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Fern Living Christmas Tree Blanket
 fernliving christmas tree blanket

I love being able to feel like a little kid and let all that special excitement fill our home! I feed off the kids joy and I just go for it! The first few years my hubby and I had xmas together we didn't have a lot of money for decorations and I made 90% of our ornaments (thank you martha stewart). Well not all of them have survived the last 6 years or so but some have and I treasure them. So this year I vowed to make a few new ones for our tree and do some annual Christmas crafting & decor for our home.

Life has been crazy busy over here and I got knocked over by a nasty flu bug. I like quick and fulfilling unless it's truly worth it :) So instead of doing 3-4 roundups like I usually do each year this time I decided to put them in one AWESOME roundup of what are my 5 fave choices for the year to possibly make in our home. Not everything will get done, heck I might not even get one done (I'm not a but I love making a good roundup for me to go back to for inspiration and more in one easy place.

<<<---------------------DIY WREATHS--------------------->>>
DIY Wreath Roundup || Very Shannon
geometric wreath tutorial \\ marshmallow wreath \\ snowflake wreath \\ duct tape wreath \\ pom pom wreath
First let's start off with one of my favorites - the wreath! Who doesn't love a wreath right? 
Such a statement piece that can so easily reflect your whole Christmas style in one piece! I have tried a few different wreaths but fell head over heels for this one which remains up on our wall all year round. So this year I thought I may add to our arsenal of wreaths. It's about time I think. Above are my faves for this year.

<<<-------------------DIY SNOWFLAKES------------------->>>
DIY Snowflakes Roundup || Very Shannon
paper snowflakes \\ star wars snowflakes \\ printable snowflakes \\ coffee filter snowflakes \\ fuse bead snowflakes

Next the snowflakes. We have a big crush on snowflakes in our house.
Each year since the girls have been babies we make a boat load of snowflakes and adorn the apartment with them. So fun! This year we decided to look into doing some "fancy" snowflakes instead of our usual winging it ones (though those are equally as fun). Above are some of my faves for the year:

<<<-------------------DIY HOLIDAY DECOR------------------>>>
DIY Home Decor Roundup || Very Shannon
wall art diy \\ honeycomb chandelier \\ honeycomb tree \\ paper party ball \\ ornament balloons
And ohhhh...the home decor! Lovely little jewels of diy to adorn your home with!
I have a thing for pine cones. I spread them all over the house year round. I think my hubs thinks I'm nuts but I still do This year I thought to myself though "branch out a bit Shannon, try something new" I'm going to give it a shot. Above are some of my faves for the year.

<<<--------------------DIY ORNAMENTS-------------------->>>
DIY Ornaments Roundup || Very Shannon
diamond ornament \\ let it snow \\ felt ornaments \\ himmeli ornament \\ felt tree ornaments
Now - the ornaments. We can't leave out the ornaments! These can be the most fun to make!
Those first few years I made only my own ornaments were sure fun! I bought rolls of some awesome silver shiny wrapping paper and saved up for a month all of our used cardboard and set out to cut out ornament shapes from templates and then the same sizes from the wrapping paper. I painstakingly glued them to each piece of cardboard. Then for some special ones I would print out pics of us and the girls and glue them to the wrapping paper. Hole punch and hang with spare thread. Voila! Well last year I was too darn tired to make them. So store bought ornaments finally made their way to our house and we loved them too! So this year I'm going for a happy mix! A few handmade each year to add to our collection. I don't need to go nuts and do the whole tree if I just can't swing it. I think that's the trick with xmas - don't add too much too your plate. Just do what makes you happy. If it's stressful - skip it. It is afterall a happy time of year :) Above are some of my faves for the year.

<<<---------------CHRISTMAS TREE SKIRTS----------------->>>
DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Roundup || Very Shannon
bright & colorful \\ very bari tree skirt \\ chevron tree skirt \\ snowflake tree skirt \\ pom pom skirt
And last but not least the tree skirts - we can't forget those! Who wants a nude tree! Not me!
I admit for about 5 years I used an old white receiving blanket/sheet for a tree skirt...hangs head in shame and finally whipped one up last year. I loved it then and love it still. I waited all that time until I had the skills to make one I would really love. Above are some of our favorites for the year (ours included).

Want to keep track of all the other lovelies I will add during December? Follow my "Holiday Love" Pinterest Board to keep track of all the fun things I love during the holiday seasons!

What are your fave diy's of the year? What did you make for the holidays? Any fun ones you'd like to link up to or share? Happy making!!!


independent pattern designers roundup on

i'm on a huge selfish sewing kick this year and even though i've been busy in the background working on a big project i've also been getting ready for a big bout of selfish sewing in the next few months.  i've been slowly stocking up on my favorite patterns to sew myself some serious new duds. i know a lot of you have been asking me which shops/designers are my favorites and which patterns i purchased so i decided to answer those questions here in an "independent pattern designers roundup"! you know i love me a

here's listing of my go to designers who inspire me to sew for myself and to become a better seamstress. selfish sewing is ALWAYS a good thing <3

independent pattern designers roundup on



independent pattern designers roundup on
independent pattern designers roundup on
i've been stocking up on fabrics, sale fabrics, fabric to make wearable muslins and fabric to indulge in.  i've got my adjustable dress form ready, and poppy the pfaff is waiting ever so patiently for me to get tracing, cutting & sewing! i can't wait!  looking at the pics above - how could you not want to sew something for yourself?  the best part is a majority of designers offer great beginner patterns so you can jump right in! they also host sew alongs and have wonderful technique tutorials and tips on their own blogs.  there's no excuse to not try.

