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Babybood Bonanza Finale Roundup - Thanks Everyone!

well folks, this is it for the "babyhood bonanza"...i'm sad. it's been so fun. i had a great time and i am absolutely amazed and astounded, like usual, at the amount of talented ladies out there in this blogging world of ours. my google reader is seriously overflowing -bursting at the seams to be exact. i wished i could have showcased all of you, it was so hard to choose, but i tried to show a bit of diversity in crafts and tutorials during my little maternity leave. i hope you all had fun too :)

you can find all the lovelies we posted during the last 2 months below. just click on the pics to go the link. i want to send a giant, huge, massive thank you to all the women who were involved in this party of mine. i appreciate each and every one of you and the time you took to come and share your talents on this lil'ol blog of mine. you helped me have some precious time with my 2 girls & hubs without having to worry the mommyhood was going to become a boring place to visit. all of you have busy lives and some of you were even preggers with that being said thank you, thank you, thank you....big hugs!

happy creating!!!!!!

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how many of you would like to see this again next year? any interest? it was so great to see all the things we can make for our kids and ourselves that i'm sure there will always be lots of new ideas. share your thoughts and please stick around the mommyhood, i promise to still have lots of fun things going on. next week we have a giveaway, a great tutorial from a new blog on the mommyhood radar and coming soon....a tutorial from me! yep, finally, i'm getting my butt in gear and the sewing machine in motion.

Best Baby Cloche Crochet Pattern with Guest - Anneliese from The Aesthetic Nest

our last tutorial for the babyhood bonanza is from the talented anneliese, from the blog "aesthetic nest", whose sewing, paintings, cooking, knitting & crocheting are just as lovely as her blogs name suggests. get ready to step into one gorgeous world. a world of bright colors, big smiles, gorgeous frocks and pretty little girls all surrounded by a cozy world created by the two hands of their momma.

anneliese's blog is one of those rare finds where i stop and just go ahhhhhhh. i let out a deep breath and get ready to be inspired. while she's only made her blog public a while ago, this mom who is currently preggers with baby girl #3 (due in august), is sure to make her name in the blogging world if you ask me.

so sit back, this isn't a sewing tutorial, but anneliese sure has those too. this one is for crochet. we started this whole bonanza off with a crochet pattern so i figured i would end the bonanza on the same note. two of my fave crafts that came before my love affair with sewing started were knitting & crochet. don't be scared to give them a try....and no, you aren't an old granny for thinking it's fun. crocheting is cool and modern and fresh. it's all up to you to bring that bit of personal flair into these crafts to make them lovely and of course, to create your very own aesthetic nest :)

p.s. ( is my fave place to go for all things knitting & crochet. think of it as facebook for us crafty folk. look for me under "imstitched" and add me as a friend.)

now let's hear from anneliese....

I am excited to be contributing to luvinthemommyhood today as part of their Babyhood Bonanza. I feel like a babyhood bonanza of my own at the present as I'm shortly expecting my third girl in a little over four years!

Motherhood has not come easy for me in terms of actually getting my children here and I feel so incredibly fortunate and blessed to now find myself with these two darling daughters and a third on the way. The phrases, "late bloomer, " "better late than never," and "good things come to those who wait" come to mind! You just never know how things will turn out. I can't imagine my life without my little muses. While I've always sought creative outlets nothing has been more creatively fulfilling for me than nurturing babies into little children. The possibilities are so endless! The discovery process so fascinating. And the fact that they are individuals with their own opinions makes it even more interesting and challenging. I try to shape, but I also try to learn and I anticipate more learning in the future as they become more independent. Scary.

While I am surprised to find myself mothering three girls rather than some more varied combination, I just couldn't be happier about it (and their father is pretty spoiled too I have to say). Hard to imagine where I would direct all my creative energy if, for instance, I had three boys. I absolutely love knitting, crocheting, sewing, painting and throwing parties for my girls. My blog, AestheticNest, documents the activity and there's a lot of it going on lately as I'm in full blown nesting mode. So, I was thrilled when Shannon invited me to share something in the Bonanza.

I put this little crochet cloche on my nesting list and am sharing a pattern and tutorial for it today (great to have the motivation to actually document the pattern!). I made the original, little pink version, for my daughter, Scarlett, when she was born and loved it! I love a cloche on a little babe because it emphasizes her already large eyes.

The cotton yarn makes it super easy wash-and-wear and versatile in terms of seasons. And the worsted weight crochet means this is fast. I'm all about finishing so a love a quick pattern! This would be good for a beginner and would make a darling baby gift. Who can resist the oversized flower and eyelet edging? This hat is all girl!

Click below for the PDF of the pattern or here for the full tutorial.
Best Baby Cloche Crochet Pattern_www.aestheticnest
Thanks for the LUV, Shannon!

you're welcome anneliese! thanks for being part of what makes this blog so fun and special for me. it's a joy to meet such talented and inspiring women. i wish you a magical and special birth and lots of special moments for you and your new bundle of joy!

don't forget to get your entry in for the pink panda fabrics giveaway! if you're looking for a new project or some fabric this is the giveaway for you ladies! click here to enter.

Get Your Fair On with Guest - Shirley from The Vancouver Island Baby Fair

i love a fair. i especially love a baby fair. but what i love even more than just a baby fair is one that is geared for my toddler/preschooler and my baby! who doesn't enjoy a chance to check out loot for the kiddies, find new resources, scope out all the cute babies, chat with other moms and get to see bobs and lolo to boot! they'll be playing 4 shows over the weekend during the vancouver island baby fair here in victoria, bc and i just love me some bobs and lolo...i know, they are supposed to be for kids but i can't help sing along to they just look so fun to hang out with!

when's the vancouver island baby fair?

victoria's baby fair will be held on saturday, september 25th and sunday, september 26th at the pearkes recreation center. prices are insanely reasonable at $7 per person (add $1 for weekend pass) and the kiddos (12 & under) are free!

who's behind the vancouver island baby fair?

one hard working momma! shirley broback is a talented, multi-tasking mom of 2, who is also the savvy mom mom entrepreneur of the year for 2009 by!! go shirley! she also happens to be one of our fabulous sponsors here in the mommyhood! i was curious as to how shirley began her road to creating "laughing belly productions" and the vancouver island baby fair and still manage to stay sane and balance her family/personal life. so i figured why not ask her to share her answers with all of us here as part of the babyhood bonanza. i find it fun and inspiring to hear how talented ladies like shirley do it all, plus i know i'm not the only one curious and ok, i'll be honest, a bit nosy :)

now let's hear from shirley.........

I don’t know what it is about being pregnant, but I have noticed this with so many other entrepreneurs I have met: there is some kind of powerful hormone in pregnancy that makes you need to create. There is some kind of instinct in us to want to provide for our family. And there is a maternity leave with an ending and a job that we might be looking at with different lenses now that baby is a reality.

I have met so many women entrepreneurs who have started their business as a result of new-mommyhood, after discovering some kind of service or product gap that needs filling. The gap I needed to fill was a central community resource for families with lots of information on services ranging from pregnancy through preschool. I filled the gap with the Vancouver Island Baby Fair.

