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teacup month - the final sip

it's over......oh how i'll miss tea cup month. it's been fun, inspiring and exactly what i needed to lighten up my mood these last few weeks. it's been a riot looking at all the goodies online and seeing all the wonderful creativity and true repurposing used when it comes to such a simple object as a teacup. i may not be british but that doesn't mean i don't LOVE my tea and it seems as though you all do too :)

when i first told the hubs about teacup month he thought i was off my rocker, but i knew deep down that i couldn't be alone in my adoration for all things mug/cups. and sure enough, you all were too! so i hope you have had fun, got some new ideas, tutorials & patterns, and maybe rescued a few teacups along the way. i don't think i'll ever look at a teacup the same way again. for those of you who linked up with pics/posts about your cups i added you in. if i missed anyone please leave me a comment below or email me and i'll add you to this post :)

i thought it would be helpful for anyone interested to be able to find all the links in one place. so here they all are. sit down, brew a cup of tea, savor that first sip and happy linking!

there were a few goodies that i didn't get a chance to fit in a post so i thought i would add them in here so you all can enjoy them as well.

thank you all for joining in on my little tea party, it's been fun! hopefully we can do it again sometime. what was your fave part of teacup month? do you still want to show off a fave teacup? leave me a comment below with a link to your post and i'll add you to the party!

etsy monday in the mommyhood - teacup lovelies

"you can never get a cup of tea or a book long enough to suit me".

~ c.s. lewis

teacup month is almost over....i'm sad. it's been a blast. i hope you guys have enjoyed it too. for the last etsy monday during teacup month i thought i would take a look for some images that captured that love for teacups that we all have. here's some of the faves that i found..and yep, there is a heckuva lot more than 4 again, but i couldn't resist. there were too many lovely pics to post.

do you have a favorite image, photograph or piece of artwork that's a teacup? i'd love to see it! link up :) hope you all had a great weekend!

link luv roundup - teacup crafts

ok ladies, here's our newest teacup month roundup. a few of you lovely folks have emailed me some goodies you have found around the web that were made from teacups so i got inspired to go digging to see what else we could find to whip up some crafty goodies using our teacups. some of these are for fun, some for purpose, some for decor & home organization, cooking and even inspiration. i didn't include just tutorials in the roundup this time because i ended up getting so inspired by all the lovely projects i found that i couldn't resist posting them all. i hope you find something here that strikes your fancy! my fave are the dishtowel kitchen embroidery designs from posie gets cozy & the teacup bracelets - luv, luv, luv them!

1. almonds in vintage teacups from real simple
2. teacup lighting fixture via paper n stitch
3. teacup lamp from sweet paul
4. teacup wall clock on sweet paul (clock from umbra)
5. jewelry storage from martha stewart
6. teacup wreath by beth's bagz

1. vintage bone chine teacup bracelets by abigail maryrose clark

1. teacup candles from design sponge
2. teacup wine glasses from re-nest (via country living)
3. cake stand for all about you
4. hand painted teacup and saucer by aya rosen

how to: porcelain decoration from carina's craftblog

1. teacup lights from martha stewart
2. teacup organizer via apartment therapy

1. teacup garden from woman's day
2. easter place cards from holiday crafts and creations
3. tree cups from martha stewart

1. teacup garden by woman's day
2. teacup birdhouse by the runnerduck
3. pink sugar peony by lynette horner
4. terrarium teacup by pretty little things
5. teacup bird feeder tutorial by cap creations
6. teacup bird feeder tutorial by little chief honeybee (via readymade)

1. vintage teacup w/charming favour and name tag by sugarblossom
2. printable teacup note cards by to be charmed
3. teacup card by zakka life

1. teacup cupcakes by sweet paul 2. teacup snack by ada and darcy

1. teacup pin by lupin
2. lavender tea bag tutorial by lupin
3. fabric teacup via try handmade
4. teacup pouch by patchwork pottery

1. vintage emroidery kitchen designs from tipnut
2. dish towel emroidery designs by posie gets cozy

i can't believe teacup month is almost over...where has the time gone! i've been having so much fun. have you guys been enjoying it? anything you would like to see before the tea party is over?

p.s. don't forget to get your entries in for the retro mama teapot cozy giveaway.

Retro Mama Teapot Cozy Pattern Giveaway!

oooohhhh, another giveaway!i'm excited! i eyed this teapot cozy a while ago & fell in love with it! so when i started teacup month it was only natural to ask the fabulously talented kim from retro mama to do a giveaway for one of her gorgeous teapot cozy patterns! so all you sewers that have been drooling over the teapot cozy madness over here now's your chance to make one of your very own!