trust me when i say it is a feeling like no other to go out in a handmade out fit and have someone ask where you got your dress and you replying "i made it". it's out of this work fabulous! 

so what do you say? selfish sewing anyone? 

independent pattern designers roundup on

what are you making this week?  tag your pics on instagram, twitter and facebook with hashtag #whatcha so we can all see!  comment below with your pics and projects/blog posts so we can check out your lovelies. happy sewing!


lobelia by meghan fernandes for pom pom quarterly spring 2013
you guys ready to get inspired?  still looking for your spring tops, tanks & tees knit along project?  already chosen but wouldn't mind another?  well you're in luck!  here's our tops, tanks & tees inspiration roundup!  i've compiled some (and i definitely mean only some, there are way too many awesome patterns out right now) of my faves! these are the lovelies that have caught my eye over the last while and also ones that you all have been drooling over in our ravelry group!  so pour a cuppa jo' or brew your favorite tea, pull up a seat and let's daydream about our next project together.

1. compass pullover 2. helene 3. seagrass 4. newale

1. high relief dolman 2. two-color baseball tee 3. die cut vest
gemini by jane richmond
1. etty 2. cap sleeve lattice top 3. knit t-shirt 4. fluctuate
1. grenadine tunic 2. patou tunic 3. koukla
1. low tide cardigan 2. vertex cardigan
1. kage 2. meeting point 3. lady bat
1. in a while crocodile 2. silverlight 3. ella jo 4. champagne 5. holla back tank 6. splitstone
so much to choose from!  i'm so excited about this kal and hope you all are too! i can't wait to show you our awesome sponsors and to see all the fabulous yarns and projects you all decide on! come chat in the ravelry group or in the comments below. fill us in on what yarn you're using & what project you're making! i'm dying to know!

also here's the deets in case you still need to sign up & join in! you can also find more information here on our tops, tanks & tees knit along homepage.

>>> SIGN UP <<<

sign up by clicking on the link below. *note: you must be signed up to be eligible to win the giveaway prizes at the end of the knit along.

thank you for knitting along with me! 

p.s. don't forget to check out our tops, tanks & tees pinterest board!!! it's fun!  comment below to let me know which pattern you'd like to see added or mention it in our ravelry group & i'll do my best to add them in. 

pps. read through last year's tops, tanks & tees posts. there's lots of great info and helpful posts.  you can find it here.

Maternity Sewing Tutorial Roundup 2012!!!!!

phew! it's finally here! i couldn't bear to let 2012 go by without our annual "maternity sewing tutorial roundup"!!!  and no, before you ask i'm not preggers. i just like being excited for all you lovely pregnant, glowing mommas out there and give you lots of inspiration for making your own maternity clothes during your pregnancy.

so have some fun! pin your faves, check out all these talented ladies tutorials and show your luv! and most of all...pass it around.  there are a ton of ladies out there who i know don't even know you can refashion or sew your own maternity clothes and are  i know i did with my first baby, i didn't even know how to sew yet but would have learned a heckuva lot sooner had i known i could make my own stylish maternity clothes without spending a fortune! congrats to all of you who are expecting or who are planning to be and happy sewing!!!!

maternity dress by cotton and curls
make a wrap dress by a beautiful mess
make a sundress from a beautiful mess
1.side tulip hemline tunic 2. maxi tank dress 3. maxi dress
oceanside knit dress by happy together

diy make a lace top from a beautiful mess
1. men's tee to striped top 2. men's loose tee to gathered top 3. top with elastic waistband
diy make a tunic from a beautiful mess
1. summer tunic 2. tied maternity top 3. ruched top 4. my favorite top 5.ruffle shoulder top

- turn a men's polo top into reversible maternity top from cotton & curls
- shirred maternity tunic top refashion

1. maternity jeans 2. maternity pants 3. diy maternity jeans 4. maternity jeans
diy prepster maternity skirt from growing home
1. very gathered maternity skirt 2. empire skirt
maxi skirt from elle apparel
1. super comfy stretchy maternity pencil skirt 2. comfy diy maternity skirts
- maternity jean skirt from mens shorts 

1. maternity bow belt 2. the bow belt 3. diy ruffled belly band
diy belly band from a beautiful mess
- stretch lace belt
- mad mim's sewing tutorials
- maternity swimsuit pattern alteration and maternity swimsuit sewing
- 5 new maternity patterns from burda style
- sew fearless's "sewing with a plan: a semi handmade maternity wardrobe"
- - awesome resource!!

megan neilsen maternity survival pack
- any and all of megan neilsen's wonderful maternity sewing patterns.

and our previous years maternity sewing tutorials roundups!!! yay!!! lots of goodies to be found in these giant roundups as well.


do you have a favorite maternity sewing tutorial that we haven't included in any of our roundups? let me know and i'll add your faves in the roundup above! i love this part! it's so fun to find new things! i hunted the web for my faves but that doesn't mean i won't love yours!  so grab a hot bevvie and come share!

