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Once Upon a Thread - Charlotte's Web

it's here......i'm so excited to finally show you all what we've been working on these last few weeks! pop on over to "no big dill" to check out my guest post for her theme month "once upon a thread" - a month filled with sewing inspired by children's books! so fabulous! i mean honestly...have you guys seen this stuf!!!! i'm dying here :)

i'm so thrilled to be included among these ladies! for my turn i decided to do charlotte's web as my inspiration book as we've been reading a chapter a night right now and loving it! i just couldn't get a cute pair of jean coveralls made from my maternity jeans out of my head while reading to mackenzie so i just knew that i had to make them.

(yes...i gave charlotte pink eyelashes..hehe...even girl spiders need a little pizazz every once in a while.)

so pop on over to katy's gorgeous, inspiring and lovely blog to see the whole ensemble, learn more about lil'ol me and my thoughts on books and of course charlotte's web! i can't wait for you all to see! make sure you leave your thoughts here or on katy's blog - i want to know what you think!

have any of you been sewing along with once upon a thread? what book would you chose to sew an outfit based on?

comfy sews VS cozy knits: the boy edition

Hi everyone! Have you all been enjoying Celebrate the Boy? Wowsa! What a great month of inspiring crafts, tutorials, projects and eye candy! It's been so exciting! When Dana and Rae asked me to join again this year with another roundup I was super excited. If you know me you know I love a good roundup. It's one of my favorite things to do.

You guys know how much I like to do roundups. I even like to call myself an internet wrangler of sorts and sometimes I do roundup competitions. Yep, that's right, a good ol'fashioned showdown of the crafty sort. Sound fun? It is! I like to get sewers knitting and knitters sewing. Readers get to vote for their fave craft and we have a friendly virtual online boxing match! I call it Comfy Sews VS Cozy Knits and if you enjoy this post make sure to visit the mommyhood in April for our Spring/Summer Edition for the whole month! Whooeee!

So for Celebrate the Boy I thought what better roundup to do than one between knitting (guest appearance by crochet) and sewing - boy style! I've rounded up some of my favorite patterns and tutorials for boys and put them all together for a handy resource for you. So next time you need to make the little man in your life some pants, a new sweater or even a bow tie why not knit it if you sew or sew it if you knit? Get inspired, bookmark your faves and give a little handmade to the boys in your life :) Just because there are no ruffles doesn't mean we can't have some fun right? So grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, get comfy and let's get inspired!

(Here's the link to Dana's lovely post on Made where you can read her sweet introduction!)

1. zip

and because i couldn't resist....

Who doesn't need a little dino fun in their lives right? No matter if you are a girl or a boy dinos are always a fun thing! I can't wait to make some of these goodies for the little boys in my life. I may have girls of my own but I know a heckuva lotta boys who would love these handmade goodies! I hope you all enjoyed the roundup even though there was no voting this time round :)

What's your favorite boy item to make? Do you have one you recommend? Leave me a link in your comments and I'll add it to the post! We all love to see what each other is making :)

makin'it in the mommyhood - baby shower goodness part two

so you guys got a peek at the crafty baby shower i helped plan on the weekend on monday's post now here's the part where i show you what i made! yippee! rebecca and i wanted to give our guests a little gift to take home as a thank you for coming. my pal amy loves her tea and coffee and i came up with the idea to give everyone a few bags of one of her fave flavours of tea - peach! yummy! i knew i wanted to come up with a cute and crafty way to give them the tea so i thought why not sew up a pretty tea envelope to put the tea in?! fun right?

well let me tell you these little guys are very addicting!!! i had to stop myself from making like a hundred of them and adorning them with lace and trim and ric rac...ohhh, so many possibilities! i decided to keep them nice and simple and use my crafting scissors to make a pretty scallop edge for the flap and label. i used twine for the string and used my scissors again to make the scallop on the edge of each tag. the back of each tag and a hand printed thank you on them. i printed out the labels on the computer to use as a seal to close the envelope. i fit 3 large tea bags into each envelope and used the sewing machine to sew it all together! i love them! aren't they cute?

if anyone's interested i'd be more than happy to do up a tiny tutorial with a template that you can print out. it's pretty simple though so i wasn't sure any of you would even need it :) i'd love to hear your thoughts on it though.

i also wanted to give each guest a card i but didn't want it to be a card they just went home and recycled. i wanted it to be a card that they could give and pass on to someone else. i heart the idea of sewing on paper and try to make cards whenever i can this way. i had spotted some cards online that used ruffles and decided to have a go at making some. i used some natural art paper (not sure what it is...watercolor maybe?) that had been gifted to me and then used an old gift card as a template for sizing. i then cut out the fabric strips, ruffled them on the machine and then stitched them on the card using the sewing machine as well. easy peasy.

i think they look natural and oh, so pretty. again, these are addicting so be warned....there are also lots of options to customize these for your own taste as well. we used the tea envelopes and the blank cards for the table settings along with ribbon tied napkins to set the table for our guests.

now on to the gifts for the birthday boy! i decided that it was the perfect time to make dana's knee pad pants! i used a pair of harper's jeans as a template for the pattern and then whipped him up the cutest pair of pants using an old pair of my maternity jeans! nice and stretchy!!! i then repurposed a soft shirt of the hubs to make the knee pads with. adorable! the pics don't do the jeans justice. i squealed when i tried them on harper but my monkey wouldn't stay still long enough to get a decent shot.

i also had been dying to try my hand at making one of those super cute stuffed owls that have been floating around for ages. i couldn't find the exact one i wanted so i combined a few pics i saw of owl stuffies and winged it. i again repurposed my maternity jeans and jer's shirt for the owl. the jeans made up the body on the front and the hub's shirt makes a soft, snuggly back. the side fabric is from the "it's a hoot" line from moda and was scraps from harper's quilt. the polka dot was from my stash of scraps as well. gotta love scraps!

so what do you think??? you likey?? i'm so excited to finally show you all what i have been up to! it's been so fun. share your thoughts :) what have you been making? come add your pics to our flickr group!

doily crafts & diy roundup

ohhhhhh, i'm so excited about this roundup you guys! doilies have been on my mind a lot lately. maybe it's because the universe seems to be hiding them from me at all my local thrift haunts and because i'm just too darn lazy & busy to make my own but i just keep seeing project after project with these lovely pieces of granny chicness! it's been driving me a bit batty. so instead of sitting here wallowing in my doily self pity i decided to put together a lovely roundup filled with my FAVE doily crafts & diy's that i've spotted floating around the blogoshpere. there are so many options when it comes to creating with doilies these are just a sampling of the ones i'm inspired by and i didn't even dive into the paper doily crafts. there's enough of those to make a whole other post.

so go find some doilies, raid your granny's linen closet, your local thrift shop, make some, doesn't matter where you find them just get some and get creating! cover your furniture, your home decor, your clothes, your soaps.....heck even rocks! just use those lacy pieces of goodness. i promise it'll brighten up your day and add a smile to your face!

that's a lot of doily goodness!!!! you still want more? ok......check these out.....

and i was dying over the images in this post from sfgirlbybay!!! craziness!

reader faves:

vintage envelope pillow tutorial by blue eyed freckle
blue bird vintage hair love (hair pin doilies) from the rice babies
i had to add this in!!!!! doily clouds! so gorgeous! from hart + sew

how's that? still craving more? well...ok, i admit...i'm not doilied out yet either. you'd think i would be since i was up all night starting at doilies online but i think i need a tad more. i want to know what your favorite doily crafts are. leave me a comment with your link, share it with me on our facebook page or email it to me and i'll add it to the post! we love reader faves around here!!! let's get linking! happy creating ladies! now all we need is some tea to go with our doilies :)

Sew Comfy Wristwarmers Tutorial

Who says wristwarmers or fingerless gloves need to be knit? I've been knitting a few pairs of wristwarmers/fingerless gloves (whatever you like to call them) for xmas pressies and the other day I got to thinking that it would be way faster to just sew a pair up. So this sleep deprived mama said to heck with all the other items on my to do list it's time for a tutorial!

