Once Upon a Thread - Charlotte's Web

it's here......i'm so excited to finally show you all what we've been working on these last few weeks! pop on over to "no big dill" to check out my guest post for her theme month "once upon a thread" - a month filled with sewing inspired by children's books! so fabulous! i mean honestly...have you guys seen this stuf!!!! i'm dying here :)

i'm so thrilled to be included among these ladies! for my turn i decided to do charlotte's web as my inspiration book as we've been reading a chapter a night right now and loving it! i just couldn't get a cute pair of jean coveralls made from my maternity jeans out of my head while reading to mackenzie so i just knew that i had to make them.

(yes...i gave charlotte pink eyelashes..hehe...even girl spiders need a little pizazz every once in a while.)

so pop on over to katy's gorgeous, inspiring and lovely blog to see the whole ensemble, learn more about lil'ol me and my thoughts on books and of course charlotte's web! i can't wait for you all to see! make sure you leave your thoughts here or on katy's blog - i want to know what you think!

have any of you been sewing along with once upon a thread? what book would you chose to sew an outfit based on?