sponsor love - mini me paper doll boutique

this is what happened when our paper dolls came.............

and my face was pretty darn close. i would have gotten a picture of it too, but ya know, one pic a week of me with sans makeup is enough for you dear folk.

one of our newest sponsors "mini me paper doll boutique" has seriously sent me over the moon with her gorgeous handmade paper dolls. it's not too often i run squealing from my mail box, babies in tow, with a precious parcel. i seriously don't even remember if i was even properly clothed when we checked our mailbox. mackenzie and i had been waiting anxiously for our paper dolls to arrive. custom made to look like her and i with lovely outfits to match. well, the day finally arrived folks. they're here and we are in love.

so in love i can't bear to cut them out. i just keep staring at the lovliness of it all and drooling over them. the sad thing is i want to keep them for me to play with. is it bad of me to want to hide them from a 3 year old..haha, and keep them for myself? the best thing about the paper dolls is that they come with a unique sticky strip that never get's unsticky (is that a word?). you simply wipe it with a damp cloth and voila - all sticky again! love it!

she also sends you a cd so you can print out the dolls/outfits again, a lovely letter, a family tree for your doll, about me pages (so fun to fill out!) and the coolest part - she give you a keepsake doll! yep, one that never has to be cut, mushed, ripped or folded. i am going to frame ours and hopefully get one made for harper to match. so pretty!

all the dolls and outfits come on the thickest paper and the colors and tones are just gorgeous. hannah - you are amazing! if any of you have a little girl who loves paper dolls, seriously, get some of these. i'm not just saying that because hannah is my sponsor either. they are more than just a toy, i really do consider them a special gift that me and the girls can treasure and play with together. meaningful in a world filled with tv, plastic and gaming systems. a big thank you hannah, for allowing me to share something with my daughter that i loved as a child myself. you've brought the prettiness back to paper dolls. priceless.

hannah just released her new fall back to school line along with new custom boys in the store! in honor of back to school hannah is offering all luvinthemommyhood readers a special goodie!

what is it?

when you purchase any of the Ultimate, Standard or PIY Packets you get the whole fall line of outfits for free!!!!! yep, that's right, i said free!

getting a boy doll made? you get the Folk/Fairy Tale line for free!

how do your receive your free outfits?

simply put the word "LUV" in the notes to merchant and hannah will automatically include them in your order. don't order the outfits and expect paypal to deduct the amount. you just need to make your regular order and include the word "LUV" in the notes to merchant. easy? you bet :)

would you like to know more about hannah? check out her blog lily & thistle for freebies, craft tutorials, sewing patterns - the list goes on. here's the link.

so go on, make a doll of yourself....you know you wanna. i'm currently wearing the anne of green gables outfit. i love me some anne of green gables. i just need a gilbert and i'm all set.

which outfit do you love the best? are you a fan of paper dolls? what is your favorite memory of playing paper dolls?