressing them up with your kids?  c'mon...fess up....i'm not alone am i?????

Book Review - Little Crochet: Modern Designs for Babies and Toddler

have you always wanted to start crocheting? do you crochet but are in need of some inspiration? oh my goodness, just wait till you get a peek at the new book by crafter extraordinaire linda permann - little crochet: modern designs for babies and toddlers! to say that i love this book is an understatement. it will be treasured in my home. i can't stop looking at it and marveling over it's loveliness!

the patterns are modern, fresh, fun and timeless. some of them i even had to look twice at to see if it really was crochet!

linda walks you effortlessly through the tools and pattern essentials needed to crochet. i loved that she even has a section on how to pick/choose yarn for crochet and also how to decipher all the different gauges for knitting to use for crochet. she even includes a handy section on making garments fit for your baby that is invaluable. i learned a lot from this section and her schematics. this alone is well worth reading.

the patterns outlined in the book range from items for the nursery, to clothes and gifts. i cannot even begin to choose a favorite. i want to make the whole book. seriously. not joking here. a friend and i have toyed with making each and every project (rebecca..wink wink). a bit loony, i know, but i just love it that much.

i don't remember the last time i was so inspired to crochet. i feel the need to rethink all garments and imagine them in crochet instead of knit/sewn. it's a wonderful feeling and my hooks are looking a lot more cheerful around these parts.

so what are you waiting for? now is the time to start crocheting ladies. it's fun, fast, EASY and oh so stylish! this ain't your grannies crochet anymore! any mom or child would be lucky to have any gift or item from this book. there are many items in the book that are suitable for either a boy or girl. in fact she was inspired to write this book for her nephew.

a big thank you to linda permann for constantly inspiring me with all her wonderful crafty endeavors and for writing little crochet. it honestly is one of my favorite books. you rock linda! linda has also written one of my other fave crochet books - crochet adorned:reinvent your wardrobe with crocheted accents, embellishments and trim. you can find all things linda permann here...

do you crochet? what's your favorite thing/pattern to crochet? have you always wanted to learn? i hope this book inspires you to try a new craft! let's talk crochet ladies!

warm up those machines, needles & hooks!

comfy sews VS cozy knits is starting on monday!!!!!! woot woot! i thought it would be fun to do a little peek back at all the lovelies that were part of the fun last season. remember katy from no big dill's fantabulous "billy cardi tutorial"? looooove it!!!!!!!! how pretty is that cardi! the uber talented seamstress will be kicking off versus on monday! i can't wait!!!

last season we had scarves, a sweater, cowls, a cup cozy, leggings a hat and more! it was so inspiring to see all the knit and sewn goodies take part!

i'm excited to say that almost all of last season's contributors are back again this year to try to get all you sewers knitting and knitters sewing along with some new ones too!

and kelly from sewing in no man's land said it right in her post last season......

are you all ready to join in? do you have our "versus" button up (find the code on versus on the sidebar) and machines, needles and hooks ready to go? i promise you are going to be inspired by all the goodies we've got planned for you for the spring/summer edition of comfy sews VS cozy knits!!!!!

what are you feeling inspired to make this spring? what would you like to see "rounded up" the most this season for versus? don't forget to join in and add your pics to our flickr group! we all want to see what you're making!

comfy sews VS cozy knits: the boy edition

Hi everyone! Have you all been enjoying Celebrate the Boy? Wowsa! What a great month of inspiring crafts, tutorials, projects and eye candy! It's been so exciting! When Dana and Rae asked me to join again this year with another roundup I was super excited. If you know me you know I love a good roundup. It's one of my favorite things to do.

You guys know how much I like to do roundups. I even like to call myself an internet wrangler of sorts and sometimes I do roundup competitions. Yep, that's right, a good ol'fashioned showdown of the crafty sort. Sound fun? It is! I like to get sewers knitting and knitters sewing. Readers get to vote for their fave craft and we have a friendly virtual online boxing match! I call it Comfy Sews VS Cozy Knits and if you enjoy this post make sure to visit the mommyhood in April for our Spring/Summer Edition for the whole month! Whooeee!

