Babyhood Bonanza "Dress Me Up" Giveaway!!!!!

****this giveaway is now closed****

i've been squealing with delight over this giveaway for a while now and am super excited the day has finally arrived...i'm only sad i can't enter....haha. i'm pretty sure most of you have heard of the company "dress me up" and their wonderful product the "organic teething bonbon". if you haven't, you must not have kids...haha. it's seriously that good of a product. the best part is that the owner, tressa, lives in the same city as i do! so, i figured, why not add her to the bonanza and she said yes, and now you ladies all have a chance to win an organic teething bonbon and a leaf bib!!!

here's a little more about "dress me up"....

"Dress Me Up specializes in beautiful, organic toys for young children that are gentle and safe, and always art-inspired. We are a mama-made (not factory made!) independent cottage industry located in Victoria British Columbia, Canada. When you purchase from this website, you are supporting our small company directly."

"Our products are hand crafted by Tressa and her small team of craftswomen and mamas, all located in the Victoria BC area. Each organic soft toy, Teething Bonbon® and baby linen is meticulously and responsibly hand made in small quantities, ensuring confidence and loads of good, loving energy in every aspect of production."

so let's give a big shout out to tressa for the giveaway, her great product line and a congrats to her as well on the birth of her new baby girl just a few weeks after me! go babies! you can read more about dress me up on their website, their blog and their etsy shop - have fun shopping :)

to enter the giveaway, simply go to, check out the goods, come back and leave a comment telling us what your fave dress me up product is and you're all entered to win your very own "teething babe gift pack". **make sure you leave an email address!!!**giveaway ends midnight of sunday, july 11th (pacific standard time). good luck!!!

have any of you used dress me up products before? are you crossing your fingers to win?