the winner(s)!!!! plus...crochet pattern roundup - blankets, hat, scarves, slippers & sweaters

you asked for it you big crochet roundup with all the categories that comfy sews & cozy knits battled it out for! enjoy!

1. phannie 2. headband with flower 3. urban jungle crocheted slouch beanie 4. hat w/earflaps

and now it's time to announce the giveaway winners!

Winner of ysolda teague giveaway:

Julie said... [Reply to comment] 7 I love her patterns! I would choose Peak's Island hood and knit it in charcoal.

Magpie Patterns Book Giveaway:

****if you are the winner of this giveaway, please email with your email addy or you will be disqualified and i will have to draw another winner.****

I would love either book, but if I had to choose, I would pick 'Linen, Wool, Cotton'. The simplistic style is right up my alley.

melissa - amy from magpie patterns will be in touch with you and julie, i'll be emailing you today with your prize info - congratulations to both of you!

and now on to the big winner. who won the comfy sews VS cozy knits? here we go, officially for this round the winner was...insert drum roll please....

cozy knits!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's right, you knitters voted the heck out of the polls! but the challenge isn't over yet. there will be another showdown between comfy sews & cozy knits in the spring - so get ready ladies! it's not over yet, but in the meantime, happy knitting, sewing & crocheting! i hope this month has inspired you to take on a new project or to learn a new craft. i know i added about 50 new things to my list.

what do you plan to make that you saw this month on the blog? did you make something already? i would love to know about it! please leave a comment below with a link - i love to put all of your posts in the final boxing roundup post! thanks for joining in & have a fabulous weekend! i'll be back on monday with the handy, all the goodies in one place post for comfy sews VS cozy knits month.