So for Celebrate the Boy I thought what better roundup to do than one between knitting (guest appearance by crochet) and sewing - boy style! I've rounded up some of my favorite patterns and tutorials for boys and put them all together for a handy resource for you. So next time you need to make the little man in your life some pants, a new sweater or even a bow tie why not knit it if you sew or sew it if you knit? Get inspired, bookmark your faves and give a little handmade to the boys in your life :) Just because there are no ruffles doesn't mean we can't have some fun right? So grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, get comfy and let's get inspired!

(Here's the link to Dana's lovely post on Made where you can read her sweet introduction!)

1. zip

and because i couldn't resist....

Who doesn't need a little dino fun in their lives right? No matter if you are a girl or a boy dinos are always a fun thing! I can't wait to make some of these goodies for the little boys in my life. I may have girls of my own but I know a heckuva lotta boys who would love these handmade goodies! I hope you all enjoyed the roundup even though there was no voting this time round :)

What's your favorite boy item to make? Do you have one you recommend? Leave me a link in your comments and I'll add it to the post! We all love to see what each other is making :)

Everest: The Ultimate Knitting Needle Organizer

so excited to finally reveal my newest tutorial to you all!!!!!!!! it's been killing me keeping it on the down low for so long! this project was near and dear to my heart and has quite the little tale to go with it. wanna hear the story? wanna make one of your own? i hope so! go head on over to one of my favorite, favorite, favorite crafty sites whipup!!! that's right!!! i'm thrilled to be guest posting for kathreen over there today! i did a major happy dance around my condo when she asked me. i'm so honored! i hope you all enjoy it!

go pop over, show her some mommyhood love and leave me a comment telling me what you think!!!!! let's hear it for getting all of our knitting needles organized! you can use everest as a tote and carry her along to your next knitting club meeting, hang her like a travel bag organizer in your craft room, or simply have her sitting all pretty on your shelf like i do. whatever your choice this tutorial was designed for you guys to be able to customize and organize and get those needles under control :) this giant, yet portable knitting needle organizer keeps all your needles in place with flaps, velcro and special pockets and sections for all your knitting needs. no more rolling up your needles only to have them fall out again!

a big giant thank you to my own mom for helping me along the way and for her part in the design process. love ya mom! happy monday everyone!

p.s. stay tuned......i'm over on MADE today for celebrate the boy and the post will be up here and on MADE this afternoon!!! what a day!

Ummashin's Goodies Giveaway!!!

**This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for all of your entries!**

i love hats. i especially love hats on my girls even more. when it comes to choosing hats for them i adore handmade ones that or knit or crocheted. i wish i could say they were always made by me but if they were i wouldn't have time to blog...or sleep...or eat....and then i would be sad. so for all of you out there who need way more hours in the day to get all their crafty projects done the next best thing i can think of is to purchase your adorable hats handmade from ummashin's goodies instead.

ummashin's goodies is just the store for you! owner hannah, is funny, sweet, lovely and very talented at what she does. her hats are well made, cute and most importantly - made with love. she's a reader of luvinthemommyhood and a friend and she sent these adorable hats for the girls to wear. she also sent me a beautiful necklace/scarflette which can also be used as a bunting. i love it both ways and for today it's the perfect thing i'd been hunting for to go above harper's crib.

ummashin's goodies sells hats for children aged 0-4T for both boys and girls!. they also have booties and accessories and some goodies for adults too. the colors are fun, the yarn is soft and the style is priceless! i mean look at my girls? seriously...are they not adorable? i know...i'm bragging, but i'm a proud mama. i even had a lady who actually pulled her car over in the parking lot to ask me where i got the hats from. now you know you have a great hat when that happens! but hannah and i don't want to keep all the cuteness to way! why not ring in spring with a fab giveaway? are you dying to know the prize???? first i can't resist showing some more pics...LOVE IT!

cute right? ok, ok, we'll get the giveaway now. here's the details:

- pick from any item in the ummashin's goodies shop size 4T and under!! thanks hannah!

- check out ummashin's goodies and pick out your favorite pattern then come back and leave me a comment telling me you did so.
- "like" luvinthemommyhood on facebook then leave another comment letting me know you did that too.

*bonus entry - "like" ummashin's goodies on facebook too and leave me a comment letting me know you did that as well.

**all readers who "like" ummashin's goodies on facebook are eligible for a 10% discount off of their purchases for the rest of the giveaway time!! simply enter the code "GIVEAWAY" in the messages to seller when purchasing! thanks hannah!

