a small celebration - part four

luvinthemommyhood is turning "1"!

it's our one year bday on the site so we're having a wee bit of a celebration. click here to read some more about my thoughts on turning "1" and to see "part one" of our celebration, check out "part two" - a look back at our tutorials and crafty goodness in the mommyhood and part three for our fave posts from "notes from the mommyhood" series.

next up in our party is my fave posts from our "fit friday in the mommyhood" series. i heart this series. it's been on the back burner for a bit due to my pregnancy but i have big plans to reinstate it monthly once the baby is born. i'll need to get rid of the jiggly bits, well attempt to anyways...haha. so here ya go ladies, why not have a good chuckle (it works the abs) while you get some great exercise tips!

work out videos, soft porn & g-strings and best workout videos

oh man, you gotta love richard simmons in all his slimy, shiny glory...i don't think there will ever be another him that's for sure. this post is one of my fave all time posts on the site. i laughed until i almost peed myself while writing it and reminiscing with my mom about some of the good ol' workout videos on VHS that we used to swear by.

i was lucky enough to have a shorter, and in my opinion, funnier version of this post published on the wonderful site "the yummy mummy club". it was lots of fun and i was honored to be included so i figured it only fitting to give you the links to both versions (click here for the yummy mummy article and here for the blog post). i wonder in hindsight though if the world can have cher sweat her tush off in a g-string and carmen electra striptease her way fit what the heck can they seriously come up with next? a female version of richard simmons? i'm scared...very scared....

any of you longtime readers will know i have a serious obsession with kelly ripa's arms. i love them, i dream of one day having them, those arms just kill me. i admit sometimes the only reason i watch her show is to stare at her arms. in my quest to achieve arms like hers (insert laughter here) i put together this post combining two of the best set of guns i have seen. yes, i know madonna is up there too, but hers tend to freak me out a bit....too manly. so get your gear on and welcome to the gun show!

top ten abs workout

ok, not to go on about kelly again, but seriously her abs are to die for as well. so i couldn't help putting together a post all on getting some great abs. did it happen for me? nope, but that was because i had to stop doing them cause i got knocked up...or at least that's what i tell myself the reason is. hey, it's so i can sleep at night ok? no judging...haha.

i don't post a lot of pics on here that show my body but one thing you guys know i do talk about is how the size of "your girls" or aka "boobs" can be a hindrance. you can't run without wearing 2 sports bras and a running tank or risk getting a black eye, dresses never fit right, tops don't fit right, they are heavy and hurt your back and your kid likes to smack them around like fun toys. sometimes the only person who i think really enjoys them is the hubs...but we won't go there...haha. anyhoo, if any of you would like to keep the girls pointing up to the sky instead of the dreaded "rock in the sock" boob this post is for you. not too sure if us breastfeeding folk have any chance in bringing the life back after breastfeeding multiple kids but it's worth a shot right?

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ok, i had a good laugh looking back through all of these, i hope you guys did too. don't forget to share your thoughts, i love to get comments!

you can also find all these posts on our sidebar. look for the pic on your left and it will take you to our posts. remember ladies....you're worth it and you deserve it!

hmmm, is the party over?? no way!!! i think i have a bit more party energy left, what about you guys? stay tuned for some more goodies next week!!!