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our little one is almost 8 weeks now (insert my tears), time is going by way too fast if you ask me. i know that sounds cliche but i can't help it. the idea that i am never going to get to smell that newborn smell again, go through all those little, special moments of having a new baby in the house, that miraculous bond you form with your's all so priceless and i'm having a hard time saying goodbye to all that. she's already growing out of clothes and it just breaks my heart to know that no other child or ours is going to ever wear them. trust me, 2 is enough, i know i'm done, but i just can't seem to help getting all emotional about it. is it just my hormones, mommy exhaustion or have any of you gone through this as well?

we're adjusting to the "new family of four" life around here. things are looking up. i'm feeling a bit stronger, our routine is now down pat (at home that is), and i've figured out that she is very dependent on her evening bedtime routine. so no late nights for the hubs and i anytime soon. i'm not messing with a baby who sleeps 5-6 hours straight each night - noooo way! big sis is not sleeping that great still, but she's always been like that and we are working on some sleep training with her right now as well. hopefully there will be some peaceful nights around here soon....ok...a girl can dream right? hahaha.

it's been fun watching mack get used to having a sister. she loves the idea of it and if anything, loves harper too much. we're dealing with the "i love her so much i want to smother her with hugs, kisses, and lay on her so i can be close to her" scenarios at the moment. it's pretty tricky because you don't want them to feel as though they can't touch her, but at the same time you have to teach them not to maul the other sibling with love. the tantrums have lessened as well. what's my secret? home movies. yep. not diego, or dora or caillou, but home movies. she loves watching them and we both could sit for hours cooing at how cute she was and still is. it reminds me that she is still my baby and still needs lots of love and attention. this can be hard when you have a new love in your life and all you want to do is just stare and coo at your new baby. it's a tricky balance and one that i've only just begun to get a hang of.

mack just looked so big and grown up after harper arrived that it was jarring to jer and i. where had our baby gone? when did her feet and hands get so big? look how tall she is? it was like she metamorphisized overnight into a big child and not our toddler. i'm still a bit in shock and we still sit and stare at her a lot and wonder where the time has gone. i guess that feeling doesn't ever go away does it? it probably just changes along with life. it's sure been fun watching her show off her new baby sister to her best friend sadie. the two of them have lots of fun taking turns holding her and posing for the camera.

i hope you have all been liking the little changes around the site lately. i've been stunning my brain senseless lately working on html and coding all day for a few days there. now, trust me when i say this isn't my forte. i don't enjoy it, but i don't have anyone else to do it, so i figured now is as good a time as any and sat down and did it. i'm not done yet, but it's on it's way. minus the stupid blogger problems on tuesday...yikes! i had a heart attack at 8:30am when i noticed that all my comments for the giveaway were not showing up even though i was getting email notifications. do they not know how sensitive and emotional new moms are? seriously! WTF! i lost it. i spent every free minute i had scouring the internet and help forums until i got it fixed and it involved a heck of a lot of recoding and widget changes. what does that equal? not fun! but don't worry, they are all there and i have all of your emails saved in case something else happens, the count was off on the homepage but is correct on the actual post and it looks like it is correcting itself today. so boo to you blogger!

i got the hubs to take a day off this weekend - it's a miracle!! yippee!! we're hoping to enjoy the sunshine that has finally made it's way to the west coast and attend some festivals, petting zoos, beaches and just have some fun! and yep, you all know there will be some of my fave coffee drinking involved as well....i don't get out of the house that much, so the weekend is my time to indulge! i figure napping is out of the question, it just doesn't happen for me and then i get disappointed, so setting a goal to have a frappuccino on the weekend is something I CAN make happen :)

what are your plans for the weekend? any of you watching the bonds between two new siblings develop? got any tips? or are you wondering how that's going to work in your house with a new baby on the way? let's chat. it makes my day :)

p.s. - have any of you read this post from "made by rae"? it's got me seriously rethinking some of the things on my blog...eeek! share your thoughts.

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