Through my research, I started to piece together the elements that would make a successful event: interesting presentations geared to parenting, fun activities for kids, basic amenities new parents need like easy access to diaper changing and a place to feed the baby. I also discovered dozens of other unique small businesses - many of them mom-run - that needed better exposure.

Another big reason for building a business was that I was aiming to prevent my own postpartum depression. Don’t ask me why I thought creating a full time job for myself and creating more pressures and responsibilities was prevention, but it actually did help!

I suffered with major postpartum depression when my son was born, so when I became pregnant again, I knew we had to make big changes. Having my husband home for a longer period of time while I went about the business of building our business and being mom to a newborn and toddler was the biggest help of all. I had focus and I had support. It was a huge challenge, but we made it through.

Now that I have five successful Baby Fairs under my belt, one of the biggest questions I get is how I balance family and business. First off, the word ‘balance’ is a really funny word to me. It’s often about coping, really, and enjoying your life, one day at a time. And working hard.

One thing I learned quickly is that my desire to be a full-time mom and a full-time business owner wasn’t going to work unless I figured out a way to clone myself. So I learned to schedule better, plan ahead, and to get help with child care when my husband went back to work.

I have also accepted that I am no Martha Stewart and that having a messy house is pretty much a given. I struggle with dinner ideas and getting enough exercise & ‘me’ time but it’s still all a work in progress and it’s an exciting challenge. I also have an amazing and supportive husband, so in return I make sure he knows how amazing he is by writing love letters to him
and generally appreciating his awesomeness.

Balance? It’s not really there yet. But I know my priorities. I intensely love and appreciate my family and let them know this fact each and every day. I also know that I love working hard at planning and making the Vancouver Island Baby Fair a fun and cool event for the growing families and businesses on Vancouver Island! Every thing else is gravy.

want to know more about the vancouver island baby fair? keep up to date on giveaways, exhibitors and all the fun going on? join on twitter, facebook and even follow along their blog "inside the pea pod". you can also click here to watch a little video on the fair. make sure to pick you and the family, heck even your best mom friend up some tickets and have a blast while you also help support the greater victoria down syndrome society.

a big thank you to shirley for sharing her story with us. come pop by next month for a chance to win yourself some tickets to the baby fair! only 3 more days left of the bonanza, make sure to check back for a fun tutorial tomorrow!

are you going to be at the vancouver island baby fair? i know i'll be there. come say hi if you see me, don't be a stranger :)

Pink Panda Fabrics Babyhood Bonanza Giveaway!!!!

ok ladies....get it comes......another fantastic sewing giveaway! this one is pretty near and dear to my heart. cheryl from the fabulous online fabric shop "pink panda fabrics" has got a great giveaway for all you sewers out there. now before i tell you the prize, i want to tell you a bit about pink panda fabrics.

why do i love pink panda fabrics? well, it's canadian and you all know how i gotta support my canadian mompreneurs. there are not a lot of online resources for canadian sewers to get fabric from. trust me. so when cheryl told me she was opening this online mecca i was thrilled. she carries all my fave fabric designers, has great prices and a heck of a lot of lovely patterns to boot. she also....are you ready for this......always shipping anywhere in canada! squeal!!!!! i know! so exciting! ok....i'm calming down now..haha, sorry about that. don't worry, you don't have to be canadian to shop there :)

pink panda fabrics is run in a smoke free studio just north of toronto, ontario and is owned by cheryl, who is a hard working mom of 1 cute little girl whom the store is named after. cheryl strives to bring modern, funky, cute, kawaii fabrics, sewing patterns and notions to the online shopper. i love that she doesn't just carry your average run of the mill fabric lines. she truly is helping us moms get our hands on all that lovely, modern yumminess out there in the fabric world and she's doing it with affordable prices, and great taste in modern designers! you can also find pink panda fabrics on twitter, facebook, and their blog.

ok, now for the prize. you ready? yeah? are you sure? ok, ok, here goes.......

*this giveaway is now closed. but feel free to stick around the mommyhood - we love having you!*

3 lucky winners will get 2 items:

1. a sewing pattern of their choice!
2. a $10 gift certificate towards their next purchase!

3 lucky winners, what, oh, yep, i said 3....haha, no typos here. hello! all these giveaways are killing me. i want to win this stuff! so go ahead, click here to drool over the patterns...maybe some amy butler, a little anna maria horner, oliver + s, modkid, and sew liberated! wowsa! pick your fave and then...........

use that nifty gift certificate towards some gorgeous some of my recent faves:

nicey jane by heather bailey (you guys know i'm obsessed with this line right lindsay), beyond the sea by cloud 9 fabrics and the oh so adorable new far, far away 2 by heather ross line.

how do you enter?

giveaway rules:
- you need to go over to pink panda fabrics pick your fave pattern and fabric choice then come leave me a comment so i can drool over it.
- please make sure you leave an email that i can reach you at - this is super important.
- only one entry per person.

easy peasy? you bet. *the giveaway is open until sunday, july 25th, at midnight (pacific standard time).

and even if you don't win you get a little surprise! cheryl has set up a special discount code for luvinthemommyhood readers! get an extra 3% off your purchases. coupon code is "LUV" and the coupon is good until August 31, 2010.

a big thank you to pink panda fabrics for hosting such a fun giveaway! happy project daydreaming! we've got more fun to come this week!

Top Down Hat Tutorial with Guest - Jane Richmond

i know i've been talking a lot about sewing on here the last year or so, but that's because it's new and exciting for me. truly though, my very first crafting love affair is with knitting. it's my old pal. the one i go to when i need to de-stress, escape with my thoughts and cozy up with my wool and a worn pair of needles. an old friend. one that stuck with me through bad breakups, illnesses, lonely nights, high school, and even childhood. you can wear it, hold it, decorate with it, make art with it, heck do what you want with it - now where can you find a friend like that? that being said, this bonanza just wouldn't have been complete without one of my fave knitting designers - jane richmond, to come join in.

jane's work is fresh, fun, and timeless. she's a total sweetheart and even lives in the same city as i do now! finally, i get to meet a fellow crafter/blogger who inspires me in person! wowsa! i flipped out the first time i spotted jane's patterns on ravelry and then saw she lived on vancouver island as well. she was one of our early "moms in the mommyhood". you can read her interview with me here. since then i've been hooked and a faithful follower of her patterns. my baby sister wanted a new hat for xmas last year and guess who's won out? you bet - jane's. pasha was made. ahhhhh, lovely...take a peek at my finished pasha here.

so are any of you itching to get knitting? wanna learn how? wanna join in on the addiction? come know ya's fun! you can find jane on ravelry, her etsy shop, her blog and her facebook page. happy knitting! i promise your sewing machine will forgive you :)

now let's hear from jane......

Hi all, my name is Jane and I design knitting patterns. I am so excited to be included in this never ending Baby Bonanza! Let me just say that when I received the invitation from Shannon I thought surely I was on the wrong mailing list because the talent of this crafty Mommy line-up is frankly quite intimidating!

A little about our birth story...

The moment Chris and I began the discussion of babies we were pregnant, it happened so quickly I barely had time to mentally prepare. I had one of those miracle pregnancies where I never had morning sickness, no stretch marks (according to one nurse it’s a redhead thing?), I felt great, my body even put a halt to my cup a day caffeine habit (I couldn’t even stand the smell of coffee!). Being induced 3 weeks early was an entirely different story. I’ve learned so much from my 2 ½ years as a Mommy and Elsie amazes me everyday. Is it just me or do they just get progressively more fun?