Christmas Tree Skirt Roundup - Holiday Crafting Support Group

my poor christmas tree has been ahem....naked shall we say for the last 5 christmases.  i've been shamefully using an old white receiving blanket draped around the bottom of the tree.  it's a sad boring excuse of a tree skirt and i admit i hate putting it there every year.  so this year i've decided to "try" to get one made.  no pressure...just adding it to my would love to have done this holiday season list.

after reading a comment on last week's holiday crafting support group post requesting a christmas tree skirt roundup i thought " that's exactly what i need to roundup".  so here you go!  i got out my lasso and rounded up what i think are some spiffy and purdy christmas tree skirts.  you've got quilted, pieced, felt, no sewing, knitted and crocheted tree skirts.  have fun & most of all i hope you get inspired!  also, if you  know of an awesome tutorial of your own or one you love please leave a link to it in the comments below and i'll add it to the "your faves" section of this post! alrighty...go pour yourself a nice big glass of (spiked) egg nog and let's get crafty!


1. vintage embroidered tree skirt 2. sewing 101 tree skirt on design sponge

1. rockin' retro christmas tree skirt 2. spiderweb christmas tree skirt 3. christmas tree skirt in july
no sew ruffled christmas tree skirt
1. striped tree skirt 2. ruffled tree skirt 3. ruffled tree skirt 4. scalloped felt tree skirt
simply quilted patchwork tree skirt from sew 4 home
1. cloud9 christmas tree skirt 2. festive christmas tree skirt 3. buddy the elf tree skirt 4. fur trimmed tree skirt 5. diy ruched tree skirt
diy felt flower tree skirt
1. quilted tree skirt 2. christmas tree skirt
christmas tree skirt tutorial from simple simon & co
1. poinsetta tree skirt tutorial 2. heirloom wool tree skirt

granny tree skirt
1. silent night tree skirt 2. snowball tree skirt
retro ripples skirt
hemlock ring blanket


- stars all around the tree skirt pattern from simplicity
- hexagon tree skirt tutorial by jaceycraft
- esch house quilts north pole tree skirt tutorial
- bird in hand quilts christmas tree skirt
- fruitcake under my tree tutorial 
- christmas tree skirt from pauls block party
- silent night tree skirt
- round ripple tree skirt
- star tree skirt
- granny tree skirt
- diy no sew rufffle christmas tree skirt tutorial
- christmas tree skirt

link up, join in, comment below, add pics to our flickr group and take part in our conversations on ravelry too! we want to see what you're making, planning on making and what you've got planned for the holiday season.  if you've posted about holiday crafting add your link in the comments below as well.  it's way more fun if you all join in (if enough people comment i may just start a wee linky party for us to use). i loved seeing all of your holiday gift lists last week! i added about another gazillion projects to my faves :)

what's your favorite christmas tree skirt?  knit, crocheted, sewn or crafted?  do you have a fave pattern?  have you made your own christmas tree skirt before?  fill us in!  show off your handiwork!  let us know how your gift making & decorating has been going :)

Summer Sweater Knit Along - Knit Pockets Tutorial Roundup

campus jacket pattern by amy christoffers, image by mamatronic - this is her finished sweater for our summer sweater knit along
i love pockets.  i love any kind of pocket.  big. small.  in between.  cozy.  warm.  floating.  patch.  side.  you name it - i love it.  when it comes to knitting pockets though i just don't think enough people make them.  i mean how much yummier can a knitted garment get?  you're already wearing something so awesome you might as well take it to intergalactic level of awesomeness and add some rockin' pockets to it! 

manu by kate davies
i love how a knit pocket can just add something super special to a garment.  you just up that comfy factor by a zillion.  who doesn't want to curl up inside with a cup of tea and a good book with their yummy pockets?  go for a walk in the crisp fall weather with somewhere convenient to warm up your fingers?  they also make a great place to put things :)

1. snowbird 2. linney cardigan 3. shellseeker 4. something silver
since i'm at the point where i am about to seam down my pockets for my summer sweater kal project i decided to do a little research into the best way to get a nice flat and straight pocket.  while i was doing this i thought you all might look up the same things to which then led me to compiling a handy little list of some fab tutorials on all kinds of pockets.  yep, that's right - there is way more than just one way to make a knitted pocket.  they all are fun though!  i can't wait to try a few of them!  who would have thought the idea of cutting a line through your stitches could be so exhilarating, exciting and! amaze me.

1. idlewood 2. praline 3. levenwick
and as per normal with my roundups be sure to add your fave pocket tutorial in the comments below and i'll add them to the list :)  i want to make sure we have a well rounded list and your input is important.  you ready to whip up some pockets?  great!

|  HOW TO'S  |

- Afterthought Pocket from "Knitting Without Tears" by Elizabeth Zimmerman

- Fun With Pockets Tutorial from Lori Times Five

- Great overall pocket tutorial from Knit Picks

- Sewing Down Pocket Linings from Cocoknits

- Floating Pocket Tutorial by Jan Cullen

- Fab pocket how to from Tin Can Knits

- Pocket tutorials by Studio Knits

- Patch pocket how to's from Knit Simple Magazine
1.tourist sweater 2. pepper 3. flyaway hoodie
fun right!  alrighty up those blog posts!  i wanna see how you're summer sweater knit along projects are doing this week!  i know more than a few of you finished your sweaters this week so let's see some pics!  add your blog posts to the linky party below.  thanks for knitting with me!

you can follow along with all things summer sweater knit along:

and a big thank you to our wonderful sponsors! thanks everyone!

additional sponsors:

join our linky party by linking up your "summer sweater kal" blog post!

