Best Baby Cloche Crochet Pattern with Guest - Anneliese from The Aesthetic Nest

our last tutorial for the babyhood bonanza is from the talented anneliese, from the blog "aesthetic nest", whose sewing, paintings, cooking, knitting & crocheting are just as lovely as her blogs name suggests. get ready to step into one gorgeous world. a world of bright colors, big smiles, gorgeous frocks and pretty little girls all surrounded by a cozy world created by the two hands of their momma.

anneliese's blog is one of those rare finds where i stop and just go ahhhhhhh. i let out a deep breath and get ready to be inspired. while she's only made her blog public a while ago, this mom who is currently preggers with baby girl #3 (due in august), is sure to make her name in the blogging world if you ask me.

so sit back, this isn't a sewing tutorial, but anneliese sure has those too. this one is for crochet. we started this whole bonanza off with a crochet pattern so i figured i would end the bonanza on the same note. two of my fave crafts that came before my love affair with sewing started were knitting & crochet. don't be scared to give them a try....and no, you aren't an old granny for thinking it's fun. crocheting is cool and modern and fresh. it's all up to you to bring that bit of personal flair into these crafts to make them lovely and of course, to create your very own aesthetic nest :)

p.s. ( is my fave place to go for all things knitting & crochet. think of it as facebook for us crafty folk. look for me under "imstitched" and add me as a friend.)

now let's hear from anneliese....

I am excited to be contributing to luvinthemommyhood today as part of their Babyhood Bonanza. I feel like a babyhood bonanza of my own at the present as I'm shortly expecting my third girl in a little over four years!

Motherhood has not come easy for me in terms of actually getting my children here and I feel so incredibly fortunate and blessed to now find myself with these two darling daughters and a third on the way. The phrases, "late bloomer, " "better late than never," and "good things come to those who wait" come to mind! You just never know how things will turn out. I can't imagine my life without my little muses. While I've always sought creative outlets nothing has been more creatively fulfilling for me than nurturing babies into little children. The possibilities are so endless! The discovery process so fascinating. And the fact that they are individuals with their own opinions makes it even more interesting and challenging. I try to shape, but I also try to learn and I anticipate more learning in the future as they become more independent. Scary.

While I am surprised to find myself mothering three girls rather than some more varied combination, I just couldn't be happier about it (and their father is pretty spoiled too I have to say). Hard to imagine where I would direct all my creative energy if, for instance, I had three boys. I absolutely love knitting, crocheting, sewing, painting and throwing parties for my girls. My blog, AestheticNest, documents the activity and there's a lot of it going on lately as I'm in full blown nesting mode. So, I was thrilled when Shannon invited me to share something in the Bonanza.

I put this little crochet cloche on my nesting list and am sharing a pattern and tutorial for it today (great to have the motivation to actually document the pattern!). I made the original, little pink version, for my daughter, Scarlett, when she was born and loved it! I love a cloche on a little babe because it emphasizes her already large eyes.

The cotton yarn makes it super easy wash-and-wear and versatile in terms of seasons. And the worsted weight crochet means this is fast. I'm all about finishing so a love a quick pattern! This would be good for a beginner and would make a darling baby gift. Who can resist the oversized flower and eyelet edging? This hat is all girl!

Click below for the PDF of the pattern or here for the full tutorial.
Best Baby Cloche Crochet Pattern_www.aestheticnest
Thanks for the LUV, Shannon!

you're welcome anneliese! thanks for being part of what makes this blog so fun and special for me. it's a joy to meet such talented and inspiring women. i wish you a magical and special birth and lots of special moments for you and your new bundle of joy!

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