Two golden nuggets I’ll pass down to anyone expecting their first...

• don’t have any expectations of how things are going to go because the likely hood of things going as planned is slim to none and you’ll only set yourself up for disappointment.
• if you start planning your second too soon you won’t truly be able to enjoy your first. Once I stopped “planning” I started living more in the moment.

Enough about me, let’s move onto the tutorial I have planned...

A really easy way to use up odd balls of yarn is with a top-down hat. You don’t need a pattern and you can use any yarn you have lying around because there is no recommended gauge to follow.

You will need:

• One random ball of yarn
• Set of 5 double pointed needles
• Yarn needle


K – knit
Kfb – knit into the front and back of the stitch
Rnd(s) – Round(s)


Using one of your double pointed needles cast on 8 stitches. Divide these stitches evenly among 4 of the needles, 2 stitches per needle.

Rnd 1: kfb to the end of the rnd.

Rnd 2: (and all even rnds): Knit to end of rnd.

Rnd 3: [k1, kfb twice, k1] to end of rnd.

Rnd 5: [k2, kfb twice, k2] to end of rnd.

Rnd 7: [k3, kfb twice, k3] to end of rnd.

Continue to work as established by adding 2 stitches to the repeat like so:
[k__ + 1, kfb twice, k__ + 1], for example the next rnd will look as follows... Rnd 9: [k4, kfb twice, k4].

Continue these increases until the desired circumference is achieved, it’s a good idea to stretch your work a little when measuring for a fitted hat that isn’t going to fall off. If you are making the hat as a gift or you don’t have access to your model, below is a chart of average head measurements.

Knit every rnd until the desired length is reached.

*Note: Once you’ve established a few inches of length you can do a fit test, this is of course if you have the recipient on hand. To do this transfer the stitches to scrap yarn or a long circular needle and give it a try on.

Bind off loosely.

Using yarn needle, thread the tail from cast on into the 8 stitches of the cast on row and cinch to close the hole.

Fun Suggestions:

• Stop short of the desired length by a few inches and work a ribbed, garter stitch, or seed stitch brim.
• Instead of closing the hole at the crown add a fun pom-pom to cover it up.
• Use more than one colour to make fun stripes
• Use up odds and ends in your stash by applying simple embroidery
• Add ear flaps for an extra toasty toque

Thanks for having me Shannon, it was a lot of fun putting together!

You're welcome jane! thank you!!! can't wait to meet you and your little lovely in a week or so!

guess what folks, it's the last week of the babyhood bonanza! i'm sad...but i promise to have lots of fun goodies coming up this week! so stick around!

are you on ravelry? leave me a comment below! i love finding you ladies on there! you can find me under "imstitched".

Pleated Box Pillowcase Dress Tutorial with Guest - Tiffany from "Simply Modern Mom"

i'm a sucker for a pretty dress and i'm sure i'm not alone. i'm also a sucker for pretty, lovely things in general and the blog "simply modern mom" helps feed my addiction. tiffany gives tips on helping moms live a simpler, fuller and more modern life. her sewing tutorials are clear and inspiring, and you can find fun goodies such as "skirt week", crafts, recipes, tips and lists there.

she also has features on her site for us moms such as one of my faves "simply said", which i had the pleasure of joining in on a few months ago (you can read my list of must make baby items here), "project 52: date night", "back to basics", friday's 5 at 5" and "learn from a pro" to name a few. this sweet, fun loving mom of 2 gorgeous little girls is one talented and busy momma whose site is sure to have something for everyone. so go pop by and say hi, and get simplified!

now let's hear from tiffany.........

Hello! It's Tiffany from Simply Modern Mom helping to celebrate luvinthemommyhood's Babyhood Bonanza. For a while there, people loved making pillowcase dresses where they took a pillowcase, sewed a casing and strung ribbon through it to tie huge bows at the shoulders.

I thought that was simple enough, but never made any for my girls. Only because I didn't want them to look like they were actually wearing a pillowcase with ribbon ties. I decided I would bring pillowcase dresses to a new level. I designed them to look like actual dresses.

While rummaging through a local thrift store, I purchase a couple pillowcases for $1 or 50 cents each. The first pillowcase dress I made was the Retro Ruffle Pillowcase Dress.

And today, I am here to introduce you to the newest design of a pillowcase dress. This one is the Pleated Bow Pillowcase Dress. Every part of the dress came from the pillowcase. And since it is the size of a pillowcase or smaller, I would only suggest making pillowcase dresses for babies 18-months or younger.

I hope you will hop over to Simply Modern Mom to see photo tutorials of how to make the Retro Ruffle Pillowcase Dress and this new Pleated Bow Pillowcase Dress. They are fun dresses to make for cheap, especially if you can find cool pillowcases at thrift stores.

The back of the dress, I did a ribbon-button closure. I couldn't resist using a wooden button from Moda.

The bow was made from the pillowcase, but attached to the dress by a pin.

Thanks for having me on Babyhood Bonanza!

Tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

thanks so much for joining in on the bonanza tiffany, i can't wait to make this dress! i love your site and thank you for sharing all your wisdom with us moms!

don't forget to enter the giveaway from "sweet pea patterns" for 2 shoe patterns of your choice. you have until sunday, july 18th at midnight (pacific standard time) to enter! you don't want to miss out on this one!

Sweet Pea Shoe Pattern Babyhood Bonanza Giveaway!

do you have a pair of cute little toes in your house?

everyone loves the chubby little toes and feet of a little one, but how about some pretty cute little shoes to go with? boy or girl...sweet pea patterns has a shoe pattern for every taste. choose your fabric, with a strap or without, ribbon or button...simple or girly, it's up to you.

sweet pea patterns is joining in on the babyhood bonanza celebration and offering up a giveaway for not 1, not 2, but..........3 winners!!!! all 3 winners will get 2 patterns of their choice! yippee! now that makes it so much easier for people like me who wouldn't want just one - how would you choose?

cheri's patterns are easy to follow, thorough and simple enough to understand, even for the beginner sewer like me. she sends you the instructions and the pattern (professionally drawn on the computer) all within 24 hours and then leaves the fun part up to you!

want some of your own?

all you have to do to enter the giveaway is check out the sweet pea shop, pick your fave 2 patterns and then leave a comment below telling us which ones you love. *make sure you leave your email addy.* giveaway is open until sunday, july 18th, midnight (pacific standard time). good luck!

this giveaway is now CLOSED but please feel free to hang out in the mommyhood. we love having you!

don't want to wait?

cheri also always offers her special 3 for $12 special! how can you go wrong at that price right ladies? cheri also understands that sometimes we can't just keep all that cuteness to ourselves and you may want to sell some of your gorgeous handmade shoes. you are allowed to sell shoes (finished) made from these patterns on etsy (only).

sweet pea patterns will also be opening 2 new etsy stores this summer. one store will be dedicated to adult shoe sewing patterns and the other will be dedicated to childrens shoe patterns. What's super fun is that soon she will have materials available to make any of these shoes wearable for outdoor use. the materials soon to be offered will not even require any special equipment.

i'm in cheri - can't wait to try em'out!!! happy shoe making everyone! give those little toes some kisses too while you're at it :)

who would you make these for? which fabric would you use?