Quilting 911 - How to Sew Quilt Binding Roundup

i finally finished quilting harper's quilt and am all set to cut out the binding and bind it.  but do i do that again?  the last quilt i made i machine stitched bias tape on and hated every moment of it.  i'm determined to have a more enjoyable experience this time round.

i've heard on more than one occasion now how much some of you quilters enjoy throwing in a mix of hand and a mix of machine.  you ladies have been machine stitching one side and hand stitching the other.  i think this may be the perfect solution for this gemini.  a bit of speedy sewing (machine binding) and a bit of loving hand sewing.  i don't mind the idea of hand sewing some of the binding down it's the idea of doing all of it that freaks me right  i don't have enough time in my or enough trust in my hand sewing skills.

so in all curiousness i set out to find what i think are some very helpful tutorials (& videos) for how to figure out how much binding to cut, how to cut it & how to sew it either by hand or machine (even zig zag it) or how to bind your quilt without even binding it at all.  wanna check them out?  here ya go!

zig zag binding tutorial from stitched in color

- zig zag binding tutorial from stitched in color

- perfect binding tutorial: quilting basics series (an awesome series of tutorials on everything binding by one of my fave quilting designers) from jaybirdquilts

- continuous quilt binding tutorial from heather bailey

- great post on how to attach quilt binding from obsessively stitching 

- fab binding tutorial from red pepper quilts

how to easily hand sew a quilt binding from splityarn
- how to easily sew a quilt binding from splityarn

- all machine quilt binding tutorial and round quilt corners binding tutorial from that girl can quilt.

- binding tutorial from crazy mom quilts

making and sewing binding from oh fransson
- making and sewing binding tutorial from oh fransson

- binding tutorial that is great for calculating the amount of bias you need for your quilt from chasing cottons

fast machine quilt binding 101 from diary of a quilter
- finishing quilt tutorial and fast machine quilt binding tutorial from diary of a quilter

video it up:

- binding your quilt: tips and tricks from the missouri quilt co.

- pat sloan machine binding tutorial

- diy dish how to bind a quilt video

- binding blind stitch tutorial from quilting in the rain

- how to make bias binding for a quilt from connecting threads

- how to bind a quilt from wendi gratz

 quilt without binding tutorial from red pepper quilts
bind without binding:

- great tutorial on how to use your quilt top as binding from made by rae

- one of my recent faves....quilt without binding tutorial from red pepper quilts

readers faves:

tell me your favorite binding tutorials and i'll post them here!

what method of binding a quilt do you prefer?  do you have some tried and tested tips to share?  any secrets of binding to let us in on?  please link up any tutorials you've found online that are helpful as well and i'll add them to the roundup!  what quilts are you working on?  let's chat quilty goodness ladies!

braid it up buttercup - a round up of braids & other romantic hairstyles

pretty side french braid from

i have to admit that i have been a wee bit obsessed by braids and online hair tutorials lately.  i usually have a shorter hair style and have taken the leap to grow it back out for a while and it's finally getting long enough that a few of these may be an option.  also, the hairdresser in me just LOVES this stuff (for those of you who don't know i was hairdresser in my non bloggy life)!

3. Source: via Annie on Pinterest 4. Source: via Natalia on Pinterest

i've been drooling over romantic images of lovely girls with even lovelier braids and thought i would share some of my faves from pinterest (you can find my pinterest boards here).  i also have a few pals from knit night that are in need of some snazzy hair styles - one as a bridesmaid (jane) and one as the bride (mandy) and i bombarded them on saturday night with hair tutorial talk instead of knitting and they so nicely asked me to post about it.

 all hair tutorials above from one of my fave blogs "a cup of jo"

 whether it's a bun, side braid, milk maiden style, fish braid, french braid, loose braid, messy braid...i love them all!  now i just need to get my hair to grow faster or my 4 year old to let me practice on hers :p

so here ya go ladies...lots of inspiration for you to swoon over.  let's get braiding!

Source: via Emilia on Pinterest

and here's a few wedding ones for you mandy & all you other brides to be out there ;)

chestnut bun from "a cup of jo"

but let's not forget about the how to's!  below are some of my recent faves!

* the lovely blog cupcakes and cashmere has some lovely hair tutorials.  i heart this one!
* cheri from the crafty blog "i am momma hear me roar" had a hair week the other week that was filled with lots of hair goodness!i loved her waterfall braid tutorial.
* you can find a ton, and i mean a ton of romantic hairstyles & braids over on "hair romance".  you can even pick up an e-book filled with them!  check out one of her free hair tutorial videos here!
* i'm absolutely swooning over the new website "the beauty department" featuring the gorgeous lauren conrad (i admit i have a girl crush on her & yes, i was addicted to the hills). check out this pretty pinup girl tutorial.
* the uber stylish "from me to you" has this messy (in a good way) hair tute.
* you can find a ton of romantic and girly hairstyles over on "my yellow sandbox" as well.  she did a 30 days & 30 hairstyles that is awesome!!! i like this one!
* here's a boho holiday hairstyle.
* cute braided hairstyle for long hair.
* just in case you missed it above all the hair tutorials on "a cup of jo" are equally as fabulous as the next and i love all of them.
* and the newest one going around the blogoshpere like hot cakes that i couldn't resist featuring is the "how to get vintage style curls without heat".  i first spotted this on grosgrain.  i'm going to try it out this week (for those of you have seen it doesn't this girl have the best accent ever? she's so lovely).