- you must leave a valid email address with your entry or you will be disqualified.
- the giveaway is open until monday, march 14th, 2011 at midnight (pacific standard time).

good luck everyone and thank you so much to hannah for the lovely prizes and crochet inspiration! you can find ummashin's goodies at their etsy shop, their facebook page and read more about busy momma hannah on her blog here. have a great day everyone :)

doily crafts & diy roundup

ohhhhhh, i'm so excited about this roundup you guys! doilies have been on my mind a lot lately. maybe it's because the universe seems to be hiding them from me at all my local thrift haunts and because i'm just too darn lazy & busy to make my own but i just keep seeing project after project with these lovely pieces of granny chicness! it's been driving me a bit batty. so instead of sitting here wallowing in my doily self pity i decided to put together a lovely roundup filled with my FAVE doily crafts & diy's that i've spotted floating around the blogoshpere. there are so many options when it comes to creating with doilies these are just a sampling of the ones i'm inspired by and i didn't even dive into the paper doily crafts. there's enough of those to make a whole other post.

so go find some doilies, raid your granny's linen closet, your local thrift shop, make some, doesn't matter where you find them just get some and get creating! cover your furniture, your home decor, your clothes, your soaps.....heck even rocks! just use those lacy pieces of goodness. i promise it'll brighten up your day and add a smile to your face!

that's a lot of doily goodness!!!! you still want more? ok......check these out.....

and i was dying over the images in this post from sfgirlbybay!!! craziness!

reader faves:

vintage envelope pillow tutorial by blue eyed freckle
blue bird vintage hair love (hair pin doilies) from the rice babies
i had to add this in!!!!! doily clouds! so gorgeous! from hart + sew

how's that? still craving more? well...ok, i admit...i'm not doilied out yet either. you'd think i would be since i was up all night starting at doilies online but i think i need a tad more. i want to know what your favorite doily crafts are. leave me a comment with your link, share it with me on our facebook page or email it to me and i'll add it to the post! we love reader faves around here!!! let's get linking! happy creating ladies! now all we need is some tea to go with our doilies :)

garland roundup

so we've had a stocking roundup and a wreath roundup so why not a garland one too? i heart a lovely garland/bunting. so pretty & so festive. these garlands are easily customizable for anytime of year. it doesn't just need to be the holidays to sport a pretty string of lovelies. take a cue from the tutorials below and use found objects in your home, incorporate some whimsy, some modern elements, some organic materials, or even just paper. get the kiddos involved or make a special project made with love by you alone. whatever you choose to do i'm sure it will bring a smile to your face when you walk in the room.

garlands are not just for trees anymore. string them up on a wall, in a corner, above a bed, a mantle or a door/window, anywhere that you want. they look fabulous in a child's bedroom or nursery and even your own bedroom. make them masculine or feminine, it's your choice. so let's get into the festive spirit shall we? let's garland it up ladies!

readers faves:

-christmas tree bunting

which one is your favorite? did you make a garland or a bunting during the year? which one are you making this year? comment the link below and i'll add it into the post. let's get inspired together :)

comfy sews vs cozy knits - the final roundup

the battle is over....for this season anyways. i'm sad to see it end, it's been so fun and i am feeling so inspired to create, sew, knit & crochet this winter. how about you? did you get inspired? any new projects you fell madly in love with? just in case you can't remember all the fabulous goodies, guest tutorials, giveaways & roundups that made up "comfy sews VS cozy knits" month i've compiled them all into this post so you can bookmark it and refer to it whenever you need something comfy, cozy or cushy to wear, accessorize or decorate with.

thank you to all the wonderful and amazingly talented guests who joined in on my silly virtual boxing match - you guys are the best! i appreciate you not laughing at my initial email and thinking i was bonkers & for joining in short notice when the idea hit me right at the beginning of the month - i owe ya one! a big thank you to all of you, of course, for voting, commenting, linking and just plain joining in on my silly theme month. i hope you enjoyed it! i'm going to try to bring it back for the spring/summer season so get your dukes can train over the winter :P

would you be interested in seeing a spring/summer month for comfy sews vs cozy knits? should cushy crochet make another appearance? did you make a project from the tutorials this last month and blog about it? let me know and i'll add your link to our list!

the winner(s)!!!! plus...crochet pattern roundup - blankets, hat, scarves, slippers & sweaters

you asked for it you big crochet roundup with all the categories that comfy sews & cozy knits battled it out for! enjoy!

