moments in the mommyhood - goofy girl

we had a bit of a goofy day yesterday, or i should say mackenzie did. i think it might have been the yummy cupcakes we both ate for her friend josh's bday. the sugar seemed to keep us both going for quite a while :) yum......cupcakes.... ok, i'm getting off track...haha.

things are a bit better at our house but still stressful. i've tried a new tactic for discipline and hopefully that is going to control some of the issues i've been struggling with. it's hard not to get mad at your little one when they push you to your limit, but i'm trying to remember that she's going through her own things just like i am. she's missing her daddy...lots and probably wondering what's going to happen to our family dynamic when the new bean comes along. i think once we get our routine back she will be back to her chipper old self. for now, i'll take my goofy little monkey when i can get her.

as for me, here's the latest pic of the giant 36 1/2 week's huge....and heavy....and feeling like babe is ready to just fall out. please stay in a little longer wee one...momma's not ready for ya yet. we can't wait to meet you but you need to bake in the oven just a wee bit longer so daddy can enjoy you too.

hope you're all having a bit of a goofy day too!

what do you do to try to calm your nerves when your little one pushes every button know to man to make you angry? especially when you are hugely preggers, hormonal, emotional, tired, achy, tired of time outs and just about willing to pay anything to just lay on the couch for 20 minutes and not move.....let's trade mommy tips, i know i could use some new ones :)

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