* and last but not least here's a handy little braid chart i spotted on pinterest as well.

so get creative with your summer hair!  hope you guys had some hairtastic fun!  what's your fave hair tutorial online?  do you have a braid hair pic you love?  what's your fave way to style your hair in the summer that's not your average ponytail?  let's talk hair girls!

Maternity Sewing Tutorials Roundup 2011

image via

first of all, let's get this out of the way no, i'm not preggers again :P what i am is excited about all the new maternity sewing tutorials that have popped up since last years roundup! i promised you all that i would, preggers or not, keep up on the maternity roundups each year so you can have a fun resource to turn to for stylish, affordable and helpful maternity sewing tutorials, patterns, links and resources.

are you in the need for the perfect maternity dress? need a cute maternity top for your baby bump? how about finding out how to make your own belly band or nursing pads? we've got it all for you here and what's not here can be found in last year's roundup. so sport that mommy glow, show off your lovely curves...let's get sewing!!!!!

other skirt links:

* maternity pencil skirt by domesticday
* maternity yoga skirt on diymaternity
* turning a normal skirt into a maternity skirt on burdastyle

other nursing links:
* ta ta nursing tank on burdastyle

* tricks for wearing maternity clothes on viva veritas
* sewing for a belly series over at mad mim as well as tips for maternity sewing alterations
* sew a maternity band on make it and love it
* make a no sew maternity band on diy maternity
* maternity sewing and nursing patterns by megan nielsen on the fabulous new site - diy maternity. this is a great resource for tons of info and patterns for diy maternity and post partum sewing.
* maternity apron on sew fearless
* designer maternity gown
* check out how to wear anna maria horner's early empire cinch from the book "handmade beginnings" on the cottage home.
* don't forget our new dress tutorial "MODify" can also be changed up easily for maternity.

readers faves:

* maternity pants tutorial from "if only they would nap".
* diy maternity skirt from "life is just a bowl of cherries".

hope you enjoy the roundup ladies! i want to know your faves too! is there a pattern or tutorial that you love that isn't in the 2010 or this year's roundup? share it in the comments below and i'll add your link to the post! congrats to all of you and enjoy this special and wondrous time of your life :)

comfy sews VS cozy knits: the boy edition

Hi everyone! Have you all been enjoying Celebrate the Boy? Wowsa! What a great month of inspiring crafts, tutorials, projects and eye candy! It's been so exciting! When Dana and Rae asked me to join again this year with another roundup I was super excited. If you know me you know I love a good roundup. It's one of my favorite things to do.

You guys know how much I like to do roundups. I even like to call myself an internet wrangler of sorts and sometimes I do roundup competitions. Yep, that's right, a good ol'fashioned showdown of the crafty sort. Sound fun? It is! I like to get sewers knitting and knitters sewing. Readers get to vote for their fave craft and we have a friendly virtual online boxing match! I call it Comfy Sews VS Cozy Knits and if you enjoy this post make sure to visit the mommyhood in April for our Spring/Summer Edition for the whole month! Whooeee!

So for Celebrate the Boy I thought what better roundup to do than one between knitting (guest appearance by crochet) and sewing - boy style! I've rounded up some of my favorite patterns and tutorials for boys and put them all together for a handy resource for you. So next time you need to make the little man in your life some pants, a new sweater or even a bow tie why not knit it if you sew or sew it if you knit? Get inspired, bookmark your faves and give a little handmade to the boys in your life :) Just because there are no ruffles doesn't mean we can't have some fun right? So grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, get comfy and let's get inspired!

(Here's the link to Dana's lovely post on Made where you can read her sweet introduction!)

1. zip

and because i couldn't resist....

Who doesn't need a little dino fun in their lives right? No matter if you are a girl or a boy dinos are always a fun thing! I can't wait to make some of these goodies for the little boys in my life. I may have girls of my own but I know a heckuva lotta boys who would love these handmade goodies! I hope you all enjoyed the roundup even though there was no voting this time round :)

What's your favorite boy item to make? Do you have one you recommend? Leave me a link in your comments and I'll add it to the post! We all love to see what each other is making :)

doily crafts & diy roundup

ohhhhhh, i'm so excited about this roundup you guys! doilies have been on my mind a lot lately. maybe it's because the universe seems to be hiding them from me at all my local thrift haunts and because i'm just too darn lazy & busy to make my own but i just keep seeing project after project with these lovely pieces of granny chicness! it's been driving me a bit batty. so instead of sitting here wallowing in my doily self pity i decided to put together a lovely roundup filled with my FAVE doily crafts & diy's that i've spotted floating around the blogoshpere. there are so many options when it comes to creating with doilies these are just a sampling of the ones i'm inspired by and i didn't even dive into the paper doily crafts. there's enough of those to make a whole other post.

so go find some doilies, raid your granny's linen closet, your local thrift shop, make some, doesn't matter where you find them just get some and get creating! cover your furniture, your home decor, your clothes, your soaps.....heck even rocks! just use those lacy pieces of goodness. i promise it'll brighten up your day and add a smile to your face!

that's a lot of doily goodness!!!! you still want more? ok......check these out.....

and i was dying over the images in this post from sfgirlbybay!!! craziness!