If you follow me on facebook or read yesterday's post you know I fought and I mean fought for the light to take the pics of these sewn wristwarmers. I had to wait until 2:30 or so again and then mad woman dashed around the house sweating and sewing and racing around to get at least a few decent shots for you folks. So bear with me if the pics are not my best shots ever, I hope they at least get the message across. Please feel free to ask me any questions in the comments or to email questions my way. I'm more than happy to clarify any oopsies I may have made in my lack of sleep and over caffeinated haze :)

Sew Comfy Wristwarmers Tutorial:


- Fabric approximately 22"L x 12"W for wristwarmers outer lining. I used flannel. Make sure your fabric is pre-washed and shrunk before starting project, it sucks to have to do this, but it's very important.
- Fabric for wristwarmer inner lining approximately 22"L x 12"W. I used an old t-shirt.
- Any supplies you would like to use to snazz up or personalize your wristwarmers.
-needle and thread

*All seam allowances 1/2"

**Copyright 2010
All rights reserved. For personal use only. Please do not sell items made from this tutorial, it's bad karma :)

1. Download and print the pattern template for the wristwarmer. Adjust width or length as necessary for your arm/hand size.

Bottom Wrist Warmers

Top Wrist Warmers

If you choose not to print the pattern piece out here's another way for you to all whip one up as well:

1. Using a knit wristwarmer as a guide for shape, trace the outline on a piece of paper and then flip the wristwarmer to the right and continue tracing. Doing this makes an open version (unseamed) of your knit wristwarmer. This will be your starting guide. From this shape add at least 2 inches all around to make up for the lack of stretch in your outer lining fabric. Mine was about 9 inches wide at the bottom and tapered in smaller at the top. See the picture above & blelow as an example. Where the fabric curves in is approximately where your wrist will go. Remember the top part should be a smaller width than the bottom as your hand (width of your 4 fingers - not your thumb base) is not as big as your forearm.

2. Pin template to your fabric placing pattern piece fold along the fabric fold edge. Cut out 2 of these using your outer fabric. Cut out 2 more of these with your lining fabric. I used flannel for my outer (oooohhh comfy) and a soft t-shirt for the lining.

3. Pin the outers to the inners with right sides facing each other. Imagine the nice print of your fabric kissing the nice soft side of your cotton t-shirt. You should have two wristwarmers pinned and ready to go visit your machine :)

4. Sew all four sides using a zig zag stitch making sure to leave at least a 2" opening to pull your wristwarmer through later on. I used a zig zag stitch due to the fact that I used a stretch fabric and also because I wanted a little give in the glove area for my thumb to move around without ripping the seam open. Be patient with the sewing and be sure to pin well. The stretch moves a bit but if you hold it just right and don't pull or stretch the t-shirt material while sewing they match up quite nicely together.

5. Time to pretty it up. Trim your edges as close as you can get to your zig zag stitch without cutting it. Make sure to cut your corners as well so your edges are nice and pointy when turned right side out. Turn the wristwarmer right side out by pulling it through the 2" opening you left unsewn. Using a sharp object push out your corners and iron the wristwarmer nice and flat, then pin your opening shut. Using an invisible stitch hand sew the opening closed (ignore the fact that mine isn't in the pics below i was racing the light and was desperate to get my pics done).

6. Fold the wristwarmer in half with your outer fabric facing each other. Slip your arm inside and mark with a pic or fabric marker where you would like the opening for your thumb. You want to mark the base of your first finger sort of where the webbing of your thumb starts if you stick your thumb out sideways and also make a mark at the starting point of your wrist. *You will not be sewing this area. Pin the rest of the way down the wristwarmer and also pin the area between your first mark and the top of the wristwarmer. The areas that are pinned are where you will be sewing.

7. Bring the wristwarmer back to your machine and again using your zig zag stitch start sewing from the top of your wristwarmer down stopping at your first mark making sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of your seam a few times. This will help to make the seam nice and strong. You are going to be wearing these lovelies a lot :) This is a thick amount of fabric and it will feel weird at first to sew with this. Make sure you use an appropriate needle for your machine for the thickness and type of fabric you decide to use to make your wristwarmers. I had to tug mine a tad to get it going at first but it made it over the hump.

8. Starting at your 2nd mark sew again with a zig zag stitch down to the bottom of your wristwarmer again using a zig zag stitch. My wristwarmer is 9 1/2" L x 4"W when sewn up.
And then....

GOOD JOB! You're done! Yippee! Wasn't that soooo easy? Super fast and so much fun! I decided to add some buttons on to mine because, well....I love buttons. These wristwarmers are a great basic way to have a starting point to go all willy nilly with! Use your creativity! Make them reversible, or make them foldable to shorten the length sometimes. Add ruffles or applique. Embroider fun sayings on them or quilt them. Do patchwork with shapes or strips..heck the world is your oyester. All I know is that these have not come off since I made them. So comfy and warm for the winter months and even better when worn while sipping some yummy coffee or tea!

*Terms of use: This tutorial is for personal use only. Please do not sell items made from this tutorial - it's bad karma :) Thank you.*

Happy wristwarmer making! Hmmmm...I feel another Comfy Sews VS Cozy Knits coming on..haha. How about making one of our Infinity and Beyond Scarves to go with your fun new wristwarmers? Have you made sewn wristwarmers before? Come join our flickr group and show off your handmade goodies! Click here to join.

Vintage Alphabet Crib Refashion Tutorial with Guests - Kirstin & Jordan from "Kojo Designs"

if you're looking for a ton of fun & easy sewing tutorials, lovely party details, and crafty decor projects "kojo designs" is a blog to check out! these two talented and pretty sisters are sure to inspire you and get you crafting, sewing or just taking some photos.

they don't just blog though. they are also parents, wives and they run an etsy shop of the same name where you can find everything from custom stationery sets, wedding invitations to shoe accessories! these two sisters have a passion for paper....lots of lovelies to be found!

so go browse, say hi, grab a cup of coffee while the littlies nap and get lost in "kojo designs". a big thank you to kirstin, who, at the moment is preggers with baby #2 due in august. thanks for taking time to do this tute even though you are very pregnant. i send lots of good birthing vibes your way and of course, good toddler behaviour ones too! i'm always here for ya when you need to vent :)

now let's hear from kirsten & jordan.....

Hello there from kojodesigns! We were so excited when Shannon asked us to be a part of Babyhood Bonanza... We've been loving all of the fantastic tutorials (our to-make list just keeps getting longer and longer with each installment!) and are thrilled to be a part of welcoming Miss Harper with a whole lot of baby goodness.

Depending on when you asked, or who you sat down with on a given day (and especially depending on how ornery Keadryn, Sayla or Burke were being on that day), you'd probably get the whole gamut of commentary from the two of us on the role of being a mom. Part of that broad range is Jordan's experience as a mom of girls, as well as a mama-of-two (Keadryn is 3 years old and Sayla's 1 and a half) and Kirstin's current setup as mom to Burke (who is 2 years old and about to be joined by Peanut #2 in August). But possibly more influential in our ever-changing perspective on being a mom is the oh-so-diverse nature of motherhood itself. It seems that being a mama brings out the worst and the best, an entire range of emotions (including ones you didn't know you had), the most tender and precious of moments sprinkled with the greatest frustrations, times when things seem calm and settled, and new levels of chaos. It's a wild ride, isn't it? And one we wouldn't trade for the world... even on the days when our reviews on motherhood might lean towards the less-than-sparkling.

With that in mind, when we found out that our youngest sister (Kedron) was pregnant and due just a couple months after Kirstin, we were thrilled beyond words. Not only will she be joining us in the aforementioned wild ride of mommy-ness, but think of all of the STUFF that accompanies this dive into the world of parenthood... STUFF for us to make! As the first order of business in the Stuff-To-Make category, Kedron and Patrick decided on "Vintage Alphabet" as their nursery theme and found some fabulous vintage-y, Japanese fabric to complete their vision. Our job? Craft a crib bumper, crib skirt, and other coordinated nursery decor. First up? The crib bumper!

Though we've used the nursery patterns from Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones before (and with great success), we decided to branch out and try something new this time- refashioning an existing crib bumper. We didn't know this going in, but it turns out to be a fairly low maintenance project, and with gorgeous results.... Care to join us? Today, at the kojodesigns blog, we'll share our first installment of this loveliness- their now-finished, refashioned crib bumper (with a tutorial for those of you who'd like to try your hand at refashioning a crib bumper of your own).

Thanks again for having us, Shannon, and congratulations! Give that baby (well, both of your babies, really) some love for us...

more fun to come this stay tuned! what have you been working on?

all images copyright kojo designs

Dress Shirt Sleep Sack Tutorial with Guest - Lindsay from "The Cottage Home"

i'm so in love with this tutorial. i'm partial to all the wonderful dress shirt refashions that have come about over the last year or so as they were one of the main things that got me to even start sewing. so when lindsay told me what she had planned i've been dying to see it ever since. most of you know how much i luv lindsay and her fab etsy shop "The Cottage Mama" and blog "The Cottage Home" and to hear me gush about her some more and to find out how she does it all with 2 kids and a hubby check out our interview for "moms in the mommyhood" we did on her recently.

now let's hear from lindsay......

