mommyhood sew vs knits month

It's Announcement Time!!!!!!!!!


that's right ladies!!! comfy sews VS cozy knits is back for a spring/summer edition! a month filled with talented & inspiring guest tutorials & patterns, and fun and fiesty roundups where sewing & knitting battle it out in a virtual boxing match that you vote on! don't worry, crochet will be making appearances throughout the month as well!

and our second announcement that i've been dying to tell you is.........that you can find all the goodies mentioned above on our newest addition to luvinthemommyhood - versus! yep...a new blog! all pretty and ready for you all to show your love! grab our button! tell your friends! follow along! all the content for comfy sews VS cozy knits will be on versus as well as the archives. it's our new sporting arena!!! i've been working hard late at night to get this all ready for us to have a lot of fun and to bring in spring with a bang!!! so come say hi! and check out...

we've got lots of crafty goodness coming your way! stay tuned for knitting and sewing patterns/tutorials and giant roundups all geared for that fresh spring/summer weather! join in and make your favorite ones! we love to link up our reader faves in the roundups and at the end of the month as well so feel free to join right on in! make sure to vote and support your craft of choice in the boxing ring each week during our roundups! you can find the tutorials and roundups from the last edition of comfy sews VS cozy knits here and the entire listing here.

then...if all goes as planned (i'm crossing my fingers here)...i will be launching an e-mag of the spring/summer edition for easy downloading of all the patterns/tutorials that were included in this month's comfy sews VS cozy knits! the bonus part is it's free!!! yippee!

so which corner of the ring will you be in?

what do you all think? you excited? i am!!! what was your favorite part of the last edition? did you join in? what are you looking forward to the most out of the spring/summer edition?

a big thank you to jill zielinski from jill zielinski designs (go check her out!) and knitterella for designing the logo, header and sidebar pics. you're the best hun! thanks for making what was in my head a reality! i couldn't have done it without you!

comfy sews vs cozy knits - the final roundup

the battle is over....for this season anyways. i'm sad to see it end, it's been so fun and i am feeling so inspired to create, sew, knit & crochet this winter. how about you? did you get inspired? any new projects you fell madly in love with? just in case you can't remember all the fabulous goodies, guest tutorials, giveaways & roundups that made up "comfy sews VS cozy knits" month i've compiled them all into this post so you can bookmark it and refer to it whenever you need something comfy, cozy or cushy to wear, accessorize or decorate with.

thank you to all the wonderful and amazingly talented guests who joined in on my silly virtual boxing match - you guys are the best! i appreciate you not laughing at my initial email and thinking i was bonkers & for joining in short notice when the idea hit me right at the beginning of the month - i owe ya one! a big thank you to all of you, of course, for voting, commenting, linking and just plain joining in on my silly theme month. i hope you enjoyed it! i'm going to try to bring it back for the spring/summer season so get your dukes can train over the winter :P

would you be interested in seeing a spring/summer month for comfy sews vs cozy knits? should cushy crochet make another appearance? did you make a project from the tutorials this last month and blog about it? let me know and i'll add your link to our list!

the winner(s)!!!! plus...crochet pattern roundup - blankets, hat, scarves, slippers & sweaters

you asked for it you big crochet roundup with all the categories that comfy sews & cozy knits battled it out for! enjoy!

1. phannie 2. headband with flower 3. urban jungle crocheted slouch beanie 4. hat w/earflaps

and now it's time to announce the giveaway winners!

Winner of ysolda teague giveaway:

Julie said... [Reply to comment] 7 I love her patterns! I would choose Peak's Island hood and knit it in charcoal.

Magpie Patterns Book Giveaway:

****if you are the winner of this giveaway, please email with your email addy or you will be disqualified and i will have to draw another winner.****

I would love either book, but if I had to choose, I would pick 'Linen, Wool, Cotton'. The simplistic style is right up my alley.

melissa - amy from magpie patterns will be in touch with you and julie, i'll be emailing you today with your prize info - congratulations to both of you!

and now on to the big winner. who won the comfy sews VS cozy knits? here we go, officially for this round the winner was...insert drum roll please....

cozy knits!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's right, you knitters voted the heck out of the polls! but the challenge isn't over yet. there will be another showdown between comfy sews & cozy knits in the spring - so get ready ladies! it's not over yet, but in the meantime, happy knitting, sewing & crocheting! i hope this month has inspired you to take on a new project or to learn a new craft. i know i added about 50 new things to my list.

what do you plan to make that you saw this month on the blog? did you make something already? i would love to know about it! please leave a comment below with a link - i love to put all of your posts in the final boxing roundup post! thanks for joining in & have a fabulous weekend! i'll be back on monday with the handy, all the goodies in one place post for comfy sews VS cozy knits month.

Comfy Sews VS Cozy Knits - The Movie!!!

yes, i know, i am a loser...haha. yes, i made a movie. it's a movie about two different types of needles boxing and yes, i know they are not real. when i first decided to do comfy sews VS cozy knits month i knew i was going to make a video and i knew it was going to be cheesy, but hey, you guys all know i like cheese right? i had planned on doing a different type of animation, but the hubs has been studying, i am solo with the girls and time just didn't cooperate, but don't worry, i still luv it. i may be the only one out there who laughs at it, and if that's the case i blame it solely on the lack of sleep and not my mental clarity. so, without further late night masterpiece.

what do you think? am i nutso or have i just spent too many nights dreaming about comfy sews VS cozy knits projects? if you did happen to enjoy it, please share. i would love to know i am sane..haha. regardless, i hope it brought a smile to your face, or at least made you forget the 6 piles of laundry you have to fold, the diapers you need to change and the dishes you need to wash...if even for a few minutes. i know i did :)

Fun Funky Fleece Hat Tutorial with Guest Kelly from Sewing In No Mans Land

i hope you all had a wonderful halloween weekend! we've got our last guest tutorial for you all today and it's coming from the lovely and talented kelly of the blog "sewing in no mans land". kelly joined us a few months ago and shared a great tutorial for the perfect dress to wear post baby or anytime for that matter. you can find the tutorial for the "sunshine, daisies, bottom mellow dress" here.

if you haven't been to kelly's blog yet, go check it out. it's filled with fun sewing tutorials for little boys, little girls (kelly is a busy mom to 2 boys & 1 girl) and women, creative crafts and gorgeous photography (kelly is a professional photographer). the thing i love the most about "sewing in no man's land" is the "the deal" page. click here to find out what is so unique about this fab blog! trust me, it's great :)

thanks for being part of the mommyhood kelly and thanks again for the rockin' coffee you sent me - you're the sweetest :)

now let's hear from kelly...

