link luv roundup

valentine's day is creeping up around the corner and i just adored this easy paper garland over on "how about orange".

the purl bee's always manages to find the perfect projects to get my knitting needles calling out my name. why not make yourself a pair of these cozy leg warmers for valentine's this year?

i'm in the horrible process of not having much luck of finding new bedding and was super happy to find this tute for making your own basic pillowcase over on "make it and love it".

need to whip up some skirts for the kids fast? pop over to "at second street" to get this sweet tute that she made for her girl's (all different ages).

i couldn't resist posting this headband from "katie did" from last year, it's just so simple and pretty, but then again, isn't all her stuff? swoon.....

pick up your copy of betz white's pattern over at her etsy shop to make your own cuddly, little hedgehogs.

wow! this topiary was made from a somewhat ugly $0.99 one from the goodwill. way to go abby, from "tales and trials", it looks fab!!

ok, insert my drool here. the lovely lady behind the fab blog "truly smitten" has just started her very own foodie blog entitled "tea loves honey". can i just say yummy? this is sure to be on my fave cooking reading list!

i keep staring at this pic today....

love this tute for a very stylish clutch over on "made by lex".

ohhh, the music of sophie madeleine has me wanting to learn how to play a darn ukulele! i still haven't mastered my guitar never mind a ukulele! you can find some videos and songs here.

1) i adore all the lovelies in the etsy shop "blue eyed freckle", especially this new headband, just gorgeous!!!! check out her blog as well, she has some great tutes too!
2) "a hoot and a holler" has a great refashion on turning a sweater into an adorable hat! what a great idea!
3) learn how to make this easy braided headband over on "cakies".

"analog me" has turned her old tshirt into a super stylish skirt just perfect for scooter riding if you ask me!

1) jessica from "happy together" has the sweetest pattern for making these lovely pincushions.
2) sachiko has done it again this week! i am dying to whip this up after the baby comes. you can find her fab tutorial over on "tea rose home".
3) seriously, these adorable and oh, so comfy boots used to be a pair of flats and a sweater!!!! learn how to make your own pair (i'm going to) from her how to over on craftster.

maggie over on "smashed peas and carrots" shows us how to make this fabric rose valentine's wreath just perfect for the season. i think this would be lovely anytime of year simply by changing the ribbon or flower color.

prudent baby (great site) has a diy for making a new stroller liner for your little girl's dolly stroller.

things i'm luving this week:

- the new site of humerous saying "heard on the playground" had me laughing up a storm this week!
- the oh, so dreamy home tour of emily hensen over on "design sponge".
- go check out this funny blog dedicated to the sickening facebook statuses of lovey dovey married couple, just be warned, this is a serious time waster, you may be stuck there for a while! (via a cup of jo)
- the hairdresser in me couldn't resist checking out all the creative hairstyles for our little girls over on "princess hairstyles" this week! i'm going to have to try some of these out on mackenzie.
- make sure you join in on the fun for "celebrate the boy" this month over on "made by rae" and "made". so much fun!!!

what are you luving this week? do you have a tutorial you would like to see up here next week? send me an email!