Rainbow Bunting Quilt Tutorial with Guest - Cheryl from "A Pretty Cool Life"

Hi friends of Shannon! I'm Cheryl from A Pretty Cool Life. It's so exciting to be here today! My blog is a place where I share the joy I get from the days I spend with my two boys. The holidays, the birthday parties, the family gatherings...those are all very fun, but I think the most special days are the ordinary ones. Of course, I like to share the projects I make along the way, and my favorites are the ones that are vintagey, bright, colorful, and happy.

And the project I'm sharing today is no exception...

But first, my baby story, in a nutshell. My husband and I were married about 6 months when we found out I was pregnant with our first baby. I loved being pregnant! From the very beginning when it was a secret between just us, to the very end when I was as big as a house and that little person was trying to karate chop his way out, I loved it. I was very lucky to have two healthy, happy, uneventful pregnancies.

With both pregnancies, we didn't find out the sex of our babies until they were born. The excitement and anticipation was amazing! And the feeling of the doctor saying, "It's a....!" in the delivery room? Well, there's nothing quite like that. :)

So, as fun as the surprise may be, it's often hard to find any gender-neutral baby items that aren't cheesy.

Well, unless you like ducks. There are always plenty of yellow ducks...

So, the tutorial that I'm sharing is for a baby quilt with a colorful bunting across it. Whimsical and charming, it's perfect for a boy or a girl. Stop by and check it out.

I hope everyone enjoys the project and a big thank you for inviting me over!


thanks cheryl - i love the quilt, it's adorable! we've got another fun giveaway for this week an, of course, another fantastic guest blogger! so stay for the party!!

Simple Bird to Super Sweet Wall Art Tutorial with Guest - Taylor from "Mary Janes & Galoshes"

ooooeeee! eye candy! our last guest blogger this week is taylor from the fresh & fun blog "mary janes & galoshes". taylor keeps her blog filled with lovely pictures, crafty tutorials ranging from sewing, diy's, home decor as well as cooking and even great giveaways! too good to pass up if you ask me! she's also a super busy mom of three kids under three.

taylor has a few etsy shops under her belt along with the blog, the newest being "taylored arts", where she sells scrumptious personalized bookplates and stationery. while taylor and i don't know each other too well yet, i am not embarrassed to admit i have been lurking on her blog for a quite a while, so it was lots of fun to have her come and join in on the bonanza! make sure you pop on over to taylor's and say a big hello for me! i promise you won't be disappointed. wanna know more? taylor will fill you in below :)

now let's hear from taylor...........

Hello Luvinthemommyhood readers! I'm excited to share a fun tutorial with you today. I do a lot of transformation projects where I find something (new or old) that could be made better (or cuter) and I transform it. I also do the occasional from scratch project, but I have three kids under three years old so I don't have a whole heck of a lot of project time!

At MaryJanes and Galoshes I have a few subjects. "MaryJanes Moments" are random things from my life, "Wearing Galoshes" are my vintage shopping trips or anything that reminds me that I'm slowly turning into my mother! DIY Tutorials, pretty self explanatory, In the Kitchen, on the rare occasion that I make something edible and worthy of sharing, and Reviews/Giveaways. So a little of everything and hopefully something you will find you enjoy. Although I do tend to go in spurts with the topics, overall I do get to everything.

Without further delay, here is what I'm making over at MJandG today for you guys and those new baby nurseries!

Hope you stop over and check it out! Thanks for having me Shannon!

you're welcome taylor! thanks for coming by! well having fun? just a reminder that the bonanza will be continuing until july 23rd! lots of goodies still to come! don't forget to enter the "dress me up" giveaway!

Babyhood Bonanza "Dress Me Up" Giveaway!!!!!

****this giveaway is now closed****

i've been squealing with delight over this giveaway for a while now and am super excited the day has finally arrived...i'm only sad i can't enter....haha. i'm pretty sure most of you have heard of the company "dress me up" and their wonderful product the "organic teething bonbon". if you haven't, you must not have kids...haha. it's seriously that good of a product. the best part is that the owner, tressa, lives in the same city as i do! so, i figured, why not add her to the bonanza and she said yes, and now you ladies all have a chance to win an organic teething bonbon and a leaf bib!!!

here's a little more about "dress me up"....

"Dress Me Up specializes in beautiful, organic toys for young children that are gentle and safe, and always art-inspired. We are a mama-made (not factory made!) independent cottage industry located in Victoria British Columbia, Canada. When you purchase from this website, you are supporting our small company directly."

"Our products are hand crafted by Tressa and her small team of craftswomen and mamas, all located in the Victoria BC area. Each organic soft toy, Teething Bonbon® and baby linen is meticulously and responsibly hand made in small quantities, ensuring confidence and loads of good, loving energy in every aspect of production."

so let's give a big shout out to tressa for the giveaway, her great product line and a congrats to her as well on the birth of her new baby girl just a few weeks after me! go babies! you can read more about dress me up on their website, their blog and their etsy shop - have fun shopping :)

to enter the giveaway, simply go to, check out the goods, come back and leave a comment telling us what your fave dress me up product is and you're all entered to win your very own "teething babe gift pack". **make sure you leave an email address!!!**giveaway ends midnight of sunday, july 11th (pacific standard time). good luck!!!

have any of you used dress me up products before? are you crossing your fingers to win?

Pottery Barn Butterfly Mobile Tutorial with Guest - Natasha from "Samster Mommy"

our guest blogger today is the lovely & oh, so talented natasha from the super crafty blog "samster mommy". natasha is currently preggers with babe #2 but still crafting away - go, mama, go! i wish i had been able to keep up the same momentum she has had going when i was preggo with harper. she also has an etsy shop of the same name.

samster mommy is filled with projects and i mean lots! sewing for toddlers & mommies, refashions, crafty goodies, cooking and even home decor projects - this mom does it all. so if you're looking for something fun to add to your "to make" list, get ready to save a bunch! at least 3 of hers are on my list for whenever i'm able to actually get my sewing machine back out again..haha.

while you're there, please check out her "tutu drive". this fun charity drive is perfect for any girl who loves pretty tutu's! natasha is posting tutu tutorials every tuesday for the next month and also has a goal to get 100 tutu's donated to the "princess alexa foundation" which takes dress up clothes and matches them with seriously ill children. for more information just click here. so get sewing, get tuting and get donating! and for those of you who don't sew who want to help out, just purchase a little tutu lovely and mail it in. what little girl doesn't luv a tutu?

i could rave on some more about natasha but she did such a wonderful job on her intro that i'll let her get to it.....let's hear from natasha......

Hi fellow mommies! I'm SO excited to be guest blogging today on luvinthemommyhood. I have to say it's such an honor! Which I realize is a very cliche guest blogger thing to say but I'm not lying to you when I say that I outright screeched when I read the email from Shannon asking me to come and share a tutorial. Seriously, I woke the baby.