Happy weekend ladies!!! Kelly here from Sewing In No Mans Land. I am sooo excited to be here at luvinthemommyhood. I have been drooling over all the fun knits and sewn items all month and begged Shannon to give me a turn in the ring. Now, out with the truth, I am a sewer who desperately wishes she was a knitter. There, I said it. BUT I cannot for the life of me figure out how. So, I figure if you can't join 'em beat right? Uh oh that's the envy talkin', better move on. I don't know if the mantra "when mama ain't happy ain't no body happy" is true in your house but in our house it goes a little something like "if mommas havin' fun everyone's havin' fun" and there is a hat in particular that signals to my kiddos that we are about to have some fun! I call it the Fun Funky Fleece Hat.

It is so easy to sew and even more fun to wear!

I particularly like to make them in {team} colors. When I made Finn one for our university's homecoming he ended up on the front of the newspaper AND the school's homepage:

So if you are lookin' for some giggles from your cuties come on over to Sewing In No Mans Land and learn how to whip up the Fun Funky Fleece Hat, it's a TKO haaa! Oh I'm a nerd!

happy hat making folks! so cute! stay tuned this week for a fabulous new giveaway tomorrow, the announcement of the winners for the "magpie patterns giveaway" and the "ysolda teague giveaway" and also, yes, that's right, the winner of "comfy sews VS cozy knits"....who's it gonna be? i'll also be putting all the links and fun stuff from the whole month into one handy post. i hope you have all enjoyed my little theme month and i can't wait to do the next one. i'm planning on not just doing it once a year but possible a spring/summer match and a fall/winter one - it was just that fun for me :)

what was your fave part of "comfy sews VS cozy knits" month? did you make any of the tutorials we had in october? i'd love to see what you made! leave a comment below with the link if you did - it's fun to share :)

City Cowl Vs. Country Cowl Patterns by Guest Anneliese from Aesthetic Nest

whenever i'm in need of a little inspiration whether it be knitting, sewing or crocheting i head over to the aesthetic nest. anneliese has been here before and i love having her guest post. i also love emailing her to whine and share in the joys of mommyhood. she's got 3 gorgeous girls, one of which is a new baby & she still manages to paint, craft, create and throw a darn cute party!

so when you need to stare and drool at some eye candy, find a new project, get inspired and just sit in awe go say hi to anneliese. tell her i sent you and give her a virtual high five for being such a fab mom! but be prepared to want to get out your hooks, needles or sewing machines because for sure you will leave the aesthetic nest with a need to create something handmade.

now let's hear from anneliese.....

Nothing makes my day like an email from Shannon at luvinthemommyhood, and the one titled, "You're gonna hate me..." was no different. I was laughing before the text even loaded on my screen! It didn't disappoint. Shannon was inviting me to participate in a quintessential Fall battle: to sew or to knit?

Of course I couldn't pass it up! She had me instantly. But picking sides was another story.

Call me wishy-washy. Call me conflicted. This is my dilemma every Fall. I am shocked out of my summer projects by cooler weather and the realization that, yet again, I didn't get a jump on things. So then the question is whether to hurry and crank out some sewing or settle in to a knitted project? Do I invest the time in the luxury of a handknit and hope for one or two completed this season? Or do I satisfy my compulsion to cross more things off my list by sewing steadily through the months? There's nothing more frustrating than being forced to chose between two great things!

Well, I usually try to do both. And so it is with this battle. I do kinda hate Shannon ;-) because I have not one, but two projects I'm submitting! Too hard for me to pick, so I'll let you: do you sew a "City Cowl" or knit a "Country Cowl"?

Here is what you should consider. The City Cowl is sleek and a bit sophisticated in the skin print (zebra velboa). It adds some comfy warmth but maintains a bit of an edge.

If you want to really go for the glamorous look it is generous enough (17"x40") to pull up over your head. Perfect for a walk to the office, or the mailbox!

Wear it over a sweater or as an accessory to your tailored coat. It's not too bulky to tuck in around your neck and easier to manage than a scarf if you're running around town.

But, then there is the knitted Country Cowl: Put it on and it feels like the weekend. It makes you just want to snuggle into the couch and slow down. Who doesn't need that? It's like wearing a big hug. And its chunky yarn, rolled edges and textural pattern make a big handknit impact without the commitment a sweater requires.

Plus, I've included a knitted drawcord to up its versatility. Weave it through the holes and you can wear it a bunch of different ways. It can be funky, vintage country, such as this layered sweater collar...

...or cinched under your chin country-Victorian...

...or cinched a bit looser, which may be my favorite.

Both cowls are pretty easy and won't take too much time away from the rest of your to-do list. Decided or not, you can find the full tutorials over at my blog, Aesthetic Nest.

Thanks to Shannon I can have my cowl both ways this Fall--sewn and knit. I guess I'm luvin it!

thanks so much anneliese! i'm so glad i "kinda" made you hate me...hahaha. love the cowls and can't wait to try them out! giant hugs to you my dear!

you can find anneliese on her
blog and on ravlery.

round four - comfy sews VS cozy knits clothes & hats roundup

image source

today is the last round for comfy sews & cozy knits to battle it out in the ring. i'm sad, but also excited. it's been so much fun organizing all of this and i cannot wait to see who is going to win. this week's round started out as pillows...i got bored..haha. no offense to pillows, but my mind is on clothes at the moment. maybe it's because i've been on the hunt for cozy & comfy clothes for the winter.

after vetoing pillows i kept finding myself leaning towards cardigans. i wear a cardigan almost everyday, unless of course it's 32degrees. i think cardigans are an essential staple to any girl's wardrobe. so i started digging and then cardigans turned into clothes and then of course - hats, and since there a gazillion tutorials/patterns out there here are some of my personal faves. so here you's a tough one. i think i'm tied this time round...again :)




(all the knitting patterns below are located mostly located on
ravelry for convenience. if you aren't a member of ravelry, it's free - you must join - it rocks! if you are already a member or do join, you can friend me here

ok, the referee has rung the bell and it's time to score the round....enter your vote in the poll below. the poll is open till november 3rd, 2010. happy boxing!