***giveaway is now closed***

i just can't get enough of these tea cozies - i'm addicted! don't you just love the quilted patchwork? it just adds that extra twist and that special something to the everyday cozy! so gorgeous! do you want to make one? you know you wanna......i know i do!

what's the prize:

2 winners will each win a copy of the "posy cozies patchwork tea cozy pattern" from retro mama!

how do you enter?

1) simply pop on over to retro mama, drool over her lovely shop and then come back and tell me your fave item. simple as that.

2) leave another comment telling me the color scheme you would make your cozy in and the fabric you would use. i love hearing this! it's way more fun to share!

rules of the giveaway:

- you must leave a contact email address to enter or you will be disqualified.

- the giveaway is open until sunday, august 29th at midnight (pacific standard time).

i mean seriously, how could someone resist the lovelies in kim's shop? pincushions, sofites, sewing patterns and kits.....fabulous! tilly and tommy the elephants are my faves. do you want to see some more of retro mama's talents? make sure to check out her blog as well to keep updated on giveaways, sales and other project's she has on the go. you can find her blog here.

thanks so much kim, for joining in on "teacup month"! so very sweet of you and thanks for all the drool worthy lovelies in your pretty shop :)

ok ladies, let's get those tea pots warmed and cozied up! the fall is on it's way......

*all images copyright retro mama

etsy monday in the mommyhood - teacup jewelry edition

1. bobbypin with teacup and lace doily by le chou chou
2. necklace with teacup and lace doily by le chou chou
3. bracelet with tea cup and lace doily by le chou chou
4. vintage style ring with teacup and lace doily by le chou chou

1. alice tea cup hairpin by tasty
2. alice teacup necklace by tasty
3. alice teacup earrings with blue detail by tasty
4. alice teacu earrings with green detail by tasty
5. alice teacup ring white with blue by tasty
6. alice teacup earrings by tasty

"Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage." ~Catherine Douzel

oh my gosh, this post was seriously so hard to put together. i could not stop drooling. i actually feared for the life of my laptop. that and the fact the baby almost barfed all over it as well caused me some undue stress. can you believe this stuff!!!! seriously. seriuosly. how gorgeous is it all? i had a whim to see if anyone had made some jewelry with teacups on etsy and holy cow! i sure didn't expect what i found! i could not in any way shape or form choose only 4. so instead i showcased 2 shops and my fave goodies from each one. gorgeous, lovely goodies. so now we can wear our love for tea, drink it, decorate with it and adorn our mugs and pots with it. life is so fun and we have another giveaway to add for you all tomorrow as well!

do you have any teacup jewelry? i'd love to see a pic if you do! c'mon, join in the tea cup month, click here for past posts and don't forget to snag our button off the sidebar if you like. you're invited, your cup is waiting and i just pulled some fresh muffins out of the oven - there's tea and coffee for everyone!

p.s. off topic, i had a very strong urge all week to go to our local value village (the hubs thought i was nuts) and dragged the whole famdamily down on saturday and what did i ready for's sure you are ready? i found the dish from my weekend wish post!! yes the pyrex with the lovely blue flakes on it. can you believe it!!!!! i almost fainted. i was shaking with excitement. i coddled that dish like my baby and brought that sucker home. amy...i'm sorry, there was only one, but if i change my mind she's all yours. your gorgeous kitchen would be a nice home for it. i'm jealous by the way....frothing at the mouth over your mixer, heck the whole pic.

teacup pincushion tutorial roundup

image source

don't you just love a quick, easy repurposing project that can put a little smile on your face and add some loveliness to your sewing table? i do. fabulous. here's a roundup of some witty, pretty, dainty, wonderful and creative ways to turn that fave tea cup of yours into a stylish pincushion. i hope you find one that strikes your fancy, i know i found more than a few. i guess i better get out thrifting and find myself some new cups to rescue & revive :)

1. tiny world pdf pattern tutorial by mimi kirchner
2. teacup pincushion by the beauty is in the detail

1. "hermione's tea cup" mini pin cushion by tasket basket crafts
2. emery pincushion - felt cup of hot tea by dottyral
3. tea cup sewing organier with tea bag thread catcher on crafster
4. cupcake in a teacup pincushion by antelucandaisy

felted pin cushion by finding beauty at home

1. pins for tea by cluck, cluck sew
2. vintage teacup by jenny ryan for craft

1. make a teacup pincushion by mmmcrafts
2. tea cup pincushions by maryjanes and galoshes
3. polka dot teacup pincushion by the beauty is in the detail (also on flickr)
4. teacup pincushion tutorial by gingham cherry

