Summer Sweater Knit Along - Knit Pockets Tutorial Roundup

campus jacket pattern by amy christoffers, image by mamatronic - this is her finished sweater for our summer sweater knit along
i love pockets.  i love any kind of pocket.  big. small.  in between.  cozy.  warm.  floating.  patch.  side.  you name it - i love it.  when it comes to knitting pockets though i just don't think enough people make them.  i mean how much yummier can a knitted garment get?  you're already wearing something so awesome you might as well take it to intergalactic level of awesomeness and add some rockin' pockets to it! 

manu by kate davies
i love how a knit pocket can just add something super special to a garment.  you just up that comfy factor by a zillion.  who doesn't want to curl up inside with a cup of tea and a good book with their yummy pockets?  go for a walk in the crisp fall weather with somewhere convenient to warm up your fingers?  they also make a great place to put things :)

1. snowbird 2. linney cardigan 3. shellseeker 4. something silver
since i'm at the point where i am about to seam down my pockets for my summer sweater kal project i decided to do a little research into the best way to get a nice flat and straight pocket.  while i was doing this i thought you all might look up the same things to which then led me to compiling a handy little list of some fab tutorials on all kinds of pockets.  yep, that's right - there is way more than just one way to make a knitted pocket.  they all are fun though!  i can't wait to try a few of them!  who would have thought the idea of cutting a line through your stitches could be so exhilarating, exciting and! amaze me.

1. idlewood 2. praline 3. levenwick
and as per normal with my roundups be sure to add your fave pocket tutorial in the comments below and i'll add them to the list :)  i want to make sure we have a well rounded list and your input is important.  you ready to whip up some pockets?  great!

|  HOW TO'S  |

- Afterthought Pocket from "Knitting Without Tears" by Elizabeth Zimmerman

- Fun With Pockets Tutorial from Lori Times Five

- Great overall pocket tutorial from Knit Picks

- Sewing Down Pocket Linings from Cocoknits

- Floating Pocket Tutorial by Jan Cullen

- Fab pocket how to from Tin Can Knits

- Pocket tutorials by Studio Knits

- Patch pocket how to's from Knit Simple Magazine
1.tourist sweater 2. pepper 3. flyaway hoodie
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