Wow, I'm thrilled to be back at luvinthemommyhood as part of the "Babyhood Bonanza". My name is Lindsay and I am here from The Cottage Home (blog) and The Cottage Mama (etsy shop).

I have two darling little ladies of my own - Savannah Rose (2 years) and Matilda Jane (11 months). Being a mother is the best thing to ever happen to me. It has grounded me, created a very clear direction for my life and has given me the drive to follow my dreams. If it weren't for my girls, I would not have started my blog, I would not have started my children's clothing business, and I would not be here sharing my Dress Shirt Sleep Sack Tutorial with all of you. My girls are the world to me and have definitely shown me the meaning of true love.

I don't know about you, but for the first year or so of my girls life they spend most of their time sleeping in a sleep sack. I never have enough sleep sacks - they always seem to be in short supply, but they are pretty expensive at $20 a pop. So that's where today's tutorial comes in........Dress Shirt Sleep Sack Tutorial.

I have seen so many tutorials for men's dress shirt refashioned into little girls dresses, which are SO adorable and I've been meaning to make one (or two) for my girls. But here's a new twist - make your little lady or little man a sleep sack out of their Daddy's shirt. Use a 100% cotton dress shirt for a light-weight, summer sleep sack and use a flannel, button-down for a cozier winter sleep sack.

The idea of my little baby Matilda all cozy in her crib, wrapped up in her Daddy's shirt, just warms my heart.........can you feel the love?

1 Large Men's Dress Shirt
Bias Tape
Sewing Machine
Baby Sleep Sack (to use as a pattern)
Rick-Rack, ribbon or other trim (optional)
Fabric for applique (optional)
Fusible Interfacing - I like Wonder Under (if doing applique)


Grab a men's button-down dress shirt - preferably from your little one's Daddy or Grand-Daddy. But if your hubby doesn't have an extra one, just pick one up at your local thrift store.

Lay your regular sleep sack on top of the dress shirt. Line the zipper of the sleep sack up with the buttons of the dress shirt. A large men's shirt is the perfect size for a 6-12 month sleep sack.

I am a big fan of using hardware-store washers as pattern weights. Place your weights onto the sleep sack to ensure no slipping during cutting.

Cut around the sleep sack leaving 1/2"-3/4" border. I always use a rotary cutter because I am usually very short on time - makes for much quicker work!

You will leave this border to allow for your seam allowance, which is 1/2" in this case.

Cut all the way around the entire sleep sack - through both layers of the dress shirt.

Here's what the sleep sack will look like after you have cut it out. I left the pocket, but feel free to remove it with a seam ripper.

Sew the top of each shoulder - right-sides together.

Stitch away.

Press your seams with an iron.

Now cut out the neck (only cut the top layer). Use your sleep sack as a guide. I just free-hand drew mine with a water-soluble fabric pen - approximately 3" wide by 3" deep.

Here is the sleep sack with the neck removed.

This part is TOTALLY optional. I wanted my Matilda's sleep sack to be a little more girly so I added some trim. Get creative with this and use whatever trim you have on hand.

Stitch your trim to the sleep sack.

Pin your bias tape around each arm hole. Open it and pin it to the RIGHT side of the garment.

Stitch the bias tape.

Now fold over your bias tape and stitch again on the RIGHT side of the garment.

Do the same thing around the neck opening, but make sure you fold over the edges as this will show and you do not want any raw edges against baby's skin.

This part is entirely optional as well. I cut out a flower from some fabric (Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane) and used fusible interfacing to adhere it to the sleep sack. Follow the manufacturers instructions for interfacing to do this step.

Then stitch around your flower. I used a straight stitch, but if you do not like the frayed look, I would suggest using a tight zig-zag.

Now to finish. Pin the sides and the bottom - right sides together. Stitch the three sides closed. Turn right-side out and press.

And there you have it - A Dress Shirt Sleep Sack

And here's my sweet baby girl wearing her new cozy sleep sack.

Checking it out, making sure Mama did it right.

Yes! I LOVE my new sleep sack!!

Time for a nap!

Cottage Mama's Note: Please, please check all of the buttons on your shirt and make sure they are sewn on very securely. I suggest reinforcing them, just to be extra cautious.

Thank you so much, Shannon, for having me! I'm so glad we have gotten to know each other - I feel like we were just meant to be friends. Hope you are having fun with your two sweet girly girls!

thank you linds! i'm so glad we have gotten to know each other as well and agree that we were meant to be friends! i can't wait for the day that we can meet in person and hang out and sew! thanks for all of your emails, wisdom and advice - you're the best!

i'm super excited for you all to see our next tutorial this's one i've been meaning to make myself but could never do as fabulous a job as our next guest blogger is going to - so stay tuned!

are you guys having fun yet? are you enjoying the bonanza? i am! i only wish i could do some sewing...haha! what are you planning to make from our tutorials so far?

Fruit Salad Baby Hats with Guest - Maggie from "Smashed Peas & Carrots"

let's all give a big hello to the sweet maggie from the fun and fabulous blog "smashed peas and carrots"! she's one of my fave emailing/blogging buddies and i'm thrilled to have her over to be part of the "babyhood bonanza"! she's currently preggers with baby #3 and i send big hugs her way for finding the time/energy to whip up this great little tutorial for all of us ladies!

it's been a crazy week in our household so bear with me with the short intro folks, it's pretty simple to write though - go check out smashed peas and carrots...hee hee, it's one of my fave places to visit online. lots of goodies galore there from sewing tutorials, crafts, projects for the little ones and fabulous recipes as well! you won't be disappointed! thanks again mags - one of these days I AM going to show up for some of that delicious cake, a cup of coffee and some girl chat and a visit with your gorgeous family!

now let's hear from maggie............

Babies. What can I say about Babies? They are just so sweet and cuddle-y, and teeny tiny, and breath-taking. I am a momma of two right now and I remember both of their births and those early weeks like they were yesterday. So Sweet! Now I wonder to myself just how did my little ones get so big?

Babies. Yeah, they are on my mind a lot these days as I am expecting my number 3 at the end of July. Yup, craziness pure craziness, will be happening around my house in less than two months! So, in thinking of fun things to make for new little bundles of joy I thought about baby hats. A necessary piece of clothing to keep their little heads warm no matter what time of year. A fun gift to give and receive. Yup, I love 'em. And, what could be more fun than making some Fruit Salad Baby Hats for the new arrival?

Who wouldn't want to give or receive:
an "I'm Strawberry Special" Hat
or a "Blueberry Cutie Pie'' Hat
or maybe an "Orange I Sweet" Hat
or even an "Apple of My Eye" Hat
No little bundle of joy would be complete without one on their head!

Fruit Salad Anyone?
Ok, so let's make the Blueberry Cutie Pie Hat, shall we? You'll need:

one blue t-shirt (size X-large will make you a few!)
blue felt
coordinating thread
hand-sewing needle
sewing machine
rotary cutter and mat

First, make a template for your hat. A basic half-oval shape is perfect. I just free-handed mine. For a 0-3 month old you will need to make your template 7 1/2 inches wide at the bottom and about 5 3/4 inches tall. (Most 0-3 month old babies head circumference measure around 14-15 inches in diameter so if your little babe has a bigger noggin you may want to add some more inches to the width.)

Place your template at the bottom edge or the sleeve portion of your t-shirt, making sure to use the hem that is already in place. Cut out both front and back pieces of your hat using both front and back sides of the t-shirt.

Next, take your felt piece and cut one 4 x 4 inch piece and one 1 inch by 1.5 inch piece.

With the smaller felt piece, fold it in half lengthwise to make a rectangle and sew a straight stitch all the way around it. This will be the stem for your blueberry.

Next, fold the larger felt piece in half and cut out a few triangles so that you have a very oblong star-shape, like the picture above. It doesn't really have to be symmetrical since blueberry leaves are all types of crazy shapes.

Then, with your star-shape open, use your rotary cutter and cut a small slit about 1/2 inch in length in the center.

Now, take your two hat pieces and place right sides together with the stem piece centered at the very top portion. Sew the two pieces together using a zig-zag stitch to give the hat some extra stretch room.

Flip your hat right-side out and make sure it's not too puckered at the seam. You may need to snip your seam allowance at the curves a bit.

