sponsor luv - magpie patterns

anyone in the mood to go shopping? i am! one of my favorite things that i like to do is to go to one of our fave long time sponsors magpie patterns and have a virtual shopping spree! fun! let's grab a coffee and go shopping together! what would you buy? here's my personal faves at the moment that i'm lusting after.

first i'm going to shop for me...

then for the kidlets...

then for some goodies to add some pizazz!

ok, i'm drooling here folks. i think i better start saving my pennies for my wishlist! what did you put in your cart? what goodies are you purchasing on our little spree?

make sure you stop by magpie patterns for all your daydreaming and inspiring needs. the lovely amy has sewing, knitting, crochet & embroidery patterns, books and other crafty goodies! she seriously has all my favorites conveniently located in one shop!!! woot woot! plus she is a sweetheart and a busy crafty momma herself. read more about her crafty endeavors & her shop magpie patterns here on her blog, her facebook page, twitter and of course - her fab shop!

thanks for being an awesome friend and a wonderful sponsor amy!

what are you coveting from magpie patterns? any goodies you picked up? we wanna see! thanks for shopping with me - it was fun!