makin'it in the mommyhood - baby shower goodness part two

so you guys got a peek at the crafty baby shower i helped plan on the weekend on monday's post now here's the part where i show you what i made! yippee! rebecca and i wanted to give our guests a little gift to take home as a thank you for coming. my pal amy loves her tea and coffee and i came up with the idea to give everyone a few bags of one of her fave flavours of tea - peach! yummy! i knew i wanted to come up with a cute and crafty way to give them the tea so i thought why not sew up a pretty tea envelope to put the tea in?! fun right?

well let me tell you these little guys are very addicting!!! i had to stop myself from making like a hundred of them and adorning them with lace and trim and ric rac...ohhh, so many possibilities! i decided to keep them nice and simple and use my crafting scissors to make a pretty scallop edge for the flap and label. i used twine for the string and used my scissors again to make the scallop on the edge of each tag. the back of each tag and a hand printed thank you on them. i printed out the labels on the computer to use as a seal to close the envelope. i fit 3 large tea bags into each envelope and used the sewing machine to sew it all together! i love them! aren't they cute?

if anyone's interested i'd be more than happy to do up a tiny tutorial with a template that you can print out. it's pretty simple though so i wasn't sure any of you would even need it :) i'd love to hear your thoughts on it though.

i also wanted to give each guest a card i but didn't want it to be a card they just went home and recycled. i wanted it to be a card that they could give and pass on to someone else. i heart the idea of sewing on paper and try to make cards whenever i can this way. i had spotted some cards online that used ruffles and decided to have a go at making some. i used some natural art paper (not sure what it is...watercolor maybe?) that had been gifted to me and then used an old gift card as a template for sizing. i then cut out the fabric strips, ruffled them on the machine and then stitched them on the card using the sewing machine as well. easy peasy.

i think they look natural and oh, so pretty. again, these are addicting so be warned....there are also lots of options to customize these for your own taste as well. we used the tea envelopes and the blank cards for the table settings along with ribbon tied napkins to set the table for our guests.

now on to the gifts for the birthday boy! i decided that it was the perfect time to make dana's knee pad pants! i used a pair of harper's jeans as a template for the pattern and then whipped him up the cutest pair of pants using an old pair of my maternity jeans! nice and stretchy!!! i then repurposed a soft shirt of the hubs to make the knee pads with. adorable! the pics don't do the jeans justice. i squealed when i tried them on harper but my monkey wouldn't stay still long enough to get a decent shot.

i also had been dying to try my hand at making one of those super cute stuffed owls that have been floating around for ages. i couldn't find the exact one i wanted so i combined a few pics i saw of owl stuffies and winged it. i again repurposed my maternity jeans and jer's shirt for the owl. the jeans made up the body on the front and the hub's shirt makes a soft, snuggly back. the side fabric is from the "it's a hoot" line from moda and was scraps from harper's quilt. the polka dot was from my stash of scraps as well. gotta love scraps!

so what do you think??? you likey?? i'm so excited to finally show you all what i have been up to! it's been so fun. share your thoughts :) what have you been making? come add your pics to our flickr group!