1. teacup pincushions by betz white for martha stewart
2. teacup & saucer pincushion via tipnut
3. retro cup pincushion on craftbits

1. cupcake pincushion by spud & chloe (couldn't resist adding this even though it's not a teacup)
2. teacup pincushion by lion brand yarns

crochet amigurumi tea or coffee cup pincushion part one
part two, part three and part four

so get out your pins and get sewing or knitting or crocheting.....and feel free to sport our lovely "tea cup month" button on our sidebar & join the tea party!

what's your favorite way to repurpose a tea cup? we wanna hear and see - share your links below!

p.s. if you know of any other fabulous teacup pincushion tutorials please leave a comment below or email me at and i'll update the list. i would love to find a knit one, i didn't have any luck during my online hunt :)

etsy monday in the mommyhood - teapot cozy style

"Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on." ~Billy Connolly

1. teapot cozy by kalla
2. knitted tea cosy - light blue & white by handylittleme
3. apple green wool felt tea cosy by argyle st
4. hummingbirds cottage tea pot cozy by pig & company
5. owl tea cozy by shazzas knits
6. teapot cozy allison by modern homewares

we had a little taste test of tea pot cozies last week for our link luv roundup and it was so fun to put together that i couldn't resist taking a peek on etsy to see what there was for cozy goodness! let me just say - wow!!! there was cozies galore! in fact i upped the usual number from 4 to 6 to just fit a few extras in.

i'm keeping this write up short and sweet today because we are going through a heat wave and let me tell poor breastfeeding self is seriously going to melt into a puddle, laptop included! oh my gosh! the babies thermostat in her room says 31 degrees!!! and before you ask, yes, that's with a fan! yikes! hot, hot, hot! i can't stop sweating. anyone else sweltering? good thing tea and coffee tastes good cold or hot :)

last week was our first week of "tea cup month" and i've been having a great time! thanks for all your posts, pictures and comments. how about this week we break out those tea pot cozies? c'mon now ladies, what's your favorite tea pot cozy? let's see it! don't got one? which tea pot cozy do you have your eye on? tweet it, comment on it, post about it, or facebook it and then let me know about it - come join the tea party. i've got a nice, cold, refreshing pitcher of iced tea sitting right here for you!

p.s. if you're having fun during tea cup month why not sport our button? you can find it on our sidebar :) we've got lots of goodies to come all month so stay tuned!

moments in the mommyhood - mugaliciousness

i'm glad you guys have been enjoying all the tea cup goodness around here. i was hoping i wouldn't be the only one out there who loves a great cup of tea/coffee. i realized after writing my post on monday that i never showed a shot of my fave cup or mug. so here they are. they being the operative word. i couldn't choose. i love all three of these mugs equally but for different reasons.

#1) the tall white with blue polka dots
- if i'm drinking out of this bad boy, (which seems like more and more these days), you know i'm tired. i fill this puppy up and i'm good to go for the rest of the day. no refills needed. this is perfect for those times when i can't get up for a while or am very tired and hey, it's cute!

#2) the white with blue flowers - my cozy mug. i use this mug for sunday mornings, or when i'm working on the blog and i want to feel inspired. both this and the polka dot mug were from the superstore. i know, surprised me too. the colors match my house perfectly and well, there pretty. now i have to hold myself back whenever we go there from checking out mugs because i know more will come home with me.

#3) little blue tea cup - i adore this cup. i take it out and stare at it often. i move it around the house andjust look at it. for some reason i can never find the right place to put it or the right time to drink out of it. i mostly just love to stare at it. in love with it's pretty blue detailing and the way it just seems to say "i'm lovely - hold me". i also rescued it from value village. it called out to me admist rows and rows of tea cup and we've been smitten with each other ever since.

we've been having a so so week. late nights dealing with losing my big cozy roundup on blogger and having to start all over at 9:00pm (that's how much i love you guys), my 3 yr old having another growth spurt which means tons of snacking, no normal meals, grumpiness, tiredness and waking at night. it's weird that she wakes up more and requires more attention than our newborn does. i always thought they were supposed to get easier as they get older....hmmm, not so much.

