moments in the mommyhood - sneak peek

life did not go as planned yesterday. the day started off good and then went haywire from that point on. all you folks out there with more than one child know what i'm talking about. you just get one down for a nap and then the other one wakes it up and your whole day is blown. harper is a great sleeper (knock on wood) but she just couldn't get a nap today...every time she closed her eyes that sneaky sister of hers would wake her up. poor thing. this didn't leave much time for me to do anything but what absolutely needed to get done.

so today's moments in the mommyhood was supposed to be filled with some adorable shots i got of our soon to be 4 month old and our fun weekend....but that didn't happen. so instead i thought i would give you a sneak peek with 2 of my fave pics from those photoshoots and also a peek at what are some of my fave vintage finds in our house...teacup month may be over but my love for loveable oldies isn't - and you all know about my addiction to pyrex.

so here you go......let me introduce you.....

her name is "mellow yellow", isn't she pretty? she looks fabulous with a fiesta salad and has been with me since i found her at a very dirty garage sale a long, long time ago. she cleaned up nice.

this is green celine (she's so fun) we like to make broccoli/cauliflower salad in her and with her is her pal orange lee, she's very worn but well loved. she is frequently accessorized with jello or pudding.

this is red ted. he's the stud of the bunch. he's been around with me for over 10 years. yep, we go way baaack. he has a fondness for cookies.

this is the newest member of our sue. she called out to me on a shelf in value village a few months ago as soon as i opened the door and if any of you have been to this shop you know how big it is. i saw her as soon as i walked in and we've been smitten with each other ever since. she has a special spot on display in our kitchen. she likes to be coddled.

and last but not least...i couldn't resist sneaking in a shot of our teapot. that's right, it's not old, but i love it anyways. it's from ikea and makes a great cuppa tea!

what are your fave treasures that you have found lately? comment below and leave me a link, you all know i wanna see! have you been having nap time troubles too? let's chat :)

*all images copyright luvinthemommyhood