Weekend Wishes

yahoo!  today is a wonderful, amazing and oh so special day for our family! one we have been waiting on for almost 5 years!!!  we found out at 7am this morning that my hubby passed the big exam he has been working towards! a few more things he has to do and he will be a chartered accountant. so proud of you my love!

he has worked so very hard for our little family and i couldn't think of a better thing to happen to such a special man.  he's my best friend and i'm so proud of his huge accomplishment.  so instead of my normal weekend wishes i'm just wishing to enjoy this moment and savor every second of it.  i'll never forget waking up to seeing him say "i passed, i passed"!  it was so special and seeing as they make the poor students wait for months to find out (torture) we were so relieved to finally know the outcome of all of his hard work.  he has worked full time and studied since we had mackenzie and it hasn't always been easy, in fact it has been very hard on him and us but it has been so worth it.

so congratulations hun!!!!! i love you so much and the girls and i are so very proud of you.  we never doubted you for a second. thank you for doing all that you do for us. we can't wait to celebrate with you.

wishing you all a very happy and oh so special weekend.  see ya on monday :)

what are your weekend plans?  do you have a hubby or partner who is working/studying tons?  how do you cope with it?  what have you been crafting this week?  let's chat! i'm so excited!!!