moments in the mommyhood - we made it out of the house!

we've made it out of the house! yep, that's right! i finally ventured out into the big, bad world all on my own with the two girls. yay for me! albeit it wasn't far...ok, it was literally a 5 minute drive, but i was early and relatively no chaos happened during the preparation for it if you don't count spilling coffee all over an outfit that took me half an hour to find, that somewhat covered my "overhang". darn it. but i recovered, changed and we had a great play date with two great friends and their kids. i got spoiled and they had a little bday celebration for me. so all in all, it felt great to get out of my house :)

harper has been doing great! she's such a good baby. i can't resist bragging a bit because my first baby was a bad sleeper, but harper slept from 9:45 till 5:45 on thursday night!!!! *&*&!! holy cow! we've had a few long sleeps at night now, but that was the record breaker. now to get her to do that every night! she is 6 1/2 weeks now and i'm guessing weighs about 12 pounds give or take.

people have been telling me not to be shy and to not avoid putting my pic up with the baby, so here ya go. a nasty ol'photo of sickie ol'me. i am not vampire white anymore, but my hair is still a mess and i am sans makeup, so please avert your eyes if it is too much a of a shock! i need my hairdresser to come rescue me!

all in all we are surviving. routines are being made, some sleep is getting slept, my laundry doing has been exceptional (one load a day!!!), dishes are clean, i sometimes get a shower, toys sometimes get put away, baths are given, diapers changed, princess dress up done, and a whole lot of fun is being had...ok, when there isn't crying and tantrums, but on the most part we are having fun with this new adventure into functioning as a family of four.

ohhhh, and i better not forget...the winner of our stella & dot giveaway is......

Kristin said...

I've always wanted a Stella & Dot piece, but I guess my daughter could have one first! kelgeeinaz(at)

congratulations kristin!!!! julie will be in touch with you in regards to your prize!!!

how is your week? any of you adjusting to a new family arrangement? about to have the 2nd baby and nervous? anyone willing to tell me where the heck the month of june has gone???? leave a comment below, or vent, or say hi....whatever floats your boat - i just luv hearing from ya!

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