1. phannie 2. headband with flower 3. urban jungle crocheted slouch beanie 4. hat w/earflaps

and now it's time to announce the giveaway winners!

Winner of ysolda teague giveaway:

Julie said... [Reply to comment] 7 I love her patterns! I would choose Peak's Island hood and knit it in charcoal.

Magpie Patterns Book Giveaway:

****if you are the winner of this giveaway, please email with your email addy or you will be disqualified and i will have to draw another winner.****

I would love either book, but if I had to choose, I would pick 'Linen, Wool, Cotton'. The simplistic style is right up my alley.

melissa - amy from magpie patterns will be in touch with you and julie, i'll be emailing you today with your prize info - congratulations to both of you!

and now on to the big winner. who won the comfy sews VS cozy knits? here we go, officially for this round the winner was...insert drum roll please....

cozy knits!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's right, you knitters voted the heck out of the polls! but the challenge isn't over yet. there will be another showdown between comfy sews & cozy knits in the spring - so get ready ladies! it's not over yet, but in the meantime, happy knitting, sewing & crocheting! i hope this month has inspired you to take on a new project or to learn a new craft. i know i added about 50 new things to my list.

what do you plan to make that you saw this month on the blog? did you make something already? i would love to know about it! please leave a comment below with a link - i love to put all of your posts in the final boxing roundup post! thanks for joining in & have a fabulous weekend! i'll be back on monday with the handy, all the goodies in one place post for comfy sews VS cozy knits month.

teacup month - the final sip

it's over......oh how i'll miss tea cup month. it's been fun, inspiring and exactly what i needed to lighten up my mood these last few weeks. it's been a riot looking at all the goodies online and seeing all the wonderful creativity and true repurposing used when it comes to such a simple object as a teacup. i may not be british but that doesn't mean i don't LOVE my tea and it seems as though you all do too :)

when i first told the hubs about teacup month he thought i was off my rocker, but i knew deep down that i couldn't be alone in my adoration for all things mug/cups. and sure enough, you all were too! so i hope you have had fun, got some new ideas, tutorials & patterns, and maybe rescued a few teacups along the way. i don't think i'll ever look at a teacup the same way again. for those of you who linked up with pics/posts about your cups i added you in. if i missed anyone please leave me a comment below or email me and i'll add you to this post :)

i thought it would be helpful for anyone interested to be able to find all the links in one place. so here they all are. sit down, brew a cup of tea, savor that first sip and happy linking!

there were a few goodies that i didn't get a chance to fit in a post so i thought i would add them in here so you all can enjoy them as well.

thank you all for joining in on my little tea party, it's been fun! hopefully we can do it again sometime. what was your fave part of teacup month? do you still want to show off a fave teacup? leave me a comment below with a link to your post and i'll add you to the party!

the power of handmade - knitters & crocheters join forces to show support for the period of purple crying

ok, all you knitters and crocheters, rally the troops, i've got a project for you! come join needles for a great cause and get your craft on by whipping up anywhere from 5 - 50 wee baby hats in purple, soft, baby-friendly yarn to help support "The Period of Purple Crying" and "Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome BC". so get your needles & hooks out, your patterns ready, call your knitting group or go solo, and show off the power of handmade!

i've included links throughout this post of some super cute baby patterns for both knitters and crocheters to help get you inspired. for those of you just learning, some of these are great beginner projects and for the more experienced - have fun & show some personal flair. all of the patterns link back to (if you're not a member join it's fun) and they're free.

1. Pattern: cat eared baby hat 2. Pattern: berry baby hat

but before we get crafting i wanted to post a bit on what "the period of PURPLE crying" is. i was amazed at the difference in the reading material given to me as a new mom recently as compared to 3 years ago. there was a lot more on post-partum and on the period of purple crying. it was great to see and comforting to know there are a lot more resources and support for new moms on what i feel are very important topics for parents - both men and women.

here's some info on "the period of PURPLE crying":

"The Period of PURPLE Crying®is the phrase used to describe the point in a baby’s life when they cry more than any other time. This period of increased crying is often described as colic, but there have been many misunderstandings about what “colic” really is."

