teacup pincushion tutorial roundup

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don't you just love a quick, easy repurposing project that can put a little smile on your face and add some loveliness to your sewing table? i do. fabulous. here's a roundup of some witty, pretty, dainty, wonderful and creative ways to turn that fave tea cup of yours into a stylish pincushion. i hope you find one that strikes your fancy, i know i found more than a few. i guess i better get out thrifting and find myself some new cups to rescue & revive :)

1. tiny world pdf pattern tutorial by mimi kirchner
2. teacup pincushion by the beauty is in the detail

1. "hermione's tea cup" mini pin cushion by tasket basket crafts
2. emery pincushion - felt cup of hot tea by dottyral
3. tea cup sewing organier with tea bag thread catcher on crafster
4. cupcake in a teacup pincushion by antelucandaisy

felted pin cushion by finding beauty at home

1. pins for tea by cluck, cluck sew
2. vintage teacup by jenny ryan for craft

1. make a teacup pincushion by mmmcrafts
2. tea cup pincushions by maryjanes and galoshes
3. polka dot teacup pincushion by the beauty is in the detail (also on flickr)
4. teacup pincushion tutorial by gingham cherry

1. teacup pincushions by betz white for martha stewart
2. teacup & saucer pincushion via tipnut
3. retro cup pincushion on craftbits

1. cupcake pincushion by spud & chloe (couldn't resist adding this even though it's not a teacup)
2. teacup pincushion by lion brand yarns

crochet amigurumi tea or coffee cup pincushion part one
part two, part three and part four

so get out your pins and get sewing or knitting or crocheting.....and feel free to sport our lovely "tea cup month" button on our sidebar & join the tea party!

what's your favorite way to repurpose a tea cup? we wanna hear and see - share your links below!

p.s. if you know of any other fabulous teacup pincushion tutorials please leave a comment below or email me at luvinthemommyhood@yahoo.ca and i'll update the list. i would love to find a knit one, i didn't have any luck during my online hunt :)