reader faves:

vintage envelope pillow tutorial by blue eyed freckle
blue bird vintage hair love (hair pin doilies) from the rice babies
i had to add this in!!!!! doily clouds! so gorgeous! from hart + sew

how's that? still craving more? well...ok, i admit...i'm not doilied out yet either. you'd think i would be since i was up all night starting at doilies online but i think i need a tad more. i want to know what your favorite doily crafts are. leave me a comment with your link, share it with me on our facebook page or email it to me and i'll add it to the post! we love reader faves around here!!! let's get linking! happy creating ladies! now all we need is some tea to go with our doilies :)

Sewing With Knits - Tips & Tricks Roundup!

image source

i don't know about you guys but sewing with knits sort of freaks me out. i've done it and i'll suck it up and do it again but it definitely takes some getting used to. my biggest complaint is that my machine does not like knits. i know, it's probably me that's the problem but because i don't want to admit that to myself i will blame it on my machine...that and the fact that i don't have a manual for my old, cranky machine is also a hindrance.

image source

stitch simple - a great fabric shop that sells all their fabrics pre-washed & ready to sew (can you hear my squeals of happiness, can you imagine not having to wash/prep/cut your fabrics?!) contacted me a few months ago about their "great knit experiment". so fun! harmony art provided some fab bloggers with organic knits to sew with and they then share all the goodness with you folks! click here to read more about jen's "great knit experiment"!

go check out the bloggers who joined in on the "great knit experiment". all the pics in this post are compiled from their lovely tutorials!

other tips, tricks & tutorials:

- sewing with knits - a tutorial with patterns by figgy's.
- tips for working knits & a mock-coverstitch tutorial with meg of sew liberated on sew mama sew.
- knit cuff tutorial & box pleat cuff tutorial by piccolo piselli
- tips for embellishing knits & a knit applique tutorial on sew mama sew
- sewing with knits on craft stylish and another one on
- knit fabrics 101 on from an igloo
- sewing stretch knits without a serger video
- tips for sewing with knits & a ruched legging tutorial from dana of made.
- oliver and s shares some tips for sewing with knits.
- gertie's new blog for better sewing has posts on sewing knits without a serger and cutting knits.
- whole series on sewing with knits, sourcing material etc at plum project studio.

helpful books:

sew u home stretch: the built by wendy guide to sewing knit fabrics by wendy mullin
sewing with knits: classic stylish garments from swimsuits to evening wear by connie long

reader faves:

modkid boutiques video series for working with knits.

in my dreams i envision myself wearing all sorts of knits - dresses, tops, t-shirts, pants, clothes..i just want to drape myself in them. i also want to make them for my kids so i figured it's about time i continue to conquer that new year's resolution list and get started making more knits. what better way to start that off then by doing a little roundup with some great tips, tricks and tutorials for working with knits that i found helpful.

i hope that you all will share your tips and tricks as well. leave a comment with yours or share a link with one that has helped you and hopefully we can all sew those knits up together this year! what's your favorite thing to make from knits? do you sew the with a serger or without?

knee highs & leg warmers patterns - top 10 roundup

as soon as i get harper's hat finished my next knitting project on the list is some leg warmers or knee highs to wear under my boots. it's chilly here right now with all the rain and i wear my boots almost everyday right now. since i was on a hunt for the perfect knit pattern to make i thought it would be a fun roundup to put together especially since one of my fave fashion blogs "kendie everyday" wears hers so fabulously! she is honestly one of my fave fashionistas & i find her outfits each day very inspiring.

along with kendie's fab outifts here are some other images of knit leg warmers & knee highs from my pinterest board that i used for inspiration for gathering my roundup.

images via pinterest

are you feeling ready to grab your needles and get knitting? let's get those legs all cozied up! here's my top 10 picks for knit leg warmer and knee high patterns.

1. legwarmers from amy butler's book "midwest modern knits".

1. super easy leg warmers from the book "last minute knitted gifts" by joelle hoverson

1. whitby stockings from the book "vintage modern knits"

or sew some up using these links:

- sewn leg warmers or knee high socks from leggings from megan nielsen
- leg warmers with buttons
- how to sew diy knee high sock hold ups

readers faves:

- fresco leg warmers
- cottage slipper socks
- twisted ankles

do you have a favorite knee high or leg warmer pattern or tutorial? let's link up! leave a comment with your fave and a link and i'll add them in to the roundup :)

p.s. you can find most of these patterns on and you can friend me on there under "imstitched".

garland roundup

so we've had a stocking roundup and a wreath roundup so why not a garland one too? i heart a lovely garland/bunting. so pretty & so festive. these garlands are easily customizable for anytime of year. it doesn't just need to be the holidays to sport a pretty string of lovelies. take a cue from the tutorials below and use found objects in your home, incorporate some whimsy, some modern elements, some organic materials, or even just paper. get the kiddos involved or make a special project made with love by you alone. whatever you choose to do i'm sure it will bring a smile to your face when you walk in the room.

garlands are not just for trees anymore. string them up on a wall, in a corner, above a bed, a mantle or a door/window, anywhere that you want. they look fabulous in a child's bedroom or nursery and even your own bedroom. make them masculine or feminine, it's your choice. so let's get into the festive spirit shall we? let's garland it up ladies!

readers faves:

-christmas tree bunting

which one is your favorite? did you make a garland or a bunting during the year? which one are you making this year? comment the link below and i'll add it into the post. let's get inspired together :)

wreath tutorial roundup

i've been wanting to make a wreath for the holidays for a few years now, but haven't ever found the time to get it at the top of my crafting list during xmas. this year, it's right up there. so i set out on a wild escapade across the blogoshpere in search of the perfect wreath to make for our humble abode. i quickly realized it was going to be way harder to choose than i thought and that i couldn't possible keep all of these to myself. so here's a fun roundup of some of my fave wreath tutorials for the holidays!

how about bright & colorful...

or calm & serene...

maybe neutral & natural...