Finally, take your star-shaped felt piece and pull the stem through the slit. Hand-stitch the leaves to that hat taking care not to sew the front and the back of the hat together.

Then, go find a cutie-pie baby to wear your hat like little Gus here, so sweet at just one-month old, isn't he!
Whether gazing into momma's eyes, smiling at the birdies or sleeping the day away, a Fruit Salad Baby Hat will keep your little babe warm and stylin' all day long no matter the season!

So Vibrant and Sweet the way every Fruit Salad should be!

Every Fruit Salad needs a rainbow of colors!

Thanks so much Shannon for including me in your Babyhood Bonanza! It's such an honor to be here today!! Much love to you and your new little babe, she is such a doll!!

you're welcome mags - luv ya girl!

i've got some pics coming your guys way tomorrow so come back to check out baby harper and all the craziness in our house lately! in the meantime go sport our's over there to your left on the sidebar - we'll luv ya for it!

make it for mom - mother's day roundup

ohhhh, here it is folks! here's the monster of a post that's kept me up late the last few nights while i endure my braxton hicks.....the make it for mom mother's day roundup that i guest blogged over on "made" for celebrating mom! pop on over to made and check it out!

To me, motherhood comes in many forms. being someone who thought she may never be able to have children of her own i learned through my own personal struggle that motherhood is in our lives in places we may not always want to look, such as adoption, in-vitro, surrogacy, etc., but it's there, patiently waiting. Being a mom doesn't mean you have to give birth, it means unconditional love. Whether that child has your DNA or not, each and every little angel deserves that special kind of love and giving birth isn't the only way to develop and nurture that precious bond.

Being a mom is something that can be made. Whether it's in the gift of a child from across the world, being the best auntie you can be to your niece or nephew or being a caring foster home, it doesn't matter, you make what your possibilities are and if you have the love to give by all means make it happen. So for Mother's Day I figured it was quite fitting during these times in our world to "make" a gift filled with love to give to that special lady (or ladies) in your life who share that special and wondrous bond with you. So have fun with the roundup, get creative and enjoy the special power and beauty of handmade love, there's something in here for everyone!

Row 1
1. rope necklace 2. leather chain necklace 3. leather bracelet 4. ruffled scarf
Row 2
5. springy rings 6. zipper daisy 7. mother's day corsage 8. necklace

Row 1
1. ruffle necklace 2. embroidered scarve 3. hair band
Row 2
4. no elastic headband 5. camera/cell/ipod pouch 6. skinny headband

Row 1
1. layered skirt 2. apron 3. tie on slippers
Row 2

4. spring ruffle top 5. elastic waist skirt 6. apron

Row 1
1. pratia tank top 2. rose belt 3. zipper ballet flats
Row 2

4. ruffle shirt 5. flattering shirt dress 6. ruffle scrunch belt

Row 1
1. tea cup lights 2. white cherry branch silhouette 3. body scrub
Row 2
4. personalized magnet & tins 5. moisturizing body oil 6. organza sachet

Row 1
1. straw flowers 2. eye pillow 3. handprint flower
Row 2
1. recycled flower pot 2. pasta plate 3. coupon book

Row 1
1. shower curtain 2. skinny table runner 3. gingham placemats
Row 2
4. gathered pillow 5. reversible fabric napkin ring 6. scrappy carrier bag

Row 1
1. sewing machine cover 2. shoe bag 3. spring napkins
Row 2
4. rubber lace coasters 5. quilt in a day 6. rice therapy bag

Row 1
1. felted slippers (ravelry link) 2. mary jane slipper (ravelry link)

3. twisted socks (ravelry link) 4. sockette pattern (ravelry link)
Row 2
5. textured shawl 6. summit (ravelry link) 7. anthemion wrap (ravelry link)
8. petrie tank (ravelry link)

(with some crochet thrown in for fun!)

Row 1
1. design yourself clothes book 2. sweetheart pin cushion 3. tissue holder
4. pincushion organizer
Row 2
1. coffee cozy 2. eyeglass case 3. vintage book planner 4. reversible journal cover

Row 1
1. big bow and clutch 2. scrappy clutch 3. suit coat clutch
Row 2
4. quilted garden tote 5. boxy pouch 6.
reversible bag

Row 1
1. tank top totes 2. sling bag 3. pleated purse
Row 2
4. ruffled totebag 5. nigella yoga bag 6. buttercup bag

thanks so much for having me over dana - i'm honored! you're talent and creativity always astounds me, and you are blessed with a very beautiful family. i'm happy to have gotten to know you over this last year and i wish you a very happy handmade mother's day! luv ya girl!!!

make sure you head on over for the next two weeks to see what dana celebrates on made and disney on ruffles and stuff.

wishing you all a wonderful mother's day as well. what will you be making for that special someone?

etsy monday in the mommyhood & makin' it in the mommyhood

"Float like a Cadillac, sting like a Beemer". ~ Lightning McQueen

1) small cars - set of 6 by small town toys
2) soft plush cars and trucks by by nanas hands
3) 'my first cars' set of two by birdy boots
4) natural race cars - set of 3 by happy squash toys

it's one of mackenzie's friends bday today and he is a huge fan of cars. little cars, big cars and of course the movie cars. his favorite color is red. whenever we see him he has cars with him so i thought what better gift to give than a car caddy!

i based this one on "homemade by jill's" tutorial. i also adore the one lindsay made from "the cottage home". i did make a few changes though. here's what i altered:

- different measurements. mine was shorter in length and height and only has 5 pockets. i didn't have jeans that had a wide enough leg to give me the measurements jill used.

- no piping used. i simply sewed the edges right sides together and then left an opening to pull the carrier through. i then attached my ties to the top right hand corner instead of the side and hand stitched the opening shut. i'm sure i could have top stitched for extra strength where the ties are but i didn't think i would like the look and couldn't decide on the color of thread to use so i left it. i made the ties from felt and figured he has a bit of pull leeway before they would fall out anyways. i also decided to let him knot it instead of using velcro.

-i added his name in felt onto the top half of the caddy above where the car is stitched on for cuteness factor.

this was a fun project to do especially since i am used to making girly girl things. i was happy to do the hand stitching and not have to be at the machine. it's proving harder and harder to make it for very long at my sewing hoo.

have you made a car caddy? what tutorial did you use or did you make your own? i'd love to see them!

link luv roundup

- i think i would like disney from ruffles and stuff to just make me a new wardrobe - i want this skirt!
- don't these cupcakes in a jar look sooooo delicious?

1) i've always wanted to give a shot at making my own lip balm and this diy might just be the push i needed to try. (via got craft)
2) easter may be over but that doesn't mean the cute little rabbits have to dissapear does it? i heart this tute from chez beeper bebe.
3) what a cute idea for a bunting? get the pattern here.
4) finally a knitted tank you could wear a bra under! you can get the pattern on knitty now.

1) don't these look super cozy? i don't think i would be caught dead in them out in public but they would definitely make adorable lounging shorts. click here for the pattern.
2) pretty ditty shows us how to go from cardi blah to cardi hurrah!
3) moda bake shop has the adorable tutorial up for these pretty spring dresses.

oh gosh, i'm swooning, i could only dream of having such a gorgeous selection of wooden buttons, love this pic. (via oh, hello friend)

1) this message in a bottle diy is soooo lovely!
2) whip up your own patterned hair band with this tute.
3) learn the secret to perfect patch pockets here.
4) ok, i will seriously be making a giant and i mean giant sized pitcher of this magic juice as soon as it's easy for me to consume a few hours worth of alcohol....yummy!

1) i've been loving this fun canadian blog "the stylish tot". go check it out!
2) adventures in dressmaking shows us how to take that men's dress shirt and make a very fab skirt - too cute!
3) i fell in love with this wallpapered dressing table. maybe it's because i've been wanting to wallpaper the top of a diy project sitting in my home for over a year now and just haven't gotten around to it. here's the diy.

what do you guys think of this? love it or hate it? (via handmade charlotte)

- jessica's getting me in the mood for summer! too bad my sooon to be breastfeeding girls won't be wearing this top anytime soon...haha, but i love it nonetheless. here's the how to. my girls ain't going out anywhere unless they are strapped down and secured...haha.
- alexis from made by lex has a sweet tute for a fun play dress for your little girl.

- learn how to add some homemade lace applique to a basic tank top for some girly fun this spring!!!
- i think this ruffled peasant top is so adorable! head over to the sewing dork for the tutorial.

