Vinyl Mustache Bib Tutorial with Guest - Cheri from "I Am Momma Hear Me Roar"

i came across the blog "i am momma hear me roar" a few months ago and said to myself this is one talented lady! cheri is super stylish - sassy is a word i would use for her...she's got some serious sassy style :) ok....that's my way of saying she's pretty and i'm jealous..haha. moving on though, cheri's blog is so filled with goodies i honestly don't know how this girl keeps it up with 2 boys and a hubby. cheri posts 7 days a week! that's right - 7 days! now i don't know how, or when - i haven't had the chance to ask her yet, but i can say from personal experience that blogging 5 days a week with one child was pretty hard work, i cannot imagine 7 days with 2!!! and they aren't just little posts ladies!

here's a sneak peek at her schedule:
monday to thursday
- will feature a new craft/project a day feature friday - she will make something from someone else's tutorial and link you there so you can make it yourself.
soapbox saturday
- she will share with you something she thinks everyone should know about. sunshine sunday - she'll show you some photos she's taken throughout the week that show you what she's thankful for. yep - she does that all every week!!!!

i love it and i know you will too! she's got goodies from clothing refashions, sewing tutorials, accessories to home decor and crafts - there's lots of fun stuff over i just luv her blog's name and logo - too cute if you ask me!

and to top it off this pretty momma also has a funky accessory shop filled with the loveliest of headbands called "loopdeelou" - be prepared to drool!

now let's hear from cheri..............

Hey everybody! I'm Cheri from I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar. I was so excited when Shannon asked me to be a part of the Babyhood Bonanza. I love this blog!

I also love babies. I remember reading my first pregnancy test that was positive. There had been a lot of negative ones and I got so nervous each time I took a test. I knew my life was going to change, but I had no idea what I was getting into. I get a bit emotional even thinking about that moment. Motherhood is the most amazing and challenging thing I've ever been a part of. My kids are by far my greatest creations.

On to the tutorial before I get too mushy! A lot of times when you think of baby gifts you think of pink, ruffly, flowery stuff. Well, I have two boys and I'm trying hard to provide a lot of boy-oriented projects in my corner of the blogosphere. Today I'm going to show you how to make a vinyl mustache bib.

Okay, obviously it doesn't have to have a mustache, but why not add a little manly humor? You can easily embellish it differently for a girl (if you don't have boys).

It's super easy to make and super easy to clean. Just wipe it off and you're good to go. Plus, it's fun to have a stylish bib when you're headed out. Head on over to my place for the full tutorial.

Thank you so much for having me, Shannon. If I never get a girl I'd love to switch you one of my boys for one of your girls. You make really cute ones. Let me know :)

thanks for coming by cheri, it's been so fun having your "sassy self" be part of the celebration!! i really appreciate it :) by the way, your boys are just as cute...maybe we have potential boyfriend/girlfriends here? your two and my two?

p.s. how do you manage to always look so put together my dear? i'm lucky if i get a shower never mind makeup and hair done? ok....insert my jealousy here again..hahaha, we need to exchange tips...let us in on your secrets k?