moments in the mommyhood - cooking up some surprises

i know...another moments in the mommyhood in one week? what's going on around here? well...sorry this week has been a bit uneventful folks. i've been busy cooking up some surprises.....for the blog...ok...and for our tummies here at home. don't know what's gotten into me but i've been baking peanut butter cookies, making chili in the slow cooker and a few other yummy concoctions and it's totally unlike me. due to all the surprises i'm working on, this week had to end up being a bit low key around the mommyhood. you guys understand right? the laundry has beaten me down a bit (i don't even look around when i'm in the bathroom anymore), but i'm holding on strong despite a lack of coffee emergency yesterday (ohhhh the headache i had).

are you all excited for the surprises? i will be revealing one of the biggest ones next week!!! ohhhhhh.....what could it be???? any guesses? it involves two of my favorite things :) yesterday i spent all day finishing up my "once upon a thread post". it's up tomorrow folks!!! can't wait for you all to see it and i think mackenzie is just as excited as i am. i've also been seriously dying over all the wonderful and beautiful posts that have been done...ahhhhhmazing!!!!!!!!!

(don't worry, she's not eating cookies in this pic)

now that i'm done my sewing for katy it's time to get back to harper's poor neglected quilt! the poor thing has been sitting on the ironing board monster for wayyyy too long being ignored. i've been drooling over quilting books getting inspired but i just can't seem to find the right backing fabric. i also still cannot find for the life of me a home dec weight fabric that is in a modern print that is a turquoise (light not teal or blue) for my sewing chair. i keep searching...but to no avail. anyone have any leads for me? i also don't want to pay an arm and a leg for shipping for a little bit of fabric to be sent to canada.

(this pic is slightly blurry but i couldn't resist posting one of my fave expressions of hers, this kid cracks me up. she's always making funny faces and smiles with her eyes closed.)

what have you all been cooking up this week? any sewing projects going on or baking being done? have you seen the right fabric for my quilt or chair? leave a comment, let's chat, link up your pics - it's fun! also don't forget to "like" luvinthemommyhood on facebook. i have to admit i've been having so much fun on our page and we've had some great chats so if you're not already on there come join in!