"The Period of PURPLE Crying is a new way to help parents understand this time in their baby’s life, which is a normal part of every infant’s development. It is confusing and concerning to be told your baby “has colic” because it sounds like it is an illness or a condition that is abnormal." ....(read more here)

"By knitting and sending PURPLE newborn baby caps to be given to babies across the province, you will make a difference by:

Raising awareness for this life-saving project - Period of PURPLE Crying - Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome BC - that promotes crucial parenting skills, infant/parent bonding, and understanding of a typical early infancy stage that every baby goes through which is frequently misunderstood. Participating in a growing, province-wide grassroots effort to educate new parents about the normalcy of early infant crying and how to cope with the frustration that can accompany it.

Assist in promoting the Period of PURPLE Crying - Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome BC so that parents (and all others) learn to understand normal increased early infant crying and that crying is a key trigger to shaking.

The Period of Purple Crying - Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome BC is a part of the most comprehensive shaken baby syndrome prevention initiative in North America."

so let's get those adorable baby hats made with love! here's how you can help:

please knit and mail your PURPLE caps to BC Children's Hospital at:

C/O Claire Yambao
Provincial Program Coordinator, Prevent SBS BC
BC Children's Hospital
4480 Oak Street, K1-209
Vancouver, BC V6H 3V4

*PURPLE caps must be received no later than by November 5, 2010.

to learn more, visit, follow on twitter @PurpleCrying or join the facebook group.

are you going to join in? what's your favorite baby hat to make for newborns? leave your pattern suggestion here.

Best Baby Cloche Crochet Pattern with Guest - Anneliese from The Aesthetic Nest

our last tutorial for the babyhood bonanza is from the talented anneliese, from the blog "aesthetic nest", whose sewing, paintings, cooking, knitting & crocheting are just as lovely as her blogs name suggests. get ready to step into one gorgeous world. a world of bright colors, big smiles, gorgeous frocks and pretty little girls all surrounded by a cozy world created by the two hands of their momma.

anneliese's blog is one of those rare finds where i stop and just go ahhhhhhh. i let out a deep breath and get ready to be inspired. while she's only made her blog public a while ago, this mom who is currently preggers with baby girl #3 (due in august), is sure to make her name in the blogging world if you ask me.

so sit back, this isn't a sewing tutorial, but anneliese sure has those too. this one is for crochet. we started this whole bonanza off with a crochet pattern so i figured i would end the bonanza on the same note. two of my fave crafts that came before my love affair with sewing started were knitting & crochet. don't be scared to give them a try....and no, you aren't an old granny for thinking it's fun. crocheting is cool and modern and fresh. it's all up to you to bring that bit of personal flair into these crafts to make them lovely and of course, to create your very own aesthetic nest :)

p.s. ( is my fave place to go for all things knitting & crochet. think of it as facebook for us crafty folk. look for me under "imstitched" and add me as a friend.)

now let's hear from anneliese....

I am excited to be contributing to luvinthemommyhood today as part of their Babyhood Bonanza. I feel like a babyhood bonanza of my own at the present as I'm shortly expecting my third girl in a little over four years!

Motherhood has not come easy for me in terms of actually getting my children here and I feel so incredibly fortunate and blessed to now find myself with these two darling daughters and a third on the way. The phrases, "late bloomer, " "better late than never," and "good things come to those who wait" come to mind! You just never know how things will turn out. I can't imagine my life without my little muses. While I've always sought creative outlets nothing has been more creatively fulfilling for me than nurturing babies into little children. The possibilities are so endless! The discovery process so fascinating. And the fact that they are individuals with their own opinions makes it even more interesting and challenging. I try to shape, but I also try to learn and I anticipate more learning in the future as they become more independent. Scary.

While I am surprised to find myself mothering three girls rather than some more varied combination, I just couldn't be happier about it (and their father is pretty spoiled too I have to say). Hard to imagine where I would direct all my creative energy if, for instance, I had three boys. I absolutely love knitting, crocheting, sewing, painting and throwing parties for my girls. My blog, AestheticNest, documents the activity and there's a lot of it going on lately as I'm in full blown nesting mode. So, I was thrilled when Shannon invited me to share something in the Bonanza.

I put this little crochet cloche on my nesting list and am sharing a pattern and tutorial for it today (great to have the motivation to actually document the pattern!). I made the original, little pink version, for my daughter, Scarlett, when she was born and loved it! I love a cloche on a little babe because it emphasizes her already large eyes.

The cotton yarn makes it super easy wash-and-wear and versatile in terms of seasons. And the worsted weight crochet means this is fast. I'm all about finishing so a love a quick pattern! This would be good for a beginner and would make a darling baby gift. Who can resist the oversized flower and eyelet edging? This hat is all girl!

