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"Float like a Cadillac, sting like a Beemer". ~ Lightning McQueen

1) small cars - set of 6 by small town toys
2) soft plush cars and trucks by by nanas hands
3) 'my first cars' set of two by birdy boots
4) natural race cars - set of 3 by happy squash toys

it's one of mackenzie's friends bday today and he is a huge fan of cars. little cars, big cars and of course the movie cars. his favorite color is red. whenever we see him he has cars with him so i thought what better gift to give than a car caddy!

i based this one on "homemade by jill's" tutorial. i also adore the one lindsay made from "the cottage home". i did make a few changes though. here's what i altered:

- different measurements. mine was shorter in length and height and only has 5 pockets. i didn't have jeans that had a wide enough leg to give me the measurements jill used.

- no piping used. i simply sewed the edges right sides together and then left an opening to pull the carrier through. i then attached my ties to the top right hand corner instead of the side and hand stitched the opening shut. i'm sure i could have top stitched for extra strength where the ties are but i didn't think i would like the look and couldn't decide on the color of thread to use so i left it. i made the ties from felt and figured he has a bit of pull leeway before they would fall out anyways. i also decided to let him knot it instead of using velcro.

-i added his name in felt onto the top half of the caddy above where the car is stitched on for cuteness factor.

this was a fun project to do especially since i am used to making girly girl things. i was happy to do the hand stitching and not have to be at the machine. it's proving harder and harder to make it for very long at my sewing hoo.

have you made a car caddy? what tutorial did you use or did you make your own? i'd love to see them!