maternity sewing tutorial roundup

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i'm super excited for this post! i've been meaning to do this roundup during my whole pregnancy and now since i am a month away from little beans arrival i figured I better get on it. i spent a lot of time hunting down maternity tutorials during the last 8 months, but never got around to finding the energy to make any of them. boo for me but good for you guys.

i've been getting some emails lately asking me for references to good maternity tutorials, well here's your answer ladies! i've scoured the web and found what i think are some goodies! i also threw in some great sewing resources for alterations, places to buy vintage maternity patterns and even how to convert a regular bra to a nursing bra! yeehaw! that one i may try!

so save the moula on all those expensive maternity clothes and make or refashion your own! i know what i'll be up to soon, turning all my mat clothes into regular clothes - my baby making time is over after the little bean comes along. so scroll through, go say hi to some talented ladies and show your belly some love!!!

1) converted maternity pants tutorial from modest maven
2) diy maternity pants from megan nielsen
3) maternity pants tutorial from grosgrain
4) maternity jeans tutorial from staker family circus
5) maternity yoga pants from make baby stuff
6) maternity jeans from patchwork princess

more tutorials:
- how to make a maternity panel
- maternity dress pants conversion
- shirt sleeves to yoga capris
- convert your jeans

1) wrap maternity top from megan nielsen
2) big tee to maternity tee refashion from homemade by jill
3) how to sew your own maternity shirt from laura's blog
4) diy maternity shirt from megan nielsen

1) gwenna - the maternity skirt from see mommy sew
2) modest maternity mini skirt from georgeina
3) refashioned jeans to maternity skirt from homemade by jill
4) refashioned maternity skirt from pink picket fence

more tutorials:
- maternity t-shirt skirt
- ruffle-y maternity skirt

1) how to make a wrap cardigan from megan nielsen
2) pregnancy band tutorial from smashed peas and carrots
3) maternity or not frock from presser foot

more tutorials:
- the no sew nursing top solution
- how to make a regular bra into a nursing bra
- pattern for zip in jackets for maternity and baby carrying use
- nursing shirt
- another take on the belly band
- nursing top from t-shirt
- big ugly shirt refashion

Maternity Patterns:
- grandmas house
- ebay

Sewing Tips:
-expandable t-shirt wrap
- maternity jalie shirt pattern review
- xxl maternity shirt to j crew inspired maternity top
- maternity block from the pattern school- maternity pattern reviews from assorted notions
- easy pattern adaptions for maternity wear
- more maternity pattern adaptions & reviews

online maternity shops (this list is in progress):- belly dance maternity
- belly dance baby

i'm sure i've missed a few tutorials or helpful posts out there, heck, a girl can't be perfect ya know..haha. so if you know of one, please, please, pretty please leave me a comment below with the link or send an email to and i will update this post as they come along.

happy belly sewing!!!!!

last image courtesy of suhel sheikh