1) kathreen from whip up has a new book out! so excited to see this! in honor of her book release she is doing a mini quilt month on her site. go join in!
2) the book "carefree clothes for girls" looks really interesting. after reading the review on the purl bee i just may be brave enough to give it a try, ok, maybe after a few more months of working on my sewing skills, but i can dream right?
3) make yourself a new quilted table runner to freshen up your table for spring with this tute from the quilting diaries.
4) mique from thirty handmade days is starting a new series called "practically practical", it's fun, go take a looksie.

things i'm luving this week:

- yippeee...insert my happy dance, it's quilting month on sew mama sew! i seriously need all the tips and how to's i can get my hands on!
- check out the new sewing website "we all sew". lots of goodies on here.
- go look at a "new dress a day". there are seriously the most amazing and creative refashions on here. my jaw just dropped. the ugliest things into the prettiest of outfits.
- join in on a 24 hour virtual make-a-long over on leethal. sounds like a lot of fun!
- learn how to master the art of sewing an internal zipper pocket for a bag.
-amazing mae has a fun recycled magazine envelopes diy up.
- learn how to make your own shower curtain with this tute or a pretty shirred pillow with this one.
- get a look into one of my fave bloggers (sfgirlbybay) san fransisco home on etsy's "there's no place like here" series. click here for the video.
-turn a placemat into a little boy's toolbelt with the creative maven.

what are you luving this week? do you have a tutorial you would like to see up here next week? send me an email!

p.s. if any of you featured in the roundup would like a "featured on luvinthemommyhood" button for your blog just send a quick email my way to and i'll send you one right over - thanks for your support :)

maternity sewing tutorial roundup

**make sure to also pop over and check out our maternity sewing tutorial roundup 2011 and 2012!**

i'm super excited for this post! i've been meaning to do this roundup during my whole pregnancy and now since i am a month away from little beans arrival i figured I better get on it. i spent a lot of time hunting down maternity tutorials during the last 8 months, but never got around to finding the energy to make any of them. boo for me but good for you guys.

i've been getting some emails lately asking me for references to good maternity tutorials, well here's your answer ladies! i've scoured the web and found what i think are some goodies! i also threw in some great sewing resources for alterations, places to buy vintage maternity patterns and even how to convert a regular bra to a nursing bra! yeehaw! that one i may try!

so save the moula on all those expensive maternity clothes and make or refashion your own! i know what i'll be up to soon, turning all my mat clothes into regular clothes - my baby making time is over after the little bean comes along. so scroll through, go say hi to some talented ladies and show your belly some love!!!

1) converted maternity pants tutorial from modest maven
2) diy maternity pants from megan nielsen
3) maternity pants tutorial from grosgrain
4) maternity jeans tutorial from staker family circus
5) maternity yoga pants from make baby stuff
6) maternity jeans from patchwork princess

more tutorials:
- how to make a maternity panel
- maternity dress pants conversion
- shirt sleeves to yoga capris
- convert your jeans

1) wrap maternity top from megan nielsen
2) big tee to maternity tee refashion from homemade by jill
3) how to sew your own maternity shirt from laura's blog
4) diy maternity shirt from megan nielsen

1) gwenna - the maternity skirt from see mommy sew
2) modest maternity mini skirt from georgeina
3) refashioned jeans to maternity skirt from homemade by jill
4) refashioned maternity skirt from pink picket fence

more tutorials:
- maternity t-shirt skirt
- ruffle-y maternity skirt

1) how to make a wrap cardigan from megan nielsen
2) pregnancy band tutorial from smashed peas and carrots
3) maternity or not frock from presser foot

more tutorials:
- the no sew nursing top solution
- how to make a regular bra into a nursing bra
- pattern for zip in jackets for maternity and baby carrying use
- nursing shirt
- another take on the belly band
- nursing top from t-shirt
- big ugly shirt refashion

Maternity Patterns:
- grandmas house
- ebay

Sewing Tips:
-expandable t-shirt wrap
- maternity jalie shirt pattern review
- xxl maternity shirt to j crew inspired maternity top
- maternity block from the pattern school- maternity pattern reviews from assorted notions
- easy pattern adaptions for maternity wear
- more maternity pattern adaptions & reviews

online maternity shops (this list is in progress):- belly dance maternity
- belly dance baby

i'm sure i've missed a few tutorials or helpful posts out there, heck, a girl can't be perfect ya know..haha. so if you know of one, please, please, pretty please leave me a comment below with the link or send an email to and i will update this post as they come along.

happy belly sewing!!!!!

last image courtesy of suhel sheikh

link luv roundup

this photo reminds of when i used to have the time to daydream.....
1) love these little shoes and the blog as well.
2) turn a cropped cardigan into a baby cardi over on a beautiful mess.
3) struggling with a small kid's room? why not turn a closet into a sleeping area? check out this family's home tour over on design sponge. what a great idea!
4) i've been doing a lot of organizing lately and this tutorial on the mother huddle is on my to make list.

- i'm crossing my fingers that anna maria horner posts the free tute for this baby zigzag quilt sooner than later, i'm in love with it!!!
- dana from made has an adorable easter craft up over on v&co. this week.
1) sew4home has a quick little tute up for making a soft, cushy playmate for the little ones in your life.
2) i've been on the lookout for a new duvet and have recently gotten interested in making one of my own. i came across this tutorial and couldn't resist linking.
3) can we say yummy? check out this chocolate bird's nest tutorial!
4) simply modern mom has the how to for this sweet traveling placemat tutorial.

- ohhh, bunny finger puppets how cute are you?
- vanessa shows us how to use up old dryer sheets and turn them into this adorable applique.

turn a tshirt into a quick fix grocery bag over on between the lines.

this is seriously the cutest kid's bday cake i have ever seen!!! (via craftzine)
ok, i could fill a whole post with my ranting over this pic, but decided to try and contain myself. i seriously got depressed seeing gisele in this pic and interview for vogue with her new baby who is like what - 6 weeks old or something? seriously, how are normal mom's supposed to live up to this? and we wonder why we get depressed?

1) if you have any hemp kicking around the house why not whip up these fun coasters?
2) pretty little hearts....isn't this quilt sweet?
3) learn how to make a staple free matchbook over at daisy janie. (via craftzine)
4) salvage an old bulletin board into this lovely patchwork one.

- get the how to for this rose belt diy and even learn how to make a matching one for your little girl.
- i doubt i'll be making any maternity clothes from now until may, but for all you gorgeous preggos out there here's a great skirt refashion!

1) this mama makes stuff turned a western shirt into this yoked girl's skirt - so friggin cute!!!
2) keep your outfits organized with this day of the week hanger tags tutorial from the creative maven.
3) great pattern for this tea towel apron over on 3 sweet p's.
4) i'm not sure i could carry off these stripes but i still love this sweater pattern from pickles.

1) the object project has a post up for a free download of one of the quilts from the e-book "sew expecting".
2) what little girl wouldn't love one of these plush ballet bunnies? get the how to here.
3) head over to bliss in a teacup to drool over these gorgeous wooden buntings! such a great take on the bunting!
4) adventures in dressmaking has a wealth of refashions on her site. check out this tshirt refab.

1) the newest free issue of viva la moda is up for our drooling purposes.
2) learn how to turn 2 pillowcases into this handy bag from the sewing dork.
3) check out this trestle bench makeover on censational girl.
4) i've been enjoying this book "alchemy arts - recycling is chic" by kate mackay and ki jennings.

things i'm luving this week:

- learn how to make a pair of custom yoga pants over on threadbanger.
- i can't wait to try some of these recipes for making your own kitchen soap. (via craft gossip)
- great diy for making fabric printer sheets out of ingredients in your own home.
- i've been on the lookout for a new booster seat and spotted this roundup on ohdeedoh.
- join in on the sock fun design contest over on "exercise before knitting".
- sew an easy t-shirt shrug with the cottage home.
- ok, i'm counting down the days till the new sex and the city movie is out, here's the link to the trailer...fabulous!!!
- i flipped over this dress refashion that melissa made along with the skirt for her daughter to match! i cannot believe these came from such an ugly dress.

what are you luving this week? do you have a tutorial you would like to see up here next week? send me an email!

p.s. if any of you featured in the roundup would like a "featured on luvinthemommyhood" button for your blog just send a quick email my way to and i'll send you one right over - thanks for your support :)

link luv roundup

1) isn't this pic just lovely?
2 & 3) get the diy for these pretty wall decors from the shop ruche. the first wall is a natural peel-able fabric wallpaper and the 2nd is flowers made from butcher paper.