One of the things I love to do on my blog, which is called Samster Mommy by the way, is knockoff beautiful overpriced items that can easily be made at home. Jcrew, Anthropologie & Pottery Barn are my usual targets, they're so good at looking homemade but sticking a $50 price tag on there! Today's project is from Pottery Barn Baby (in honor of the baby bonanza of course) but before I get to that Shannon asked me to share a bit about myself & my little 'ol blog.

I started blogging 2 years ago when I had my sweet little girl Samantha. (She got the nickname "Samster" because she squeaked like a hamster when she was a newborn) It started off as a just a way to share pics of the baby & things I liked to make with family & friends. Then I discovered the terribly addicting world of craft blogs, WHOA. I was done after that! Since then my blog is still about being a mommy but my crafting is definitely what I love to write about most. I try to post a few tutorials a week along with a quick & healthy recipe or two. Throw in a story about Samster pooping in the shopping cart at Whole Foods & you've basically got the Samster Mommy blog. I hope you'll come by & take a peek. I think you just might like us.

Sewing Pants 101

Stuffed Tutus

Bedsheet to Ruffled Pillow

But enough about my blog, how about a knockoff butterfly mobile?! I just love the beautiful paper cutout mobiles that Pottery Barn Baby has. I've been lusting after this butterfly one for months...

But with a $60 price tag I just couldn't justify it. One day at Michael's I stumbled across the Martha Stewart butterfly punches & little light bulb popped on. Aha! A wire wreath form spray painted, some fishing line & a slew of butterfly punches & what do you have? The Pottery Barn mobile!

A few naptime crafting sessions later & here's the finished product...

I hope you love it & come check out the full tutorial along with my other projects. Come say hi too!

Thank you again Shannon, you're the best!!!

thanks so much for being part of the bonanza natasha, i know what's it like to be tired, preggo and running after a busy toddler so i appreciate all the time that went into this! i just luv this tute! so pretty!

we've got a giveaway coming up next...and it's for one of my favorite baby products!!!!

Tree Top Nursery Frame Tutorial with Guest - Hannah from "Lily & Thistlle"

ok...insert a whole lot of my drool into this post....i am so excited to talk about the oh, so talented hannah (formerly of while they sleep) and her new venture that includes a pretty new blog - "lily and thistle" and her new business in the world of paper dolls - "mini me paper doll boutique"!

now this is not just your average paper doll, these are paper dolls for the year 2010! they can be custom made and also come with a special sticky strip that never gets unstuck - so no paper folding for us girls! i am also super excited about the outfit of the month club! how fun is that! where were these kinds of things when i was little? oh well, i'll just live vicariously through my girls :)

i'm sure some of you will remember hannah's old blog - while they sleep, home of tons of sewing goodies and tutorials galore. well it's not over and neither is her etsy shop of the same name. remember the pod swaddler? i heart the pod swaddler pattern. anyhoo, ever since then i have been a fan of hers and an avid follower of hers. i also feel a special kinship to her after hearing her struggles with motherhood that she shares with you all below. i didn't think i would ever be able to have kids and now here i am with 2 girls. hannah's a sweetheart, an awesome mommy and her talents are endless, so go pop over, check out all her goodies out and let's have some fun with the tutorial below!

now let's hear from hannah.........

Hi Everyone! I'm Hannah from Lily&Thistle - Girlhood Illustrated. I was so glad Shannon decided to keep the Babyhood Bonanza going and even more excited that she asked me to share something! Shannon and I go back just a bit. She was so kind to help me promote the Pod Swaddler pattern last year when I was trying to get the word out (remember that Shannon?...seems like ages ago). I have always been a fan of her blog but then when I got to interact with her a bit more through email, I knew she was gold...pure gold. I am now a bonified fan of Shannon! I'm so glad she decided to bring another baby girl into this world of ours. We need more of her kind. Welcome again baby Harper!

Maisy and Laurel

My Bab(ies) Story
For years Jeff and I tried to have children with no luck. It was heartbreaking and seemed like a cruel joke at times. Finally after going through what seemed like a hundred treatments...we were given the opportunity and financial support to try IVF. I'm sure most of you know what that is..if not, you can look it up. We were blessed with not one but two little babies...our twin girls Laurel and Maisy. I still remember the day we saw TWO heartbeats...I thought I was dreaming. My pregnancy went very well and I was able to carry them to 36 weeks. They were born healthy but small. They spent a couple of very long, hard weeks in the NICU. The day they came home was magic.

Sweet Norah Jane

On the day they turned six months old, I felt very sick and tired and pregnant?!
"I couldn't be?!"
"The doctors said....could the the doctors be wrong?"
I took a pregnancy test and sure enough I WAS PREGNANT! The next few months were hard but I was lucky that the twins still slept a lot during the day so that I could sleep too. Thirteen months after I gave birth to the twins, Norah Jane was born. Sweet, sweet Norah Jane. She is a cherub. She has been the easiest baby in the history of babies and we are so blessed. Now the twins are two and Norah is one. It is crazy over here sometimes but it's a wonderful crazy. I always say I'd much rather have my hands full than empty. Motherhood is the greatest/hardest gift I've ever been given.

When we were preparing for the twins, I decided to decorate their room with the theme from a Primary song I grew up singing in church called "In the Leafy Tree Tops the Birds Sing Good Morning" I was (and still am) totally into birds and cherry blossoms at the time. I thought today I'd share a tutorial with you on how to turn an old thrift store frame into something special.

Of course you can use your creativity and imagination to make your frame match your special little baby's decor. I invite you to click on over to Lily&Thistle for the Tree Top Nursery Frame Tutorial and Free Printable Art!

thanks so much hannah! wishing you tons of success on all of your new endeavors! big hugs to you and your gorgeous girls!

hope you all have a wonderful weekend! happy 4th of july to all of you! we've got 2 new tutorials coming up next week and a very exciting giveaway so come join the party!!! are any of you as in love with paper dolls as i am?

Vintage Alphabet Crib Refashion Tutorial with Guests - Kirstin & Jordan from "Kojo Designs"

if you're looking for a ton of fun & easy sewing tutorials, lovely party details, and crafty decor projects "kojo designs" is a blog to check out! these two talented and pretty sisters are sure to inspire you and get you crafting, sewing or just taking some photos.

they don't just blog though. they are also parents, wives and they run an etsy shop of the same name where you can find everything from custom stationery sets, wedding invitations to shoe accessories! these two sisters have a passion for paper....lots of lovelies to be found!

so go browse, say hi, grab a cup of coffee while the littlies nap and get lost in "kojo designs". a big thank you to kirstin, who, at the moment is preggers with baby #2 due in august. thanks for taking time to do this tute even though you are very pregnant. i send lots of good birthing vibes your way and of course, good toddler behaviour ones too! i'm always here for ya when you need to vent :)

now let's hear from kirsten & jordan.....

Hello there from kojodesigns! We were so excited when Shannon asked us to be a part of Babyhood Bonanza... We've been loving all of the fantastic tutorials (our to-make list just keeps getting longer and longer with each installment!) and are thrilled to be a part of welcoming Miss Harper with a whole lot of baby goodness.

