Vintage Alphabet Crib Refashion Tutorial with Guests - Kirstin & Jordan from "Kojo Designs"

if you're looking for a ton of fun & easy sewing tutorials, lovely party details, and crafty decor projects "kojo designs" is a blog to check out! these two talented and pretty sisters are sure to inspire you and get you crafting, sewing or just taking some photos.

they don't just blog though. they are also parents, wives and they run an etsy shop of the same name where you can find everything from custom stationery sets, wedding invitations to shoe accessories! these two sisters have a passion for paper....lots of lovelies to be found!

so go browse, say hi, grab a cup of coffee while the littlies nap and get lost in "kojo designs". a big thank you to kirstin, who, at the moment is preggers with baby #2 due in august. thanks for taking time to do this tute even though you are very pregnant. i send lots of good birthing vibes your way and of course, good toddler behaviour ones too! i'm always here for ya when you need to vent :)

now let's hear from kirsten & jordan.....

Hello there from kojodesigns! We were so excited when Shannon asked us to be a part of Babyhood Bonanza... We've been loving all of the fantastic tutorials (our to-make list just keeps getting longer and longer with each installment!) and are thrilled to be a part of welcoming Miss Harper with a whole lot of baby goodness.

Depending on when you asked, or who you sat down with on a given day (and especially depending on how ornery Keadryn, Sayla or Burke were being on that day), you'd probably get the whole gamut of commentary from the two of us on the role of being a mom. Part of that broad range is Jordan's experience as a mom of girls, as well as a mama-of-two (Keadryn is 3 years old and Sayla's 1 and a half) and Kirstin's current setup as mom to Burke (who is 2 years old and about to be joined by Peanut #2 in August). But possibly more influential in our ever-changing perspective on being a mom is the oh-so-diverse nature of motherhood itself. It seems that being a mama brings out the worst and the best, an entire range of emotions (including ones you didn't know you had), the most tender and precious of moments sprinkled with the greatest frustrations, times when things seem calm and settled, and new levels of chaos. It's a wild ride, isn't it? And one we wouldn't trade for the world... even on the days when our reviews on motherhood might lean towards the less-than-sparkling.

With that in mind, when we found out that our youngest sister (Kedron) was pregnant and due just a couple months after Kirstin, we were thrilled beyond words. Not only will she be joining us in the aforementioned wild ride of mommy-ness, but think of all of the STUFF that accompanies this dive into the world of parenthood... STUFF for us to make! As the first order of business in the Stuff-To-Make category, Kedron and Patrick decided on "Vintage Alphabet" as their nursery theme and found some fabulous vintage-y, Japanese fabric to complete their vision. Our job? Craft a crib bumper, crib skirt, and other coordinated nursery decor. First up? The crib bumper!

Though we've used the nursery patterns from Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones before (and with great success), we decided to branch out and try something new this time- refashioning an existing crib bumper. We didn't know this going in, but it turns out to be a fairly low maintenance project, and with gorgeous results.... Care to join us? Today, at the kojodesigns blog, we'll share our first installment of this loveliness- their now-finished, refashioned crib bumper (with a tutorial for those of you who'd like to try your hand at refashioning a crib bumper of your own).

Thanks again for having us, Shannon, and congratulations! Give that baby (well, both of your babies, really) some love for us...

more fun to come this stay tuned! what have you been working on?

all images copyright kojo designs