1) easter is on it's way and small mag has cute project for egg cosies.
2) add some color to a room with this tute on how to make a zippered throw pillow over on design sponge.
3) or make a sham style pillowcase with prudent baby.
4) i love the applique refashion for revamping a pretty tee over on blue eyed freckle.

ok, time to insert a lot of drool on my part. i heart anna maria horner and when this new pattern popped up in my reader i just about fell out of my chair. so lovely, i want, i need to have this pattern.....

1) ok, seriously people, is this not the cutest oven mitt? i went to go buy it and what a surprise, it was sold out - boo hoo. too pretty not to link to though. (via sfgirlbybay)
2) i am a huge fan of pickles, and no, i don't mean the kind you eat, though i love those too. this pretty waffle hat is next up on my hat knitting list. get the free pattern here.
3) i think this is a pattern for a reusable grocery bag that i might actually make!
4) i heart craft hope and heart even more that they have a book coming out! click here for more info.

- yippee! it's almost time for made by rae's "spring top week"! i cannot wait!!! while i'm not entering i love watching all the entries and seeing the winner of this popular contest!
- the purl bee shows us how to make some fresh spring napkins.

1) mique of thirty days has a great tutorial for this spring top for your little ones.
2) ummmmmm, these are adorable!!! (via a beautiful mess)
3) find out how to whip up a layered knit skirt for your little girl.

- this mama makes stuff has a darling little how to on making a baby bonnet from a hankie!
- want to find out how to line your drawers with pretty paper? young house love shows you how.

1) come and see the seitz has a nice tutorial for making your own cute pair of panties. looking for more of these? check out the roundup we did last year!
2) why not try your hand at making some pillows from vintage tea towels?
3) dana, do you ever sleep? haha! make some fun crafts for st. patrick's day over on made. love the split peas!
4) noodleheads shows you how to make a fold over bag, so pretty!

1) one of my new fave blogs "from an igloo" has got a lovely tute for making this scrappy clutch! i can't wait to make this one!
2) craftzine shows us how to make an easy ribbon rosette.
3) how cute is this idea for photo pencils from mary janes and galoshes?
4) got some corduroy kicking around waiting to be repurposed? why not try turning it into a pretty diamond wale pillow?

love megan has the loveliest tutorial for turning rope into this pretty yet simple necklace. what a great idea! (via craft gossip)

1) if you treasured pia jane bijkerk's first book you'll love her second "amsterdam made by hand". it's available for pre-order now.
2) threadbanger has a roundup right after my own heart! check out all the fingerless mitts - perfect for us stroller pushing mommas!!!
3) i love the simplicity of this quick leather bracelet. get the how to here.
4) jessica of happy together refashions a cardigan into this cute top.
5) i want to learn how to make these pretty knit vase cosies! (via decor8)

1) i can't wait to get a good look at the book "alabama studio style".
2) looking to make your own diaper changing pad that you can actually wipe down instead of wash? head here for the how to from my creative stirrings.
3) isn't this the cutest little bike basket? and yep, you can make one too! find out how to here. (via craft gossip)
4) turn those boot cut jeans into skinny jeans with this tute from mmmcrafts.

things i'm luving this week:

- this happy go lucky site all about what just made your day.
- anthropologie inspired refashion for the winding road tank.
- new free quilt pattern from oh fransson,
- get inspired from this gorgeous post filled with lovely packages.
- scared to try an invisible zipper like me? sew 4 home shows us how to get over our fears.
- we all long for anthropologie goodies enough already, now they are branching out into weddings!!! omg, how much more can we be expected to handle???
- making it lovely has a great post up with diy painting tips, tricks and a step by step guide.
- new issue of lmnop is out now for free download!
- counting coconuts has a great post on making your little ones a st.paddy's day sensory tub complete with green/gold playdough.
- i want everything from the shop wood and wool stool.

what are you luving this week? do you have a tutorial you would like to see up here next week? send me an email!

p.s. if any of you featured in the roundup would like a "featured on luvinthemommyhood" button for your blog just send a quick email my way to and i'll send you one right over - thanks for your support :)

link luv roundup

1) oh my gosh, this apron with built in potholders in the corners from the mother huddle is so adorable! i think i need to make one of these!
2) i'm adoring the new march anthropologie.
3) this would be such a fun project for the little ones for easter! find out how to grow your own grass eggs over on fly through our window.
4) i've been spotting this wonderful, bright and colorful lampshades all over the blogosphere lately - i heart them! want one of your own? check out the shop "the owls are hunting" and get ready to drool!!!

i can't stop looking at images of spring this week.....i miss the sunshine we had last week. (via sfgirlbybay)

- oh, hello friend is hosting the fab lovely package exchange again this year. head on over here to enter.
- or enter disney's "ruffles your stuff" competition over on her blog! this is sure to be filled with goodies galore! get ready to sew up a storm. i can't wait to see the entries!

- samster mommy has a fun tute up for our little ones to diy some baby toddler yoga pants.
- mmmmm, i love lemons and these lemon tarts are calling my name over on the design sponge.

1) cute pattern for a reversible bib over on prudent baby this week.
2) there's been lots of zipper tutes floating around lately. i love this zipper daisy tutorial over on diary of a craftaholic or check out threadbanger's roundup of zipper projects this week.
3) learn how to turn a potholder into a case for your glasses over at "two shades of pink".
4) vanessa from v and co. has a great tute up on sew mama sew for some fun decorations made from white t-shirts.

1) quilt up your little one a scottie dog with this free pattern.
2) i am a button addict and flipped over this button necklace diy at joy's hope.
3) skip to my lou shows us how to make this cute apron from a tea towel!

- i am a big fan of skinny laminx's fabric line and just had to post about her prints inspired from her collection of vintage mugs and tea pots.

1) get in on the fun on presser foot and make the "maternity or not frock".
2) jill's got a handy little tute up on how to refashion a big tee to a maternity top.
3) then knit up a "love cocoon" with this free patter over on "mrs missy muffet". (via whip up)

the new issue of small magazine is out and it's filled to the brim with lovely, lovely goodies!

1) fellow canadian blogger "from an igloo" has two fun tutes up for your little ones. first up the twirly t-shirt dress and then......
2) the one hour sundress. (via one pretty thing)
3) clean out your wardrobe of old tees by making up this pretty wreath from scoutie girl. (via dollar store crafts)
4) add a tutu to your little girl's onesie with the help of jessica from happy together.

things i'm luving this week:

- that thanks to all of your lovely votes and for being such great and loyal readers we came in 2nd place overall in "the lovelies" awards!! whoop whoop! big hugs to all of you who voted, i really appreciate all your kind words!!
- maggie has a fun tute up for making a glazed fabric button ring and a stretch knit pregnancy band over on her blog "smashed peas and carrots".
- fun sewing tute for a simple smocked skirt from come and see the seitz.
- love this wrangle me tee from "i am momma hear me roar".
- found this site to be lots of fun for all you fellow diy addicts.
-great ideas for an oscar themed party from twig and thistle. click here for part 1 and here for part 2.
- make a two minute no sew felt diaper for all those dolls and stuffies your little one loves to change.
- sew up your own hanger space saver with help from little birdie secrets.
- love the idea of the site and can't wait to see what he comes up with! the site is for both boys and girls and promises to teach us the basic skills for diy from a handyman's perspective.

what are you luving this week? do you have a tutorial you would like to see up here next week? send me an email!

p.s. if any of you featured in the roundup would like a "featured on luvinthemommyhood" button for your blog just send a quick email my way to and i'll send you one right over - thanks for your support :)

link luv roundup

1) i'm drooling over the new additions to "cloud 9 fabrics". i'll take a few yards of each please!
2) creature comforts has some tips and a little diy on making your own photo topped mini-notepads, so pretty.
3) have you been eyeing butterfly chandeliers? learn how to make your own over on the mother huddle.
4) i love the idea of these rubber lace coasters, what a great and inexpensive idea!

being hugely preggo makes me have dreams at night where i feel as light as this dancer looks in this pic.

a few months ago i was on a mad hunt for a tea cozy pattern and didn't really find much that excited me. well today i came across the shop retro mama and wowsa - these are stunning! i just might have to cave in and buy this one! check out her blog too!

the long thread shows you how to make some pretty spring pieced coasters to match up with the tea cozies we're all gonna make :)

1) oh linda, you keep my to make lists so's a wonderful little clutch repurposed out of a suit coat! how fab! you can check out her tute here.....
2) or linda shows you how to add an adorable zipper ruffle to give some attitude to a basic pair of flats.
3) i'm in love with these cloud shaped marshmallows.
4) "i am momma hear me roar" has a perfect tutorial to tie in with all the boy goodies floating around lately. learn how to make this hurley inspired hoodie here.

speaking of boy stuff, thimbly things has a tutorial for a soft baby book that i cannot wait to make for the little bean! i love this!

i heart pot holders. they are so fun and so addicting...almost as addicting as granny squares. i loved the latest ones over on noodleheads. something about the colour and that adorable house block just won me over. go take a peek and while you're there, check out her new craft room...i'm jealous :)

1) wanna make your own fabric wall decals? click here for the how to.
2) these pretty paper mailboxes could easily be in your home! get the tutorial to make your own over on simply modern mom, my daughter would love playing with one of these!
3) while your at it, why not make your wee one a laminated kids wallet to play store with as well?

