Mallory Cowl Pattern - The Updated Version!

mallory cowl pattern by me, yarn: knit picks swish worsted in colorway allspice
guess what's just around the corner?  fall! yahoo!  don't get me wrong, i'm basking in the last of the summer rays but i'm also itching for the loveliness of fall.  i'm also missing my cowls.  you all know how i love me a cowl.  i figured since we are only a few days away from september that i could share some upcoming news with ya.

see that lovely cowl in these pics knit up in that yummy "perfect for fall" color?  well that's the mallory cowl.  i heart the mallory cowl.  it's seriously the bounciest & squishiest cowl i have ever made.  since last year i've made a few of these to go along with mackenzie's child version and this one has to be my favorite one of all of them.  wanna know why?  well i adore the yarn it was made with.

the yarn used to knit this cowl is knit picks "swish worsted" in colorway allspice.  yep, it's as good as it's name.  how could i not knit my bouncy cowl pattern up in a yarn called "swish"? it's like a match made in heaven!!!!  best part of it all is you can now buy the mallory pattern and matching yarn on the knit picks website as part of their independent designer program!! woot woot!  how cool is that!  you could pick up your pattern and choose the color that suits you right in one shopping cart! now that's what i call efficiency :)


swish worsted comes in tons of gorgeous colors too and the price is oh, so affordable.  heck make one for your kidlet and one for you so you can match!  so fun!  each skein of swish worsted is $4.49 - $4.69 a ball and at 110yds/50g a ball you only need (2) to make a child's mallory or (4) for the adult one!  wowsa!  swish worsted is 100% superwash merino wool too! which means it's soft (great for baby & kid's clothes) and is machine washable!

the mallory cowl pattern has been updated and rewritten to include both the childs and adult pattern in one handy pdf with more concise instructions including 2 new gauges.  this pattern is great for beginners and/or anyone looking to try knitting in the round.  it's a quick project that knits up easily.  perfect for a "treat myself" or "christmas pressie" kind of project.

you can purchase the mallory pattern at the following online shops:

and on
knit picks!!! wahoo!!!

so watcha think?  you ready to see those leaves change color, to feel a crispness to the air, and go for a lovely pre-fall stroll with me sporting our matching mallorys?  i know i am!  bring on the pumpkin spice lattes and knitted cowls people!  

a huge thank you to the lovely rebecca (nook) for being my pattern model.  i love taking pics of her and she is so sweet to happily let me go all paparazzi on  and also thanks to the equally as lovely jane ( for letting me snap some shots of her as well.  don't they look gorgeous?  thanks m'dears! luv ya both..xoxoxo.

have you made a mallory cowl yet?  if so i'd love to see your pics!!!!  make sure you add them to our flickr group or post them up in ravelry for all to see.  or you could just email them to me or comment below.  it really is fun for me to see them so share away :)  anyone else dying for pumpkin spice lattes already?