(in case poll is not showing up, please click here to vote directly on the poll link.)

if you're having fun & enjoying the match, feel free to sport our button on your blog! you can find the code on our sidebar. if you've written a post about "comfy sews VS cozy knits" or made one of the tutorials from this theme month please leave a comment with a link below - i'd love to hear about it! and make sure to get your entry in for any free knitting pattern from ysolda teague!! click here to enter!

what do you guys think? who's it gonna be? comfy sews or cozy knits? the match is on! have you all been having as much fun as i have? would you like to see this box off once a year? i'd love to hear your thoughts! come say hi!

Frosted Glow Cowl Pattern with Guest Melynda from French Press Knits

we've got another knitter in the ring today! please insert my squeals of delight here...i'm super excited to have melynda of "french press knits" here with a new pattern for us all!!! wowsa! now, first off, i have to mention that melynda's infamous french press felted slippers have been haunting my dreams for about a year now and i still have yet to make them. i adore staring at the picture of them in my ravelry faves, posting about them on the blog and just plain daydreaming about wearing them on my chubby toes. in fact, i love these slippers so much they are on my new year's resolution list for 2011.

but don't just stop at her gorgeous slippers. this talented, and might i add gorgeous momma to be, yep, she's preggers with her first baby (due very soon) has a heck of a lot of other goodies to knit up as well. need a cowl, hat, or wrap, french press knits has got you covered. modern, stylish and yes, COZY. it's all about the cozy today folks. so go brew yourself a cuppa tea...curl up on the couch and get a knittin.....

now let's hear from melynda.....

Comfy Knits vs. Cozy Sews. Nothing fires up designers and crafters more than a good old fashioned blog 'battle royale.' I can't tell you how excited I am to be here today. As a knitter, summer is my training season- I've spent months preparing for my time in the ring.

Of course, as a knitter, I already feel like we have the 'one up.' You see, knitting allows us to create our own fabric, taking one dimensional natural fibers and creating two or three dimensional garments. And with just one simple knitted garment, an entire ensemble can so easily be endowed with a touch of luxury.

Let's jump right in, shall we?

Today I have prepared a pattern that is perfect for the colder weather lurking around the corner. Even on a drab day, this 'Frosted Glow Cowl' will be sure to add that touch of luxury (not to mention warmth) to your outfit.

What You'll Need:

1 skein Rowan Alpaca Cotton

Size 8 US needles


Needle and Thread


Gauge: 4" = 16 sts


K: Knit

P: Purl

k2tog: knit two together

yo: yarn over

ssk: slip slip knit

rep: Repeat

RS: Right side

WS: Wrong Side

Cast on 27 stitches.

Rows 1-6: Work in moss stitch pattern (*K1, P1, rep from * to end)

Row 7(RS): K1, P1, K2, *k2tog, k4, yo, k1, yo, ssk, k1: rep from * to last three stitches, K1, P1, K1

Row 8 and every following WS row: K1, Pl, K1, purl to last 3 sitcthes; K1, P1, K1

Row 9: K1, P1, K2, *k2tog, k3, (yo, k1) twice, ssk, k1; rep from * to last three stitches, K1, P1, K1

Row 11: K1, P1, K2, * k2tog, k2, yo, k1, yo, k2, ssk, k1; rep from * to last three stitches, K1, P1, K1

Row 13: K1, P1, K2, *k2tog, (k1, yo) twice, k3, ssk, k1; rep from * to last three stitches, K1, P1, K1

Row 15: K1, P1, K2, *k2tog, yo, k1, yo, k4, ssk, k1; rep from * to last three stitches, K1, P1, K1

Row 17: K1, P1, K2, *k2tog, (k1, yo) twice, k3, ssk, k1; rep from * to last three stitches, K1, P1, K1

Row 19: K1, P1, K2, * k2tog, k2, yo, k1, yo, k2, ssk, k1; rep from * to last three stitches, K1, P1, K1

Row 21: K1, P1, K2, *k2tog, k3, (yo, k1) twice, ssk, k1; rep from * to last three stitches, K1, P1, K1

Row 22: Purl

More of a chart person (me too!)? This one's for you:

Repeat rows 7- 22 until scarflette measures 24". End how you started, with 6 moss stitch rows, and then bind off.
Add buttons, you can use the yarn overs within the pattern as buttonholes.

If you are on Ravelry and want to add this to your project page, you can find "Frosted Glow" here.
You can also take a look at my project page for this project done in a different yarn/gauge for more ideas. While you're there- make sure you say hi!

you can find more about melynda on the following:

blog -
facebook -

and you can find me on ravelry (the best knitting website ever) here.

a huge thank you to melynda for coming to join in the battle, you're the best. it's been so fun chatting with you and so exciting to have one of my favorite knitting designers on the site. best wishes for your new baby and a wonderful birth experience for you and the hubs!

ok folks....are you knitting? inspired yet? i hope you've been finding lots of patterns to whip up this month whether it's knitted, sewn or both. we've got our last round of boxing tomorrow and it's a big one so stay tuned!

Ysolda Teague Knitting Pattern Giveaway!

when i started planning this month's theme "comfy sews VS cozy knits" i knew in my head right off the bat that ysolda teague's patterns had to come into play. to put it mildly i am a huge fan! when i think of cozy knits ysolda immediately comes to my mind. her patterns are unique, fun, modern and of course, cozy! when i first discovered the world of blogs a long time ago ysolda's was one of the knitting blogs i started following. since then i have continued to be inspired by her work.

so it's tons of fun for me to have her on the site for a giveaway for all you knitters or soon to be knitters today! i mean, really, look at these could you not want to knit???

what's the prize:

one lucky winner will get to choose any ONE pattern they would like from ysolda's online pattern shop, this includes patterns from both whimsical knits 1 or 2 but not from the twist collective or patterns published in other books such as brave new knits.

how to enter:

1) go to ysolda's site or ravelry shop and tell me which pattern you would like to win & what color you would make it in the comments below.
2) subscribe to luvinthemommyhood and leave me a comment telling me you did.
3) follow us on google friend connect (on the sidebar) & comment again that you did.
4) tweet about this giveaway and let me know in the comments that you did so.
5) join our facebook group & comment again here for one more entry.
6) for a bonus entry mention this giveaway to one of your ravelry groups or in a forum on ravelry and then let me know in the comment below.

rules of the giveaway:

- you must leave a valid email address with your entry or you will be disqualified.
- the giveaway is open until tuesday, october 31st, 2010 at midnight (pacific standard time).

you can find more info & patterns from ysolda at the following:

blog -

website -

ravelry -

thank you so much ysolda, for the giveaway and for the many years of inspiration! you can also find me on the best knitting site out there here under "imstitched". if you aren't on ravelry and you knit or want to learn come join! it's a fabulous & fun community for knitters and crocheters and what i like to call facebook for knitters! happy knitting everyone and good luck!