Click below for the PDF of the pattern or here for the full tutorial.
Best Baby Cloche Crochet Pattern_www.aestheticnest
Thanks for the LUV, Shannon!

you're welcome anneliese! thanks for being part of what makes this blog so fun and special for me. it's a joy to meet such talented and inspiring women. i wish you a magical and special birth and lots of special moments for you and your new bundle of joy!

don't forget to get your entry in for the pink panda fabrics giveaway! if you're looking for a new project or some fabric this is the giveaway for you ladies! click here to enter.

make it for mom - mother's day roundup

ohhhh, here it is folks! here's the monster of a post that's kept me up late the last few nights while i endure my braxton hicks.....the make it for mom mother's day roundup that i guest blogged over on "made" for celebrating mom! pop on over to made and check it out!

To me, motherhood comes in many forms. being someone who thought she may never be able to have children of her own i learned through my own personal struggle that motherhood is in our lives in places we may not always want to look, such as adoption, in-vitro, surrogacy, etc., but it's there, patiently waiting. Being a mom doesn't mean you have to give birth, it means unconditional love. Whether that child has your DNA or not, each and every little angel deserves that special kind of love and giving birth isn't the only way to develop and nurture that precious bond.

Being a mom is something that can be made. Whether it's in the gift of a child from across the world, being the best auntie you can be to your niece or nephew or being a caring foster home, it doesn't matter, you make what your possibilities are and if you have the love to give by all means make it happen. So for Mother's Day I figured it was quite fitting during these times in our world to "make" a gift filled with love to give to that special lady (or ladies) in your life who share that special and wondrous bond with you. So have fun with the roundup, get creative and enjoy the special power and beauty of handmade love, there's something in here for everyone!

Row 1
1. rope necklace 2. leather chain necklace 3. leather bracelet 4. ruffled scarf
Row 2
5. springy rings 6. zipper daisy 7. mother's day corsage 8. necklace

Row 1
1. ruffle necklace 2. embroidered scarve 3. hair band
Row 2
4. no elastic headband 5. camera/cell/ipod pouch 6. skinny headband

Row 1
1. layered skirt 2. apron 3. tie on slippers
Row 2

4. spring ruffle top 5. elastic waist skirt 6. apron

Row 1
1. pratia tank top 2. rose belt 3. zipper ballet flats
Row 2

4. ruffle shirt 5. flattering shirt dress 6. ruffle scrunch belt

Row 1
1. tea cup lights 2. white cherry branch silhouette 3. body scrub
Row 2
4. personalized magnet & tins 5. moisturizing body oil 6. organza sachet

Row 1
1. straw flowers 2. eye pillow 3. handprint flower
Row 2
1. recycled flower pot 2. pasta plate 3. coupon book

Row 1
1. shower curtain 2. skinny table runner 3. gingham placemats
Row 2
4. gathered pillow 5. reversible fabric napkin ring 6. scrappy carrier bag

Row 1
1. sewing machine cover 2. shoe bag 3. spring napkins
Row 2
4. rubber lace coasters 5. quilt in a day 6. rice therapy bag

Row 1
1. felted slippers (ravelry link) 2. mary jane slipper (ravelry link)

3. twisted socks (ravelry link) 4. sockette pattern (ravelry link)
Row 2
5. textured shawl 6. summit (ravelry link) 7. anthemion wrap (ravelry link)
8. petrie tank (ravelry link)

(with some crochet thrown in for fun!)

Row 1
1. design yourself clothes book 2. sweetheart pin cushion 3. tissue holder
4. pincushion organizer
Row 2
1. coffee cozy 2. eyeglass case 3. vintage book planner 4. reversible journal cover

Row 1
1. big bow and clutch 2. scrappy clutch 3. suit coat clutch
Row 2
4. quilted garden tote 5. boxy pouch 6.
reversible bag

Row 1
1. tank top totes 2. sling bag 3. pleated purse
Row 2
4. ruffled totebag 5. nigella yoga bag 6. buttercup bag

thanks so much for having me over dana - i'm honored! you're talent and creativity always astounds me, and you are blessed with a very beautiful family. i'm happy to have gotten to know you over this last year and i wish you a very happy handmade mother's day! luv ya girl!!!

