Maternity Sewing Tutorial Roundup 2012!!!!!

phew! it's finally here! i couldn't bear to let 2012 go by without our annual "maternity sewing tutorial roundup"!!!  and no, before you ask i'm not preggers. i just like being excited for all you lovely pregnant, glowing mommas out there and give you lots of inspiration for making your own maternity clothes during your pregnancy.

so have some fun! pin your faves, check out all these talented ladies tutorials and show your luv! and most of all...pass it around.  there are a ton of ladies out there who i know don't even know you can refashion or sew your own maternity clothes and are  i know i did with my first baby, i didn't even know how to sew yet but would have learned a heckuva lot sooner had i known i could make my own stylish maternity clothes without spending a fortune! congrats to all of you who are expecting or who are planning to be and happy sewing!!!!

maternity dress by cotton and curls
make a wrap dress by a beautiful mess
make a sundress from a beautiful mess
1.side tulip hemline tunic 2. maxi tank dress 3. maxi dress
oceanside knit dress by happy together

diy make a lace top from a beautiful mess
1. men's tee to striped top 2. men's loose tee to gathered top 3. top with elastic waistband
diy make a tunic from a beautiful mess
1. summer tunic 2. tied maternity top 3. ruched top 4. my favorite top 5.ruffle shoulder top

- turn a men's polo top into reversible maternity top from cotton & curls
- shirred maternity tunic top refashion

1. maternity jeans 2. maternity pants 3. diy maternity jeans 4. maternity jeans
diy prepster maternity skirt from growing home
1. very gathered maternity skirt 2. empire skirt
maxi skirt from elle apparel
1. super comfy stretchy maternity pencil skirt 2. comfy diy maternity skirts
- maternity jean skirt from mens shorts 

1. maternity bow belt 2. the bow belt 3. diy ruffled belly band
diy belly band from a beautiful mess
- stretch lace belt
- mad mim's sewing tutorials
- maternity swimsuit pattern alteration and maternity swimsuit sewing
- 5 new maternity patterns from burda style
- sew fearless's "sewing with a plan: a semi handmade maternity wardrobe"
- - awesome resource!!

megan neilsen maternity survival pack
- any and all of megan neilsen's wonderful maternity sewing patterns.

and our previous years maternity sewing tutorials roundups!!! yay!!! lots of goodies to be found in these giant roundups as well.


do you have a favorite maternity sewing tutorial that we haven't included in any of our roundups? let me know and i'll add your faves in the roundup above! i love this part! it's so fun to find new things! i hunted the web for my faves but that doesn't mean i won't love yours!  so grab a hot bevvie and come share!