Baby Sunsuit Tutorial with Guest - Rae from "Made by Rae"

Hi guys! It's Rae. I told Shannon she wasn't allowed to introduce me because a) she already did that over here for Moms in the Mommyhood and b) it's just too much work. She should be lying in bed reading a book while the baby dozes on her chest. Maybe watching trashy TV while Mr Shannon takes the babies for a walk? Out for a pedicure and massage? At the very least sitting on the couch while big sister gives baby Harper lots of snuggles. Am I right or am I right?

She also asked for advice and well, I don't need to be asked twice. I'll try to keep it short. I think the best advice I can give is to take it easy and soak it all in. My baby girl is 10 months old and already I miss those early baby days when they are so TINY and CUTE. Those teeny fingers, microscopic fingernails. The adorable newborn noises, little quacks and gurgles and coos. At least with my second I knew how fast it would fly by. So recording some of those memories was important to me. I tried to take short videos of the babies at least every week for the first few months. The key for me was to keep the clips under one minute so I didn't have to change batteries or tapes very often and so that watching them later wasn't boring. If you don't have a video camera, most cameras and phones have at least a rudimentary video function. Even if it's poor quality you'll be glad you have it later.

And finally, a piece of advice another mom gave me which I was oh-so-grateful for was not to feel guilty putting my toddler son in front of the TV after my daughter was born. I've always been pretty frugal with my son's TV time, preferring to go days without it if possible, but when you've got a new baby the situation changes. You need to take a shower, you need to nurse the baby, you need to just have a minute to yourself. So don't feel bad if you lean on a DVD or PBS more than the usual amount. Rest assured you can return to your anti-TV stance after a few months and it won't turn your toddler into a zombie. Promise.

OK, back to why I'm here. I wanted to share a tutorial for a baby sunsuit that is cute and easy. It uses the popular shirring technique which has been all over the place lately. It is sized by measuring your baby, so it's a custom fit. For my little crawler, the shirred leg openings insure that her clothing won't get caught under her knees when she crawls.

And a cross-over back closure means that straps won't fall down or untie:

I also think you'll like the snap closure at the bottom for easy diaper changes. I've included measurements for a 6-12 month size sunsuit as well as instructions on how to make it for babies of any size. Heck it might even work for older children too.

You can see the whole tutorial over at my blog, Made By Rae. You can also click on the image below to go straight to the tutorial. Thanks so much Shannon for hosting The Bonanza! Go take that nap now!

ok are the best and still the funniest lady always know how to crack me up! i took your advice and skipped the intro, but couldn't resist an outro...haha. thanks so much for this kick ass tute, all your wonderful advice and your fabulous blog! you know i was dying to make one of these and i send big hugs for making the tute so us new sewers can adorn our little girls with these adorable sunsuits!!! you rock!

you guys planning on making any sunsuits this summer? aren't they adorable? luv em! stay tuned for more tutorials to come next week!!!!

all images copyright made by rae