Nursing Cover Tutorial with Guest - Jenny from "Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts"

our next guest blogger is the kind, sweet, jenny who is my go to girl for parenting advice from the wonderful blog "the southern institute for domestic arts and crafts". jenny is my guru for dealing with pregnancy and toddlers! she's a childbirth educator and that means she rocks! she also kicks butt at sewing and crafting! this ladies pics are bright and cheerful and i always learn something new from her in one way or another. isn't she cute?

but is blogging enough for this lady? nope. even though she has 3 busy kids and a hubby, she's going to be opening her new etsy shop "CHOPSTIX" and it's soon to be filled with handmade girl's clothing - i can't wait! so make sure to stop by and say hi to this pretty lady and her lovely frocks! jenny put together today's tutorial and is also going to be hosting a......giveaway!!!!

jenny has been sweet enough to offer up that nice nursing cover from her tutorial for a giveaway! so if you need to keep the girls under wraps pop on over to "the southern institute of domestic arts and crafts" and find out what the name of her dog is (*hint: there's a pic of the dog and it's name in her tutorial) and then leave us a comment below with the answer and your email address! you could be the lucky winner!!!! the giveaway will be open until Sunday, June 20th (my bday - eek!)! good luck!

***giveaway now closed***

now let's hear from jenny.....

Hello from the Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts! Thank you so much for having me, Shannon, and a BIG congratulations to you and your family! It's always an exciting time when there is a new member of the family to get to know and enjoy! And she's a CUTIE!!

So here we are almost near the end of the Babyhood Bonanza. I have enjoyed all of the tutorials so much! I know you have too. What a talented bunch of ladies! I am honored to be a part of all of this!

Babies, Babies, Babies!
Everything about them is precious. Motherhood is such a gift! I have three children of my own, the youngest being a year and half old. The infant stages are behind me, but it seems not long ago that I was trudging through the trenches of being a new mom. So much to learn and discover during those first months! There were many things I did not know about new babies, but I knew right from the start that I wanted to breast feed my children. I was blessed to be able to do so, each of them over a year. One thing that became indispensable to me was my nursing cover.

As a first time mom I was very self conscious about breast feeding in public, but my nursing cover allowed me to do so without any embarrassing moments (well, at least not too many). Not only are they great to keep you modest while feeding, but they also make a great sun cover when you drape it over your infant seat. You can use it as a light blanket, and it can be used as changing pad in a pinch. Last year I needed a gift for a friend's baby shower and, and I quickly set out how to figure out how to make one of these little lifesavers.

They are so easy and really don't take much time at all. Why not have one for every occasion? Click on over to the Southern Institute For Domestic Arts and Crafts to see my take on the Nursing Cover! Don't forget to enter to win the cover that I made for this tutorial!

thanks so much jenny! here's my big hugs and gushes for all your comments and sweet emails - you are the best! you should start a "dear abby" type parenting column on your blog for all us newbie parents :)

next week is the last week for babyhood bonanza - boo hoo!!!!!! so stay tuned! i'm sad to see it's been so fun and i've had a great time. what about you guys? have you enjoyed it?