teacup month - the final sip

it's over......oh how i'll miss tea cup month. it's been fun, inspiring and exactly what i needed to lighten up my mood these last few weeks. it's been a riot looking at all the goodies online and seeing all the wonderful creativity and true repurposing used when it comes to such a simple object as a teacup. i may not be british but that doesn't mean i don't LOVE my tea and it seems as though you all do too :)

when i first told the hubs about teacup month he thought i was off my rocker, but i knew deep down that i couldn't be alone in my adoration for all things mug/cups. and sure enough, you all were too! so i hope you have had fun, got some new ideas, tutorials & patterns, and maybe rescued a few teacups along the way. i don't think i'll ever look at a teacup the same way again. for those of you who linked up with pics/posts about your cups i added you in. if i missed anyone please leave me a comment below or email me and i'll add you to this post :)

i thought it would be helpful for anyone interested to be able to find all the links in one place. so here they all are. sit down, brew a cup of tea, savor that first sip and happy linking!

there were a few goodies that i didn't get a chance to fit in a post so i thought i would add them in here so you all can enjoy them as well.

thank you all for joining in on my little tea party, it's been fun! hopefully we can do it again sometime. what was your fave part of teacup month? do you still want to show off a fave teacup? leave me a comment below with a link to your post and i'll add you to the party!