link luv roundup - big teacup cozy edition

good morning ladies! are you all ready for the revival of the link luv roundup? i am! this is one of my favorite posts of the week and it feels great getting back into the groove of things again. this link luv roundup is geared towards our "tea cup month" and is all about about cozies. handmade, warm, luscious cozies. cozies for cups, cozies for mugs, cozies for pots and presses. you need a cozy, we got some! so get inspired, this isn't your grandma's kitchen anymore. change up the colors, embellish, modernize and funk it up to match your taste and decor. these are great jumping off points!

i hope you found some great new links and fun goodies to whip up. so get out those needles and hooks, dig through your stash or pick up some new organics, the summer is almost over (boo hoo) and the cold weather is a comin'......

feel free to link up, grab a button off the sidebar, tweet, facebook, and come join our tea party! do you have a picture, pattern or a post about your favorite cozy? leave a comment below, we'd all love to see it!

(p.s. if you're on ravelry come friend me - my name on there is "imstitched")