make sure you head on over for the next two weeks to see what dana celebrates on made and disney on ruffles and stuff.

wishing you all a wonderful mother's day as well. what will you be making for that special someone?

link luv roundup

1) i'm drooling over the new additions to "cloud 9 fabrics". i'll take a few yards of each please!
2) creature comforts has some tips and a little diy on making your own photo topped mini-notepads, so pretty.
3) have you been eyeing butterfly chandeliers? learn how to make your own over on the mother huddle.
4) i love the idea of these rubber lace coasters, what a great and inexpensive idea!

being hugely preggo makes me have dreams at night where i feel as light as this dancer looks in this pic.

a few months ago i was on a mad hunt for a tea cozy pattern and didn't really find much that excited me. well today i came across the shop retro mama and wowsa - these are stunning! i just might have to cave in and buy this one! check out her blog too!

the long thread shows you how to make some pretty spring pieced coasters to match up with the tea cozies we're all gonna make :)

1) oh linda, you keep my to make lists so's a wonderful little clutch repurposed out of a suit coat! how fab! you can check out her tute here.....
2) or linda shows you how to add an adorable zipper ruffle to give some attitude to a basic pair of flats.
3) i'm in love with these cloud shaped marshmallows.
4) "i am momma hear me roar" has a perfect tutorial to tie in with all the boy goodies floating around lately. learn how to make this hurley inspired hoodie here.

speaking of boy stuff, thimbly things has a tutorial for a soft baby book that i cannot wait to make for the little bean! i love this!

i heart pot holders. they are so fun and so addicting...almost as addicting as granny squares. i loved the latest ones over on noodleheads. something about the colour and that adorable house block just won me over. go take a peek and while you're there, check out her new craft room...i'm jealous :)

1) wanna make your own fabric wall decals? click here for the how to.
2) these pretty paper mailboxes could easily be in your home! get the tutorial to make your own over on simply modern mom, my daughter would love playing with one of these!
3) while your at it, why not make your wee one a laminated kids wallet to play store with as well?

1) one of the few fab maternity tutorials i have found during my pregnancy is this lovely little wrap top from megan nielsen, and yep, it's a free download! get sewing!
2) oh granny squares, you are killing me...i can't stop finding new ones. i absolutely adore this blanket pattern from nova made. this is next on my granny square list, the hexagons are fab! (via whip up)
3) fun with mama shows us how to add crawling knee pads to our little ones pants.
4) one of my fave blogs to read "a beautiful mess" has a great diy for a quirky bunny doll, i love that big ol sloppy grin on his face!
5) velvet cake...need i say more? please wipe the drool off of my face....

1) i love the blog kenziepoo and was super excited to read that she is starting an ezine that will be debuting in the spring entitled "la petite magazine". can't wait!!!! her blog is always filled with fab finds for kids, i can only imagine how addicting the mag will be!
2) spruce up a simple top with some spring time flair! find out how here.
3) get the tutorial to change your place mat into a fresh handbag over on little birdie secrets.
4) need a swaddle blanket for your new baby? prudent baby has a new free tutorial up so you can make one of your very own.
5) make a charm pack reversible purse with moda bake shop.

two of my fave lady quilters in the whole world have great tutes up this week! i only dream of one day being able to quilt as well as these two uber-talented women. i bow down to you two girls....check out vanessa's scrapbuster banner tute here or join in on rachel from ps i quilt's pinwheel sampler quilt along.

things i'm luving this week:

- that this site has started up - "the modern quilt guild".
- oh my poor heart, i just spotted the new orla kiely spring/summer 2010 collection and i'm in love!!!
- this square flower embellished shirt tute over on smashed peas and carrots.
- spiffy up your empty wipes container by turning it into a clutch with this how to over on "shannon makes stuff".
- all the fun tent tutorials over at obsessively stitching for tent week.
- pink picket fence the blog now has a pretty new etsy shop! go take a peek and drool over her goodies! congrats!
- jessica from happy together has a new pattern up in her shop for a cute mod tie shirt pattern.
- the new beta "makers market".

what are you luving this week? do you have a tutorial you would like to see up here next week? send me an email!

p.s. if any of you featured in the roundup would like a "featured on luvinthemommyhood" button for your blog just send a quick email my way to and i'll send you one right over - thanks for your support :)

don't forget to vote!!! there's only 4 days left to show your love :)

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