Maternity Sewing Tutorials Roundup 2011

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first of all, let's get this out of the way no, i'm not preggers again :P what i am is excited about all the new maternity sewing tutorials that have popped up since last years roundup! i promised you all that i would, preggers or not, keep up on the maternity roundups each year so you can have a fun resource to turn to for stylish, affordable and helpful maternity sewing tutorials, patterns, links and resources.

are you in the need for the perfect maternity dress? need a cute maternity top for your baby bump? how about finding out how to make your own belly band or nursing pads? we've got it all for you here and what's not here can be found in last year's roundup. so sport that mommy glow, show off your lovely curves...let's get sewing!!!!!

other skirt links:

* maternity pencil skirt by domesticday
* maternity yoga skirt on diymaternity
* turning a normal skirt into a maternity skirt on burdastyle

other nursing links:
* ta ta nursing tank on burdastyle

* tricks for wearing maternity clothes on viva veritas
* sewing for a belly series over at mad mim as well as tips for maternity sewing alterations
* sew a maternity band on make it and love it
* make a no sew maternity band on diy maternity
* maternity sewing and nursing patterns by megan nielsen on the fabulous new site - diy maternity. this is a great resource for tons of info and patterns for diy maternity and post partum sewing.
* maternity apron on sew fearless
* designer maternity gown
* check out how to wear anna maria horner's early empire cinch from the book "handmade beginnings" on the cottage home.
* don't forget our new dress tutorial "MODify" can also be changed up easily for maternity.

readers faves:

* maternity pants tutorial from "if only they would nap".
* diy maternity skirt from "life is just a bowl of cherries".

hope you enjoy the roundup ladies! i want to know your faves too! is there a pattern or tutorial that you love that isn't in the 2010 or this year's roundup? share it in the comments below and i'll add your link to the post! congrats to all of you and enjoy this special and wondrous time of your life :)