Itty Bitty Pants Tutorial with Guest - Christine from "From an Igloo"

i've been super excited to have fellow canadian christine, writer of the blog "from an igloo" over to the mommyhood! i spotted this talented ladies blog back in february, when she started it and i knew from that minute on that i would be a faithful subscriber. firstly because of her talent - you all know i love a cute sundress tutorial, and secondly, because us canadian girl's gotta support each other. i don't run into many of us in this big blogging community, so when i do get an email from someone, or find another canadian blogger i get super excited!

christine's blog isn't even a year old yet and wow has this momma been busy. she's a mother to 3 kids - 6, 4 & 2. wowsa! and she's been giving us a whack load of my fave tutorials of the moment since then! i didn't get a lot of chances to sew during my pregnancy but i sure made time to make her "one hour sundress".

here's my version....

a giant thank you to christine, who put this together even though she was having one of those bad "motherhood" days (and you ladies all know what i'm talking about). i hope you're having a better one today hun! big hugs to you and thanks again! you guys pop over and say hi and cheer this super sewer up! give her a big canadian hello!

now let's hear from christine.......

Hi everyone! :) My name is Christine and I'm so happy to be here today on Luvinthemommyhood! I love this blog and it will always have a special place in my blogging heart. Shannon was the very first blogger to reach out to me when I started my own blog and I feel fortunate to have met such a sweet person! Congratulations again on your sweet baby girl Shannon! She needs to post more pictures of that precious baby, don't you think? I can't get enough!

Motherhood has changed me in more ways than I can count. The minute our first was born I was so overcome with emotion. Up to that point I thought I had experienced love, but the love I felt for that tiny baby that I had only known for 30 seconds surpassed anything I had ever felt in my life. I still remember that moment and how amazing it was. Then, I was fortunate enough to do it two more times!

I'm a mom of 3 and we had all 3 of our children in 3 1/2 years. In the beginning I think I was pretty close to losing my mind (then again I still feel like that some days). Our youngest is 2 1/2, so now that the kids are a little older things are getting a little easier in some respects. Most days now I do get to shower and every once in awhile I get 4 hrs of sleep in a row (so naive to think they would start sleeping at some point)!

The best mothering advice I can offer is to try not to sweat the small stuff. Our kids are not going to remember if there were dishes in the sink or crumbs under the kitchen table. They will remember baking cookies and having tea parties with their mama. I have to remind myself of this all the time! Sometimes the crumbs under the table seem really important!

Now, for what I have to share with you! :)
If any of you follow my blog you may remember the pattern and tutorial I put up last week for the "One Size Fits many" PJ Pants. For those new friends out there, this is what they look like... Perfect for appliques!

With a few alterations they will fit a chubby 6 mos up to a thin size 3.

Well, there aren't many things cuter than a cute little baby bum. My sister is expecting a baby boy soon and it got me thinking. How cute would it be for my new nephew to match his older cousin? I had lots of fun matching my two daughters when they were really little (and still do on occasion). My husband thinks its sick, but I can't help it! Anyway, how cute would these be in itty bitty newborn size?

This cute! I wish you could see them in person, they are just so small! For reference, the ones on the left are a small size 2! The newborn pair we will say are 0-3 months but I'm thinking more like 1-2 mos.

I hope you'll pop over to my blog to download the pattern for these itty bitty pants. I really need one of you to make a girly version with ruffles on the bum. I'm dying to make a pair myself! You'll also be able to find the "One Size Fits Many" version, possibly for big sister or brother if your kids are close together like mine.

Thank you for having me here today Shannon, I've loved being a part of the baby bonanza! Your photos make me ache for a new baby. Someone want to convince my husband we should have just one more? :)

what's our announcement?????
have you been wondering what it is? and no, i am not pregnant again already!!! aiayaya! no way! the news is (insert small drum roll please) that i have decided to extend the "babyhood bonanza" until near the end of july!!!! yippeee!! the party has been so fun i figured why end it? we can all use more of these wonderful tutorials right? so stick around...the celebration has only just begun!!!

are you a canadian blogger? are there more of you out there? i would love to hear from you!

p.s. happy birthday dad!!!! hope you have a great day!