Depending on when you asked, or who you sat down with on a given day (and especially depending on how ornery Keadryn, Sayla or Burke were being on that day), you'd probably get the whole gamut of commentary from the two of us on the role of being a mom. Part of that broad range is Jordan's experience as a mom of girls, as well as a mama-of-two (Keadryn is 3 years old and Sayla's 1 and a half) and Kirstin's current setup as mom to Burke (who is 2 years old and about to be joined by Peanut #2 in August). But possibly more influential in our ever-changing perspective on being a mom is the oh-so-diverse nature of motherhood itself. It seems that being a mama brings out the worst and the best, an entire range of emotions (including ones you didn't know you had), the most tender and precious of moments sprinkled with the greatest frustrations, times when things seem calm and settled, and new levels of chaos. It's a wild ride, isn't it? And one we wouldn't trade for the world... even on the days when our reviews on motherhood might lean towards the less-than-sparkling.

With that in mind, when we found out that our youngest sister (Kedron) was pregnant and due just a couple months after Kirstin, we were thrilled beyond words. Not only will she be joining us in the aforementioned wild ride of mommy-ness, but think of all of the STUFF that accompanies this dive into the world of parenthood... STUFF for us to make! As the first order of business in the Stuff-To-Make category, Kedron and Patrick decided on "Vintage Alphabet" as their nursery theme and found some fabulous vintage-y, Japanese fabric to complete their vision. Our job? Craft a crib bumper, crib skirt, and other coordinated nursery decor. First up? The crib bumper!

Though we've used the nursery patterns from Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones before (and with great success), we decided to branch out and try something new this time- refashioning an existing crib bumper. We didn't know this going in, but it turns out to be a fairly low maintenance project, and with gorgeous results.... Care to join us? Today, at the kojodesigns blog, we'll share our first installment of this loveliness- their now-finished, refashioned crib bumper (with a tutorial for those of you who'd like to try your hand at refashioning a crib bumper of your own).

Thanks again for having us, Shannon, and congratulations! Give that baby (well, both of your babies, really) some love for us...

more fun to come this stay tuned! what have you been working on?

all images copyright kojo designs

Itty Bitty Pants Tutorial with Guest - Christine from "From an Igloo"

i've been super excited to have fellow canadian christine, writer of the blog "from an igloo" over to the mommyhood! i spotted this talented ladies blog back in february, when she started it and i knew from that minute on that i would be a faithful subscriber. firstly because of her talent - you all know i love a cute sundress tutorial, and secondly, because us canadian girl's gotta support each other. i don't run into many of us in this big blogging community, so when i do get an email from someone, or find another canadian blogger i get super excited!

christine's blog isn't even a year old yet and wow has this momma been busy. she's a mother to 3 kids - 6, 4 & 2. wowsa! and she's been giving us a whack load of my fave tutorials of the moment since then! i didn't get a lot of chances to sew during my pregnancy but i sure made time to make her "one hour sundress".

here's my version....

a giant thank you to christine, who put this together even though she was having one of those bad "motherhood" days (and you ladies all know what i'm talking about). i hope you're having a better one today hun! big hugs to you and thanks again! you guys pop over and say hi and cheer this super sewer up! give her a big canadian hello!

now let's hear from christine.......

Hi everyone! :) My name is Christine and I'm so happy to be here today on Luvinthemommyhood! I love this blog and it will always have a special place in my blogging heart. Shannon was the very first blogger to reach out to me when I started my own blog and I feel fortunate to have met such a sweet person! Congratulations again on your sweet baby girl Shannon! She needs to post more pictures of that precious baby, don't you think? I can't get enough!

Motherhood has changed me in more ways than I can count. The minute our first was born I was so overcome with emotion. Up to that point I thought I had experienced love, but the love I felt for that tiny baby that I had only known for 30 seconds surpassed anything I had ever felt in my life. I still remember that moment and how amazing it was. Then, I was fortunate enough to do it two more times!

I'm a mom of 3 and we had all 3 of our children in 3 1/2 years. In the beginning I think I was pretty close to losing my mind (then again I still feel like that some days). Our youngest is 2 1/2, so now that the kids are a little older things are getting a little easier in some respects. Most days now I do get to shower and every once in awhile I get 4 hrs of sleep in a row (so naive to think they would start sleeping at some point)!

The best mothering advice I can offer is to try not to sweat the small stuff. Our kids are not going to remember if there were dishes in the sink or crumbs under the kitchen table. They will remember baking cookies and having tea parties with their mama. I have to remind myself of this all the time! Sometimes the crumbs under the table seem really important!

Now, for what I have to share with you! :)
If any of you follow my blog you may remember the pattern and tutorial I put up last week for the "One Size Fits many" PJ Pants. For those new friends out there, this is what they look like... Perfect for appliques!

With a few alterations they will fit a chubby 6 mos up to a thin size 3.

Well, there aren't many things cuter than a cute little baby bum. My sister is expecting a baby boy soon and it got me thinking. How cute would it be for my new nephew to match his older cousin? I had lots of fun matching my two daughters when they were really little (and still do on occasion). My husband thinks its sick, but I can't help it! Anyway, how cute would these be in itty bitty newborn size?

This cute! I wish you could see them in person, they are just so small! For reference, the ones on the left are a small size 2! The newborn pair we will say are 0-3 months but I'm thinking more like 1-2 mos.

I hope you'll pop over to my blog to download the pattern for these itty bitty pants. I really need one of you to make a girly version with ruffles on the bum. I'm dying to make a pair myself! You'll also be able to find the "One Size Fits Many" version, possibly for big sister or brother if your kids are close together like mine.

Thank you for having me here today Shannon, I've loved being a part of the baby bonanza! Your photos make me ache for a new baby. Someone want to convince my husband we should have just one more? :)

what's our announcement?????
have you been wondering what it is? and no, i am not pregnant again already!!! aiayaya! no way! the news is (insert small drum roll please) that i have decided to extend the "babyhood bonanza" until near the end of july!!!! yippeee!! the party has been so fun i figured why end it? we can all use more of these wonderful tutorials right? so stick around...the celebration has only just begun!!!

are you a canadian blogger? are there more of you out there? i would love to hear from you!

p.s. happy birthday dad!!!! hope you have a great day!

Ruffled Pillowcase Tote Tutorial with Guest - Alexis from "Lex"

inspiring tutorials + stylish clothing + oodles of talent = lex.

alexis, from the blog "lex" (formerly "my mama made it") and the etsy shop of the same name, is one of my favorite bloggers that i have had the pleasure of getting to know since i started luvinthemommyhood. i remember when i got a sweet email from her one day that led me to quickly pop over and check out her blog and i just knew that this lady was going somewhere - wow! she had literally just started blogging but i couldn't help featuring her on my blog, her stuff was just that good. the rest is history.


alexis quickly went from superstar tutorials, posting more tutes than i have ever seen one woman with 2 kids and a hubs do, to designing and selling her own clothes. i'm so proud and happy for her. her line "lex" is now in stores and in a few weeks she will be doing her very first fashion show!!!! go alexis! needless to say i am super excited she's here sharing us a tute with one of her fave things - ruffles! this girl loves a pretty ruffle!

clothing line...........

thanks for taking the time out of your crazy schedule alexis, i appreciate it! and thank you for being your beautiful self and for inspiring & wowing me on a daily basis that one day i could actually make some of the stylish clothes you and your gorgeous girls are wearing.

now let's hear from alexis..........

