comfy sews vs cozy knits - the final roundup

the battle is over....for this season anyways. i'm sad to see it end, it's been so fun and i am feeling so inspired to create, sew, knit & crochet this winter. how about you? did you get inspired? any new projects you fell madly in love with? just in case you can't remember all the fabulous goodies, guest tutorials, giveaways & roundups that made up "comfy sews VS cozy knits" month i've compiled them all into this post so you can bookmark it and refer to it whenever you need something comfy, cozy or cushy to wear, accessorize or decorate with.

thank you to all the wonderful and amazingly talented guests who joined in on my silly virtual boxing match - you guys are the best! i appreciate you not laughing at my initial email and thinking i was bonkers & for joining in short notice when the idea hit me right at the beginning of the month - i owe ya one! a big thank you to all of you, of course, for voting, commenting, linking and just plain joining in on my silly theme month. i hope you enjoyed it! i'm going to try to bring it back for the spring/summer season so get your dukes can train over the winter :P

would you be interested in seeing a spring/summer month for comfy sews vs cozy knits? should cushy crochet make another appearance? did you make a project from the tutorials this last month and blog about it? let me know and i'll add your link to our list!