christmas stocking pattern roundup

i got a comment on the blog a few weeks ago asking about a christmas dilemma - which kind of stocking to make? knit or sewn? i found it funny that i had been having an internal dilemma about the exact same thing when pop, along came the email. so thank you, loyal reader, for asking and while i don't have an answer for you (i haven't decided myself yet) here's a fun stocking roundup of some fun stockings to help you choose which you would prefer. i think i'm leaning towards sewn only because i seriously have no time to knit one at the moment and poor baby harper has no stocking.

for me, one of the most fun parts of xmas morning is my stocking. santa spoiled us in our house when we growing up filling our stocking with the most wonderful goodies. i seriously dreamed about that stocking every year. it truly was super exciting for me and even after growing up my stocking is still one of my favorite things about christmas. i love seeing others stockings (and of course filling them) and opening my own. so i hope you find one here that you love and get inspired to handmake a stocking this year!

*forgot to mention most of these are on, the best and most fun place online for knitters (in my opinion of course). you can friend me on there under "imstitched".

i do have a question for all of you ladies. this is a picture of what my stocking looks like. i've had the same one since i was little. they were handmade by a lady in the town i grew up in and she made both my sisters and my stockings. she has since passed away and i would love to find this mary maxim pattern to have on hand. my stocking is seriously huge and comes up past my knee - love it! i also love that it was made with love. anybody have any idea where to get this pattern now?

i'd also like to know what your favorite go to stocking pattern is? please add the link to the comments, i would love to put them in this post as a resource for us all. ohhhh, i can already feel the xmas fun starting...i heart the holidays!

readers faves:

mix-and-match socks
diamonds in the rough argyle
polka dot christmas stocking (i forgot to add this one)
knitted xmas stocking