I'm one of those mom's who feels like I can never have enough bags. I need them for the beach, swimming lessons, overnights, groceries, diaper bags, etc... I saw a really cute ruffled bag on someone and came up with this easy, cute, functional and 'green' bag!

You can throw in anything and you then throw the whole thing in the wash! Here's how!

And you're done!

we've had a busy week for the babyhood bonanza and it's not over yet....there's another fun tutorial and an announcement tomorrow so come say hi!!!!!!

Stella & Dot Giveaway!!!!

*the giveaway is now closed*

got a thing for jewelry? of course we do!!! who doesn't love a little jewelry! and who doesn't love some cutie pie pieces for our little girls in our lives? julie from the super stylish line of jewelry - stella & dot is offering up the "kristin pearl bracelet" for one lucky winner this week! stella & dot recently launched a "girl's" line to their already successful ladies one and i thought it would be a fun addition to the babyhood bonanza to win for those of you, who like me, have another older (girl) sibling at home when you bring that new baby back from the hospital. something to make them feel extra special!

"Stella & Dot is the modern home-based career that your mother never had. We’ve put the power of ecommerce, social networking and personal service behind an irresistible jewelry line. It’s the next big opportunity for our era. Think getting together with girlfriends, Lucky Magazine, Facebook and no glass ceiling in sight. Recognized in the New York Times and on the Today Show, its not only a big idea, it’s a smart business that actually works."

to enter the giveaway to win the girl's "kristin pearl bracelet" simply leave a comment below with your email address, yep, that's it. easy, peasy!!! *the giveaway ends Sunday, June 27th*

pretty, stylish lovelies for little girls..............

and for the ladies!

these celebrity coveted and editor adored styles from stella & dot are sure to bring a smile to any girls face - young or old :) julie is also offering the readers of "luvinthemommyhood" free shipping until the end of june on all jewelry - women or girls!

thanks julie!! pop on over to julie's page take a peek & spoil yourself.....i'm loving all the turqoise and white. bring on summer!!!!!

what's your fave piece?

Hardboard Nursery Art Tutorial with Guest - Ashley from "Lil Blue Boo"

ok ladies, now i know most of you have heard of
lil blue boo, but i'm going to introduce ashley anyways. i became an avid follower of ashley's bright and colorful blog around the time i started luvinthemommyhood and have been a huge fan since. whether she is making me laugh, inspiring me to sew, craft, paint and do crafts - ashley does it all with pizazz and spunk! she's honest and heartwarming and her daughter is gorgeous (just like her mommy). plus i am obsessed and astounded by all of the wonderful refashioning and pattern making she does with knits and t-shirts!

at lil blue boo you can find a wealth of information and lots of fun, but you can also find links to ashley's pattern store, clothing store, and painting shop....yes, she has all of these and still finds time to blog and be a mother and wife......i know...where does she find the time? she must be a bit crazy right? nope, just super talented! so pop on over and check out her lovely, lovely goodies or raid your closet and make some of your own using her patterns.

now let's hear from ashley..........

Hi there! I'm Ashley over from Lil Blue Boo. I was so excited when Shannon asked me to be a part of her babyhood bonanza! My little Boo is not so little anymore.....she turned three a few months ago. She inspires everything I do and her spunky little personality is a breath of fresh air everyday.

My baby story? Well, pregnancy was hard for me. I love working with paints, resins, chemicals, power tools, ladders everyday....and most of that was off limits for a pregnant woman! My doctor tried putting me on bed rest a few times.......I guess I didn't quite understand that steam cleaning my carpets and reupholstering nursery chairs wasn't classified as "resting." I was even on the floor sideways in my nephew's nursery at 9 months pregnant trying to paint an ocean mural....I was laying on the floor, that's resting right? Each doctor's appointment consisted of a claustrophobia-induced panic attack in which I would sweat off pounds of cocoa butter all over everyone. I never had any questions for the doctor. I had a c-section because I was scared to death of childbirth. Boo was a little miracle. I didn't breastfeed. The nurses in the hospital didn't even try to hide their disgust. I just rolled my eyes back at them. My mother forced me to use a breast pump for a few days so Boo would get something called colostrum....I threw tantrums. I recuperated from my c-section in about a week. I never stressed over brands or ingredients or bedtimes. And it all worked out. I have a beautiful-independent-creative-curious-precocious-loving life every minute-daring to be different-little girl who makes me swell with overwhelming love. She's my side kick, my mini-me.

I am in awe at how this tiny being......

.....has become a tiny person in what seems like such a short amount of time.

While I don't have a tiny baby of my own anymore, I still have the opportunity to make things for my baby nieces, nephews and my friend's babies. I love making elaborately layered personalized nursery art pieces.....unique to each child.

I recently made a piece for a friend's new baby boy and knew that babyhood bonanza would be the perfect opportunity to take the time to document my layering process for a tutorial!

Come on over and take a peek on how to make your own art using simple hardboard, paint, stitching, and ready-made frames. Thank you so much Shannon for including me in the "baby" lineup!

you're welcome ashley, and thanks for coming by to be part of the bonanza, inspiring me to sew and to never look at a t-shirt the same way ever again - you're the best!!!

we've got more fun coming your way this week - a giveaway, another tutorial and a special stick around!

have you made anything from the babyhood bonanza yet?

all images copyright lil blue boo

Nursing Cover Tutorial with Guest - Jenny from "Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts"

our next guest blogger is the kind, sweet, jenny who is my go to girl for parenting advice from the wonderful blog "the southern institute for domestic arts and crafts". jenny is my guru for dealing with pregnancy and toddlers! she's a childbirth educator and that means she rocks! she also kicks butt at sewing and crafting! this ladies pics are bright and cheerful and i always learn something new from her in one way or another. isn't she cute?

but is blogging enough for this lady? nope. even though she has 3 busy kids and a hubby, she's going to be opening her new etsy shop "CHOPSTIX" and it's soon to be filled with handmade girl's clothing - i can't wait! so make sure to stop by and say hi to this pretty lady and her lovely frocks! jenny put together today's tutorial and is also going to be hosting a......giveaway!!!!

jenny has been sweet enough to offer up that nice nursing cover from her tutorial for a giveaway! so if you need to keep the girls under wraps pop on over to "the southern institute of domestic arts and crafts" and find out what the name of her dog is (*hint: there's a pic of the dog and it's name in her tutorial) and then leave us a comment below with the answer and your email address! you could be the lucky winner!!!! the giveaway will be open until Sunday, June 20th (my bday - eek!)! good luck!

***giveaway now closed***

now let's hear from jenny.....

Hello from the Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts! Thank you so much for having me, Shannon, and a BIG congratulations to you and your family! It's always an exciting time when there is a new member of the family to get to know and enjoy! And she's a CUTIE!!

So here we are almost near the end of the Babyhood Bonanza. I have enjoyed all of the tutorials so much! I know you have too. What a talented bunch of ladies! I am honored to be a part of all of this!

