etsy monday in the mommyhood - tea cup month

happy monday everyone, it's time for etsy monday in the mommyhood. it's been a while hasn't it? a few months i think. i missed it. you guys know how much i love checking out all the goodies on etsy and what better way to share them all with you than on mondays when we are all tired, sad the weekend is over and needing a quick pick me up. so instead of our normal etsy in the mommyhood i decided to have a theme for the rest of august - "tea cup month"!!!

now some of you may remember this picture from last week right? i cannot get it out of my mind. a few people asked me where to find these gorgeous tea cups and guess what....i did. you can find them at esther coombs. she sells on etsy here and her website is here. the only sad thing is i can't find the exact mugs in the photo, not sure if she sells them anymore, but i found some other lovelies, and boy are they gorgeous. in fact, they are so pretty it inspired me to dig around on etsy to see what other tea cup goodies i could find. needless to say i found enough to last for the whole month!!!!

1. birdcage coffee or tea mug by thimbly things
2. the man mustache mug by the peacock shop
3. mr. darcy proposal mug by brookish handmade goods
4. pool blue cakes tea cup and saucer by esther coombs

do you want to join the "tea party"?

that's right, this tea party isn't just for me, it's for all of us ladies. what's a tea party if i'm all by myself? don't worry coffee drinkers are invited to. now i know there are more of you out there that are dependent on their morning cup of jo or tea. i, myself, am a die hard. my brain doesn't function, i can't think and don't even dare talk to me before i have my coffee - it just ain't pretty.

so today's tea party is all about our favorite cup of tea. what's your favorite mug? the tea flavour you can't live without? the brand of coffee you'd take to a deserted island? c'mon it's gonna be fun....and it just may help to make the next few monday's go by just that much faster.

you've got a few ways to join the party:

1) leave a comment below telling me your thoughts to the above paragraph.
2) post about your thoughts on your own blog and leave me a link in the comments below.
3) tweet your thoughts (follow me on twitter @inthemommyhood).
4) go to our facebook page and share there too.
5) feeling inspired - take a picture of your favorite tea cup or find one online you are lusting after and share the link in the comments.

feel free to grab a button off of our sidebar as well and make sure to invite your friends :)

i can't wait. i feel more awake already. so come on in....pull up a chair. it's cozy here, the kids/babies are quiet, and the kitchen table is big enough for all of us........ahhh......good morning.