*all images copyright ysolda teague

The Cup Cozy Tutorial with Guest Andrea from The PomPom

i heart knitting. i heart etsy. when you put those two things together you've got a dangerous combination for me. i spend a lot of time on etsy. drooling. daydreaming. spending imaginary money and just plain getting inspired. i ran across the shop "the pompom" and knew right away that i loved it. bright, crisp photos and fresh, clean designs make for a great shop in my mind. the icing on the cake in this case was that the lovely andrea is from my neck of the woods. that's right, she's canadian and lives in the same province as me as well (bc). so you know i couldn't resist asking this rockin' canadian knitter to come join in the competition to represent right?

i asked andrea to come up with a quick, easy project for "cozy knits" that she would use in her home and she came up with a fun, cup cozy that is the perfect project for any seasoned knitter (embellish your heart out) and especially great for someone looking to take on their first project knitting (don't worry, it's not scary). oh, and you all know i LOVE a cozy. remember the big tea cozy roundup? and teacup month? yeppers...good times. cozies go good with cozy. so get out your sticks or go buy or borrow some, heck your secondhand shop should always have needles kickin' around as well, just some and dive in to the wonderful world of handmade's cozy here folks :)

now let's hear from andrea......

For me, nothing says "cozy" like snuggling up in my favorite chair with a cup of hot tea, a ball of yarn and a pair of knitting needles.
Ahhhh, the soft yarn breathes comfort to my fingertips as the gentle clacking of the needles drums their rhythm to my soul. My favorite aroma infuses the air around me as I break for a sip of hot, steaming liquid that warms me to my very core. This is comfort.

This is also the inspiration for this post- the "Cup Cozy" tutorial. A simple project, with endless possibilities for variation and creativity. This pattern is basic, so feel free to use it as a starting point and let your mind wander into creative realms of intriguing stitches and unique embellishments.

(should fit almost any standard size mug)
-pair of sz. 3.5mm knitting needles
-worsted weight yarn

4sts = 1"

Cast on 18 sts.
Row 1: k across. Turn.
Row 2: k2, p14, k2. Turn.
(Repeat rows 1 and 2 until piece measures 9 1/2" (24cm).)
Cast off.
Fold in half to match ends; stitch the first two
stitches together at either end to form band for mug that will fit over handle. Enjoy!

To see more adorable patterns by The PomPom visit our Etsy Shop:

thank so much for joining in andrea! i really appreciate it! don't forget to sport our button to show your support for either comfy sews or cozy knits :) you can find it on our sidebar.

alright knitters, who else out there loves to knit up a cup cozy? have you made one before? what's your fave pattern to use?

*all images copyright andrea the pompom

Shawl Collar Sweater Tutorial with Guest Lindsay from The Cottage Home

you guys all ready for another great tutorial today? i am! the oh so talented lindsay from the etsy shop "the cottage mama" and the blog "the cottage home" is here today with a fabulous tutorial marrying knits & sewing together to make a lovely shawl collar sweater. how about curling up outside or inside for that matter in this felted comfy & cozy sweater.

i spotted lindsay's blog a while ago and just swooned when i saw her blog and her shop. ohhhhhh, all i have to say is the clothes are to die for! the fabrics, the personal touches, the flawless sewing....i want it all for my girls. so precious. she has this knack for putting together such modern and fresh pieces that still feel timeless.

lindsay is a busy mom of 2 girls and i have to say i just luv her. i like to say her and i were just meant to cross paths in life. one day, whether it's a year or 10 years from now i'm going to that gorgeous cottage house of hers and i'm gonna sip on her hubby's award winning bear, drool over her large fabric stash and plant my butt in her sewing room and maybe never leave..hahaha. she's one of my fave people to chat with online, whether by email, facebook or yes, once i even phoned her to squeal in her ear about how much i adore her when some beautiful goodies of her's arrived for my girls. to this day this dress (pic on the left) is one of my prized possessions. when i found out maggie (whom i adore from smashed peas & carrots) and lindsay live in the same town it brought tears to my eyes. hopefully the 3 of us will be able to meet up, sip some coffee, talk about sewing and let all our kiddos play together but in the meantime, hanging in this blogging community is almost as fun!

make sure you stop by lindsay's blog to see what she's up to whether it's a yummy new recipe, a fantastic new tutorial or a craft to brighten up your home, the cottage home's got it all. happy sewing and shopping i cannot wait to make this! i'm off to find some wool to felt :)

now let's hear from lindsay....

I'm so excited that Shannon asked me to be part of this month long battle she is having - Comfy Sews vs. Cozy Knits. Guess which side of the ring I'm on?

For those of you that know me, you know I am all about the sewing over on my blog, The Cottage Home. On a rare occasion I pick up my crochet hook and maybe someday I'll learn how to knit, but for now, the sewing needle is my tool of choice.

As of lately I've been slightly obsessed with felted wool. I thought this would be a great project to bring some of those on the "Cozy Knits" side of the ring over to the dark-side, "Comfy Sews". Surprisingly this project has minimal sewing and does not even require a sewing machine (though there is some hand-sewing involved). So if you have ever thought about trying a sewing project, trust me, this will be right up a beginners alley!

I don't know if you'll believe me, but this is just one large oval of fabric! You can use regular fleece fabric, recycled felted wool sweaters or, if you knit, you could simply knit your own fabric oval and felt it. If you have never felted wool before, click here to view my latest tutorial.

Let's get started..........

Click here for the full tutorial and happy felting!

thanks so much Lindsay!!! hugs!

tomorrow we've got a giveaway and a knitting tutorial so come pop in! join in on the fun! sport our button (on the sidebar) and show your support for either comfy sews or cozy knits....only one week left...who's it gonna be?

have you felted wool before? what did you use it to make? was it fun? i've never done it but i sure am going to try now!