harper is going to be 3 months in a few days. i'm excited for all the fun things to come. last week she had her first good chuckle and rolled over. she's growing like a weed and boy do we love those little chubby legs she's got. i got this shot the other morning and loved how it captured my life now, as a mother and a blogger. goodbyes to the hubs, the sun shining in the window, a hot cup of coffee, a glass of water, remote to put on mack's fave morning show, a phone to call the besties, a great book, the newest love of my life on the boob and you guys on the computer. how's that for multitasking.

now don't me wrong. i don't always feed my little girl like this, but mornings are crazy in our house and this is how i deal. don't judge me...haha. we also have lots of this....

me with no makeup on and yesterday's mascara smudged under my eye. betcha thought i was going to write something sappy here hey?? haha - gotcha! twisted my arm...a gorgeous little girl with a smile on her face and those big blue eyes saying what are we gonna do today mom.

i know some of you posted links with pics of you with your fave mugs or cups of tea, but i wanna see some more! c'mon now, join in. you know you wanna......twitter it, post it, facebook it, whatever floats your boat, then come back here and comment with your link. we all want to take a peek at your morning with your fave cup.

*all images copyright luvinthemommyhood

link luv roundup - big teacup cozy edition

good morning ladies! are you all ready for the revival of the link luv roundup? i am! this is one of my favorite posts of the week and it feels great getting back into the groove of things again. this link luv roundup is geared towards our "tea cup month" and is all about about cozies. handmade, warm, luscious cozies. cozies for cups, cozies for mugs, cozies for pots and presses. you need a cozy, we got some! so get inspired, this isn't your grandma's kitchen anymore. change up the colors, embellish, modernize and funk it up to match your taste and decor. these are great jumping off points!

i hope you found some great new links and fun goodies to whip up. so get out those needles and hooks, dig through your stash or pick up some new organics, the summer is almost over (boo hoo) and the cold weather is a comin'......

feel free to link up, grab a button off the sidebar, tweet, facebook, and come join our tea party! do you have a picture, pattern or a post about your favorite cozy? leave a comment below, we'd all love to see it!

(p.s. if you're on ravelry come friend me - my name on there is "imstitched")

etsy monday in the mommyhood - tea cup month

happy monday everyone, it's time for etsy monday in the mommyhood. it's been a while hasn't it? a few months i think. i missed it. you guys know how much i love checking out all the goodies on etsy and what better way to share them all with you than on mondays when we are all tired, sad the weekend is over and needing a quick pick me up. so instead of our normal etsy in the mommyhood i decided to have a theme for the rest of august - "tea cup month"!!!

now some of you may remember this picture from last week right? i cannot get it out of my mind. a few people asked me where to find these gorgeous tea cups and guess what....i did. you can find them at esther coombs. she sells on etsy here and her website is here. the only sad thing is i can't find the exact mugs in the photo, not sure if she sells them anymore, but i found some other lovelies, and boy are they gorgeous. in fact, they are so pretty it inspired me to dig around on etsy to see what other tea cup goodies i could find. needless to say i found enough to last for the whole month!!!!

1. birdcage coffee or tea mug by thimbly things
2. the man mustache mug by the peacock shop
3. mr. darcy proposal mug by brookish handmade goods
4. pool blue cakes tea cup and saucer by esther coombs

do you want to join the "tea party"?

that's right, this tea party isn't just for me, it's for all of us ladies. what's a tea party if i'm all by myself? don't worry coffee drinkers are invited to. now i know there are more of you out there that are dependent on their morning cup of jo or tea. i, myself, am a die hard. my brain doesn't function, i can't think and don't even dare talk to me before i have my coffee - it just ain't pretty.

so today's tea party is all about our favorite cup of tea. what's your favorite mug? the tea flavour you can't live without? the brand of coffee you'd take to a deserted island? c'mon it's gonna be fun....and it just may help to make the next few monday's go by just that much faster.

you've got a few ways to join the party:

1) leave a comment below telling me your thoughts to the above paragraph.
2) post about your thoughts on your own blog and leave me a link in the comments below.
3) tweet your thoughts (follow me on twitter @inthemommyhood).
4) go to our facebook page and share there too.
5) feeling inspired - take a picture of your favorite tea cup or find one online you are lusting after and share the link in the comments.

feel free to grab a button off of our sidebar as well and make sure to invite your friends :)

i can't wait. i feel more awake already. so come on in....pull up a chair. it's cozy here, the kids/babies are quiet, and the kitchen table is big enough for all of us........ahhh......good morning.