moments in the mommyhood - mugaliciousness

i'm glad you guys have been enjoying all the tea cup goodness around here. i was hoping i wouldn't be the only one out there who loves a great cup of tea/coffee. i realized after writing my post on monday that i never showed a shot of my fave cup or mug. so here they are. they being the operative word. i couldn't choose. i love all three of these mugs equally but for different reasons.

#1) the tall white with blue polka dots
- if i'm drinking out of this bad boy, (which seems like more and more these days), you know i'm tired. i fill this puppy up and i'm good to go for the rest of the day. no refills needed. this is perfect for those times when i can't get up for a while or am very tired and hey, it's cute!

#2) the white with blue flowers - my cozy mug. i use this mug for sunday mornings, or when i'm working on the blog and i want to feel inspired. both this and the polka dot mug were from the superstore. i know, surprised me too. the colors match my house perfectly and well, there pretty. now i have to hold myself back whenever we go there from checking out mugs because i know more will come home with me.

#3) little blue tea cup - i adore this cup. i take it out and stare at it often. i move it around the house andjust look at it. for some reason i can never find the right place to put it or the right time to drink out of it. i mostly just love to stare at it. in love with it's pretty blue detailing and the way it just seems to say "i'm lovely - hold me". i also rescued it from value village. it called out to me admist rows and rows of tea cup and we've been smitten with each other ever since.

we've been having a so so week. late nights dealing with losing my big cozy roundup on blogger and having to start all over at 9:00pm (that's how much i love you guys), my 3 yr old having another growth spurt which means tons of snacking, no normal meals, grumpiness, tiredness and waking at night. it's weird that she wakes up more and requires more attention than our newborn does. i always thought they were supposed to get easier as they get older....hmmm, not so much.

harper is going to be 3 months in a few days. i'm excited for all the fun things to come. last week she had her first good chuckle and rolled over. she's growing like a weed and boy do we love those little chubby legs she's got. i got this shot the other morning and loved how it captured my life now, as a mother and a blogger. goodbyes to the hubs, the sun shining in the window, a hot cup of coffee, a glass of water, remote to put on mack's fave morning show, a phone to call the besties, a great book, the newest love of my life on the boob and you guys on the computer. how's that for multitasking.

now don't me wrong. i don't always feed my little girl like this, but mornings are crazy in our house and this is how i deal. don't judge me...haha. we also have lots of this....

me with no makeup on and yesterday's mascara smudged under my eye. betcha thought i was going to write something sappy here hey?? haha - gotcha! twisted my arm...a gorgeous little girl with a smile on her face and those big blue eyes saying what are we gonna do today mom.

i know some of you posted links with pics of you with your fave mugs or cups of tea, but i wanna see some more! c'mon now, join in. you know you wanna......twitter it, post it, facebook it, whatever floats your boat, then come back here and comment with your link. we all want to take a peek at your morning with your fave cup.

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