The Billy Cardi Tutorial with Guest Katy from No Big Dill

when i opened my inbox the other day and saw what katy from the addictive blog "
no big dill" had whipped up for comfy sews VS cozy knits i swear i squealed and ran around the house doing a happy dance! wowsa! when she told me she was planning a cardigan i thought great, but this is fantastic. so simple yet so fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!! comfy, stylish and easily personalized. i've been so excited to show you all!

if you haven't been over to visit no big dill, make sure you go. katy is a busy mom of 5, yes i said 5, gorgeous kiddos. i have to admit that katy's blog is one of the blogs that i am a lurker on. i never comment, just stare in awe at all she creates and of course, how gorgeous and stylish she is. i would like to know how she stays so slim after 5 babies and how she has the time to sew & blog. i find it hard enough with 2 nevermind 5! i'm always so busy cleaning up my drool after staring at all the goodies she makes that i can't manage to type my thoughts to her posts.

katy, i bow down to you. thank you for all of your lovely & amazing tutorials, inspiring photographs, humour, wit and the power you have to make me want to drop everything i'm doing and become a better sewer. and thank you for actually answering my first email ever to you asking you (while crossing my fingers you would say yes) to come join in on the fun over in the momyhood - you rock! i hope it's only the beginning and we can share many more emails in the future.

now let's hear from katy....

The Billy Cardi

I'm gloved and ready for my time in the ring!

Thanks, Shannon, for letting me duke it out here at luvinthemommyhood today.

I never knew my cardio kickboxing VHS would actually come in handy for using my uppercut, thanks, Billy Blanks.

What do the sews have that the knits don't? Well, a lot. But one in particular is the ability to snip here and there without redoing the whole thing: raw edges, of course! So I thought we sewists could use that to our advantage in this piece. Not only raw edges, but inside out seams. Whoa. We're getting crazy over here!

What I chose as my muse? Ribbed knit.

Ribbed knit is so stretchy and forgiving and COMFY!

You can see the ridges in the fabric that give it that extra s t r e t c h.

You'll need:

2-3 yards [depending on size and width]


A long sleeve t-shirt pattern OR an old t-shirt cut along the seams that is pre-washed/dried, we don't want any shrinkage after we've put all this effort into our new cardi.

Butcher or freezer paper


just a bit of courage ;)

*Let's talk thread before we begin throwing punches.

I used a regular polyester for the primary sewing

For the decorative stitching [more on that later] I used Sulky thread which you should not use for seams as it is a very weak thread, but provides some shine to your stitches. I used a shade darker for even more of a statement, but you can certainly use the same thread as your seams if you'd like.

If you are using an old t-shirt, trace each piece on some paper, adding 1/2" seam allowance around the whole thing, but don't cut it out yet. This is basically what you should end up with:

Next, we're going to add some COMFY changes:

lengthen the sleeve 2-3 inches

extend the front neck up at the stitching line (1/2" from edge) and out 8-10" and down

extend the back neck up and out and down to other side

This might hurt as you do it and cause great anxiety, but you're going to put WRONG SIDES TOGETHER for the shoulder/neck seams. Bare with me. Stitch with a very slight zig-zag [as in you can barely tell] which will still allow stretch for the fabric. This seam allowance will be visible on the outside of the garment. Hang in there! Trim seam allowance to 3/8" on both sides, pin flat and use a decorative stitch on the very edge.

Test this decorative stitch on a scrap! Trust me, those decorative stitches are like teeth knocked out to remove. Trust me. Really, just trust me on this one. I chose a blanket stitch [#9 on my machine.] But I also increased both the length and width of my stitch to the maximum to make it a big stitch.

I would suggest not using a plain zig-zag stitch, though. We want it to look homemade in a good way. Next stitch the sleeve cap in with RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER in the arm hole. No need to do a double basting stitch on the sleeve cap. Just match notches, pin in place and stretch it to fit. Your final stitching will be the sleeve seam, keep your needle in the "down" position at the armpit, pivot and stitch the side seam as well. Repeat on other sleeve/side seam. All other edges are left raw and provide some nice draping effects.

I tested a couple different stitches to see which one I like.

You can wear it belted and open.

and those extra long sleeves? So comfy and warm.

Or, for a more sophisticated look, fold one side over the other and pin in place

I love how the decorative stitching looks like a faux epaulette. Who doesn't love an epaulette?


You up for the challenge, knits?

ohhhhhhhhhh, so fun! in the words of rachel zoe...."I. Die."

make sure you sport our button to help join in the battle! who's gonna win? who are you rooting for? i've got a lot more fun coming your way next week! some new tutorials (some from guests & maybe some from me), a giveaway, and our last round of boxing.

i know there hasn't been a weekend wishes lately (hope you all don't mind) and i wanted to let you know they will be back :) this weekend i'm hoping to get some wrist warmers done, a tutorial finished, a sewing gift complete and to find that perfect pair of dark wash skinny jeans. cross your fingers for me! what are you guys up to? anyone recommend a great, inexpensive pair of jeans to buy while in between sizes? i'm still losing that baby weight and don't want to spend too much.

round three - knit VS sews blanket roundup

time for round 3 ladies!!! let's get those gloves up to fight it out for - blankets! yummy, cozy & comfy, warm, inviting and oh so delicious blankets filled with snuggling power! whether it's knit, sewn or quilted, made of cotton, wool, fleece or minky, i'll take a good blanket any way i can get it. i think i'm tied on this one folks. i'm always cold & so when i'm wrapped up in any kind of blankie i am one happy girl! what about you? make sure to get your vote in, every opinion counts :)

ding, ding, ding......let round three begin...


(all the knitting patterns below are located mostly located on ravelry for convenience. if you aren't a member of ravelry, it's free - you must join - it rocks! if you are already a member or do join, you can friend me here



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what side did you vote for? what blanket/quilt pattern is your favorite to make? got a pic of it? leave a link below - we all wanna see!

Ruched Leggings Tutorial with Guest Dana from Made

we've got another special guest tutorial today! one of my besties in the blogging world - dana of made is here to put her tutorial in the ring for "comfy sews VS cozy knits"! dana never ceases to amaze me on a daily basis with her gorgeous photography, creative tutorials, yummy recipes and of course who doesn't love her runway rundowns! i always know when i'm up late at night working on this blog and i feel like chatting i can have a good laugh with dana.

she's so inspiring and i continually cannot wait to see what she is going to do next. in an ideal world dana would be my neighbour. it warms my heart to know that at 10pm at night i could go to my dream house window and wave to her sewing and working on her blog as well. during the day we'd meet up for coffee and let the kids play as we conjure up our next blog post or sewing tutorial! i love that her and i both think that without blogging we would feel like a tiny bit of ourselves was missing we love it so much. plus all of our late night blogging sessions can make us girls have a pretty wacky sense of humour. so dana, watch day i'm gonna kidnap rae and a few other special ladies and we're all gonna wreak some good ol' havoc together! woot! woot! watch out we come!

ok, ok, i digress, i could write about 10 more paragraphs about how fab dana is, but you guys all know she is and if you don't, you must be new to the blogging land. so i'll cut this short and let you all see what dana dreamt up for "comfy" to wear. i cannot wait to make some of these!!!!

let's hear what dana has to say......