1. pinecone wreath 2. driftwood wreath

or fun & funky?

reader faves:

- fall pom-pom wreath
- banner wreath
- striped felt wreath
- evergreen wreath
- ribbon wreath
- scrappy wreath
- gumdrop wreath

are you making a wreath this year? which one do you like best? feel free to leave a link in the comments to your fave wreath tutorial, we all love to see & i'll add the readers faves to the post for you all! happy making!

christmas stocking pattern roundup

i got a comment on the blog a few weeks ago asking about a christmas dilemma - which kind of stocking to make? knit or sewn? i found it funny that i had been having an internal dilemma about the exact same thing when pop, along came the email. so thank you, loyal reader, for asking and while i don't have an answer for you (i haven't decided myself yet) here's a fun stocking roundup of some fun stockings to help you choose which you would prefer. i think i'm leaning towards sewn only because i seriously have no time to knit one at the moment and poor baby harper has no stocking.

for me, one of the most fun parts of xmas morning is my stocking. santa spoiled us in our house when we growing up filling our stocking with the most wonderful goodies. i seriously dreamed about that stocking every year. it truly was super exciting for me and even after growing up my stocking is still one of my favorite things about christmas. i love seeing others stockings (and of course filling them) and opening my own. so i hope you find one here that you love and get inspired to handmake a stocking this year!

*forgot to mention most of these are on, the best and most fun place online for knitters (in my opinion of course). you can friend me on there under "imstitched".

i do have a question for all of you ladies. this is a picture of what my stocking looks like. i've had the same one since i was little. they were handmade by a lady in the town i grew up in and she made both my sisters and my stockings. she has since passed away and i would love to find this mary maxim pattern to have on hand. my stocking is seriously huge and comes up past my knee - love it! i also love that it was made with love. anybody have any idea where to get this pattern now?

i'd also like to know what your favorite go to stocking pattern is? please add the link to the comments, i would love to put them in this post as a resource for us all. ohhhh, i can already feel the xmas fun starting...i heart the holidays!

readers faves:

mix-and-match socks
diamonds in the rough argyle
polka dot christmas stocking (i forgot to add this one)
knitted xmas stocking

Mama and Baby Essentials Roundup

Baby showers are a special time for the celebration and arrival of a new and precious life. When you look back at the history of baby showers the gifts given to the new parents were handmade. clothing & blankets were gifted and made with love. I think that our society is gravitating back to handmade and found objects and we are realizing the significance of instilling the grace and beauty of these arts to our children. In doing so we've come to embrace handmade gifts with a new modern flare. So instead of rushing out to your local big box store for your next shower why not make your gift. The time and love put into your present will mean more to the new mom and her child than words can say and they will surely be treasured.

For all you looking for the perfect and may I say "essential" gift for a new mom and her babe, here's a great place to start. I've given you items for all skill levels and interest. Gifts ranging from a basic bib to drool catchers for your baby carrier. A simple, cozy swaddling blanket to a car seat cooler - yes, I found a car seat cooler! No more hot straps after the car is parked in the sun for babe anymore! All the basics are here. Most of these tutorials give you a great place to start if you want to customize and add your own personal flair! Sew on that ribbon, applique a car on a little boy's onesie or fabric paint images on a cute pant bottom! It's all fun and it's all about baby! In giving a handmade gift you are not only bringing joy to the new family but also finding happiness in the process for yourself as well. So get sewing, get creating, snuggle up to that new baby & have fun!

and here for the full roundup on sew mama sew!

I've been working really hard on the sidelines and very, very late at night to get this giant, fun tutorial filled roundup ready for all you ladies and it's finally done! I was over the moon to be asked to guest post over on one of my favorite sites - Sew Mama Sew today. They've got inspiration galore, tons of tutorials, helpful posts, a great sewing forum, giveaways and they even sell fabric as well!!! You can't get better than that! You can find the whole roundup over on Sew Mama Sew in all it's glory for their special baby shower theme going on until the 22nd. Make sure you check out last week's posts, they've got some fabulous tutorials and goodies on there perfect for any baby shower!

What's your favorite baby shower gift to make? Any baby shower gift you received that was handmade that you can't live without?

hello, yellow fabric roundup!

this post went up today on the blog "made" for part of celebrate yellow! thanks for the kind words dana - you made my month!

hi everyone, i'm shannon from the blog luvinthemommyhood! we luv a good roundup in our friendly neighbourhood - in fact i like to round things up once a week. i secretly like to call myself an internet cowgirl, one who sports the sweetest pair of cowgirl (boy) boots who actually manages to find the best dang fit for a pair of jeans, and who always, always, looks fabulous dirty, with no hair or makeup on. now we all know that's darn near impossible but a girl can daydream right?

when dana mentioned to me about coming on to do a roundup of yellow fabrics the first thing that came to mind was "yes, of course i'll come"..hello??....easy question...and then this.................

hello, yellow............

nice to meet you, let's get acquainted. now, i have to admit i haven't used a lot of yellow fabrics in my time of sewing, this internet wrangler isn't scared of a bright, hard to match color - no way! ok, yes, maybe a little - we all have a teensy bit of anxiety for bright colors right folks? ok, maybe i'm alone...haha, sometimes i feel like i'm the only one displaying my personality in prints instead of bright colors. what about you? do you lean towards graphic patterns instead of bright yellows, reds or oranges?

