makin'it in the mommyhood - time for school & some gremlins

school time is almost here...and my oldest daughter is about to start preschool. she's also a big snack lover. yummmm, snacks! what to do with all those snacks? dried fruit mix? a little juice? maybe some cheese? oh, and we can't forget some crackers..oops...those got eaten before we could snap the photo.

why not whip up some super easy and fun to make reusable snack bags? no velcro, no zippers, no loops or buttons. just simple envelope style with some fun fabric. easy for toddlers to open, easy to clean, no chemicals...just cuteness.

i meant to make 1. i made 5 or 6 - that's how addicting they are. i also plan to make a whole bunch more. little hands love them too. fun to watch mom make and fun to play with and store all those yummy goodies they adore. wanna make some of your own? click here for the video tutorial from amy karol of "the angry chicken".

my snack bag tutorial was made from some leftovers of a project that i still have to post and haven't had time to do yet...soon, soon. but i did get to a local store (the cloth castle) here in victoria to pick up some yummy new fabric to add to my stash and to my "must make" list. it's long. huge. it just keeps growing and i don't know how to contain my little gremlin. i don't feed it after midnight, and i don't get them wet but's still growing. that list is HUGE (dusty - i added about 20 things to mine - help)!

sorry, i couldn't help myself. it's late, i'm tired. that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it. i also just love me some gremlin's. and yes, as my hubby likes to remind me, i'm so old that i remember when gremlins are cool (i still think they are, i even had one).

moving right along, here are my new fabrics.........

riley blake designs "summer song" by my mind's eye

"lorenza" alexander henry collection

riley blake designs "just dreamy" by my mind's eye

can't remember the name of this one

let's hope i actually get the time to make the projects i have planned for them. don't worry, i'll be posting some goodies for you along the way. my sewing machine actually didn't call out crying for me in the night the last 2 days because...insert drum roll please...i actually got to sew!!!! it's a miracle!!! i got the snack bags above done (when i was supposed to be making something for the site) and i'm almost done a little quilting project that is a gift so i can't post it here yet.

what have you all been making? any new projects on your to make list? what do you do to find time to sew with a busy schedule? late night or early morning? nap time or bedtime? let's chat :)