Hello mommyhooders! It's Dana from MADE. I'm excited to be in the ring this week battling it out over knitting vs. sewing. It's probably obvious where I'm coming from here, since my blog is a place for DIY sewing ideas. So I'll just say this: I'm an impatient person who likes immediate returns. Thus, the sewing machine is where I've left my heart. One day, when time is...endless?...I hope someone teaches me how to knit a sweater or two because that would be totally cool. I stand in complete awe at you knitters. I just don't think it's my season of life, yet.

So if you're a knitter or sewer who wants a simple 2 hour project, you came to the right spot! Today we're making leggings with a twist.

Despite what many people think, sewing with knits is fun and easy to do!

Knit fabrics are created the same way that knitters do their magic, with needles and yarn (which is why knits have stretch to them, compared to woven fabrics). However, these needles and thread are very small and are attached to industrial machinery. So in a way, we knitters and sewers should get out of the ring and do a cheers together over some Diet Cokes because we're really talking about the same thing here! Sort of.

The biggest hang-up I hear from people about sewing with knits (other than they're frightened to try. Don't be!) is that it's hard to find a good selection of fabrics in the average shop. It's true. Some online shops like harts and carry some options (I purchase most of mine at Michael Levine, FIDM, and Joanns from time to time).

But if you're the kind of person who wants to feel the fabric before purchasing, finding the right knit is not as easy as finding the right cotton. Thus, when making kid's clothes, my go-to knit is: a man's T-shirt. It's so easy to sift through Dad's drawer or pick up a $2 Tee at the local thrift store and turn it into something fun.

The key to selecting a shirt is in how the fabric feels. The average cheap T-shirt does not stretch very much and becomes coarse with time and washing. You want something soft and sometimes with a bit of spandex. When I rummage the thrift shop, I simply run my hands over each shirt without even taking time to look at them. When I get to a shirt that feels soft, good quality, and has a bit of stretch, I pull it out and see if it's a color or print I even like. If it is, then splendid! My $2 search is over.

Ideally what you want is a soft cotton jersey knit. If it has a bit of spandex or lycra in it, even better. Make sure you wash/dry it when you get home and you're ready to go!
Now let's sew...
Every girl loves a pair of leggings (especially when you're a skinny bean pole 4-year-old who looks great in them). Since my daughter is at preschool twice a week and has gymnastics class too, her wardrobe for fall and winter is made up of knit pants and leggings. It's hard to pass them up when they're $4/pair at Target! But I decided to make some of my own to give her wardrobe more variety. And, I decided to put a twist on it. Using elastic thread I ruched up the sides, added some buttons, and voila!.....

This is a very easy 2 hour project. And once you've made one pair, you'll want to make more. So let's get started.

You need a man's T-shirt or about 1/2 to 3/4 yard of knit fabric. For my pattern, I'm using a pair of leggings that my daughter already owns since I know they fit great.

If you don't have a pair of leggings to use a your guideline:
* Buy a pair at the store, use them as you guide, and return them later if still in proper condition.
* Lil Blue Boo has a wonderful leggings pattern HERE that you can purchase for $6, sizes 6mos-8 years.
* Wing it! You may surprise yourself at what you can do if you go for it!

It may not seem like it, but the back and front of most kids pants are slightly different. The back crotch is usually a longer to accommodate a booty. So I started by turning my pair of leggings inside out and traced one side of the pants (the front).

The beauty of using a T-shirt for leggings is that you can use the hem of the shirt as the hem of your pants! Woohoo! The project just got a little easier. So, make sure you line the pattern leggings up with the hem of the shirt like this:

Trace around the leggings and cut it out, or don't even both with the tracing....just start snipping! Since the pants are inside out, the seam allowance is already there, so you can cut right next to the pants. Remember that you're cutting two Front pants pieces and TWO back pants pieces. So cut through both layers of the T-shirt.

When you get to the top, you need to stretch it open, pulling the elastic waistband taut. It's not the easiest thing to do (nor is taking a picture of it) but stretch it open and cut. MAKE SURE YOU CUT AN EXTRA INCH OF FABRIC AT THE TOP so you can fold the fabric over and create a new waistband casing down the road....

Like this:

Then flip the pants over to the other side and cut the BACK pants pieces (cut through both layers of the T-shirt so you have two pieces):

Here's what the Front and Back pieces should look like (on the left is the BACK, on the right is the FRONT):

Okay, we're going to make this as easy as possible here. Take the two FRONT pieces, and place them with right sides together (if you've just cut them out, then they're wrong sides together, so flip them around). Sew down the crotch only. Do the same for the two BACK pieces.

When sewing with knits, a zigzag stitch allows more stretch in your seam. But a standard stitch works as well (which is what I typically use). Don't pull or tug the fabric as you go, just allow the machine to feed the fabric naturally.
I finish all my seams off with a serger but it's not necessary with knits since they don't fray. You can always use your serger to sew, without using your standard machine. However, your serger makes everything final and doesn't allow for much error. This is why I often sew with my standard machine first, make sure everything is where I like it, make adjustments, and THEN serge off my seams.

The image below shows:
TOP - a zigzag stitched seam
BOTTOM - a zigzagged seam with a serged finish
Both work fine.

So, serge off your seams if you like or just leave them raw and let's move on.
Leggings are already coming together!

Open up your Front and Back pieces and with right sides together, pin the leggings down both sides of each leg. I start by pinning at the bottom hem of each leg, so I make sure those are matched up perfectly.

Then sew down the outside of each leg first:

And finally, sew from the end of one inside leg, all the way up to the crotch and around down the other side of the leg, in one continuous line.....

Serge off all your seams or leave them plain.

Next, create a casing for the waistband. I used 1/2 inch elastic here. You want it to be about as long as the waist itself or maybe a 1/2 inch shorter. Leggings should just be tight enough to keep them from falling off, but not gouging into a toddler's pot-belly. You do need to add an extra inch however, so you can overlap the ends and sew the elastic closed.

So, using the elastic as your guide, fold over the top of the leggings and measure how far down you'd like the casing to be and iron it all the way around:

Pinning helps as well. Make sure you mark a start and stop point, so that you leave a small opening in the casing, for inserting elastic.

Starting at the start point, sew all the way around to the stop point:

Attach a safety pin to the end of your elastic and insert it into the small opening you left in the casing:

Pull it all the way through and make sure the elastic isn't twisted anywhere. Overlap the ends a 1/2 inch and sew it together.

