Rainbow Bunting Quilt Tutorial with Guest - Cheryl from "A Pretty Cool Life"

Hi friends of Shannon! I'm Cheryl from A Pretty Cool Life. It's so exciting to be here today! My blog is a place where I share the joy I get from the days I spend with my two boys. The holidays, the birthday parties, the family gatherings...those are all very fun, but I think the most special days are the ordinary ones. Of course, I like to share the projects I make along the way, and my favorites are the ones that are vintagey, bright, colorful, and happy.

And the project I'm sharing today is no exception...

But first, my baby story, in a nutshell. My husband and I were married about 6 months when we found out I was pregnant with our first baby. I loved being pregnant! From the very beginning when it was a secret between just us, to the very end when I was as big as a house and that little person was trying to karate chop his way out, I loved it. I was very lucky to have two healthy, happy, uneventful pregnancies.

With both pregnancies, we didn't find out the sex of our babies until they were born. The excitement and anticipation was amazing! And the feeling of the doctor saying, "It's a....!" in the delivery room? Well, there's nothing quite like that. :)

So, as fun as the surprise may be, it's often hard to find any gender-neutral baby items that aren't cheesy.

Well, unless you like ducks. There are always plenty of yellow ducks...

So, the tutorial that I'm sharing is for a baby quilt with a colorful bunting across it. Whimsical and charming, it's perfect for a boy or a girl. Stop by and check it out.

I hope everyone enjoys the project and a big thank you for inviting me over!


thanks cheryl - i love the quilt, it's adorable! we've got another fun giveaway for this week an, of course, another fantastic guest blogger! so stay for the party!!