sponsor love - shoeology

most women love shoes. we can never seem to have enough pairs. we always want more. but this time, instead of hitting the stores for new shoes or slippers, why not use those crafty talents of yours and whip up a pair custom made for your feet from a pattern from shoeology? pick the fabric you want, in the perfect color for that new fave outfit or refashion a jacket or pants into some must have comfy shoes!

what about those new skinny jeans that you've been hunting for a new pair of flats to wear with? pick up some faux leather or light weight leather from your local craft shop or online and put a soft sole on some stylish patterns from the new etsy shop "shoeology" and get walking. perfect for dry days, where you want to curl up at your favorite coffee shop with a great friend for some girl chat.

does it sound a bit daunting to add a leather sole? well, because i'm a newbie sewer i asked cheri about this and she gave us a great tip. make sure to use a leather sewing needle when sewing the sole on and also that 2.5oz or less would make a great lightweight leather.

cheri's got 3 new patterns in the shop to suit any style. mary jane's, vintage upcycled, & sunday morning slippers. those sunday morning slippers would be the perfect addition to any weekend lounging or even perfect for pre or post yoga. so comfy! you know when you go shopping and you find something you love and it's a great deal? well that's what's shoeology got. i don't know about you but when i find a top that fits great that's easy to wear i take my mom's advice and scoop up a few colors (if budget allows of course) cause i know i'm gonna wear the heck out of it. right now at shoeology you can get all 3 of these fun patterns for only $15! pretty good deal if you ask me.

want to know a little bit more? let's hear from cheri...


1)Paper patterns for all 3 women shoe patterns. Classic Mary Jane's, Upcycled Vintage Shoes, & Sunday Morning Slippers. Sent via email in a PDF format.

2)Detailed picture tutorial to show you how to make the shoes. Each picture has a clear explanation. Sent via email in a PDF format.

3)Rose tutorial is included.


1)How to assemble these shoes from beginning to end.

2)All the tips & tricks you'll need to know in order to make amazing shoes.

3)How to customize the shoes for a perfect fit.

4)How to make these shoes seamless.

5)How to make cushy fabric covered insoles.


Making shoes for your self is not only super fun, but it's also really rewarding. These shoes can also make a jaw dropping gift for your friends, mom, sister, or other family members! No one will believe you made shoes, it blows people's minds!!

thanks for being part of the mommyhood cheri! you can purchase the shoe patterns in the bundle, the mary janes on their own and next week you will be able to get the upcycled vintage pair as a single pattern as well. and if you've got kids, you can make them some too! check out cheri's other fab store "sweet pea shoe patterns" - love them!

have any of you tried making your own shoes before? your kids or babies shoes?

p.s. luvinthemommyhood is a fun place to showcase your business/blog/shop - email today for rates, holiday shopping season has begun :)