Then sew your casing closed:

Add a fun label if you have one:

And you're done with a simple pair of leggings!

The new pair looks very similar to the old one. Our pattern-making tricks worked. Ding!

But let's not stop there....let's ruche up those legs for added flair!

Thread you bobbin with elastic thread. It's sold at most fabric shops and online for about $1.50. Normal thread goes in the top of your machine.

Don't wind it too tight, don't wind it too loose, just somewhere in between. Load it into your machine and you're ready to go!

We're going to be sewing two lines of elastic thread on the seams of each leg. Mark where the elastic thread will end on each leg, since once you get sewing, it's hard to tell how far you've gathered. You can remove the pin as you get close to it. It's just to help you eyeball the distance.

This image shows 3 1/2 inches, but I've decided that 5 inches works best.

It's a little awkward to sew on the side of the leg since it's so small and narrow. But just do your best. Make sure you're not sewing on the other side of the leggings as you go!

Start at the bottom of one leg, do a forward and back stitch, and sew up the side of the leg, about 5 inches and do a forward and back stitch at the end too.

Hooray! Just one line of elastic thread and it's already gathering up!

Then sew another line, parallel to the first line.

And continue this step with the other 3 sides of the pant legs, sewing two parallel lines of elastic thread up the seam, about 5 inches.

When you're done, spray the scrunched legs with water and then press them with an iron. This is key to getting your legs to scrunch up even more!

When you're done, they should look like this:

You could stop there but the buttons really add the special touch. Use 3-4 small buttons for the outside of each leg. This gives them sort of a "riding pants" look.

Using a needle and thread, start by sewing the top button on where the elastic thread ends. This is the perfect time to sit down and watch Project Runway.....

Then sew the bottom button onto the pants next. This will help you space all 4 buttons more easily.

Then sew on the other two buttons, somewhere in between:

And you're officially done!!!

One cute pair of Ruched Leggings ready for school....or a party, or hanging at the park, or going to the mall, or dancing around for hours. Leggings are the IT fashion for fall.

big thank you to dana for coming to be part of the mommyhood - you rock and i luv ya! if you guys are looking for some other comfy pants, check out our "shirt sleeves to yoga capris tutorial" for some more fun refashioning and don't forget to sport our button to join in on the fun - you can find it on our sidebar!

have you tried making your leggings before? what's your favorite thing to make out of a t-shirt?

Fleece Neck Warmers (2 ways) with Guest - Anna from Noodlehead

throughout the rest of the month for "comfy sews VS cozy knits" i'll be having lots of talented and wonderful guests posting fun tutorials just to make this competition that much harder and of course, to inspire you.

our first guest tutorial is from the uber talented anna of one of my fave daily reads - noodlehead. i know i don't need to introduce her to you, you prolly already know her, but i'm gonna gush about her anyways. she's sweet, funny, and her blog just makes me run to my sewing machine. she's one of my fave people to email and beg to come hang out with me. i'm also proud to sport one of her gathered clutches shown below. i heart anna and i heart noodlehead. so when i rounded up who would be on the cheering squad for Comfy, i knew anna had to be included. you see her work and you just know she loves to sew. it just shines through.

i gave all the guests posting this month the description of either Comfy or Cozy to go off of for inspiration from this post. anna was given Comfy Sews.

now let's hear from anna.....

Who wouldn't want to make an easy and cuddly neckwarmer or a warm scarf? We all love fleece here in the midwest, it's that super snuggly stuff you just can't stop wearing day after day (possibly too many days in a row, hehe).

So after I saw some simple fleece scarves at target the other day, I knew I'd have to make some warm neck gear. And of course I couldn't make up my mind what way I wanted to make it, so I made two versions: one neckwarmer, one scarf!

Ready? Don't blink because you might miss these if you do.

{Seam allowances 1/2" unless otherwise stated}

For the neck warmer:

Cut two pieces of fleece 21" long by 5" tall (for approx. a 2 year old.), 24" long by 6" tall (for a 4-5 year old) You may need to play around with the length on these depending on what size head you're going to try and fit it over. Fleece does stretch nicely, but just hold it up to that noggin and eyeball it!

Fold in half matching up the short ends RIGHT sides together. Just a little note here that most fleeces don't have a distinct right or wrong side, just make sure the side you want facing out is RIGHT sides together.

Sew together. Be sure to use at least a cotton poly blend thread or all poly thread for fleece. I also lengthened by stitch length to 3 instead of my usual 2.5.

Repeat for other strip of fleece.

Finger press seams open. Place one tube inside the other with WRONG sides facing. Pin in place.

Topstitch around both top and bottom of neck warmer about 3/8" from each edge. You don't have to worry about the raw edges because fleece doesn't fray.

For the reverse applique scarf:

Take two pieces of fleece 5" tall by approx. 45" long. Place WRONG sides together. Pin and sew a rectangle all the way around the scarf leaving the last 3-4" on each end unsewn (this will be for the fringes).

Make a simple drawing with a water soluble pen or just freehand sew it on your machine towards the end of one side of the scarf. Now clip through the top layer of fleece with a sharp scissors (being careful not to cut through the other side) close to the stitching.

Lastly, cut 1/2" slits into each end of the scarf for fringes. That's it! You're set. Try it on a keep warm!

thank you so much anna! you're the best! i'll be right over for you to teach me some of your mad sewing skills and maybe, just maybe i can get you on the knitting needles. luv ya :)

you joining in the match? got ringside tickets? sport our button (you can find it on our sidebar) on your blog!
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who else is running out to buy some fleece to whip this up? heck, i just might be raiding my closet as we speak!

round two - sew vs. knit scarf patterns roundup

ok ladies, it's time for round 2!!!! it's the scarf edition today! who doesn't love a cozy, comfy scarf! the question is....which one do you make this fall? is it knit or is it sewn? let's find out.....

ding...ding...ding....let round two begin.....




(all the knitting patterns below are located mostly located on ravelry for convenience. if you aren't a member of ravelry, it's free - you must join - it rocks! if you are already a member or do join, you can friend me here

1. bengal twist 2. beatrice 3. scrunchable 4. destroyed cowl 5. color change scarf
6. wisp 7. gathered scarf 8. wayfarer 9.
clockwork 10. flint hill

ok, the referee has rung the bell and it's time to score the round....enter your vote in the poll below. the poll is open till october 19th, 2010. happy boxing!

