etsy monday in the mommyhood - teapot cozy style

"Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on." ~Billy Connolly

1. teapot cozy by kalla
2. knitted tea cosy - light blue & white by handylittleme
3. apple green wool felt tea cosy by argyle st
4. hummingbirds cottage tea pot cozy by pig & company
5. owl tea cozy by shazzas knits
6. teapot cozy allison by modern homewares

we had a little taste test of tea pot cozies last week for our link luv roundup and it was so fun to put together that i couldn't resist taking a peek on etsy to see what there was for cozy goodness! let me just say - wow!!! there was cozies galore! in fact i upped the usual number from 4 to 6 to just fit a few extras in.

i'm keeping this write up short and sweet today because we are going through a heat wave and let me tell poor breastfeeding self is seriously going to melt into a puddle, laptop included! oh my gosh! the babies thermostat in her room says 31 degrees!!! and before you ask, yes, that's with a fan! yikes! hot, hot, hot! i can't stop sweating. anyone else sweltering? good thing tea and coffee tastes good cold or hot :)

last week was our first week of "tea cup month" and i've been having a great time! thanks for all your posts, pictures and comments. how about this week we break out those tea pot cozies? c'mon now ladies, what's your favorite tea pot cozy? let's see it! don't got one? which tea pot cozy do you have your eye on? tweet it, comment on it, post about it, or facebook it and then let me know about it - come join the tea party. i've got a nice, cold, refreshing pitcher of iced tea sitting right here for you!

p.s. if you're having fun during tea cup month why not sport our button? you can find it on our sidebar :) we've got lots of goodies to come all month so stay tuned!