Pottery Barn Butterfly Mobile Tutorial with Guest - Natasha from "Samster Mommy"

our guest blogger today is the lovely & oh, so talented natasha from the super crafty blog "samster mommy". natasha is currently preggers with babe #2 but still crafting away - go, mama, go! i wish i had been able to keep up the same momentum she has had going when i was preggo with harper. she also has an etsy shop of the same name.

samster mommy is filled with projects and i mean lots! sewing for toddlers & mommies, refashions, crafty goodies, cooking and even home decor projects - this mom does it all. so if you're looking for something fun to add to your "to make" list, get ready to save a bunch! at least 3 of hers are on my list for whenever i'm able to actually get my sewing machine back out again..haha.

while you're there, please check out her "tutu drive". this fun charity drive is perfect for any girl who loves pretty tutu's! natasha is posting tutu tutorials every tuesday for the next month and also has a goal to get 100 tutu's donated to the "princess alexa foundation" which takes dress up clothes and matches them with seriously ill children. for more information just click here. so get sewing, get tuting and get donating! and for those of you who don't sew who want to help out, just purchase a little tutu lovely and mail it in. what little girl doesn't luv a tutu?

i could rave on some more about natasha but she did such a wonderful job on her intro that i'll let her get to it.....let's hear from natasha......

Hi fellow mommies! I'm SO excited to be guest blogging today on luvinthemommyhood. I have to say it's such an honor! Which I realize is a very cliche guest blogger thing to say but I'm not lying to you when I say that I outright screeched when I read the email from Shannon asking me to come and share a tutorial. Seriously, I woke the baby.

One of the things I love to do on my blog, which is called Samster Mommy by the way, is knockoff beautiful overpriced items that can easily be made at home. Jcrew, Anthropologie & Pottery Barn are my usual targets, they're so good at looking homemade but sticking a $50 price tag on there! Today's project is from Pottery Barn Baby (in honor of the baby bonanza of course) but before I get to that Shannon asked me to share a bit about myself & my little 'ol blog.

I started blogging 2 years ago when I had my sweet little girl Samantha. (She got the nickname "Samster" because she squeaked like a hamster when she was a newborn) It started off as a just a way to share pics of the baby & things I liked to make with family & friends. Then I discovered the terribly addicting world of craft blogs, WHOA. I was done after that! Since then my blog is still about being a mommy but my crafting is definitely what I love to write about most. I try to post a few tutorials a week along with a quick & healthy recipe or two. Throw in a story about Samster pooping in the shopping cart at Whole Foods & you've basically got the Samster Mommy blog. I hope you'll come by & take a peek. I think you just might like us.

Sewing Pants 101

Stuffed Tutus

Bedsheet to Ruffled Pillow

But enough about my blog, how about a knockoff butterfly mobile?! I just love the beautiful paper cutout mobiles that Pottery Barn Baby has. I've been lusting after this butterfly one for months...

But with a $60 price tag I just couldn't justify it. One day at Michael's I stumbled across the Martha Stewart butterfly punches & little light bulb popped on. Aha! A wire wreath form spray painted, some fishing line & a slew of butterfly punches & what do you have? The Pottery Barn mobile!

A few naptime crafting sessions later & here's the finished product...

I hope you love it & come check out the full tutorial along with my other projects. Come say hi too!

Thank you again Shannon, you're the best!!!

thanks so much for being part of the bonanza natasha, i know what's it like to be tired, preggo and running after a busy toddler so i appreciate all the time that went into this! i just luv this tute! so pretty!

we've got a giveaway coming up next...and it's for one of my favorite baby products!!!!