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what side did you vote for? what scarf pattern can you not live without? got a pic of it? leave a link below - we all wanna see!

magpie patterns book giveaway

**** This Giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered. The winner will be announced at the end of the month.****

i couldn't have "comfy sews VS cozy knits" month without a fabulous giveaway could i? and who better to offer up a great prize than one of my favorite sponsors of luvinthemommyhood - "magpie patterns". amy's shop is my go to place for patterns whether it's sewing, knitting, crochet or embroidery, she's got all my faves. magpie patterns even carries books as well. i heart a great craft book, they are treasures in themselves. there is something special in having a lovely, inspiring book in your hands filled with images that make you just want to jump up and start about 10 new projects. so pop on over to magpie to get your drool on, find that perfect gift, new pattern or a book for your own collection.

i also asked amy which side she was on....comfy sews or cozy knits...and here's what she had to say:

I come from a long line of crafty women and the debate about which craft is the more illustrious, enjoyable, and useful has always been a feisty one in our family. You see, my grandmother was a dyed in the wool knitter who ran a yarn shop out of her Duluth, Minnesota home while raising her three daughters. She could knit under any circumstances (in the pitch dark, while cooking, you get the idea) but had little love for sewing. My mom, on the other hand, was always a seamstress. Not only did she make almost anything we wore, played with, or slept under, she also created and sold elaborately dressed stuffed bears for many years. So, where does that leave me?

Right in the middle. If you haven’t visited my little shop yet then you wouldn't know how very distressed I am by the idea of choosing between the two! Can I imagine life without four concurrent, in-progress knitting projects and many, many more on the horizon? Horrifying! What about life without my sewing machine and the acres of luscious fabric at the Fabric Depot? Unthinkable!

So, rather than choose, I’m going to rely on a lifelong-craft-debate trick: neutrality! However, even though I’ll be stepping out of the fray, I love a good competition so I couldn’t resist offering a prize. Depending on which craft comes out on top, I’ll send some lucky winner a copy of either Knitted Socks East and West or Linen Wool Cotton.

May the best craft win!

the prize:

one lucky winner will win ONE of the following books based on the outcome of all the boxing rounds at the end of the month:

"In Knitted Socks East and West, author Judy Sumner compares knitting a sock to writing a haiku: both challenge you to create something beautiful and original within a sparse, strict format. In this, her first book, she recounts how she came to study hundreds of exquisite Japanese stitch patters and then apply her new knowledge to the sock designs showcased here.

Whether short or long, fine or bulky, simple or complex, each of the 30 designs in Knitted Socks East and West is named after an intriguing aspect of Japanese culture. For example, the leg of the Origami crew socks appears to fold in and out; the Sumo slipper socks are named after the heavy, organic movement of the cables in their thick yarn; and the Ikebana knee socks highlight a textural floral design. Step-by-step text and easy-to-read charts are included for each design, along with illustrated directions for the Japanese stitch work introduced in the projects. "


"Akiko Mano's book Linen, Wool, Cotton shows that sewing with all-natural fabrics can make an incredible difference in the quality of the items we make, with a look and feel that provides the ultimate in comfort. The twenty-five simple sewing projects in this book offer home accessories made from linen, wool, and cotton, from durable linen aprons to cozy wool blankets and washable cotton lunch bags.

This book is full of beautiful photographs, clear step-by-step instruction, and detailed diagrams that are reflective of the Japanese craft style. All of the projects are perfect for those new to sewing, yet the unsophisticated charm and useful nature of each item will appeal to every sewer.

Make the projects in this book and add a little bit of comfort and style to your home.

how to enter:

1) leave a comment below letting me know which book magpie patterns sells that you would most like to buy.
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giveaway rules:

- you must leave a valid email address with your entry or you will be disqualified.
- the giveaway is open until tuesday, october 19th, 2010 at midnight (pacific standard time).

ohhhhh, i'm so wishing i could win!!!! good luck everyone! and as amy said.....

may the best craft win!!!

p.s. don't forget to sport our button if you want to join in on the fun. you can find the code on our sidebar! thanks for joining in :)

round one - knit VS. sew slipper patterns roundup

welcome ladies! are you in your seats? ready for a good match? then let's get ready.....

ding, ding, ding....let round one begin...............


(all the knitting patterns below are located on ravelry for convenience. if you aren't a member of ravelry, it's free - you must join - it rocks! if you are already a member or do join, you can friend me

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what's your fave slipper pattern? are you a slipper wearer?

comfy sews VS. cozy knits month!!!

i've been bursting at the seams with excitement for what i've got planned for this month on the blog. i've been finding myself daydreaming about all the cozy and comfy things i could be making for my home & for myself this fall and thought hey....why not make a theme of it? at first i thought just knitting. the idea of a month of warm hand knit blankets and slippers sounded great but then i realized quilted ones are just as warm and so are sewn slippers. hmmmm......i just kept going round and round. which one should i do....maybe both? i figured i couldn't be the only one confused and torn between our two friends? so in order to decide what things we should make this fall to stay toasty how about a......showdown of sorts? let me introduce you to

comfy sews VS. cozy knits month!

in the left hand corner we have comfy.
- she loves being at home, snug as a bug in a rug, all wrapped up in her favorite handmade quilt. she's notorious for sewing up the most fantastic winter coats and scarfs and is never seen in the fall without a stylish hat. her sewn knits are layered and fabulously finished and she changes out her cotton throw pillows for rich velvets and fleece every year. her friends are always teasing her and calling her martha...she takes it for a compliment and secretly aspires to become the maven of craft.

in the right hand corner we have cozy.
- her bamboo needles have become her fave accessory. they are worn with love and so are her fingers. she spends most evenings cuddled in her fave corner of the couch, with a cable knit afghan, woolly slippers, cushy cardigan, her grandma's treasured needles & the softest of organic yarns. she dreams of one day learning how to spin & finally designing all the patterns floating in her head.

so which side are you cheering for? comfy or cozy? sewing or knitting? or are you confused and stuck in the middle like me? i've got some super fun roundups planned where we will have some showdowns, polls, link ups and all sorts of fun. no matter who the winner is, you'll be sure to have a whole bevvy of projects to add to your must make fall list. so grab your tix ladies, they are free, pick a seat and let's watch the show....popcorn is included...and heck why not throw in a beer too!

don't forget to sport our fun button (grab it off of our sidebar)! feel free to tweet, facebook or even post about this month's theme - the more the merrier and of course, the more accurate our matches will be. leave me a comment below letting me know you did so i can come say hi.