weekend wishes - special edition

to spend some special time with my two gorgeous girls........

image via luvinthemommyhood

to keep remembering that things will get easier....or at least a little easier........

that i could still feel like i could wear these shoes.........so pretty..

to be thankful for the little moments when my 3 yr old actually behaves.................

image via luvinthemommyhood

that i could wear this pretty dress on my bday on sunday....

image via lamahkun

to get a lot and i mean a lot of sleep..........(a girl can dream right?)

image via allison duke

to one day have mugs as cute as these are.............

and to wish a very special father's day to the best father i know - my hubs! we luv you!

image via luvinthemommyhood

this was fun! i've missed weekend wishes! sad to say they aren't back every friday yet, but i couldn't resist this week! did you read the wishes above? did you see it's my sad ol'bday on sunday...yuck! i know i'm supposed to be happy and joyfully say that being in my 30's is the new 20's but i feel like sheat...so i'm not..haha. my hair is way overgrown, i'm still pale and haven't left the house, no clothes fit over my overhang and i really didn't expect to turn 33 in my pj's covered in spit up but so be it.

my bday wish is to park near the ocean, sit in the sand and breath in that fresh air while sipping a yummy starbucks frappuccino..yes, i'm a starbucks junkie..i know...what's a girl to do...and hang with the family, oh and maybe splurge on a new sewing book. i have a very long list i want to ogle at the bookstore - any recommendations?

i'm happy it's fathers day though. my hubby deserves to be thanked - he rocks and we love him for it! he takes great care of us and is a great father and husband - so happy father's day jer! and happy father's day to my dad who besides being an awesome dad gave me the most special gift this year - my new camera!!!! yes, a canon rebel has finally made it's home in my house. i will be doing a post on it more later, but in the meantime thanks again mom & dad, you guys will never know how much that camera means to us!!!

and a happy father's day to all you dad's out there! what are you guys up to this weekend?