Babies, Babies, Babies!
Everything about them is precious. Motherhood is such a gift! I have three children of my own, the youngest being a year and half old. The infant stages are behind me, but it seems not long ago that I was trudging through the trenches of being a new mom. So much to learn and discover during those first months! There were many things I did not know about new babies, but I knew right from the start that I wanted to breast feed my children. I was blessed to be able to do so, each of them over a year. One thing that became indispensable to me was my nursing cover.

As a first time mom I was very self conscious about breast feeding in public, but my nursing cover allowed me to do so without any embarrassing moments (well, at least not too many). Not only are they great to keep you modest while feeding, but they also make a great sun cover when you drape it over your infant seat. You can use it as a light blanket, and it can be used as changing pad in a pinch. Last year I needed a gift for a friend's baby shower and, and I quickly set out how to figure out how to make one of these little lifesavers.

They are so easy and really don't take much time at all. Why not have one for every occasion? Click on over to the Southern Institute For Domestic Arts and Crafts to see my take on the Nursing Cover! Don't forget to enter to win the cover that I made for this tutorial!

thanks so much jenny! here's my big hugs and gushes for all your comments and sweet emails - you are the best! you should start a "dear abby" type parenting column on your blog for all us newbie parents :)

next week is the last week for babyhood bonanza - boo hoo!!!!!! so stay tuned! i'm sad to see it's been so fun and i've had a great time. what about you guys? have you enjoyed it?

Vinyl Mustache Bib Tutorial with Guest - Cheri from "I Am Momma Hear Me Roar"

i came across the blog "i am momma hear me roar" a few months ago and said to myself this is one talented lady! cheri is super stylish - sassy is a word i would use for her...she's got some serious sassy style :) ok....that's my way of saying she's pretty and i'm jealous..haha. moving on though, cheri's blog is so filled with goodies i honestly don't know how this girl keeps it up with 2 boys and a hubby. cheri posts 7 days a week! that's right - 7 days! now i don't know how, or when - i haven't had the chance to ask her yet, but i can say from personal experience that blogging 5 days a week with one child was pretty hard work, i cannot imagine 7 days with 2!!! and they aren't just little posts ladies!

here's a sneak peek at her schedule:
monday to thursday
- will feature a new craft/project a day feature friday - she will make something from someone else's tutorial and link you there so you can make it yourself.
soapbox saturday
- she will share with you something she thinks everyone should know about. sunshine sunday - she'll show you some photos she's taken throughout the week that show you what she's thankful for. yep - she does that all every week!!!!

i love it and i know you will too! she's got goodies from clothing refashions, sewing tutorials, accessories to home decor and crafts - there's lots of fun stuff over i just luv her blog's name and logo - too cute if you ask me!

and to top it off this pretty momma also has a funky accessory shop filled with the loveliest of headbands called "loopdeelou" - be prepared to drool!

now let's hear from cheri..............

Hey everybody! I'm Cheri from I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar. I was so excited when Shannon asked me to be a part of the Babyhood Bonanza. I love this blog!

I also love babies. I remember reading my first pregnancy test that was positive. There had been a lot of negative ones and I got so nervous each time I took a test. I knew my life was going to change, but I had no idea what I was getting into. I get a bit emotional even thinking about that moment. Motherhood is the most amazing and challenging thing I've ever been a part of. My kids are by far my greatest creations.

On to the tutorial before I get too mushy! A lot of times when you think of baby gifts you think of pink, ruffly, flowery stuff. Well, I have two boys and I'm trying hard to provide a lot of boy-oriented projects in my corner of the blogosphere. Today I'm going to show you how to make a vinyl mustache bib.

Okay, obviously it doesn't have to have a mustache, but why not add a little manly humor? You can easily embellish it differently for a girl (if you don't have boys).

It's super easy to make and super easy to clean. Just wipe it off and you're good to go. Plus, it's fun to have a stylish bib when you're headed out. Head on over to my place for the full tutorial.

Thank you so much for having me, Shannon. If I never get a girl I'd love to switch you one of my boys for one of your girls. You make really cute ones. Let me know :)

thanks for coming by cheri, it's been so fun having your "sassy self" be part of the celebration!! i really appreciate it :) by the way, your boys are just as cute...maybe we have potential boyfriend/girlfriends here? your two and my two?

p.s. how do you manage to always look so put together my dear? i'm lucky if i get a shower never mind makeup and hair done? ok....insert my jealousy here again..hahaha, we need to exchange tips...let us in on your secrets k?

Baby Sunsuit Tutorial with Guest - Rae from "Made by Rae"

Hi guys! It's Rae. I told Shannon she wasn't allowed to introduce me because a) she already did that over here for Moms in the Mommyhood and b) it's just too much work. She should be lying in bed reading a book while the baby dozes on her chest. Maybe watching trashy TV while Mr Shannon takes the babies for a walk? Out for a pedicure and massage? At the very least sitting on the couch while big sister gives baby Harper lots of snuggles. Am I right or am I right?

She also asked for advice and well, I don't need to be asked twice. I'll try to keep it short. I think the best advice I can give is to take it easy and soak it all in. My baby girl is 10 months old and already I miss those early baby days when they are so TINY and CUTE. Those teeny fingers, microscopic fingernails. The adorable newborn noises, little quacks and gurgles and coos. At least with my second I knew how fast it would fly by. So recording some of those memories was important to me. I tried to take short videos of the babies at least every week for the first few months. The key for me was to keep the clips under one minute so I didn't have to change batteries or tapes very often and so that watching them later wasn't boring. If you don't have a video camera, most cameras and phones have at least a rudimentary video function. Even if it's poor quality you'll be glad you have it later.

And finally, a piece of advice another mom gave me which I was oh-so-grateful for was not to feel guilty putting my toddler son in front of the TV after my daughter was born. I've always been pretty frugal with my son's TV time, preferring to go days without it if possible, but when you've got a new baby the situation changes. You need to take a shower, you need to nurse the baby, you need to just have a minute to yourself. So don't feel bad if you lean on a DVD or PBS more than the usual amount. Rest assured you can return to your anti-TV stance after a few months and it won't turn your toddler into a zombie. Promise.

OK, back to why I'm here. I wanted to share a tutorial for a baby sunsuit that is cute and easy. It uses the popular shirring technique which has been all over the place lately. It is sized by measuring your baby, so it's a custom fit. For my little crawler, the shirred leg openings insure that her clothing won't get caught under her knees when she crawls.

And a cross-over back closure means that straps won't fall down or untie:

I also think you'll like the snap closure at the bottom for easy diaper changes. I've included measurements for a 6-12 month size sunsuit as well as instructions on how to make it for babies of any size. Heck it might even work for older children too.

You can see the whole tutorial over at my blog, Made By Rae. You can also click on the image below to go straight to the tutorial. Thanks so much Shannon for hosting The Bonanza! Go take that nap now!

ok are the best and still the funniest lady always know how to crack me up! i took your advice and skipped the intro, but couldn't resist an outro...haha. thanks so much for this kick ass tute, all your wonderful advice and your fabulous blog! you know i was dying to make one of these and i send big hugs for making the tute so us new sewers can adorn our little girls with these adorable sunsuits!!! you rock!

you guys planning on making any sunsuits this summer? aren't they adorable? luv em! stay tuned for more tutorials to come next week!!!!

all images copyright made by rae