1) one of the few fab maternity tutorials i have found during my pregnancy is this lovely little wrap top from megan nielsen, and yep, it's a free download! get sewing!
2) oh granny squares, you are killing me...i can't stop finding new ones. i absolutely adore this blanket pattern from nova made. this is next on my granny square list, the hexagons are fab! (via whip up)
3) fun with mama shows us how to add crawling knee pads to our little ones pants.
4) one of my fave blogs to read "a beautiful mess" has a great diy for a quirky bunny doll, i love that big ol sloppy grin on his face!
5) velvet cake...need i say more? please wipe the drool off of my face....

1) i love the blog kenziepoo and was super excited to read that she is starting an ezine that will be debuting in the spring entitled "la petite magazine". can't wait!!!! her blog is always filled with fab finds for kids, i can only imagine how addicting the mag will be!
2) spruce up a simple top with some spring time flair! find out how here.
3) get the tutorial to change your place mat into a fresh handbag over on little birdie secrets.
4) need a swaddle blanket for your new baby? prudent baby has a new free tutorial up so you can make one of your very own.
5) make a charm pack reversible purse with moda bake shop.

two of my fave lady quilters in the whole world have great tutes up this week! i only dream of one day being able to quilt as well as these two uber-talented women. i bow down to you two girls....check out vanessa's scrapbuster banner tute here or join in on rachel from ps i quilt's pinwheel sampler quilt along.

things i'm luving this week:

- that this site has started up - "the modern quilt guild".
- oh my poor heart, i just spotted the new orla kiely spring/summer 2010 collection and i'm in love!!!
- this square flower embellished shirt tute over on smashed peas and carrots.
- spiffy up your empty wipes container by turning it into a clutch with this how to over on "shannon makes stuff".
- all the fun tent tutorials over at obsessively stitching for tent week.
- pink picket fence the blog now has a pretty new etsy shop! go take a peek and drool over her goodies! congrats!
- jessica from happy together has a new pattern up in her shop for a cute mod tie shirt pattern.
- the new beta "makers market".

what are you luving this week? do you have a tutorial you would like to see up here next week? send me an email!

p.s. if any of you featured in the roundup would like a "featured on luvinthemommyhood" button for your blog just send a quick email my way to and i'll send you one right over - thanks for your support :)

don't forget to vote!!! there's only 4 days left to show your love :)

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link luv roundup

vanessa from v and co., one of my fave bloggers and blogs (and one of our former moms in the mommyhood), has an adorable quilt tutorial up at moda bake shop this week!

ohhhh, i want this pillow! they are from a shop called plytextiles and are made from 100% recycled sweaters that are then felted and turned into these charming treasures - how lovely! (via decor 8)

learn how to make some cute belts for the little boys (or girls) in your life with this tute from meg from "elsie marley" over on "made by rae" for celebrate the boy month.

if you've been wondering where marichelle of "heart handmade" has gone, well she's now over at the fabulously lovely "nice package", a new collaboration consisting of her and ez from "creature comforts". those two together as a team....i seriously don't know how you could go wrong :)

i am swooning over their new shop/blog/site. it's filled with pretty diy's, tutes and wonderful packaging ideas with lots of goodies for sale!!! go on over and drool with me! you can find the above pic's how to there and make some of your very own romantic matchbooks.

i'm drooling over the new "built by wendy" collection. i think i seriously want each piece! (via unruly things)

oh gosh, just look at this little guy! so cute! i just wanna kiss those cheeks! ok, ok, enough about the baby, take a look at that hat!!! sew liberated has a free tutorial up for "celebrate the boy" month so head on over and get sewing - i love this!

sew much ado has a great and quick little tute to make leg warmers to go with her skirt refashion from last week's link luv roundup. these seem to be all the rage lately, i better get cracking and make mackenzie a pair before it's summer!

this hat and scarf are made from a man's shirt - yep, can you believe it! great job! you can find the instructions to make your own over at instructables.

melissa from isly has a great little post showing how you can sport some spring time fresh pom poms in your hair! perfect for you and your little girl!

i've been on the lookout for great baby room tutorials and this one from "prudent baby" shows you how to make a custom diaper pad cover.

lil'blue boo has the sweetest lil'tute up today....oh how i want a pair of those piggies for my socks! learn how to make animal sock pompoms for your little ones tootsies!

isn't this guy cute? don't you wanna make one? if you do, head on over to chez beeper bebe for the pattern and tute. (via whip up)

1) dana from made has a tutorial up that i definitely need! i have been a bit chicken to try dying any clothes of mackenzie's but now after her reading how to, i'm sold! go check it out!
2) dwell has new bedding coming out in april - so i hear....i'm lusting after this set. ohhhhh, if only i could afford to buy this set, or at least get target to finally ship to canada so i can buy their other line there. damn you target!!
3) make a nifty wallet out of the cuff from a men's dress shirt over on replayground. (via craftzine)
4) samster's mommy has a handy how to up for turning a sweater into a tunic for your little girl.

ruffles and stuff is keeping my link luv's busy the last couple of weeks - wowsa! she definitely has no shortage of projects lately! this week she has a fantastic and super handy roundup on how to make your wee one's clothes last longer once they are stained, too small..etc.

things i'm luving this week:

- i heard and saw possibly one of the most romantic things of all time. i'm not going to even attempt to explain this...but please, just go over to "jen loves kev" (one of my fave fashion reads) and check out this will make your heart melt and maybe bring a tear to your eye. the best part is that you can join in and spread the love! (hint - it's in the video that starts off with their wedding)

- a sweet and easy pillow sham tutorial over on fussy monkey biz.

- the new sade album and lady antebellum, can't stop playing these two this week.

- issue 6 of parasol mag is out for downloading

- simply stated from real simple has a post with their top 10 design hubs for parents.

- that there is a "so you think you can decorate" starting now too! check it out!

- the new issue of modern handmade child.

- the sewing dork has a little knit pants refashion.

- great listing from mique of thirty handmade days for links for beginner sewers with how to's and projects.

- all of your super sweet votes for me in "the lovelies"! i appreciate every single one of them - you guys rock! thanks for all the super sweet words, i treasure them and it feels great to know others are enjoying what i love to do.

The Lovelies

what are you luving this week? do you have a tutorial you would like to see up here next week? send me an email!

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link luv roundup

i figured a nice, bright jolt of color would help to shake up our wednesday and this pic definitely caught my eye - you all know my obsession with buttons!

1) i love the simplicity of this tutorial for a travel changing pad - so easy! this is a must make for any busy mom on the go. (via one pretty thing)
2) head on over to calico to find out how to revamp some of your headbands this season! a fun tute!
3) i thought the idea to use old valentine cards to make a sweet bunting was clever and resourceful! click here to find out how to make your own. (via whip up)

grace over on whimsy loft shows you how to make this adorable sock owl for the little ones in your life. (via whip up)

why not make a valentine's robot this holiday? sew green shows you how.

another fab tutorial in the "celebrate the boy" series this month. check out the tute for this trinket keepers tutorial (great for girls too) over on amazing mae!

0hhhh, i'm loving it! another anthrocopy from over on made by lex (previously my mama made it). i adore this top! great job alexis!

1) i can't get enough of these hooded scarfs from pretty ditty. this is my fave!
2) whip up some patchwork pillow covers with this tute from things we make.
3) the ever so talented ashley from lil blue boo shows us how to recover and revamp a nursery rocker to add some spice to your room!
4) isn't this just so lovely? i love how fresh and simple this is for valentine's day. (via craftzine)

i need to get my hands on a pair of these! love them! the etsy shop "wooly baby" makes all their wool slippers from recycled sweaters for sizes newborn to 4 years old!!!! so precious!! i want a pair for myself!