well fear no more. i went galloping around the blogosphere to source out some fun & wild, demure & soft, crazy & bright and just plain pretty yellow prints to hopefully fit the taste for just about any sewer. throw some of these into your next project. brighten up that quilt, add some sunshine to your little girls dress, add some pop to your living room decor, heck, why not make your next purse for fall out of a gorgeous saffron print? perfect. yummy. fabulous. or as we say around luvinthemommyhood - shantastic!

go on....don't be nervous....i'm right here with you, in fact i think i have some spare pairs of cowgirl boots kicking around that have your name written all over em'. let's go round up our machines ladies! it's time for "hello, yellow fabric roundup"!

i hope to see you out there in the wild, yellow west! thanks for having me dana, it's always a pleasure. you know how fab i think you are...and i know you all know how fab dana is, so i'll just say - you rock dana! i'm now addicted to yellow fabric and can't way to try out your dyed elastic trick. is there anything you CAN'T do? luv ya girl. chat with you in the late night blogging hours :P

link luv roundup - teacup crafts

ok ladies, here's our newest teacup month roundup. a few of you lovely folks have emailed me some goodies you have found around the web that were made from teacups so i got inspired to go digging to see what else we could find to whip up some crafty goodies using our teacups. some of these are for fun, some for purpose, some for decor & home organization, cooking and even inspiration. i didn't include just tutorials in the roundup this time because i ended up getting so inspired by all the lovely projects i found that i couldn't resist posting them all. i hope you find something here that strikes your fancy! my fave are the dishtowel kitchen embroidery designs from posie gets cozy & the teacup bracelets - luv, luv, luv them!

1. almonds in vintage teacups from real simple
2. teacup lighting fixture via paper n stitch
3. teacup lamp from sweet paul
4. teacup wall clock on sweet paul (clock from umbra)
5. jewelry storage from martha stewart
6. teacup wreath by beth's bagz

1. vintage bone chine teacup bracelets by abigail maryrose clark

1. teacup candles from design sponge
2. teacup wine glasses from re-nest (via country living)
3. cake stand for all about you
4. hand painted teacup and saucer by aya rosen

how to: porcelain decoration from carina's craftblog

1. teacup lights from martha stewart
2. teacup organizer via apartment therapy

1. teacup garden from woman's day
2. easter place cards from holiday crafts and creations
3. tree cups from martha stewart

1. teacup garden by woman's day
2. teacup birdhouse by the runnerduck
3. pink sugar peony by lynette horner
4. terrarium teacup by pretty little things
5. teacup bird feeder tutorial by cap creations
6. teacup bird feeder tutorial by little chief honeybee (via readymade)

1. vintage teacup w/charming favour and name tag by sugarblossom
2. printable teacup note cards by to be charmed
3. teacup card by zakka life

1. teacup cupcakes by sweet paul 2. teacup snack by ada and darcy

1. teacup pin by lupin
2. lavender tea bag tutorial by lupin
3. fabric teacup via try handmade
4. teacup pouch by patchwork pottery

1. vintage emroidery kitchen designs from tipnut
2. dish towel emroidery designs by posie gets cozy

i can't believe teacup month is almost over...where has the time gone! i've been having so much fun. have you guys been enjoying it? anything you would like to see before the tea party is over?

p.s. don't forget to get your entries in for the retro mama teapot cozy giveaway.

teacup pincushion tutorial roundup

image source

don't you just love a quick, easy repurposing project that can put a little smile on your face and add some loveliness to your sewing table? i do. fabulous. here's a roundup of some witty, pretty, dainty, wonderful and creative ways to turn that fave tea cup of yours into a stylish pincushion. i hope you find one that strikes your fancy, i know i found more than a few. i guess i better get out thrifting and find myself some new cups to rescue & revive :)

1. tiny world pdf pattern tutorial by mimi kirchner
2. teacup pincushion by the beauty is in the detail

1. "hermione's tea cup" mini pin cushion by tasket basket crafts
2. emery pincushion - felt cup of hot tea by dottyral
3. tea cup sewing organier with tea bag thread catcher on crafster
4. cupcake in a teacup pincushion by antelucandaisy

felted pin cushion by finding beauty at home

1. pins for tea by cluck, cluck sew
2. vintage teacup by jenny ryan for craft

1. make a teacup pincushion by mmmcrafts
2. tea cup pincushions by maryjanes and galoshes
3. polka dot teacup pincushion by the beauty is in the detail (also on flickr)
4. teacup pincushion tutorial by gingham cherry

1. teacup pincushions by betz white for martha stewart
2. teacup & saucer pincushion via tipnut
3. retro cup pincushion on craftbits

1. cupcake pincushion by spud & chloe (couldn't resist adding this even though it's not a teacup)
2. teacup pincushion by lion brand yarns

crochet amigurumi tea or coffee cup pincushion part one
part two, part three and part four

so get out your pins and get sewing or knitting or crocheting.....and feel free to sport our lovely "tea cup month" button on our sidebar & join the tea party!

what's your favorite way to repurpose a tea cup? we wanna hear and see - share your links below!

p.s. if you know of any other fabulous teacup pincushion tutorials please leave a comment below or email me at and i'll update the list. i would love to find a knit one, i didn't have any luck during my online hunt :)