1) freshly picked has a tutorial for an easy elastic waist skirt for all us mom's and non-mom's out there!
2) here's a fun refashion from "sew much ado" for a toddler ruffle skirt.
3) ruffles and stuff shows how to make this gorgeous scrunch belt.
4) the lovely ladies over at kojo designs have a tutorial up for this cute plaid and lace schoolgirl skirt for your little one!

1) a former "moms in the mommyhood" shaelynn benner shows us how to make ruffle neck scarf!
2) there's a lovely little diy for these pretty fabric flowers over on 100 layer cake. (via creature comforts)
3) got a cardigan kicking around that needs some vamping up? check out this tute for making that cardi look like something that wasn't your grandmother's.

i wish i had enough quilting skills built up that i could tackle this blocks and stripes quilt from "film in the fridge", it's gorgeous!

alicia paulson from posie gets cozy (also the author of one of my fave sewing books) has a beautiful, pattern up for sale in her shop for this sunshine day baby afgahn - i just might have to make this, it keeps calling to me. darn you alicia!

things i'm luving this week:

- the precious birth stories and memories being shared over on design mom.

- mags from one of my fave blogs "smashed peas and carrots" shares two great tutorials for a repurposed girls shirt to toddler dress and little girls shirt sleeves to leg warmers. so adorable! these are on my "must sew" list!

- free mini kit from melissa of "isly" over on design house digital just in time for valentine's day or some free twitter page backgrounds from "ollibird".

- the new to me blog "mrs lilien styling house" - love the the little tales and characters she whips up to go with her posts each day, so fun!

- new etsy shop from the blog "whatever".

- make sure you head over to the rik rak studio to vote for the 2010 handmade olympics!!!

- the new album making me swoon from the oh, so talented corinne bailey rae.

- the creative maven has a fun little craft to make a valentine for the tea lover after your heart with a play on the word sweetie (sweetea) in the shape of a tea bag. go check it out!

what are you luving this week? do you have a tutorial you would like to see up here next week? send me an email!

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little boy roundup

wowwweee! hi everyone! if you're clicking over from "made by rae" for "celebrate the boy" thanks for stopping by! i guest blogged over there today and this was the post:

image via

hi there, i'm shannon from the blog luvinthemommyhood, where i dish on my attempts to sew, knit, craft, cook, parent and just plain survive (and love) life in the mommyhood. luvinthemommyhood is your source for a wealth of information ranging from handmade & repurposing projects, diy, mommyhood survival tips, to design, photography, music & books - i try to serve it up with humour and a dose of daily life in the mommyhood with my hubby, a soon to be 3 year old, and a little bean on the way.

when the sweet and lovely rae mentioned to me about her plans for "celebrate the boy" and that she wanted me to do a roundup i was ecstatic, and of course, i said yes! i love nothing more than a giant, inspirational roundup - they are my faves! i have a little girl and i'm currently pregnant with my second child, so the idea of doing a boy's roundup after already doing a baby girl one on my site was too good to pass up. plus i am a huge, huge, fan of rae's so just the idea of guest blogging on her site was enough to have me jumping around enough that i could have induced labour.

i scrounged, searched and spent many a night joined at the hip with my computer scouring the internet for the best projects for this roundup. there's sewing, repurposing, knitting and crafts - a little something for everyone! i hope you discover lots of goodies for those special boys in your life and find yourself happy to be ditching the lace and ruffles for capes, knee patches and racetrack toys galore! so come join me and let's help "celebrate the boy"!!!!

Row 1
1. man's polo into boy's polo 2. infant one piece into shirt 3. tshirt to romper
Row 2
4. tshirt to newborn gown 5. men's dress shirt to boy's 6. 90 minute shirt

Row 1
1. rookie mom's easy pants 2. boxer briefs 3. dish towel shorts 4. knee pad pants
Row 2
5. denim shorts 6. pajama pants 7. cuffed play trousers 8. easy peasy underneathy

Row 1
1. the eddie cap 2. boy's tie from man's
3. diaper change cone 4. preemie baby hat
Row 2
5. stay on baby slippers 6. bib from old jeans 7. baby booties 8. baby tie tutorial
Row 3
9. long eared toque from shirt 10. bush hat 11. tie bib 12. travel high chair

Row 1
1. super hero cape 2. superhero cape 3. toolbelt tutorial 4. easy stuffies
Row 2
5. child's tent 6. fabric baby grab ball 7. owl ribbon tag toy 8. rocket man
Row 3
9. cozy car caddy 10. art apron from dishtowel 11. car mat 12. cozy cones

Row 1
1. monster booties or on ravelry 2. brrr baby beanie 3. on the go overalls
Row 2
4. kiddie cadet or on ravelry 5. snug 6. shawl collar baby vest or on ravelry

Row 1
1. the purl bee's quilt for a baby boy 2. minky blanket from i craft
Row 2
3. baby boy double hourglass quilt 4. cluck cluck sew's baby boy bug quilt

a big thank you to rae for having me over and for allowing me to be part of all the fun!!!! "celebrate the boy" is going on for the whole month of february so be sure to join in!

what's your favorite boy tutorial you luv to make for the little guys in your life?

p.s. if any of you featured in the roundup would like a "featured on luvinthemommyhood" button for your blog just send a quick email my way to and i'll send you one right over - thanks for your support :)

link luv roundup

valentine's day is creeping up around the corner and i just adored this easy paper garland over on "how about orange".

the purl bee's always manages to find the perfect projects to get my knitting needles calling out my name. why not make yourself a pair of these cozy leg warmers for valentine's this year?

i'm in the horrible process of not having much luck of finding new bedding and was super happy to find this tute for making your own basic pillowcase over on "make it and love it".

need to whip up some skirts for the kids fast? pop over to "at second street" to get this sweet tute that she made for her girl's (all different ages).

i couldn't resist posting this headband from "katie did" from last year, it's just so simple and pretty, but then again, isn't all her stuff? swoon.....

pick up your copy of betz white's pattern over at her etsy shop to make your own cuddly, little hedgehogs.

wow! this topiary was made from a somewhat ugly $0.99 one from the goodwill. way to go abby, from "tales and trials", it looks fab!!

ok, insert my drool here. the lovely lady behind the fab blog "truly smitten" has just started her very own foodie blog entitled "tea loves honey". can i just say yummy? this is sure to be on my fave cooking reading list!

i keep staring at this pic today....

love this tute for a very stylish clutch over on "made by lex".

ohhh, the music of sophie madeleine has me wanting to learn how to play a darn ukulele! i still haven't mastered my guitar never mind a ukulele! you can find some videos and songs here.

1) i adore all the lovelies in the etsy shop "blue eyed freckle", especially this new headband, just gorgeous!!!! check out her blog as well, she has some great tutes too!
2) "a hoot and a holler" has a great refashion on turning a sweater into an adorable hat! what a great idea!
3) learn how to make this easy braided headband over on "cakies".

"analog me" has turned her old tshirt into a super stylish skirt just perfect for scooter riding if you ask me!

1) jessica from "happy together" has the sweetest pattern for making these lovely pincushions.
2) sachiko has done it again this week! i am dying to whip this up after the baby comes. you can find her fab tutorial over on "tea rose home".
3) seriously, these adorable and oh, so comfy boots used to be a pair of flats and a sweater!!!! learn how to make your own pair (i'm going to) from her how to over on craftster.

maggie over on "smashed peas and carrots" shows us how to make this fabric rose valentine's wreath just perfect for the season. i think this would be lovely anytime of year simply by changing the ribbon or flower color.

prudent baby (great site) has a diy for making a new stroller liner for your little girl's dolly stroller.

things i'm luving this week:

- the new site of humerous saying "heard on the playground" had me laughing up a storm this week!
- the oh, so dreamy home tour of emily hensen over on "design sponge".
- go check out this funny blog dedicated to the sickening facebook statuses of lovey dovey married couple, just be warned, this is a serious time waster, you may be stuck there for a while! (via a cup of jo)
- the hairdresser in me couldn't resist checking out all the creative hairstyles for our little girls over on "princess hairstyles" this week! i'm going to have to try some of these out on mackenzie.
- make sure you join in on the fun for "celebrate the boy" this month over on "made by rae" and "made". so much fun!!!

what are you luving this week? do you have a tutorial you would like to see up here next week? send me an email!